27 Feb 2024

The Reign Of The Psychopaths Is Nearing It's End

Today we see encouraging signs the terrible reign of the psychopaths could be nearing it's end.

Sweden and Finland are now in NATO and ready to stare-down short man syndrome psychopath Vladimir Putin. Macron hosted an EU meeting where the idea of buying arms for Ukraine on the World market was floated.

That would sideline the terrorist US Republican Party. Today they are sacrificing Ukrainian women and children as pawns in their quest to elevate Vladimir Putin to World Dictator.

The US Republican Party are allied to North Korea and Iran as they emulate classic psychopath and Russian asset Donald Trump. There is evidence Melania Trump is Donald's Russian connection. Trump had 2 wives from communist countries and both their fathers were communist party members. It's no coincidence Trump has turned the Republicans anti-NATO and pro-Putin. Trump is Putin's number 1 asset.


We are calling-out Netanyahu as 'psychopath' for his 26:1 death toll in Gaza. And all based on biblical delusion, lies and compulsory male circumcision. What a deluded and evil piece of work? 

Today Australia's own baby Trump Scott Morrison had his last day in parliament. It was 16 years too late. Morrison was so unhinged he made Tony Abbott seem coherent. Abbott actually gave the eulogy at a convicted pedophiles funeral. Can you believe how retarded these people are?

Morrison was an easy target for the non-mainstream media in Australia. His ambition far exceeded his skill set and RoboDebt is testament of that. Morrison reached Australian PM yet had no idea how the tax system worked and was unable to tell the difference between lies and truth. His valedictory speech said something about serving god. Isn't that an imaginary entity that doesn't exist? These dropkicks are so brainwashed they think everybody talks to cloud fairies and fiddles with the congregation. BTW we didn't waste a second watching Morrison's last day.

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