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22 Jan 2020

Target Shooting With Bridget MacKenzie

This will not make much sense to our readers outside Australia. We have a rotten, corrupt conservative government who are always pigging-out at the trough. Latest installment is Minister Bridget McKenzie who gave a taxpayer-funded grant to her own clay target shooting club.

Target shooting with Bridget

We have been making rotten politicians heads explode in animated gifs. This one was a 'no-brainer'.

17 Jan 2020

Morrison Has No Right To Force Us To Adapt To His Climate

 'Morrison-Induced Climate Change'

Scott Morrison Is The World's Number One Coal Exporter

Australia is the Earth's biggest coal exporter and the No3 fossil fuel exporting nation according to government data. (how did the Murdoch press miss that little fact?) Australia is suffering 'Morrison-Induced Climate Change'.

After catastrophic drought and bushfires Morrison announces he will spend taxpayers money forcing Australians to adapt to man made climate change.

Wasn't Morrison elected to represent Australians, not corporate coal and oil interests? How can he use the climate change victims own taxes to subsidise big corporations trashing the Earth's climate? This is totally perverse and completely outside of the Australian Constitution.

When has an Australian Prime Minister used Federal taxes to underwrite a handful of global corporations and told people they need to accept the fact he is changing the climate? 
Who does this arrogant and corrupt ideologue think he represents?

As the Worlds No1 coal exporter, Morrison is on record saying 'climate change is a global issue'. That's a lie because he is causing more climate change than anyone else on Earth. No wonder the guilt-ridden bastard has to turn to religion and alcohol to escape his own conscience? He watched caring people donate $500 million to his victims, knowing just a few billionaires are profiting from their misery. That is an absolute disgrace and Morrison is an absolute traitor to the Australian people.

Serious Constitutional Issues

Morrison used extraordinary executive powers on his return from Hawaii.
How can Morrison use the military to protect the population from the results of his own actions? This is an ongoing disaster that Morrison is causing as a result of being the planets largest coal exporter.
How can the use of the military in a man-made disaster be valid under the Australian Constitution?

Morrison does not have unlimited spending powers. He appeared to have decided by himself he would fund 'Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change'. How can he spend federal revenue on a problem he is causing at the same time?
Of course none of this is in the Constitution or been tested by the High Court.
This is Scott Morrison, a guy with a geography degree, freelancing on the Constitution and the Earth's climate. Name one Liberal member with a science degree?

There is a lot of legal information concerning 'natural disasters' but very little about 'man-made disasters'. This could definitely impact insurance claims. Are you covered for any loss caused by 'Morrison Induced Climate Change'?




14 Jan 2020

Siemens Put Shareholders Before Australians - They Will Lose Their Consumer Products Market


This is what coal exports and Siemens are doing to Australia:




9 Jan 2020

Worlds Biggest Coal Exporter Catches Fire - Australia Burned Alive By The Coal Industry

Australia, the Worlds Number 1 coal exporter caught fire in 2019-2020 with 2019 the driest year ever recorded in Australia as well as the hottest.

Billionaire sleaze-bag Gautam Adani and enablers
Australia's coal-fondling prime minister was dragged kicking and screaming back from a Honolulu cocktail bar to confront this disaster. Eventually Scott Morrison admitted the devastation was caused by climate change, but he's not going to do anything about it. In fact Morrison and his psychopathic News Corp mates want everybody to forget about the fires and go back to raping the planet. That is not going to happen this time.

The Donations
Many big name Hollywood A-listers donated to Celeste Barber's Facebook campaign, totaling $48 million at time of writing. 
BHP is the biggest on the list of major Australian coal producers. BHP donated $2 million, a fraction of what Barber's campaign raised and just twice as much as rock band Metallica. No other coal miners donated.

A big donation from Andrew Forrest that dilutes down to more investigation of what we already know about climate change, drought and bushfires. Forrest has grown rich building-up the Chinese Communist Party War Machine with Australian iron ore.
He is compromised by his China agenda. 

No donations from billionaire Indian creep Gautam Adani or any of Morrisons Maoist friends in the People's Republic (the member for Beijing Gladys Liu is missing in action already.)   

Inside Tasmania is totally opposed to the economic serfdom being imposed by China and India on Australia. That's why we are in direct conflict with the LNP coalition.

India has the Earths biggest mountain range in it's backyard so why isn't Australia helping India build hydro electric capacity? Actually why should we help them at all? There are way too many Indians on the planet and we are just setting ourselves up for disaster.

Cloud Seeding
Why has Scott Morrison ignored cloud seeding to end Australia's catastrophic drought? His Communist Chinese buddies have tens of thousands of people engaged in weather modification so why not Scott?

6 Jan 2020

Mona Foma Funded By Liberal Climate Change Blood Money

After 6 years of Liberal government the country is on fire and large sections of the economy have collapsed. The Liberals obsessively refuse to declare a 'climate emergency' resorting to the military to cover-up their incompetence.

Meanwhile in Tasmania, people are being invited to buy $139 tickets to a pseudo-art w@nk-fest funded by the Liberal totalitarian* government with money from destroying the Earth's climate.

More childish diversions for adults

Boycott Mona Foma 2020

The Liberals are wasting $1.75 million tax dollars a year to fund this FIFO garbage (fly-in, fly-out) in a town where mothers giving birth endure 30 degree temperatures in maternity wards with no air conditioning.
That's probably why Tasmanian health minister and plonk maker Sarah Courtney was launching this pathetic diversion.

That's Sarah on the right and 'has been' US rock muso Brian Ritchie in the middle. Brian is mining a lucrative colonial government-funded art seam in Tasmania.

The main reason not to attend Mona Foma is the Liberal totalitarian government will implement convict era prison sentences for anyone trying to save forests in Tasmania.

The 15 year old who killed pregnant mother Sarah Paino in a stolen car got a two and a half year sentence while conservationists can spend a maximum 21 years behind bars for trying to defend forests that are the lungs of the Earth. As further punishment the Liberals ensure prison inmates are routinely sexually abused just like in the convict era. 
MONA FOMA may as well hold public floggings of conservationists for their jaded FIFO audiences.

How does David Walsh and Brian Ritchie feel about the future of the human race as they take climate change blood money from the Liberals filthy hands? Walsh's MONA gallery is just 'exhibit A' in a dying Tasmania. 

The Mona Foma Money Trail And FIFO Audience
They import mostly overseas artists and acts. They attempt to import most of the audience to fill hotels owned by offshore interests like Federal Hotels, who then fund the Liberals election campaigns. Surely Walsh and Ritchie would be aware this is a scam?

Imagine the hit all this meaningless air travel has on the Earths climate? The Liberals are converting Tasmania into a desert and the MONA gallery is helping them. We know for a fact David Walsh understands cause and effect. Tasmania is being milked by jaded, middle aged ego trippers.

*Will Hodgmans Deep Links To Totalitarian Communism
There is a big file on the many trips Hodgman has made to Communist China. The result of all that butt-kissing is Tasmania is internationally regarded as 'The Toilet Roll of Asia'. The Chinese Communists control huge swathes of Tasmania as well as entire industries such as wool, seafood, dairy, woodchips, fruit and wind farms.

The weird thing is, Liberals are anti-trade union, free market capitalists, not rusted-on to Xi Jinpings underpants. The gutless Tasmanian media never calls out the Liberals so they just grow bloated egos. Hell, Willy Hodgman even had to play with the Violent Femmes to fulfill his B-grade rock fantasy. The same band he funds with your taxes. Corrupt.

Why pay to see this crap?

Will Hodgman's Relentless Promotion Of The Alcohol Industry

Throughout the year Hodgman was opening craft breweries and designer distilleries, knowing alcohol is a carcinogen that's overloading the health care system. Tasmania already has the worst health stats in Australia. We think we know why he is doing it.

Brian Ritchie may claim Mona Foma acts are 'trippy' but Hodgman is counting on the fact alcohol destroys brain cells and memories.

Hodgman desperately wants people to forget why they voted for unlimited access to poker machines but no access to a drought and bushfire safe Tasmania. 
He wants you to forget why his government cloud seeded the Upper Derwent Valley while a flood alert was in place that drowned innocent Tasmanians. 
A question Hodgman does not want you to ask 'Why is Hobart on water restrictions today when most of Southern Tasmania was once covered by rain forest'?

Hodgman wants you to forget thousands of blunders his bankrupt and dysfunctional government makes continually. Why they have been crippled by their own retirement fund, why they helped China build military bases in Antarctica, why they sold the North-West tip of Tasmania to the Communists ..the list is endless.

When you pop a cork or open a can, remember that Will Hodgman wants to erase your memory. But hey, don't forget to drive back to your hotel from that designer distillery while you are still pissed, just so you can scare the sh1t out of the local population.


5 Jan 2020

Scott Morrison's Adani Bushfire Response The Promotional Video

Scumo's 'response' begins with his complete denial of the link between Australia's worst drought and climate change. Then he 'responds' by deciding to drink cocktails in Hawaii while the bush fire season intensifies.
When Scumo's own ad slogan 'where the bloody hell are you' starts trending on twitter, he responds by booking a flight back to Australia.

While Scumo tours burned-out towns in a designer suit and ultra white shirt, bushfire victims and fire fighters begin heckling and abusing him on national TV. Scumo's 'response' is to ring his advertising agency.
Note. Scumo never looks at himself to find out what went wrong. 

Ad agency release a bland taxpayer-funded infomercial at the height of a firestorm that has been made to look like it was shot on a mobile phone. Maybe a wide screen version would give away Scumo is ripping-off the public purse? 

Where better to use the SS Waffen Hell March than in a Scott Morrison promotional video about his 'response' to the 2019-2020 bushfire crisis in Australia? 

ATTRIBUTION: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus SS hell march march 5 minute loop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXNTM...


31 Dec 2019

Psychopath Of The Year Scott Morrison

It brings us no pleasure to announce the Inside Tasmania 'Psychopath Of The Year' award 2019 has been won by Scott Morrison.

The World's largest coal exporter has finally crashed Australia's ecology for ever. Drought, bushfires and water shortages, people can't water their gardens but they are forced to water their roofs.

Why has this treasonous psychopath put an Indian billionaire before the Australian people and chained us economically to the Peoples Republic of China?

What does Scott Morrison use for brains?
Why are we writing this with tears in our eyes because more fire fighters and Australians have died in the Scott Morrison infernos of 2019/2020?
Why can't the arrogant psychopath humble himself to utter the words 'climate emergency'? How many more Australians will have to die before one psychopath accepts reality?

We saw Morrison constantly around the country during the May 2019 election when he wanted the top job. During the current bushfire apocalypse Morrison is almost invisible. Psychopath.

Check-out this article by John Hewson?
It's as if everything that is wrong with Australia has been concentrated and personified in Scott Morrison. Psychopath.


The End Of Ruperts Reign

There were no other candidates for this award.
The geriatric media mogul has done more than anybody else to attack and destroy his country of birth over his entire career. We suspect Rupert suffers from a very serious mental illness such as clinical psychopathy. His mother used to donate to the Wilderness Society while Rupert behaves like a lobotomized, right-wing phuktard. He's been running a bushfire and climate change misinformation campaign through News Corp while the News Corp bludgers and fascist aparachiks pay next to no tax in Australia.

This week his sick masthead 'The Australian' published catastrophic bushfires on page 4 while the rest of the planet had them on page 1.
Murdoch has been covering-up climate change for decades for reasons he can't even explain. Australia, the driest continent must extract financial revenge on this nutjob. He has cost many, many Australian lives. Murdoch should be detained in an Australian prison for crimes against humanity.

The entire Murdoch family appear to be mentally ill.
They are probably emulating the psychopathic behavior of grand father Rupert.

If anybody at Newscorp reads this put the bushfires on page 1, even if geriatric psychopath or his mentally ill family fire you on the spot. Do it for Australia.

Thank you News Corp finance manager Emily Townsend for calling out these nutjobs.
The internet ecosystem has the power to wind-up News Corp and the sooner we do that the better.

29 Dec 2019

Has China Caused Australia's Worst Drought Using Weather Modification?

Government made snow

10 years ago China had 37,000 people involved in weather modification.
They overdosed Beijing with silver iodide to make snow during a drought. China is also involved in high frequency electronic weather modification but that is covered-up by the Maoist dictatorship.
China is implementing cloud seeding from the Tibetan Plateau on a massive scale.
This is not a joke. China modified the weather for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and they would be much more advanced today.

We know China hacked the Bureau of Meteorology but what about their covert weather operations? They are very likely to be modifying weather in the Southern Hemisphere for military purposes.

What are the biggest sleepwalkers in Australian history doing about the drought? The Liberal Party are praying for rain. The Morrison thumb-suckers even got a Chinese communist operative elected to Australia's parliament using posters designed to deceive. Morrisons Liberals claim to be at war with trade unions while embracing totalitarian Maoists. This disconnect is too serious to let pass.

Inside Tasmania is shocked at how many Liberals believe a Chinese takeover of the World economy is inevitable. It ain't going to happen. China will crash 1,000 times harder than the USSR and it will take-down the Australian economy with it. We have decades of Liberal PMs to thank for that.

Liberals never want you to remember their mistakes. In 2016 government-owned Hydro Tasmania carried out cloud seeding over the Derwent River catchment the day before a major flood that killed people.
Of course Hydro Tasmania never did explain why they did it. It's time to cut Liberal voters from your 'friends' list.

27 Dec 2019

Morrison Covers-Up Barnaby Joyce's Text Message Drought Reports

Barnaby's latest rant

Remember how Morrison made Barnaby Joyce a 'Special Envoy for Drought'?
So Barnyard Joyce spends $675k, less than 3 weeks on the ground, fails to write a report but claims to have sent SMS texts to Morrison.
Then Morrison refuses an FOI request to release the text messages claiming it's too hard to do.
Australia is totally phuked with these retarded buffoons manipulating the nation.

24 Dec 2019

Was The Virgin Birth A Sexual Assault?

The brainwash goes like this. A 'god' entity creates a planet where the majority of species survive by killing and eating something else. Somehow god loses control of this carnivorous nightmare to a 'devil' entity.

To prove a point about this devil entity, god who informed humans he has male sex organs, decides to impregnate a teenage virgin who is already married. So he chooses a virgin and makes her pregnant.

God's plan is to force Mary to give birth to gods son who will act as some kind of messenger before being killed to act as a deterrent to something we haven't worked out.

Look at the complexity of this outlandish plan? Look at the obsession with genitalia? God didn't need to have sex to create a son because he could have created one ready made. No, he had sex with an underage girl who was married without losing her virginity but why?

Why was not losing her virginity important? Did the son have to do this by being born or not? Why did 'Mary' have to worship her own son? How much of this myth was real and how much happened on a metaphysical level? Why was a shape-shifting sex act the basis of a religious teaching? Why was the moral lesson one of bullying, exploitation and sexual desire?

Take a look at the power imbalance of god and a teenage girl? Was Mary in a position to refuse? Of course not. This was coercion and exploitation at it's worst. It was also pedophilia. Is it any wonder the highest catholic in Australia is in prison today? Is it any wonder every christian denomination in the world has been and is involved in child sexual abuse?

They will say this article is the work of the devil, but isn't the pedophilia-virgin birth myth the work of the devil and objective science the work of god?

21 Dec 2019

Matt Canavan The Minster For Growing India's Population And Burning Australia

This month the Nationals Matt Canavan told Australia 'The fires have not started due to climate change'.

How does Canavan, an economist, know anything about climate change? What gives him the right to broadcast blatant propaganda for commercial interests? Canavan and the Liberal-Nationals are running a climate disinformation campaign. Canavan's real agenda is to disconnect coal mining from the nightmare climate change is unleashing on Australia.

Canavan thinks it's his duty to support Adani for a few Aussie jobs in a totally automated industry. Canavan is actually growing India's population which will produce unlimited catastrophic climate change in Australia. Canavan is caught in an economic death spiral and we are about to tell you how he got there.

This is Matt Canavan's economic apocalypse in plain English.

FACT. Australia's National Government debt is now approaching one trillion dollars. Amazing for a country of only 24 million people.
FACT. Australia actually went broke supplying the two biggest population explosions in the history of planet Earth - China and India.
FACT. Australia's colonial 'Westminster System' doesn't work. Why? Because it has been subverted into a vehicle for personal career building by politicians using your taxes. They use your money to fund handouts to get themselves re-elected
FACT. Generations of politicians spent your money on pork barrelling schemes, grants, sports grounds, free lunches and the most lucrative parliamentary pension scheme in history using your taxes. When the money ran out they borrowed billions more.
FACT. Interest rates are low because if they were any higher all of your taxes would go to paying interest on Federal government loans. The more debt the government racked-up the lower interest rates went.
FACT. Australia is an economic basket case and it's getting worse.

Now do you see why a totally insane project like a coal mine to grow India's obscene population of 1.36 billion people looks good to Canavan? Does Mathew Canavan like seeing Australians burn to death?

Canavan thinks reducing just a fraction of Federal Government debt is better than growing it further. They all think that. Deep down Matt knows another coal mine will increase government debt because the real price of coal just keeps getting higher and higher.

As his half-assed debt-repayment scheme goes into production, the cost to insurance premiums, dead towns, dead rivers, catastrophic fires and flooded Gold Coast water frontages will soak-up all of Adani's rupees and reduce them to dust. The Morrison Cabinet is stacked with smug, over educated but unintelligent conservative wankers who reinforce each others retarded and disconnected thinking. 

Another LNP member, Michelle Landry (seriously) represents the dry land where Adani want to mine. She has said 'the project was necessary to stop women in India from being forced to cook with cow dung in poorly ventilated huts'.
Why is Landry being paid by the Australian taxpayer to analyse cooking methods in India? Does Landry know why there are 1.36 billion Indians? Obviously cooking with cow dung has not stopped Indians reproducing like rabbits? For Landry to pretend Indians can only cook with dung or Queensland coal proves she is a corrupt imbecile.

The National Party are cow dung specialists. Acting Prime Minister (seriously) Michael McCormack told reporters bushfires are caused by 'self-combusting manure'.
So why are the same farmers McCormack represents burning down Australia with manure? Phuk knows.

One way or another Australia will free itself of these corrupt, conservative maggots and intellectual slime. The process started with Morrisons media blunders and his ham-fisted agenda to slaughter the goose that lays the golden eggs.
Those golden eggs were our forests, rivers, productive farmlands and breathable air. Morrison and his snide buffoons have phuked Australia.