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20 Oct 2019

Scott Morrison's Severe Drought

Still Feelin It - The Morrison Drought Update
Scott Morrison told Sky News 'But most importantly the people who are experiencing it [are] feeling it.'
Classic Morrison.
He went on 'What matters is not how we feel but what we do'.
One of the things the Morrison government are doing is hiring a $190,000 'empathy consultant'.

Morrison told a Liberal conference that drought 'is the biggest call on the budget because it is the most pressing'.
Morrison has banned himself from saying those dreadful words 'climate change' because that exposes him as a half wit who is actively causing the 'most pressing' problem Australia has.

So he's destined to yabber on about how bad the drought is, but don't rainfall statistics feed directly into climate models that clearly define human induced climatic changes? So wouldn't Scott Morrisons really bad drought be climate change spelled backwards?

No doubt about it Scott Morrison is the archetypal manipulative Liberal half-wit. 

15 Oct 2019

While Chinese & Indians Flood Australia Aborigines Are Being Killed In Prison

Another day and another coroners report into yet another Aboriginal death in custody.

So what gives? Are Aussie racists making room for 3 billion Asians in Australia? Looks like it. We know Chinese are fleeing Hong Kong to escape brutal megalomaniac dictator Xi Jinping.

And of course the Indians are raping and breeding their way to 1.4 billion people. They have never comprehended the word 'sustainable' when applied to population have they?

The planet is dying and the corrupt, broken-down quasi-democracy of Australia is part of the problem. Who ever heard of a democracy with a hereditary monarch at it's head?

Talking about Poms, nobody is linking the Hong Kong bloodbath to the British trafficking narcotics during the 2 Opium Wars that caused the cultural divide between 'Commie' China and 'Free' China.

Karma. So swine flu is decimating China's pig population during the 'year of the pig'? Imagine if half a billion Chinese died of starvation? Then they would hang their national dictator from the Great Wall. Specially after the Maoist Maniac said he would 'crush the bodies of seperatists'.

Who the hell gave Xi the power to 'crush' people? What an arrogant piece of detritus? If Xi doesn't like his grossly overpopulated empire split-up then why is he undermining every other country around the globe?

Why is Xi hacking computers and stealing data? Most of all, if democracy is so bad in Hong Kong, why is Xi trading with every democracy on the planet? Why is trade siloed from democracy just to please one grubby little opportunistic dictator?

So Aussies, isn't it time you valued your original people because the alternative is a billion times worse?

6 Oct 2019

Why Did We Go Into Debt Carbon Polluting The Planet?

It's no secret that as atmospheric carbon increased, so did the national debt of the 'developed' countries causing the pollution.
Countries like Australia, the US, Britain and Canada have hundreds of thousands of academics educated at prestigious institutions, yet these people created an ecological and economic nightmare for the rest of us to deal with. Why?
Saw-tooth waveform caused by Northern Hemisphere winter tree dormant cycle


We doubt if these 'academics' and 'leaders' can explain what they have been doing. Wrecking the climate will cost our economies trillions in lost revenue, yet the so-called 'developed countries' went into debt while they were doing it. The real costs of climate change have only begun. There is no 'up-side' to this insanity.

Eventually people will want to hold someone to account. Those still advocating a system that produces ever more debt and ever more climate change are the obvious targets.

30 Sep 2019

What Australians Don't Understand About Emperor Xi Jinping

Emperor Xi has just acted-out a massive pantomime celebrating 70 years of so-called 'communist' rule in mainland China. His mega-parade and personality worship is identical to North Koreas' Kim Jong Un. But you could not call this personality-totalitarianism 'communist'. The capitalist elites have been replaced by Xi Jinping and his array of corrupt sycophants.

How fake is Emperor Xi?

If this started as a workers revolution 70 years ago it's now a one man dynastic empire with Xi at it's center.
Xi has hijacked the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist philosophy and turned it into a his own private empire.

China has had thousands of years of emperors and hundreds of dynasties. Few Australians understand that a Chinese Emperor is a 'celestial emperor' who presides over both heaven and Earth. The seen and the unseen if you will. It also places Beijing as the 'celestial capital' and center of the universe.

By making himself a ruler for life, Xi commenced his own dynasty which gives him unlimited power in China. Because China is not really a communist state but a 'crony capitalist' state in a partially globalised world economy, Emperor Xi sees his power stretching around the globe - his 'belt and road' philosophy.

Tragically, Emperor Xi's totalitarian dictatorship contradicts thousands of years of World political thinking. The World has moved towards democracy, not away from it.
Emperor Xi is as crafty as a snake and is manipulating 1.4 billion people for his own ends. We don't believe Xi has a 'mandate from heaven' to assume emperor status. He's just a common, corrupt totalitarian dictator who should be stopped from spreading his corruption, overpopulation, political censorship and lies around the world.

Nobody from China will ever read this article because scum like Xi block freedom of thought and action. The World does not need Emperor Xi and his mass brainwashing.

Scott Morrison's Maoist buddies steal vital academic records from the Australian National University.
In the last few years we have watched as the totalitarian behemoth has hacked into and compromised scores of critical Australian government computer systems including Parliament House Canberra.
In response we see Morrison busting his guts to get a Beijing operative elected to the Liberal benches in Canberra. What a joke?

24 Sep 2019

Eric Abetz Channels Hitler While Representing 0.18% Of The Electorate

German-born Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz, a guy who represents almost nobody has done a big whinge about not being able to spend years arguing against climate change.
We are glad extreme operatives like Abetz no longer be heard. We really don't have the luxury of spending decades arguing about climate change. Now is a time for action not words!

Abetz is one of 12 Tasmanian senators representing half a million people.  Abetz's mandate is one twelfth of half a million or 42,000 people. This is out of a country of 25 million people. Break down the numbers, including the non-voting population and you are left with 0.18% of the Australian population have elected Abetz. He sure does a lot of whining for a guy representing almost nothing.

Abetz claimed Hitler would be 'so proud' of an online site for shutting the door on people like him. But wasn't it Abetz's own family who thought Hitler was so great they chose to help him take-over the World? After slaughtering millions of innocent people Hitler and his thugs left their carbon from WW2 and it's still in the atmosphere today.

In our view Eric Abetz is a dangerous Armageddon cultist opposed to a balanced and functioning ecosystem on Earth. He appears to want to end life on Earth. If you don't like this planet Eric then why not find one you do?

For the record.
We will not publish any replies by Abetz or any other carbon extremists.

21 Sep 2019

Man Of Titanium Trumps Man Of Steel Or Does It?

Predictably, Trump has tried to trump George Bush in bestowing a metallurgical value on an Australian Prime Minister.

Old John Howard was just a 'small man' of steel while Morrison was awarded titanium.
In the carefully media-crafted meeting Morrison looked like a 'hostage victim on happy pills' as Trump launched a half hour stream of consciousness press conference covering China, an attack on Iran , Justin Trudeau's brownface and deporting Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

Trump even threatened to trigger an attack on Iran there and then while Mr Titanium just looked awkward.

For metallurgical reasons we investigated the hardest and strongest metals.
'Although titanium has gained a reputation of being an extremely strong material, most steels are stronger. The only advantage titanium has over steel is that it is a much lighter material. When compared to diamond, however, titanium does not come close in strength or hardness.'
Tungsten has a higher tensile strength than titanium but it's extremely brittle.
That could be awarded to our next PM when he (or she?) makes the pilgrimage to the Oval Office.

12 Sep 2019

Liberals Manage To Get A Chinese Agent Elected To Parliament

Is Gladys Liu managing Morrison's response to the brutal crack-down in Hong Kong? Probably.

In our view Lui is a pro-Beijing party operative with a definite job to do in our Parliament.

Did Chine play a role in the May election that saw 'Maoist Morrison's Miraculous' victory? Given they hacked Parliament House and read everybody's emails it sure looks like they did.  

Australians have realised their Prime Minister is a national security risk.

Liberal MP Gladys Liu claimed to not remember belonging to a Communist Chinese propaganda unit but it turns out she belonged to three of them.

The election of Gladys Liu is alleged to have breached the electoral act after her campaign imitated Australian Electoral Commission material. A case has been lodged with the High Court.
This seems insignificant compared to the massive security breach of having a Communist Party operative inside Parliament.

Scott Morrison 'Racist'
"At a visit to the Binna Burra Lodge to survey Queensland fire damage, Morrison was asked why it was “racist” to question Liu’s associations and whether it was racist of him to have labelled Labor’s Sam Dastyari “Shanghai Sam”.
Morrison told reporters: “I didn’t use either of those phrases".
Scott Morrison lied.

1 Sep 2019

Scott Morrison - Leadership In Cognitive Dissonance

"Morrison is descended from William Roberts, a convict who was convicted of stealing yarn and transported to Australia on the First Fleet in 1788".

In Tasmania we observe that descendants of convicts crave authoritarianism while also resenting it. Globally, we see Morrison vacuously oscillating in the force fields of Emperor Xi, Donald Trump and the House of Windsor. He looks like 100 kilos of whale blubber at zero gravity. 

Morrison arrived on the World stage with a shopping trolley full of carefully-manicured populist contradictions and hand-crafted delusions.

On a planet that is disintegrating socially, economically and ecologically, Morrison goes to the G7 and whinges about one nutcase who live-streamed the Christchurch massacre on facebook. This is from the guy who is recording everything Australians do on the net and mobile devices and keeping it for 2 years.

The fact is the Christchurch nutter had a suit of beliefs that are very similar to Scott Morrison.
EG. Why is Morrison and Trump supporting and selling arms to Saudi Arabia but hostile to Iran? Why have the US and Australia joined one side of the centuries old Shia-Sunni conflict?

It's obvious democracy is being gamed and exploited around the world today. You could blame technology for exposing the populist elections of irrational nutjobs to positions of responsibility. We believe it's actually debt that has undermined the entire democratic process.

For example, why would a free market neoliberal like Morrison refuse to condemn totalitarian Maoist dictator Xi Jinping? The only answer is China offers Morrison a thread of hope in one day getting Australia out of debt.

It's not going to happen. Australia went broke supplying the biggest population explosion in the history of planet Earth and now China wants Australia for itself. As usual ultra-slow learner Scott Morrison is the last to know.

27 Aug 2019

Brazil Is Burning The Amazon To Supply China With Beef

Note how the media is failing to question why Brazil is burning? We saw exactly the same thing in 2015 as farmers in Indonesia and Borneo set fire to land.

So why are Brazilian farmers setting fire to the jungle? Take a look at where Brazil is exporting meat, specifically beef?

Again, we see China's obscene population of 1.4 billion destroying more of the natural world. So much of the planet has now been destroyed by the voracious appetites of only 2 countries - China and India.

The rest of us don't have to stand by and watch the natural world destroyed by Asians breeding like rats. Look at how many species they are taking out? Rhinos killed for their horns so stupid Chinese think they will have bigger penises, elephants so Asians can carve ivory, massive over-fishing so stupid Tasmanians are forced to farm fish, catastrophic climate change so stupid Tasmanians have to build bigger wind turbines to kill all of their wedge-tailed eagles even though Tasmania already has 100% hyrdro electricity. The stupidity and refusal to join the dots goes on and on.

Lets stop the bullshit? We don't want any more of this human plague in Australia or the planet. We now rejoice at Trumps trade war with the un-elected Stalinist dictator Xi Jin Ping. We hope it hurts these systematically programmed criminals. Look at how the scum is fighting their own people in Hong Kong just to stop them from voting?

Look at how the totalitarians are being supported by covert agents such as Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman? This almost retarded sock puppet was democratically elected himself yet mindlessly supports a Stalinist dictatorship.

Communist Chinese Are Incredibly Stupid People

The corrupt Xi JinPing regime has charged Australian citizen Yang Hengjun with spying for Australia.
Seriously? They think the Australian government would pay a pro-democracy agitator to spy on China for Australia? Communist Chinese are incredibly stupid, devious idiots who have allowed the poisonous 'year of the snake' dictator Xi JinPing to control their lives, freedoms and thinking.

Yang Hengjun
All Chinese should stand-up against fake 'worker' Xi JinPing who is simply exploiting them and destroying the traditions and credibility of China.