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13 Dec 2019

Brazil Must Remove Jair Bolsonaro

It's obvious the people of our planet are acting as an 'immune system' to stop the mass destruction of the Earth's ecosystems.
Corrupt dictators who have declared war on the environment are in the cross hairs of the masses. The foremost of those dictators is an eco-fascist German-Italian running Brazil Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro claims to be a conservative christian but is actually a corrupt opportunist exploiting the illiterate and gullible Brazilian population.

That makes him similar to other narcissistic dictators around the globe like Xi Jinping, Putin, Trump, Duterte, and Morrison. Even Adolph Hitler was 'democratically elected' so how these dictators got there is insignificant. It's what they do that counts.

At left we see pompous half-wit Bolsonaro. With a distinguished military career in a country that has never been at war, except with itself, he declared war on the Amazon and the indigenous people that live there. As usual, Bolonaro is doing this for economic reasons so he can sell the timber and convert jungle into beef paddocks for the communist chinese swarm.

People like Bolsonaro often attack women and the weak. He called Greta Thunberg a brat so we are working to have him removed from office. There has already been one assassination attempt made on this piece of far-right garbage but to us it seems appropriate he dies by poison blow pipe. What do you think? After all, the 'lungs of the earth' are more important than one wealth-crazed fascist. 


6 Dec 2019

Scott Morrison's Total Failure Of Leadership During The Drought And Fires Of 2019

In 2019 the island continent of Australia had experienced years of catastrophic drought and then burned for months on end. Prime Minister Scott Morrison could give no explanation of why this was happening. He was abused by the public on a rare visit to a bushfire evacuation center. He has retreated into his Hillsong Church world of delusion.

On track for Psychopath of the Year 2019

As 'leader' of Australia, Morrison has a duty of care to the people of Australia. Instead Morrison spreads lies and misinformation about climate change and bushfires without expertise in these areas. He claims there is no link between the nations greenhouse emissions and the severity of fires.

That is a complete lie because Australia's emissions include all the coal we export because that coal is mined only to be burned. Where it is burned makes no difference to the Earth's climate.
Morrison is a total liability for Australia. He has very corrupt and dubious operatives in his government like Angus Taylor, Mathias Conman and the member for Beijing Gladys Lui.

What is unbelievable about Morrison is why the hell did he have to join a church founded by a pedophile?
In the 'Me Too' era this is a step too far. Like Tony Abbott visiting convicted pedophile George Pell in prison. Do these nutjobs live in the 21st century or in the Middle Ages?

Morrison looks like our choice for 'Psychopath of the Year 2019'. Stay tuned.

28 Nov 2019

Xi Jinping - The Worlds Biggest Hypocrite 虚伪 伪善


虚伪 伪善
This hypocrite is ruthlessly crushing a 'democracy movement' in Hong Kong yet claims he was elected for life in a democratic poll.
Have a look at the results:
That's nearly 3,000 votes for and only 2 against. This is what the Maoist 'picture writers' call an election? China failed to develop a 'symbolic alphabet' and are stuck with a hieroglyphic writing system like the ancient Egyptians. 

This is why Communist Chinese can't communicate complex ideas or even emotions. It's a matter of time before Communist China destroys itself because they have no ecological or moral conscience. Their language is so narrow it prevents them from feeling responsible for the planet they are polluting with shear numbers. All they believe in is 'eat, reproduce and die '. 

Name one thing Communist China invented in the modern era? 

All of communist China's thinking was stolen from the West including communism itself. In trying to bury China's real heritage, the communists became obsessed with Western culture. Their military parades are inspired by early 20th Century European fascism. Communist Chinese are too dull to have invented communism themselves and are the last to know it doesn't work. 

But what of their fake emperor Xi Jinping? Have the Chinese people put a price on his head yet? With a lifetime term as emperor of China the only way they can get rid of him is to shoot him. You can bet none of those android soldiers at Xi's infantile parades carries a loaded gun?

The problem for the human race is there are too many Chinese. 1.4 billion people in any country is beyond the carrying capacity of this planet. They have changed our climate and sucked-up our resources. This era of mindless totalitarian cancer must be bought to a close.

Everybody who supplies the retarded communist Chinese regime is anti-life and anti-civilisation.
Here's looking at you Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman. You thought you could prop-up your bankrupt state using a totalitarian dictatorship but that strategy looks more like treason. 

Look at the guy on the left? The mindless pawn of a dictatorship of 1.4 billion communists. No brains, no conscience, no values. This is the face of overpopulated totalitarianism. 

They exploit cash-strapped democracies around the globe to further their regime. Places like Tasmania that have been bankrupted by it's own government pension scheme are the communists hapless victims.

19 Nov 2019

We Don't Have To Appease These Murderous Dictators - Wake Up Australia

Both of these dictators have tried to flood Australia with narcotics, they hacked nearly all our government computer systems, they compromised many of our politicians, they are buying our land and businesses with currency only they can trade in. Have we had enough of their expansionism or will we accept a complete take-over? The threat is real.

Chinese Communism hypocritically used capitalist democracies to fund their totalitarian empire. Unlike the insular Soviet Union, Chinese Communism exploited globalisation to build it's dominance. Only after Communist China has subjugated the entire planet will it implode like the Soviet Union did. There is no human need to be a worthless totalitarian automaton. But why are we waiting for all this to happen?

Why isn't there a strategy in place to remove two dictators and replace them with honest and reasonable people? Why? If democracy has been essential to building Communist China why aren't we ensuring democracy is embraced in China and North Korea?

At present we have the weakest and dumbest politicians in our history. It's left up to us to do the thinking in our national interest. China will undermine our democracy at every chance and in Australia democracy failed the population decades ago. Half-wits are elected who use public money to boost their own popularity, re-election chances and careers leaving the nation bankrupt. As our Federal debt soars we are right where China wants us to be. They can manipulate our economy and buy our assets but we can never buy land or assets in China.

Democracy is worth fighting for. The 'head of the snake' 'Xi Jinping must be removed by his own countrymen as soon as possible and the same for the North Korean dynasty of tin-pot despots.

17 Nov 2019

Tasmania. Three Years For Killing A Pregnant Mother - Twenty One Years For Saving Trees

Tasmania is a neo-colonial penal colony run by disconnected Liberal lawyers Will Hodgman and Guy Barnett. We examine the new sentences they hope to bring-in to punish conservationists and legislate climate change denial. We compared the proposed laws to recent sentences for killing innocent people, incest and pedophilia in Tasmania.


Anti-protest law e-petition is here.
The Tasmanian government regard ancient Gondwanan forests as 'workplaces' that could be invaded by conservationists trying to stop the conversion of mature trees into woodchips that are used to make toilet paper in China and Taiwan. (Tasmanian government woodchips are only sold to China. Ask premier Hodgman if there are 1 or 2 Chinas?) Other trees supply the corrupt Asian Timber Mafia outfit Ta Ann installed here in a blatant kick-back scheme.

The Liberals have been trying to introduce this extreme law for years. Their last attempt failed after it was overturned by the High Court of Australia.
According to Hodgman  'Business should not be subject to disruption'.
But what about our climate? Why can that be subject to disruption?
'People who are going about earning a lawful living should be able to do that,' People are lawfully living in a stable climate and ecosystem and that trumps your piss-weak logic Hodgman.

But Hodgman and Barnett are having another go, this time with harsher sentences ranging from 18 months for a first 'offence', 4 years jail or a $10,000 fine for a second 'offence' and up to 21 years jail for repeat 'offenders'.

Jail Terms Compared to Other Sentences
Just a few months ago killer of pregnant mother Sarah Paino was released from jail after serving only 3 years for driving a stolen car thru a red light and killing an innocent pregnant mother. Unbelievably, the killer received a 2 1/2 year non-parole period. Just a bit longer than a first tree sit offense.

Tasmania - The Incest And Pedophile Friendly State 

Three months ago a Tasmanian male was given a 3 year sentence for raping his own daughter. A year short of a second tree sit offence.

Pedophilia is regarded as 'petty crime' by the Tasmanian Liberal lawyers. A high profile Launceston pedophile got just 2 years behind bars in March this year.

But didn't the father of premier Will Hodgman cover-up a pedophile ring at the Hutchins School Hobart?
Click this link to learn how corrupt Liberals protected a pedophile ring.

Will's father

Questions we want to ask Will Hodgman.

Was your father part of the Hutchins School pedophile ring?

Michael Hodgman was a member of the 'Old Boys Network' and was 'close to members of the board'. He knew a pedophile ring was operating at the school yet failed to inform police or anyone else. Do you agree with your father's cover-up of an active pedophile ring?
Did your father do a deal with the Hutchins School pedophile ring to protect you in return for allowing them to abuse other students?

Will Hodgman - Dark MOFO Or Police State?

Above on the right - premier Hodgman wears a pink onesie while drafting Bolsonaro-style climate Armageddon laws. Seen here playing with the 'Violent Femmes' a band he bankrolls using state revenue.
This is a 'conflict of interest' and corrupt.
It shows the entitlement and arrogance of Will Hodgman. The climate fascist has to bribe his way on stage so he looks 'creative'.


We are calling time on Dark MOFO. Who cares how many hotels they fill in winter with Hodgman's climate change blood money? Dark MOFO is not creative or even entertaining. It's publicly funded garbage peddled by Liberal totalitarians. We have a crisis on our hands and all Dark MOFO can offer is more diversions for the rich and entitled.


20 Oct 2019

Scott Morrison's Severe Drought

Still Feelin It - The Morrison Drought Update
Scott Morrison told Sky News 'But most importantly the people who are experiencing it [are] feeling it.'
Classic Morrison.
He went on 'What matters is not how we feel but what we do'.
One of the things the Morrison government are doing is hiring a $190,000 'empathy consultant'.

Morrison told a Liberal conference that drought 'is the biggest call on the budget because it is the most pressing'.
Morrison has banned himself from saying those dreadful words 'climate change' because that exposes him as a half wit who is actively causing the 'most pressing' problem Australia has.

So he's destined to yabber on about how bad the drought is, but don't rainfall statistics feed directly into climate models that clearly define human induced climatic changes? So wouldn't Scott Morrisons really bad drought be climate change spelled backwards?

No doubt about it Scott Morrison is the archetypal manipulative Liberal half-wit. 

15 Oct 2019

While Chinese & Indians Flood Australia Aborigines Are Being Killed In Prison

Another day and another coroners report into yet another Aboriginal death in custody.

So what gives? Are Aussie racists making room for 3 billion Asians in Australia? Looks like it. We know Chinese are fleeing Hong Kong to escape brutal megalomaniac dictator Xi Jinping.

And of course the Indians are raping and breeding their way to 1.4 billion people. They have never comprehended the word 'sustainable' when applied to population have they?

The planet is dying and the corrupt, broken-down quasi-democracy of Australia is part of the problem. Who ever heard of a democracy with a hereditary monarch at it's head?

Talking about Poms, nobody is linking the Hong Kong bloodbath to the British trafficking narcotics during the 2 Opium Wars that caused the cultural divide between 'Commie' China and 'Free' China.

Karma. So swine flu is decimating China's pig population during the 'year of the pig'? Imagine if half a billion Chinese died of starvation? Then they would hang their national dictator from the Great Wall. Specially after the Maoist Maniac said he would 'crush the bodies of seperatists'.

Who the hell gave Xi the power to 'crush' people? What an arrogant piece of detritus? If Xi doesn't like his grossly overpopulated empire split-up then why is he undermining every other country around the globe?

Why is Xi hacking computers and stealing data? Most of all, if democracy is so bad in Hong Kong, why is Xi trading with every democracy on the planet? Why is trade siloed from democracy just to please one grubby little opportunistic dictator?

So Aussies, isn't it time you valued your original people because the alternative is a billion times worse?

6 Oct 2019

Why Did We Go Into Debt Carbon Polluting The Planet?

It's no secret that as atmospheric carbon increased, so did the national debt of the 'developed' countries causing the pollution.
Countries like Australia, the US, Britain and Canada have hundreds of thousands of academics educated at prestigious institutions, yet these people created an ecological and economic nightmare for the rest of us to deal with. Why?
Saw-tooth waveform caused by Northern Hemisphere winter tree dormant cycle


We doubt if these 'academics' and 'leaders' can explain what they have been doing. Wrecking the climate will cost our economies trillions in lost revenue, yet the so-called 'developed countries' went into debt while they were doing it. The real costs of climate change have only begun. There is no 'up-side' to this insanity.

Eventually people will want to hold someone to account. Those still advocating a system that produces ever more debt and ever more climate change are the obvious targets.