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7 May 2021

Scott Morrison's Role In Selling Darwin Port To China


Scott Morrison has told the media that in 2015 he could do nothing when the Northern Territory Country Liberal government leased the Port of Darwin to Communist China for a century.

Scott Morrison became treasurer in September 2015 in the new Turnbull government. Morrison was responsible for the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). As treasurer, Morrison became a member of the National Security Committee. This committee can make decisions that override cabinet.

Morrison's version: 'on the Port of Darwin issue that wasn’t a matter that came before the Federal Government for a decision. That was a matter that was decided by the Northern Territory Government. There was no FIRB approval because there was no FIRB assessment required'.

Morrison contradicted the NT government. 'Between July and October 2015, the bids were shortlisted, referred to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and the ACCC'. Why is Morrison lying?

Morrison contradicted the defense minister. Marise Payne, said in a statement, 'Defense does not have security concerns about the lease of the port to Chinese interests'.

Morrison blamed the opposition. 'blaming the lack of scrutiny on investment laws introduced by the former Labor government'.

Prime Minister Turnbull was shocked by the deal. The deal came before the national security committee. Why is Scott Morrison airbrushing history and what is he trying to hide? 

They could have postponed the deal until the Foreign Acquisition and Takeovers Act had been amended. As owners of Darwin Port, Communist China now has inside information on 100 naval ship movements a year for a century. Why bother having a defense force when it's controlled by Beijing?

According to Scott Morrison, a territory of the Commonwealth could lease a strategically important military port to a hostile totalitarian regime, cripple our defense agreements with the US and allies, and the government could do nothing? That has to be a lie.

In 2015 the ACT could lease Canberra Airport to North Korea and the government could do nothing? 

We are talking about a 'territory' here, the responsibility of the Commonwealth.

Habitually corrupt Morrison claims stopping a hostile foreign power from taking over a strategic Australian asset would break the law. This from the guy who devised 'sports rorts' and is covering-up a brutal rape, orgies, sex acts and male prostitution in his own government? The guy who invented robodebt?

Then there is the role of Andrew Robb. Robb was on the payroll of Landbrige before he resigned as an MP. According to Morrison "Andrew Rodd is a person of the highest integrity. I’ve known him for a very long time. He’s our finest ever Trade Minister".

Leasing Darwin Port was a political not a legal decision, made in Canberra not Darwin. It may have been pushed by Andrew Robb or an agent for Beijing in cabinet. Was that agent Scott Morrison? It appears to have been implemented by stealth in order to surprise Turnbull.

Turnbull's position here was p1ss weak. Was he being played by the conservatives or were they holding something over him?

How deeply was Morrison involved in selling the Port of Darwin? Were kickbacks paid or were donations made to the Liberal Party by Landbridge and the Communists? 

The Australian LNP government has a track record of systemic corruption. Morrison's net worth is estimated in the tens of millions. How much of that came from selling his country to totalitarian China?

1 May 2021

Religious Nutter Week

The Laying of Hands or Groping?

Anti-science nutter Scott Morrison attended an anti-science nutter conference this week at taxpayers expense, flying to the Gold Coast by VIP RAAF aircraft.

What Morrison told the conference was extreme by Australian standards. He practices the 'laying of hands'. Really? After recent rapes, orgies and sex acts in his government, this was a poor choice of words. We think the public need to be protected from extreme anti-science politicians like Morrison attempting to grope them during a pandemic?

Morrison claims social media is the work of 'the evil one' even though he uses it himself. Is Morrison using a site owned by 'the evil one' or is Morrison evil himself? 

Ultra Orthodox Nutter Stampede

Interesting that the Jewish ultra orthodox nutters hold the Mount Meron 'celebration' at the same time as the Moslem Ramadan nutters? These people are often so extreme they kill anyone for just questioning how insane their thinking is.

COVID Rampant In India

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being blamed for encouraging superspreader events. At an election rally in eastern India on April 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared jubilant. 'Everywhere I look, as far as I can see, there are crowds.' 

Modi 'declined to cancel a Hindu religious festival that drew millions to the banks of the Ganges River, despite pleas from health experts'.

The Laying Of Hands

A week after telling a Christian Conference he practices the 'laying of hands', a woman from Cameroon threw herself at Morrison's feet. Is Scott Morrison the  'Messiah' or just messianic?

Above. Scott 'The Messiah' Morrison blessing a lump of coal to reduce it's carbon content using 'the laying of hands'. 

Choose Science Instead Of Religion

Of course science is not a religion, but why are religions hijacking the good will of science to brainwash the gullible? Religion mostly deferred to science during the pandemic, except for superspreader events like the Hindu Ganges festival. 

Morrison uses the benefits of science continuously, in digital communications, transport and medical advice. Why are we letting Morrison hijack science and technology to dumb-down the population? He uses science to spread contradiction and disinformation.

If there is an 'evil one' as Morrison claims, then it would be spreading disinformation just like it did in the Middle Ages?

14 Apr 2021

The Real Reason Morrison Attacked Christine Holgate

On October 22, 2020 Scott Morrison fired-up in parliament over 4 watches and told  Christine Holgate 'to stand aside or she can go'.

Her non-crime was providing incentives to Australia Post executives.

Morrison's Land Fraud

Just days before on October 16 it was announced the AFP will investigate the purchase of land by the Commonwealth at 10 times it's market value.

Of course the 'Leppington Triangle' land was purchased from a Liberal donor. They were gifted $26.7m above the land’s fair value at Australian taxpayers expense.

Holgate spent just $20k on 4 watches.

The land was sold by a company controlled by billionaire dairy farmers Tony and Ron Perich. Gladys Berejiklians ex-lover Daryl Maguire was also involved.

Where Was Morrison's Outrage Over Paying 10 Times The Market Value?

Morrisons outrage at the $5 grand watches was premeditated and staged. The aim was using the media to provide a smokescreen for the latest crime of his criminal administration.

Scott Morrison doesn't really comprehend ethics and morality. He only pretends he does. He is an interesting personality type that manifests in kleptomaniacs, career criminals and pickpockets. Sadly, a lot of mentally-deficient Australians vote for this type of human garbage.

'Everywhere you look in the Morrison government, you see sleaze and self-interest, if not outright corruption.'

Long term, Morrison is normalising fraud, criminal activity and cover-ups. How many open-ended inquiries into his corrupt government are underway at the moment? 

One thing is clear - all of Morrison's fake inquiries are engineered to hide his corruption and criminal behavior.

How The Morrison Land Fraud Works

Usually an asset is bought at an inflated price by prior arrangement with the vendor. The excess money is donated back to the Liberal Party, or split in a mutually beneficial way. Australia's ambassador to the US Arthur Sinodinos* was involved in a similar fraud using donations from Australian Water Holdings.

"During the enquiry Sinodinos advised he was unaware of a $74,000 donation made to the Liberal Party by Australian Water Holdings, despite being Deputy chairman on a $200,000 salary. At the time of the payment Sinodinos was also Treasurer of the Liberal Party."

Using fraud, the Liberal Party is illegally funding itself with stolen taxpayer's money. The LNP are the biggest dole bludgers in Australia's history. They are an organised crime cartel.

* The foreign appointments scam. In this Liberal scam a member is elected to the Senate but after winning a seat they are appointed to an overseas post. Then the second candidate on the ticket is automatically awarded the seat although they were never actually elected.

It's probable the LNP justify the theft of taxpayer funds in order to block so-called 'socialists' from getting into government.

10 Apr 2021

Tasmania Has A Shortage Of Housing Supplies. Really?


According to vested interests Bryan Hayes and Nick Steel of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association, Tasmania has a 'housing crisis and a shortage of building materials'.

So how did a once forested island run out of timber for building materials? This is the reason. Tasmanian forests, both plantation and native are shipped to Asia as logs and wood chips in massive quantities. The main buyer is Communist China and the trade is propped-up by professional liars and spin doctors. Often the exploitation of Tasmania is done by foreign companies like Forico, the one Bryan works for.  

Look at the image above of Burnie Port. No wonder Tasmanian builders can't get lumber when they have to compete with 1.44 billion Communist Chinese.

The situation is identical to the lobster shortage in Tasmania when all the product was flown to Communist China.

The Tasmanian logging industry is rewarding Communist China for human rights abuses and for crippling the global economy with COVID-19.

Rather than being drip-fed cash from Communist China why not use woodchips and Savage River magnetite to leverage the Communists into equitable trading arrangements with Australia?


25 Mar 2021

Abetz Claims He Is 'Consistently Outspoken' On Sexual Violence. When?

We just read about Eric Abetz's denial of shaming a parliament house rape victim.

To quote Abetz 'Sexual assault is an issue on which I've been consistently outspoken including domestic violence.'

We could not find a single media report that shows Abetz was 'outspoken' on sexual assault. On the contrary, we found articles indicating Abetz's support for alleged pedophile George Pell.

If you are reading this Eric, drop a link or two into the comments to prove you are 'outspoken on sexual assault'. What is your position on the ex-attorney general's rape allegation? Are they not identical to what Sue Hickey claims? Are you prepared to take a lie detector test to prove who is lying?

If Abetz is prepared to distort the record claiming he is some kind of advocate for sexual assault victims, then how credible is his overblown denial of slut shaming a rape victim? We believe Sue Hickey over Abetz any day of the week. 

Can Eric Arrange A Congratulatory Message From Prince Andrew? 

Above is a screengrab from Abetz's website. Abetz is peddling photos of the Queen and distributing anniversary messages from the Queen.

Can Eric arrange a message from alleged pedophile Prince Andrew as well? If Eric is such an outspoken advocate against sexual assault why hasn't he asked the Queen to turn Prince Andrew over to the FBI?

Abetz's Irrational Record As A Senator from Tasmania

Eric Abetz is one of 12 senators representing half a million people in Tasmania. That in itself is a joke. Just this week we read how the Chinese owners of the entire North West tip of Tasmania have driven this huge dairy property into the ground.
In 2010 Abetz opposed an inquiry into Scientology. Abetz claimed a church was a 'workplace' even though it generates nothing and pays no tax.
Abetz is a Trump supporter. Trumps psychopathic behavior during the pandemic, resulted in the death of half a million people. Trumps attempt to overthrow democracy itself was criminal. Abetz's response? He failed to condemn Trump but attacked ABC Australia.

Abetz was watching as Trump lost the 2020 US election. Abetz was with Craig Kelly, Alan Jones and Mark Latham at an ultra-conservative CPAC conference.  
Abetz's response to Trumps delusional 'stolen election' was textbook. Instead of supporting democracy and calling-out a murderous half-wit, Abetz blamed ABC Australia for buying video of the rampage.. 
This year Australia's ex-attorney general also blamed the ABC for reporting an alleged rape allegation against him. Why does the ABC have to be the whipping boy for these conservative lawyers?
Abetz's history shows he consistently makes irrational, delusional and contradictory statements. In our view he is mentally unfit to be a politician.

Abetz's Communist Effluent Dairy

Abetz's irrational policies manifested at 'Moon Lake Dairy' which we now call 'Communist Effluent Dairy'.
In 2016 Abetz and Morrison blocked animal rights advocate Jan Cameron from buying the huge colonial-era property. These Liberal boof heads insisted only sleazy communists should buy the dairy. 
This is the result.

We believe Eric Abetz is mentally unfit to represent Tasmania. He should offer to take a lie detector test to clear Sue Hickey's name. The days of psychologically bashing innocent females are over Eric.
We're asking 'what has Eric Abetz's done for Tasmania after sitting in the senate for 27 years'? How has his irrational and dysfunctional behavior helped Tasmania'?

8 Mar 2021

Why Australia Is Stuck In A Sexual Exploitation Holding Pattern

Zombie Legal System

It's no surprise Australian politicians have been accused of sexual offenses when they have to swear allegiance to an English woman sheltering an alleged pedophile on the run from the FBI.

All Australian parliamentarians have to swear an oath of allegiance to the queen to sit in parliament. They are democratically elected just to swear allegiance to somebody who was never elected and whose family just happens to have a long and secret history of pedophilia. This is the zombie legal system Australia is built on.


The idiocy is compounded by Australia's dominant religion. Based on a 'creator' entity who sexually abused a young female he created. Just to drive the point home, the creator predator chose an underage female, a virgin who was also married. Incredibly, the creator predator broke his own tenth commandment 'Thou shalt not commit adultery'. This locked-in centuries of sexual abuse by the clergy that continues today..

If god created the universe why didn't he create jesus ready-made? Does he like to see females suffer in childbirth? Most Australian politicians swear their meaningless oath holding a book about a sexual predator.

masters of illusion

The Rule Of Law Is Really The Rule Of Privilege

Morrison loves talking about the fake 'rule of law' because he knows it's a license for the rich and privileged to abuse whoever and whatever they want and get away with it. There is no logic or rationality in this legacy system at any level. It's rotten from top down and it needs to be rebuilt.

While Australia's defence minister is on medical leave after mishandling a rape in her own office, the Earth's most populous superpower is plotting to annex Australia. That's how idiotic Australia's government has become.

While Australia's highest legal officer is running secret trials of honest whistleblowers, he has gone on psychological leave after being accused of rape. How can he be suppressing the truth on one hand yet ask us to believe him on the other? 

Blatant contradictions are normal in our zombie legal system because it's a game to be exploited by the wealthy and privileged. Lawyers have charged $100 a page for photocopying and they always get away with it.

Presumption of Innocence

In the case of Porter a crime is alleged to have occurred and of course he has a presumption of innocence. But so has the victim. She also has this presumption. In the balance of probability, we say she has more of a presumption of innocence because as an Australian female, shouldn't she be expected to be abused by god, the monarchy, the people who swear allegiance to the monarch and the people who uphold a fake and abusive legal system?

Right-wing Murdoch controlled hacks have called Porters rape allegation a 'trial by media'. That's not true. It's actually a trial by the victim from beyond the grave. 

She must have known Porter will never be able to prove his innocence, just as she will never be able to prove his guilt. 16 is a vulnerable age and the victim must have been really hurt. The accused minister seems destined to a life half-way between innocence and guilt.

Its Not Only Women

Here is a snapshot of the imperialist-monarchist history of WA. None of the white supremacists who put indigenous people into neck chains ever faced justice. 3rd generation Liberal politician Christian Porter's electorate is in WA.

Morrison Cannot Dump Porter

We suspect Morrison is not in a position to sack AG Porter. Firstly, he is effectively in minority government, and secondly, who would Morrison have gone to for legal advice during his term as PM? That means Porter knows where the skeletons are buried and for someone a devious as Morrison, there are a lot of them. 

26 Feb 2021

The Alleged Parliament House Rapist


Thanks to Shane at the amazing Kangaroo Court of Australia.

Bruce Lehrmann Also Worked For Bridget McKenzie

Bruce appears to be a PR guy who moves between federal departments. In 2018 he was working in Bridget McKenzie's rural health department. Somehow they were managing a radiation spill at Lucas Heights at the time?

email grab from here.
Bruce could still be employed by Canberra PR firm Parker & Partners

Interesting to see if those pages disappear? There is a relentless information cleansing campaign being carried-out by the Liberals ATM.

Questions for Bruce Lehrmann. Are you related to Scott Morrison by marriage? Are you a member of the Hillsong Church? (both posted to twitter)

Importantly, did Border Force allow you to fly out of Australia while under investigation for rape?

5 Feb 2021

Small Man Syndrome And The Russia-China Block


Putin is a small man addicted to power to compensate for his short stature. Unfortunately he has no leadership qualities and has tried to drag Soviet-era KGB human rights atrocities into the 21st Century.

Putin has blood on his hands. He will never criticize Xi Jinping and his Maoist thugs. Putin does not criticize Kim Jong-un and they will never have a bad word to say about him. 

This is all just too convenient for the cold war remnants but what about the rest of us?

Today Australia is being intimidated and squeezed as the Maoists move South on the their quest for 'Lebensraum'. Somehow the China has to accommodate the biggest population explosion in the history of the entire planet yet Xi Jinping never looks at the massive unoccupied land mass around him that is Soviet Asia.

Have a look at this graphic of the Earth's surface and realise how distorted the Maoist World view really is? They already own 1.88% of the habitable Eart's surface but are ignoring the massive 3.34% that is Russia. Instead they look hungrily at Australia with 1.51% of the habitable Earth and most of that is not too habitable unless your are a lizard. Communist China is well on the way to economically colonising Australia with a perverse trading regime weighted heavily in their favor.

Australians own none of China, cannot buy their currency and have nobody in the Central Committee. The Maoists have turned Australians upon each other, ruthlessly exploiting the corrupt LNP government and it's idiotic leader Scott Morrison. China is exploiting the LNP's astronomical debt.

Only Australians could go broke living in one of the richest countries on Earth.

So why can't Xi Jinping annex Siberia? Most of it is empty. What could Putin do? He would not launch a nuclear strike on his old Communist allies because it goes against his KGB brainwashing. Putin only pretends to be a strong man. He doesn't know if he's capitalist or communist or if it's 2021 or 1959. 

China could just walk into Russian Siberia and annex it like they did with Tibet. Putin would just sit in his palace.

1 Feb 2021

How Much Will Microsoft Bing Pay Scott Morrison's Media Mates?

Scott Morrison (Scumo) and Josh Frydenberg want to force Google but not Bing to pay Australian conservative media tycoons for generating traffic to their newspapers.

Bing search links directly to a newspaper

We just opened Bing, typed in 'Craig Kelly' and the first link is to the Guardian. Why isn't Bing paying the Guardian for generating traffic to it's newspaper? Why isn't the Guardian paying Craig Kelly for news content? This proves how unworkable Morrison's plan is and shows how sick his thinking is.

Linking to webpages is actually what a search engine does and if Google carries out it's threat and leaves Australia then people will have to use alternative search engines like Bing.

But why isn't Bing being forced to pay for news links? This smells like corruption from Scumo because that's what it is. Morrison in his arrogance thinks he can tell search engines how to search when he has no technical knowledge. This is the same buffoon who told a farmer he doesn't know one end of a sheep from the other. 

Its probable Scumo is only in office because low-IQ Australians were manipulated into voting conservative by his criminal 'sports rorts' scheme. Of course, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp did their bit to keep the corruptoid in power.

One so called 'news organisation' that will get income from Google is News Corp. This is a company that pays almost no tax in Australia because it supports corruptoids like Scott Morrison. 

We haven't mentioned Facebook because we don't support facebook and it's user-tracking agenda.

Inside Tasmania realises people like Morrison (and his mate Trump) do incalculable damage to a functioning society. These are small picture thinkers projecting their delusions onto the planet and hoping people miss how incompetent and delusional they really are.

That's why we are enjoying Morrison's little problem. However this pans-out Australia will be poorer for it and Morrison will be exposed to more guilt and culpability. Imagine crippling the Earths best search engine just because you are a psychopath?

23 Jan 2021

Morrison Was A Trump Disciple

Of course Scott Morrison did not publicly condemn Trump's attack on the Capitol building because Morrison is 'baby Trump'.

Instead were got 'incredibly disappointing' from Scumo.

screenshot from the Guardian

You can bet Scumo thought the outcome of the US election was also 'incredibly disappointing'.

The truth about these events is the election of corrupt, infantile and self-serving imbeciles. They are regularly elected in the US and Australia (and Uganda, Belarus and the Philippines) by ignorant and manipulated voters. 

The voters ignorance is that there is some sort of payoff by putting corrupt dictators into office. There is none.

For example. Before leaving office Trump pardoned Republican donor Elliot Broidy. "Last October, Broidy had pleaded guilty to a charge that he illegally lobbied Trump to drop an investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)". This means Trump enabled the theft of Malaysian taxpayers funds. We say this is something Scott Morrison would have done because he is also corrupt. He uses Australian taxpayers funds to get himself re-elected, to build his own career in effect.

The fact people like Morrison and Trump are elected in the first place shows the profound stupidity of the electorate most of the time.

Democracy only works with an intelligent, informed electorate and we do not have that.

16 Dec 2020

Tasmanian Government Caught Peddling Communist Propaganda

There is something suspicious about graphs in the Launceston Examiner on December 3 - 2020. 

The Tasmanian Department of State Growth listed China and Hong Kong as different countries. Now that the Maoist dictatorship has crushed democracy in Hong Kong, it is devious of the Tasmanian government to pretend Hong Kong and mainland China are different countries. 

Maybe they wanted to shield Australians from the awful truth - Tasmania is totally addicted to communism.

exports from Maoist Tasmania

Below right is the communist propaganda created by the Tasmanian Government and printed by the Examiner. We fixed this misinformation and added another $120 million in exports to Communist China, bringing the total to nearly $1.3 billion.

But what about the graph below? Why was there $280 million in 'Confidential trade' between tiny Tasmania and the planets biggest dictatorship? What is the Tasmanian government trying to cover-up and why?

The Tasmanian government did not collate this data. It came from the Federal agency DFAT. The original data is here.


What is the 'confidential trade' to China? It's woodchips. The corrupt Liberals who run DFAT (Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade) are so guilty about trashing the Australian Continent they are forced to conceal their crimes. Both the Federal and State governments are covering-up the 'woodchip conveyor belt'. You will not find any woodchips in the DFAT document but many woodchip carriers depart from Tasmania for China every year.
Woodchips exported from Tasmania are more valuable than the next commodity, iron ore from Savage River exported by Chinese-owned Grange Resources.

Having foreign-owned companies export Tasmanian products to the Peoples Republic of China is the preferred business model of the Tasmanian Liberal Party.


'Every Tasmanian has a lawful right to be employed in forestry and mining provided they are committed to a Global Communist Chinese superstate'.