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27 Feb 2024

The Reign Of The Psychopaths Is Nearing It's End

Today we see encouraging signs the terrible reign of the psychopaths could be nearing it's end.

Sweden and Finland are now in NATO and ready to stare-down short man syndrome psychopath Vladimir Putin. Macron hosted an EU meeting where the idea of buying arms for Ukraine on the World market was floated.

That would sideline the terrorist US Republican Party. Today they are sacrificing Ukrainian women and children as pawns in their quest to elevate Vladimir Putin to World Dictator.

The US Republican Party are allied to North Korea and Iran as they emulate classic psychopath and Russian asset Donald Trump. There is evidence Melania Trump is Donald's Russian connection. Trump had 2 wives from communist countries and both their fathers were communist party members. It's no coincidence Trump has turned the Republicans anti-NATO and pro-Putin. Trump is Putin's number 1 asset.


We are calling-out Netanyahu as 'psychopath' for his 26:1 death toll in Gaza. And all based on biblical delusion, lies and compulsory male circumcision. What a deluded and evil piece of work? 

Today Australia's own baby Trump Scott Morrison had his last day in parliament. It was 16 years too late. Morrison was so unhinged he made Tony Abbott seem coherent. Abbott actually gave the eulogy at a convicted pedophiles funeral. Can you believe how retarded these people are?

Morrison was an easy target for the non-mainstream media in Australia. His ambition far exceeded his skill set and RoboDebt is testament of that. Morrison reached Australian PM yet had no idea how the tax system worked and was unable to tell the difference between lies and truth. His valedictory speech said something about serving god. Isn't that an imaginary entity that doesn't exist? These dropkicks are so brainwashed they think everybody talks to cloud fairies and fiddles with the congregation. BTW we didn't waste a second watching Morrison's last day.

26 Jan 2024

Waleed Aly Fake Academic, Propagandist And Hypocite

 We are going after Australia's corrupt, lying Liberal media

Stop all female genital mutilation in all muslim countries before crawling onto our screens and telling us how to run Australia

On Peter Costello's SMH on Australia Day, we see a 'conservative Sunni Muslim' criticising Australia's Prime Minister.

We can still have opinions in Australia. Unlike Egypt where Waleed's family originates. Waleed's religion is continuously torturing, genital mutilating, stoning and murdering people all over the World. Rather than reforming this religion he crawls onto the pages of Liberal-owned media to stone an honest politician. Where was Waleed when Morrison was implementing Robodebt? Where was he when Morrison crippled the Australian economy with climate change?


💡 IDEA. If Waleed's religion is actually right, then as an academic Waleed would know all other religions must be wrong? Therefore, Waleed would support taxing those religions at the corporate rate because they produce nothing and don't help anybody except the victims they created.


The fact the above never happens and religions act as a bloc, tolerating each others contradictions and lies confirms religions are a scam.

Instead of taxing religious scammers, Waleed whinges about incremental changes to a broken tax system.

Next time he criticises an Australian politician, Waleed should show how he dragged I$lam out of the stone age. As an 'academic' why not run a microscope over the false assertion that a sky fairy dictated a holy book to an illiterate shepherd? It doesn't hold water and Waleed knows it. Why are his faith forced to kill those who disagree with them? People like Salman Rushdie.

We in Australia have a higher standard of rational thought than Waleed will get at Friday pr@yers. If he must have something to believe in try 'Evolution'. It's 100% scientifically verifiable, something Waleed as an 'academic' would instantly recognise as truth. 

7 Nov 2023

Member for Cronulla Tells Israel To Keep Killing Palestinians


Israel Really Is In Palestine 

Check the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine to see how one country ended-up inside another country. The UN crippled the Palestinian state as apparent compensation for Hitlers Holocaust of the Jews. That's what it looks like. Now Netanyahu is the one implementing a 'Final Solution' and idiots like Morrison from Cronulla appoint themselves advisors.


who looks ridiculous in a bullet-proof vest?

Scott Morrison represents the seat of Cook, based around Cronulla Beach Sydney. For Morrison, representing Cronulla involves going to Israel and arguing against a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine War. But why is Morrison giving advice on a hostage situation and a religious war when he has zero experience in either? How does this help the people of Cronulla?

Both Israel and Morrison dishonestly claim to obey 'thou shall not kill' in the Ten Commandments. Where in the Old Testament does it say the 10 commandments are optional? Why is killing people so important to them? Why are Morrison and Netanyahu lying about their religious faith? 

In our view Morrison is human trash who bungled everything he ever touched. The idiot who snatched most cabinet positions for himself without ever being able to explain why. The idiot who tortured Australians with RoboDebt because Morrison has never filled out a tax return by himself and has no idea how the tax system works.

We hope the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog does a background check on Morrison and discovers he is a scammer.

If Israel follows Morrison's advice and fails to negotiate a cease fire they will lose all of the hostages, kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians and turn the World anti-Semitic. That appears to be what has already happened. Israel has lost the PR war because people have heard the same lies for decades. Israel spent half a century forcing Palestinians into ever smaller areas while Israelis stole their land. We all know that to be true.

16 Aug 2023

The Religious Breakfast Cereal Tax Scam

While Australian taxpayers spend billion$ on submarines to protect us from China, The ATO calls sales of  Weet-Bix to China 'charity'.

The Solomon Islands dictator Sogavare first alerted us to the Seventh Day Adventist Church's empire building in the Pacific. Sogavare is pro-Communist China and has a Seventh Day Adventist Church named after him. Bizarrely he also masquerades as a preacher.

Communism will be a disaster for the Pacific because Communist Chinese have no human or ecological conscience. They will be worse than the missionaries who brainwashed Pacific Islanders like Sogavare. The Adventist leaders know they are peddling unsubstantiated lies about creation and life after death.

Feed The Belief or Feed The Delusion?

Image above is a Weet-Bix Yotube ad. Weet-Bix is made by Sanitarium, 100% owned by the Adventist Church. They are promoting '#FeedTheBelief' which is supposed to be about restoring declining mental health among 'Aussie kids'. We are calling this out as propaganda. 

If they really cared about Aussie kids they would not be pushing a moldy creationist theory that the universe was made in 6 days. The Seventh Day Adventists are actually causing mental illness by promoting the avoidance of reality and introducing needless contradictions into the minds of children. 

Do Adventist's show children images of crucifixions? Do they tell children God had sex with a teenage girl and fathered Jesus? The Adventists are only a sect and their dogma is optional. Therefore, they must pay tax at the corporate rate. 


Unlike Kellogg's and Uncle Toby's, Sanitarium pay no tax in Australia so they have more money to push religious propaganda on YouTube and Facebook. If they are a charity why do they even need to advertise? Competition from reputable breakfast cereal makers? They should be called the Seventh Day Advertisers.

Above. Communist China is a big market but do the Adventists pay any tax there at all? We would really like to know.

The Seventh Day Adventists Are Pushing An Illusion

There is no proof god created the entire universe in 6 days and Adventists have no right to promote this myth and then claim tax-deductibility as a charity. Why does the ATO accept non-fact checked delusion as a deduction? Why does Australia make blatant scams a deduction?

While the Morrison government was torturing Australians with RoboDebt the Seventh Day Adventists were raking-in cash by the truckload. They should be investigated for tax fraud.

7 Jul 2023

The Liberal Party Is An Organised Crime Cartel But Look At Their Enablers?

The Liberal Party is a gathering point for liars, bigots, scammers and con artists. Eventually they coalesce into a criminal operation. In NSW the LNP actually merged with Middle Eastern crime gangs.

Today the Robodebt report was released on a major Liberal crime and the complete lack of remorse by the Liberal Party and their half-wit lapdogs the Nationals.

Duck and Weave himself

Morrison's testimony to the Robodebt inquiry was a desperate 'pass the parcel' charade as he attempted to deflect blame. He's had a lifetime of practice, his history a demolition derby of stuff-ups and weird cruelty. He was supposed to deliver documents to cabinet proving the scheme was illegal but of course, Scott lost them in transit.

Morrison stole multiple cabinet ministries from his own colleagues. The fact the Liberals still tolerate him today proves how corrupt they are. 

In the Robodebt inquiry, Morrison hid behind cabinet confidentiality as if coached by an allegedly corrupt lawyer like Arthur Sinodinos or John Howard. We have covered years of the Liberal garbage, rape allegations, over-strenuous denials, the endless weaponization of defamation law to hide crimes, the alleged defense ministry rape that spawned years of cover-ups including perverting the course of justice. The LNP even used the parliamentary prayer room as a male brothel. 

If nothing happened in the defense department, why did Morrison waste taxpayers money finding out when he didn't know about it? Why did he apologize for it? Pentecostals sure know how to drag an entire nation into the swamp.

Remember the sale of the Port of Darwin to Communist China by Scott Morrison? The invasion of Iraq and then Afghanistan by 'deputy' John Howard and his band of religious nutters? They actually started killing people over whose religious text was less fraudulent than the others. Yes, the Liberal Party are so dumb that they appear mentally retarded. Because they can't do any real work they end-up in politics ripping-off Australians.

Morrison is always out of the country when a Robodebt expose hits the news. Is Morrison a white collar career criminal or just insane? Nobody gets it wrong so consistently. Why doesn't Scotty tell Sevens Spotlight program why so many gays died when his father John Morrison was Chief Inspector of NSW Police in Waverley between 1987 and 1992?


Above. 3 Liberal Party media moghouls who gave us Robodebt, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the undermining of the Australian way of life and the endless promotion of corrupt politicians. 

At least 2 of these oligarchs have links to Communist China yet masquerade as free market capitalists. They are 'super-socialists in our view. We think Stokes, Murdoch and Costello are just as responsible for Robodebt as Scott Morrison. After all, they are the ones who put him in power.

LEFT.  They were backing-in Peter Dutton because he's their meal ticket to paying no corporate taxes. But now the SMH (Costello) has gone off-script and decided to get in front of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.(NACC)

This was a big break-through for Costello's Nine Network because every literate Australian knew there was a lot of corruption in Foreign Affairs and Borderforce while Dutton was Minister.

Where Labor lost the plot was getting advice from Peter Dutton on holding secret NACC hearings. Of course Dutton wanted to do it all in secret.

Above. The mainstream media's brains trust.

This week the Libs lined-up to say Gladys Berijiklian wasn't corrupt even though the NSW ICAC found she was. That's because 'corrupt' is normal behavior for everybody in the LNP.  They don't comprehend 'conflict of interest' because their heads are so far down in the trough.

We still cannot believe that 2 Liberal Prime Ministers of Australia, Howard and Abbott showed-up at a convicted pedophiles funeral to pay homage.

2 Feb 2023

Is The Liberal Party An Ideological Fatberg?

They are like an insoluble mass of waste lodged in the public life and history of Australia. Fools, buffoons, people who think a convicted pedophile is a 'saint' even though they have no proof saints or even 'god' exists. 

Abbott on Pell's conviction 'He should not have been charged in the absence of corroborating evidence'. Abbott ignores the total lack of evidence to support the entire Catholic dogma. When it comes to pedophilia they want more evidence, when it comes to their church they don't want any at all. 

They accept the lot, virgin birth, impregnated by an imaginary being blah, blah. An entire edifice of lies that all happened in only one region of the Earth. The catholic god was supposed to have created the universe yet was only active in one dusty corner of the Middle East? This is worse than a Nigerian email scam except it's 100% tax-deductible in Australia.

Is this part of a deeper agenda? Does Tony Abbott and John Howard actually support pedophilia and worship pedophiles like George Pell? It looks like it. We have had years of Liberal detritus 'strenuously denying' their crimes. Even the littler crimes when they just pissed $1.8 billion Aussie dollars up against the wall and caused innocent Australians to suicide. We are talking about RoboDebt.

Of course an ex-attorney general wouldn't know if an illegal scheme was legal. How could he be expected to remember who thought it was legal? There were other things happening as there always is. They will sue anybody at the drop of a hat and will proclaim their innocence 'till the cows come home. The Liberal World view is a fake and a sham. It's probably just  a scam as well.

31 Oct 2022

Trump And The Exploitation Of Fake Patriots With Mental Health Issues



We are observers of the extreme but manufactured political polarization here and overseas. We see a trend of increasingly corrupt and deranged politicians with no moral, ethical or legal values clawing their way to positions of perceived power.

Can you believe this is an actual photo of Trump supporters who went on to murder public servants on January 6 2021?
For the US and most of the free world the systematic polarization of the political process continues with horrendous consequences. Now a pro-Trump nutjob has tried to kill speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband with a hammer. Not logic or policy but a f_cking hammer.


Fact is Paul Pelosi and possibly Nancy are lucky to be alive and not victims of a deranged nutjob radicalized by Donald Trump and Fox News.

Today Elon Musk embroiled himself in this act of depravity claiming “there is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” and shared a link to a post that presented an unfounded conspiracy theory on the hammer attack.

Previously we exposed Musk as a pro-Maoist oligarch. Why is he building Teslas in the World's biggest carbon-emitting country? The Totalitarian Teslas come with a huge carbon footprint and no moral compass. To save a few Yuan Musk is forced to be a mouthpiece for fat snake dictator Xi Jinping. 

Musk could build Teslas somewhere that has no carbon emissions but he chooses a brutal Maoist dictatorship because he enjoys cruelty? Then he pretends to be a GOP Republican who excuses hammer-wielding terrorists WTF?

Don't forge the Australian Liberal half-wits who invented Robodebt were totally rusted-on to Donald Trump. They are on record denying the 2021 US election outcome.

So is today's politics really so polarized? No, there are good and bad people everywhere but when you systematically herd people with very low IQ's and serious mental health issues into a pig pen of blatant conspiracy theories, then you are a gutless anarchist and self-serving criminal.

18 May 2022

Use Your Retirement Assets To Push House Prices Even Higher

Why does a 54 year old think he should play sport with 8 year olds? 

When the corrupt pentecostal ran out of election scams like sports rorts, he turned to your retirement assets to hang-on to power. The Liberals wrote-up a trillion dollar debt so how will they fund all the old age pensions now that super assets have been transferred to the overheated housing market?

This from the idiot who invented RoboDebt, sold the Port of Darwin, ignored Chinese military bases in the Pacific and thought there was a 'gas-fired recovery' from COVID-19.

Soon, Morrison's self indulgent 6 month long election campaign will draw to a close.....>

Morrison claims he is a bulldozer.

Presidential style field goal from you know who.

Deputy presidential-style alcohol-dependence from you know who.

30 Apr 2022

The Launceston Examiner - Catalano's Garbage Newspaper



HEEELP The Examiner is begging for financial assistance - after being the Liberals cheer squad for decades they are going broke. Paper too expensive or so they say. Why weren't they recycling paper or was that too GREEEN? So much for 'Strong Economy' it was just lies.

Anthony Catalano from Byron Bay calls his newspapers 'Community Media'. If you look at the crippled and divided 'communities' of regional Australia you can see why this is a lie.

April 30 2022, and this is what Catalano's Examiner looks like. Fake 'community' media are paid by a local politician to cover it in advertising and they want you to pay to read it? The Examiner would love to charge you for junk mail in your letterbox.

And the lies. Archer (many Tasmanian politicians are called 'Archer') claims a 'strong economy' and a 'stronger future'. She thinks a One Trillion Dollar debt is a strong economy and they are still printing money because it's now almost worthless. The country is actually bankrupt. 'Stronger future' is a lie as our future has never looked weaker and bleaker. Never-ending climate change, disasters and constantly mutating viruses is a 'strong future'?

They wouldn't know anything about the future. At least Archer can read and write, many Tasmanians can't.

Morrison announces a $10 sign

Here's the idiot crew re-announcing a hydrogen hub, tech that uses obscene amounts of electricity to free hydrogen from water. Unfortunately on the same day we are told our electricity will rise a 100% due to the war in Ukraine. Woodchip salesman Guy Barnett actually squirmed when Morrison told us that. Barnett knows Tasmania had 100% hydro electricity before they started selling it to the mainland.

With Morrison making hydrogen it will be powered by Queensland coal and sold as 'green energy'. Meanwhile the clueless Liberal attack ads constantly vilify the Greens because they are interested in the future of the human race. The truth is the hydrogen hub will be subsidized by stolen firewood from native forests. That's because many Tasmanians can't afford to heat their homes with electricity now let alone in their 'stronger future'.

 The garbage Examiner wants you to pay to see 'branded content' on the front page like a riveting article on funeral homes. They have been running the same thing for weeks. The Liberals totally mismanaged the last pandemic because they opened everything up just as the virus mutated to it's most transmissible form. A big win for the funeral industry. Luckily, many Liberal politicians own their own funeral company.

The death notices in the Examiner are free to read. Anthony Catalano from Byron Bay couldn't charge people to advertise their loved ones dying, and then charge people to read the death notices. It should be possible eh Anthony?

And there is the problem. A few dishonest politicians is enough to degrade our society into a cynical exercise in collective psychopathy. For example: Why hasn't Anthony Catalano and the crippled Examiner ever done an expose on RoboDebt? Or the non-existent submarines that Peter Costello was paid millions of taxpayer dollars in so-called consultants fees?

18 Apr 2022

Najib Gets 12 Years - When The PM Is A Compulsive Kleptomaniac

We have followed the 1MDB fraud for years but know it looks like Najib Razak could be doing time over his massive theft of Malaysian taxpayer's funds.


We believe it is very difficult, if not impossible for a religiously-based nation like Malaysia to be an ethically and morally functioning society. Why? Because delusion and unsubstantiated superstition forms the basis of their World view.

This is a similar story to Australia during the Morrison years. For him religion was just a cover for blatant corruption. Sadly the Albanese-led Opposition hasn't got the balls to hammer the LNP criminals, and let them get away with theft on a massive scale. The conservative idiots sold Darwin port to communists and then started trumpeting about the huge threat Communist China poses. They wasted billions on the French submarine contracts but made sure Scomo's mates Costello and Gazard became millionaires. We suspect this was the capital Peter Costello used to buy Nine Entertainment and become a propaganda unit for the LNP.

And why hasn't Albanese mentioned Robodebt?  $1.872 billion pissed-up against the wall in a scheme invented by Morrison that achieved nothing except suicides. Morrison is a psychopath and Stokes, Costello and Murdoch want him to inflict more theft and misery onto Australia.




17 Jan 2022

Jacinda Ardern Should Be Prime Minister Of Australia And New Zealand


After the massive volcanic eruption on Saturday January 15 Australia scrambled an RAAF Poseidon aircraft to carry out sightseeing. NZ sent an Orion reconnaissance aircraft and a Lockheed C-130 carrying fresh water and supplies. Water supplies on Tonga would be impacted by ash. Marise Payne and Scott Morrison are so deeply involved in buying an election they are waiting for Tonga to ask for help. Why would Tonga want COVID-infected Australians in their COVID-free islands?

                     An RAAF Poseidon takes-off from Amberley Qld.

The Australian government are the psychopaths who thought drowning Pacific islands using climate change was funny. Australia is so alcohol-dependent and disconnected from reality that psychopaths and crime figures are re-elected.

Here is a reminder of Morrison's climate change track record.  

Scott Morrison is the number one coal exporter, number two LNG exporter, largest carbon emitter per capita and largest methane gas producer on Earth.

The Morrison team think their 6 month long election campaign is about tax cuts? Its hard to come-up with something Morrison hasn't totally stuffed. He sold Darwin Port to the Maoists, he invented Robodebt, he though coal seam gas would stop the pandemic, he armed the Chinese army with iron ore, the list is almost endless. Fair-dinkum, the guy is a total liability for Australia. How did we get so corrupt?

Ulterior Motive

We watch the Pentecostal Liberals closely and we may know where video footage of destruction in Tonga will end-up. We recon the RAAF will give it to Kerry Stokes Seven West Media for the 6 o'clock news and also to Peter Costello's Nine Entertainment. Natural disasters are big money makers for media and most of them are Liberal-aligned media barons. Morrison is 100% crony capitalism and has bankrupted his own country. See if we are right?

Next Day. (Jan 18)

Sadly we were right. Watched a Channel 7 news bulletin and they had air footage from Tonga sourced from 'the Australian and New Zealand airforce'. We wonder if this disaster footage is provided for free to the media networks that keep Morrison in government?

5 Oct 2021

Morrison's Close Friend Fronts Court Charged With Concealing Child Sexual Abuse

There are parallels in the cases of alleged parliament house rapist Bruce Lehrmann and Hillsong supremo Brian Houston. Neither man fronted court on day one of their cases, both pleaded not guilty and both were represented in court by lawyers. Remember, both cases were instituted within 2 days of each other as Morrison attempted to clean out the skeletons in his closet before the next Federal election.

NSW Police allege he 'knew information relating to the sexual abuse of a young male in the 1970s and failed to bring that information to the attention of police'.


Houston was released from hotel quarantine last week but did not appear in person at Downing Centre Local Court in central Sydney on Tuesday for the matter’s first mention.

Frank Houston, who died in 2004, has been accused of abusing a total of nine boys while a Pentecostal preacher.


The Morrison parallel universe

There is a string of Morrison government 'coincidences' that appear to be forming a pattern.

The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins occurred on Saturday 23 March 2019 just hours after ABC election analyst Antony Green called the NSW state election for the Berejiklian-Barilaro LNP government. 

On the same day the Australian Federal Court revealed the total cost of Morrison's failed Robodebt scheme (13th June 2021) Scott Morrison gatecrashed the G7 meeting in the UK.

Brian Houston and Bruce Lehrmann were both charged within 2 days of each other (Houston on August 5, Lehrman on August 7 2021).

On the same day (September 16 2021) as Liberal Party spin doctor Bruce Lehrmann appeared before an ACT court charged with rape, Morrison announced a nuclear submarine deal with the US.

Morrison's failed smokescreen

On the day his church was dragged before the court accused of concealing pedophilia, the only 'look over there' Scott Morrison came up with was to attack the female premier of Queensland. What Anastacia Palaszczuk asked for was more funding for hospitals during a pandemic before opening-up their borders. 

The Liberals famously declared 'We will decide who comes to this country' but that only applies to refugees. Big American travel and freight companies bought in the Covid-Delta strain to Australia under the watch of Hillsonger Alex Hawke and all Morrison could do was attack a woman yet again. 

Alex Hawke's fatal mistake was to let a FedEx flight crew infected with the Delta strain slip in and out of Australia. That mistake has cost this country billions of dollars and many lives.

8 Sept 2021

How The Hillsong Church Tax Scam Works

The 'Christian vote' is really a financial arrangement between self-serving pastors and self-serving politicians.  

Hillsong Church harvests funds from all Australian taxpayers to benefit the church directors and expand their corporate interests. 

Hillsong has combined two revenue-raising tools - tithing and ATO 'Deductible Gift Recipients' (DGRs). By combining the two, Hillsong uses the taxation revenue of atheists and other beliefs to benefit the Hillsong Church. We'll show you how they do it.


Originally a tithe was 10% of a person's food production bought into the 'storehouse' to ensure 'blessings'.  Today there is a phone app, the tithe is cash or property and the storehouse has become Hillsong.

Tax Deductible Charities 

Hillsong has a long list of charities and foundations with tax-deductibility for amounts over $2. 

How The Scam Works

This is just an example not necessarily fact: Say Prime Minister Scott Morrison was donating an annual tithe to Hillsong or one of its entities? Scott is on $549,925 a year and 10% of that is $54,992. Scott may want the blessings and also keep the cash, so his accountant lists the tithe as a gift or donation. Now it's deducted from Scott's taxable income reducing his tax bill. Hillsong got $54k but where did it come from? It came from the entire Australian tax base.

You have to hand it to Hillsong, and the founding Pentecostals, who convinced their followers to incorporate an ancient village custom into the current tax system. Using everybody else to fund delusion is a crime in our view.
This scam operates at all levels of Australian government and business. Pentecostals and their descendants are often in management roles, although they have mixed allegiances and average to poor management skills. 
With an outlook rooted in dogma, superstition and illogical thinking, they often preside over strategic and economic disasters. 
Think of Scott Morrison's Robodebt and failing to act on the Port of Darwin 99 year lease to Communist China.

Hillsong Foundation

Understanding how the 'keys to the storehouse' system works reveals interesting truths about Australian government. It explains why so many ultra conservative religious people (nearly all men) are in government and why government policy is heavily distorted towards ancient belief systems.

We found it hard to comprehend 'what is the payoff for a religious politician who pays 33 to 40% income tax plus another 10% tithe to their church'? Naturally, most would tax-deduct the donations and in return they are assured of the evangelical vote. It's a business arrangement and nothing more.
That is the 'blessing'. Self-serving pastors convince their congregations to vote for self-serving conservative politicians who then protect and grow the church income stream.

A nation crippled by systematic fraud

This system has worked at all levels of Australian government. The system depends on early childhood indoctrination also called 'brainwashing'. The total amounts are astronomical. No reporting of how tax deductible gifts are used by churches is required. When added to the cost of a failed 20 year religious war, it's no wonder Australia can only survive on fossil fuels and exports to Communist China. As Hillsong got richer Australia went further into debt.

Science versus religion

This is the battle of the times. During the pandemic, clergymen did not shut down hospitals but doctors shut down churches. Science is winning. We are functioning in an ever more complex world. Seeing religious zealots manipulate technology invented by science, to further religious superstition is pathetic. 
The ad-hoc theocracy set-up by the religious tax deductibility scam and incompetent theology-based politicians is bankrupting Australia.
The evangelical vote creates unearned wealth for churches and debt for the nation.

Hillsong is a corporation
According to ASIC  "Mr Houston, 67, stepped down as company director on August 17". If the Australian financial regulator regards Hillsong as a 'company' why are they tax-free?

12 Aug 2021

Why Has The Tiny Pentecostal Sect Taken-Over The Australian Government?

By promoting and funding Pentecostalism, Morrison proves he has no concept of a secular state in Australia.

Pentecostals make-up 1.1% of the Australian population. Why are they over-represented in the Morrison government? Why do they stand for office when they believe a 'god' entity is running everything? If this is true, why do they accept pay if this entity is doing all of their work? This looks like the flea wagging the tail that's wagging the dog.

Morrison preaching at an ACC event April 2021

We respect a persons right to believe anything they want. When those beliefs heavily impact the rest of us then it's our business. Pentecostals claim to accept 'spiritual healing' even during a pandemic. Chief Medical Officers in Australia shut down churches during the COVID-19 pandemic and religious leaders had to comply. Science trumps religion every time.

Scott Morrison runs Australia entirely by press conference but where does the bible mention electronic media? Nil. The book is based on events thousands of years ago with no geographic or technological connection to Australia. That's why it's adherents are failing us. In our view the religiously indoctrinated use science, which is the basis of medicine and electronics, to propagate dogma.

'Tithing' In the Pentecostal Religion 

It's normal for Pentecostals to perform 'tithing' or donating one tenth of their income to the church. Because the tithe is made to a tax-deductible religion, the politician would claim it as a tax deduction. If that is the case the tithe is actually being paid by the Australian taxpayer.
With 3 or more cabinet ministers and other MP's and senators tithing to various branches of Pentecostalism, the Aussie tax payer is being used to transfer tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to a religious 'cult'.
The Australian taxpayer may never know the full cost to them of Morrison's allegiance to a marginal religious 'cult' with a history of abuse.

The LNP Are Hopeless At Managing A Pandemic 

How could you get your corona response more wrong than Morrison and Berijiklian? You back a vaccine that makes people HIV-positive. Fail. Your next vaccine gives a few people blood clots than can kill, somehow this doesn't effect old people although why was never explained. Fail. You tell people 'This is not a race'. Fail. You shutdown and stay open at the same time like silly Gladys. Fail.

The LNP don't understanding that antivaxxers ultimately only take themselves out of the reproductive cycle. Why stop them, the planet is already grossly over-populated? Day after day Berijiklian holds a press conference on how to tread water in a pandemic. 

The blame lies with permanently confused  Scott Morrison. His nebulous and rudderless Department of Home Affairs is 100% responsible for our borders and 100% responsible for letting in the FedEx Covid-Delta delivery. Morrison's government flagged them in with no proof of vaccination and no quarantine at all. The entire East Coast of Australia is now carrying the horrendous cost of another Penetecostal stuff-up.



The LNP Want A 50,000 Year Old Culture To 'Close The Gap' With An Armageddon Cult. Really?

How about Morrison trying to close the gap on 50,000 years of continuous, sustainable human occupation in Australia.  Why should Aboriginals adopt a contradictory and self-destructive ideology from a throw away culture that's almost thrown itself away?

The 20 Year Religious War In Afghanistan Achieved Nothing

Scott Morrison highlights exactly why it achieved nothing. Substituting one set of illogical, unverifiable religious dogma with another set of the same will always achieve nothing.

Ben Roberts-Smith (left) got it right when he started to wear a Crusaders Cross in Afghanistan. It was a religious war. After 900 years Liberals failed to comprehend that Crusades don't work. Even Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. The Liberals invaded the wrong country again? 

This war cost $10 billion AU. At the moment Morrison is printing money and holding interest rates at almost nothing because his government is so far in debt. They even went into debt during the mining boom because of the idiotic, contradictory tax system that Morrison refuses to reform. Imagine how bad the debt is now?

The Holgate Attack

Scott Morrison forced Christine Holgate out of her job over 4 watches worth $20,000. Morrison  knew the Robotdebt Scheme he designed cost the Australian taxpayer $1.872 billion. How does he sleep at night?

The Need To Convert Morrison To A Science-Based Belief System

This would not be too hard for an intelligent person, although people like Morrison have decades of brainwashing behind them, reinforcing their confused mental state.

It would be good for Australia and the World generally. It would have a profound effect on Scott and he could stop drowning in an illogical, contradictory reality.

He could sort through the competing interests and ideas and do whats in the interests of Australia. His record as Prime Minister is absolutely pathetic. Obviously, whatever he is doing doesn't work. Is Scott smart enough to realise this or does he like repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results?


Merging Religion And Politics Creates Anarchy

In August 2021, Pentecostal Senator Eric Abetz applied his forensic auditing skills to costs awarded in yet another LNP defamation case. Andrew Laming MP was suing an ABC reporter. Why is Abetz applying logic to this defamation case yet appearing to accept at face value the Pentecostal assertion of 'eternal life after death'?

Why are they applying logic selectively? In the Laming-Milligan defamation, Abetz is concerned about the ABC paying $79k in damages on behalf of Milligan. 
Somehow, Abetz ignored Scott Morrison losing $1.87billion taxpayers dollars from Morrison's failed Robodebt scheme.

These politicians appear to construct walls of denial around anything they don't want to accept. By using logic selectively, they have created an irrational and an anachistic society in Australia.


2 Jul 2021

Destructive Propaganda From The Beijing Advocate

Driving Trucks For Beijing

It's time to expose the propaganda printed by the Advocate. Who reads this backwoods newspaper anyway you ask? It's readers are the people of Braddon Tasmania, probably the dumbest electorate in Australia.

Braddon has incredible rainfall, excellent soil and abundant mineral resources, so why are they now working for Communists? The Chinese employment is made to appear Australian but the bottom line is Tasmania is economically dependent on China.   ⬇⬇⬇

The Advocate Is Un-Australian

The graph shows Tasmania works for Beijing but why?                              

Generations of people in electorates like Braddon vote for opportunistic, big-mouth politicians who use the voters taxes to build their political careers. They dish-out your money in vote buying schemes like sports rorts or idiot ideas like Robodebt. This is how idiots like Morrison have incurred a trillion dollar federal Government debt, and it's growing.

These politicians have contradictory policies* and love 'stay-in-office' rorts because they are only just smarter than the voters, and they get addicted to the trough. The result is inter generational government debt. Dumb politicians have chosen communist investment to cover-up their failures but this comes at the cost of being controlled by a totalitarian dictatorship. How long before Beijing complains about content in the Advocate?

The Advocate thinks it has some deep state role in perpetuating failure, so it's trying to smooth-over COVID-19 anti-Chinese sentiment. All Australians have been negatively impacted by COVID, but glossing-over Chinese exploitation of Tasmania's economy by the Advocate is not progress. Remember the Australian exporters dumped by China, the barley, wine and seafood exporters? Not much in the Beijing Advocate about them is there?

Savage River mine photo ABC

The Advocate has to come clean with it's readers. We are in a debt-crippled economy with a collapsing climate and our votes caused it. No amount of Chinese 'investment' in Western Tasmania is going to fix it. 

FACT. China is a communist country where every business is owned by the state even though they have different names. That makes the Burnie Advocate an un-Australian Communist mouthpiece. Fix it! 

* Nearly all government policy is contradictory. eg. Being anti-union or anti-Labor while embracing the Maoist Peoples Republic of China as a business partner, is standard conservative values. In other words, they have no values.

13 Jun 2021

Morrison And Porter's Robodebt Slugs The Taxpayer $1.87 Billion


Morrison Invented Robodebt

Morrison absolutely had to be out of the country when they revealed the total cost of his childish and incompetent Robodebt scheme. So he fled to the G7 in Cornwall even though he doesn't represent a G7 nation. Morrison really did invent Robodebt look at the Wikipedia page?  

Friday June 11 (it absolutely had to be on a Friday before a long weekend) the Federal Court approved a A$1.872 billion settlement incorporating repayment of A$751 million, wiping of all remaining debts, and the legal costs running to A$8.4 Million. The biggest Centrelink stuff-up in Australia's history.

Christian Porter Implements Robodebt

Morrison invented Robodebt but ex-attorney general Christian Porter implemented it "In December 2016, Minister for Social Services Christian Porter publicly announced the implementation of this new automated debt recovery scheme".

Scott Morrison's big blunder when inventing Robodebt is that income tax is paid annually and unemployment benefits are paid fortnightly. Apparently that was beyond Morrison's microscopic mental capacity. 

Morrison lives off the public purse and obviously has no concept of how the tax system works. He does know how to steal tax in very large amounts. With Robodebt, Morrison assumed a lot of unemployed people were rorting the system. Morrison was wrong.

Robodebt is the biggest government social security stuff-up in our history. So why was it covered-up by the mainstream media this June long weekend?

We are convinced Morrison and the media work on a mutual backscratching arrangement. That's how corrupt politicians operate.

7 May 2021

Scott Morrison's Role In Selling Darwin Port To China

Morrison intervened in Australia Post awarding 4 watches but did absolutely nothing to stop Communist China taking over the military port of Darwin for an entire century.

Scott Morrison told the media that in 2015 he could do nothing when the Northern Territory Country Liberal government leased the Port of Darwin to Communist China for a century.

Scott Morrison became treasurer in September 2015 in the new Turnbull government. Morrison was responsible for the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). As treasurer, Morrison became a member of the National Security Committee. This committee can make decisions that override cabinet.

Morrison's version: 'on the Port of Darwin issue that wasn’t a matter that came before the Federal Government for a decision. That was a matter that was decided by the Northern Territory Government. There was no FIRB approval because there was no FIRB assessment required'.

Morrison contradicted the NT government. 'Between July and October 2015, the bids were shortlisted, referred to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and the ACCC'. Why is Morrison lying?

Morrison contradicted the defense minister. Marise Payne, said in a statement, 'Defense does not have security concerns about the lease of the port to Chinese interests'.

Morrison blamed the opposition. 'blaming the lack of scrutiny on investment laws introduced by the former Labor government'.

Prime Minister Turnbull was shocked by the deal. The deal came before the national security committee. Why is Scott Morrison airbrushing history and what is he trying to hide? 

They could have postponed the deal until the Foreign Acquisition and Takeovers Act had been amended. As owners of Darwin Port, Communist China now has inside information on 100 naval ship movements a year for a century. Why bother having a defense force when it's controlled by Beijing?

According to Scott Morrison, a territory of the Commonwealth could lease a strategically important military port to a hostile totalitarian regime, cripple our defense agreements with the US and allies, and the government could do nothing? That has to be a lie.

In 2015 the ACT could lease Canberra Airport to North Korea and the government could do nothing? 

We are talking about a 'territory' here, the responsibility of the Commonwealth.

Habitually corrupt Morrison claims stopping a hostile foreign power from taking over a strategic Australian asset would break the law. This from the guy who devised 'sports rorts' and is covering-up a brutal rape, orgies, sex acts and male prostitution in his own government? The guy who invented robodebt?

Then there is the role of Andrew Robb. Robb was on the payroll of Landbridge before he resigned as an MP. According to Morrison "Andrew Rodd is a person of the highest integrity. I’ve known him for a very long time. He’s our finest ever Trade Minister". Today Robb us using hallucinogenic drugs 50 years after the rest of his generation discovered them.That's as retarded as it gets.

Leasing Darwin Port was a political not a legal decision, made in Canberra not Darwin. It may have been pushed by Andrew Robb or an agent for Beijing in cabinet. Was that agent Scott Morrison? It appears to have been implemented by stealth in order to surprise Turnbull.

Turnbull's position here was p1ss weak. Was he being played by the conservatives or were they holding something over him?

How deeply was Morrison involved in selling the Port of Darwin? Were kickbacks paid or were donations made to the Liberal Party by Landbridge and the Communists? 

The Australian LNP government has a track record of systemic corruption. Morrison's net worth is estimated in the tens of millions. How much of that came from selling his country to totalitarian China?

2 Dec 2020

Fat Snake Xi Jinping Reels-In Fat Tuna Scott Morrison


In the dying weeks of the Trump presidency, we see systematic Chinese promotion of anti-Australian propaganda.

Only Australian Liberal voters supported the US-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Most sane Australians knew this was idiotic NeoCon garbage implemented by conservative scum like John Howard.

Scott Morrison is always reminding China of Australia's 'sovereignty' a word that defines the rule by force of sovereigns (self-declared elites). Scott Morrison's sovereigns ignored Aboriginal ownership of Australia and now the Maoists are ignoring Morrison's sovereignty. 

They are exploiting a huge gap in Scott Morrison's version of reality.

Where is Gladys Liu? Promoting Beijing

The fundamentals of the China-Australia conflict are laughable. Morrison has given more of Australia to China than any other PM. Morrison will never appease the voracious, overpopulated swarm of Maoist zombies.

With 1.439 billion subservient Maoists, China needs what Adolph Hitler called 'living room'. They are too gutless to expand North into comrade Putin or Kim Jong-un's fiefdoms. 

They have already invaded Tibet, Hong Kong and built military bases in the South China Sea. New Guinea is being bought for cash and now Australia is waiting for the Chinese take-over. It will not be a conventional invasion because Xi would harm too many communist Chinese already here. They must think one Maoist is worth thousands of Australians?

The Maoists study and exploit weaknesses in democracy and Morrison is an easy target. Morrison has just duped the Australian taxpayer out of $1.2 billion with the Robodebt payout - a scheme Morrison invented and fostered. Why aren't the Maoists tweeting about that? Did Gladys Liu tell them to ignore it?


Reading Gladys Liu's promotion of the Beijing-controlled Oceania Foundation (controlled by the Maoist United Front Work Department) as well as Liu's past work for Communist China, you come to the conclusion Morrison did enable a Maoist agent to be elected to Australia's Parliament.

The Maoists are still importing native forest woodchips in bulk because they know they can take what they want from Australia. With Communist agents like Berejiklian, Barilaro and the Tasmanian Liberal Party, Australians have to appeal directly to Beijing to save our forests.

Thanks to the Chinese bat virus, Australians are eating more crayfish and drinking expensive wines - products Xi has decreed are too bourgeoisie for his zombie 'workers'. 

Inside Tasmania knows there are serious economic and political divisions in Maoist China that will lead to the overthrow of dictator Xi. Some members of the CCP want to see his lifetime dictatorship terminated. In the short term, Xi will keep tormenting dumb-ass Scott Morrison and exploiting the disconnected Australian voters that put kleptomaniac Morrison into office.


graph merges Hong Kong exports into China

With just over half a million people, Tasmania has become economically dependent on totalitarian China. Disconnected but conformist Tasmanian voters and businesses have built an idiotic Communist-centric enclave below Australia.

Tasmania has supplied the bat-virus dictatorship with everything they want, so Tasmania must take a shared responsibility for Maoist crimes against humanity.

Crimes like COVID19, clearing the Amazon for Chinese beef, destroying sacred sites in the Kimberley for Chinese iron ore, the invasions of Tibet and Hong Kong, the intimidation of Taiwan, driving tanks over it's own citizens in Tiananmin Square, the systematic abuse of human rights and the imposition of a brutal and obsolete dictatorship as a social system. 

How many Tasmanians do you know living in luxury from the proceeds of Communist Chinese atrocities?

Up till now, these criminals were able to convince people trade and tourism was somehow detached from totalitarian tyranny. COVID19 proved they were lying.


Today Wentworth MP Dave Sharma warned Australians of 'a descent into McCarthyism'. That's garbage because 1950's American was not completely economically dependent on communism like Australia in 2020 is. 

To see how compromised we are look at the graph above. Also Australia's iron, wool and dairy exports. So how many Australians own land in Maoist China Dave? How many Australians in the Maoist People's Congress?

Dave Sharma should stick to what he knows about and it's not China.