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We Can Do Better Than Paywall Mainstream Media

Peter Costello and Rupert Murdoch think LNP propaganda is so valuable you should pay them for it. Their sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the breakdown of civilization as if it was inevitable. Paywall media sell you sanitized news and charge you for the ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? Australian scammer media lives on scammer government. They are waiting.....

24 Sept 2022

What Is Waleed Aly's Position On The Morality Police?

We don't like writing stories like this but in 2022 the World is going so far back to the Dark Ages that somebody has to do it. Why is Waleed Aly still on the Project? 

This is not religious discrimination here but science talking. Did the prophet have a book recited to him by angels or was he hallucinating after consuming toxic substances? Where is the proof he was not hallucinating?

Yes we have contacted Waleed in the past asking him if he supports Apostasy and Blasphemy, the stone age hanging offenses of an irrational belief. No answer. We tried.  

At the moment the Iranian 'Morality Police are beating-up and killing females for not wearing head scarves approved by their insane and violent cult. Has Waleed condemned these human rights abuses on the Project?







   The thing is, Aly is prepared to criticize Australians for their religious position like he did defending Scott Morrison's visit to the Margaret Court Penetecostal temple. We no longer watch the Project because of Aly. Did Aly condemn the stabbing of Salman Rushdie by an insane i$lamic fundamentalist? If you saw Waleed do that on the Project drop it in the comments below.

We acknowledge Iran is a Shia theocracy and we agree 100% it is a dictatorship of ignorance and stupidity and that Waleed is a Sunni but they follow the same book and we know that none of it is scientifically verifiable or substantiated. We don't care what flavour of stupidity they adhere to.

Waleed has a law degree so would he accept evidence in a murder trial based on somebody's 'belief'? This is exactly what the evil dictatorship in Iran is asking the World to accept. If Waleed was diagnosed with cancer would he see a doctor or an Iman? That's a new question we are asking Waleed Aly as well as our two original questions. They were 'do you believe in apostasy and blasphemy'?

As long as Waleed hasn't got the guts to answer three simple questions publicly, while he lectures the rest of us on how to respond to religion we will not be watching Rove McManus's The Project. 


We were shocked to discover Waleed is covering-up his own thesis from Monash University. Australia has already had to endure British Imperialism that bought genocide and convict transportation. Now we are educating people who have imported their indoctrination from countries that are hopelessly corrupt.


13 Sept 2022

Putin Forgets That In Winter Russians Can Walk To A NATO Country

Fascist Dictator Putin Uses Ethnic Minorities As Cannon Fodder

If you have been following Putin's invasion of Ukraine, you will see he prefers to use non-white Russian soldiers. 'It’s the dirty secret of the Russian military: Russia’s peripheral subjects—Buryats, Dagestanis, Tuvans—are Putin’s cannon fodder'. The West must now fund and equip underground democracy movements in Russia to bring this war criminal to justice.

Putin said if Ukraine joins NATO it makes a nuclear war likely.


The threats Putin makes in this video about NATO is pure propaganda. The distance between Russia and Alaska (part of the US) is just 55 miles. However there are 2 islands in the Bering Strait one part of Russia, one part of the US that are only 2.5 miles apart. In Winter people can walk across ice from one to the other. This has not caused a nuclear war.

Russia sold Alaska, Americas largest state to the US in 1867 for $7.2 million US dollars. Putin must realize how stupid Russia was for that deal given the oil, gold and diamond reserves in Alaska are thousands of times more valuable. The strategic value is phenomenal, having a NATO country so close to Russia, North Korea and Communist China. These countries form the 'Axis of Personality Cult Dictatorships'.


Buying Alaska proves how clever and forward thinking the US really is. Today the thing dragging the US back into stupidity is corrupt, dim-wit Donald Trump. Remember his bellicose 'we gonna build a wall and Mexico will pay for it'? They built a bit of wall, Mexico paid nothing and Trump cronies like Bannon are on trial for stealing some of the crowd-funded donations to build the wall. Trump is trying to create a 'Personality Cult Dictatorship' in the US.

Remember Trumps 'lock her up' as he bullied Hillary Clinton over having her own email address? Big crime eh having an extra email address WTF. Trump has defrauded the US Internal Revenue Service over fake tax returns, stolen highly classified documents potentially to sell to a foreign power AND launched a coup against the US government. Who do you think should be locked-up?

9 Sept 2022

Tasmania Celebrates Anti-Protest Win With A New King And Queen


Within hours of Guy Barnett celebrating the passing of his totalitarian anti-protest laws, Queen Elizabeth was dead and Tasmania had a new King and Queen on the other side of the World.

The anti-protest laws could be an 'own goal' because people have to protest from the comfort of their laptops and smart phones. Did Barnett set this up to learn 'the pen is mightier than the sword'?

While a Tasmanian senator, Guy Barnett was so convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction he encouraged John Howard to invade the country. (in Hansard) They killed thousands of innocent people for no reason because the 911 attacks were carried-out by Saudi Arabians and it was Iran that had WMDs. How informed was Guy Barnett? With this anti-protest legislation, Barnett can sell a lot more of Tasmania to hostile dictatorships like China without interference from concerned Tasmanians.

King Charles and Queen Camilla may never visit Tasmania, where the British monarchy carried-out an almost total genocide of an entire race. The British monarchs also dumped 85,000 of their worst criminals here. The corrupt British monarchy and their sock puppet church sanctioned mass murder in Tasmania. 

An Academic Joke - A Law Degree From Tasmania

In our view a law degree from the University of Tasmania is a qualification of immense shame. The British legal system in Tasmania carried-out genocide, slavery and torture, while failing to bring a single person to justice for those crimes against humanity. 

Two centuries later Tasmanian lawyers are still imprisoning and sexually abusing children for stealing a packet of chips. Amazing that a Tasmanian lawyer can establish guilt for stealing food but not for sexually abusing the person who stole that food while in state 'care'. A UTAS law degree sanctions and legalises physical, mental and sexual abuse. We suspect anybody with a law degree from UTAS is psychologically conflicted and hopelessly indoctrinated. There are exceptions such as Michael Mansell. 

Royal correspondence revealed Queen Elizabeth sacked the democratically-elected Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. How can a non-elected royal sack a democratically-elected leader unless Australia is a dictatorship?

Thanks to The Shovel

Why Do You Attack Barnett And Not Premier Rockliff?

It's rare to have a Tasmanian minister who advocated the invasion of another country based on fake intelligence. We say Barnett is 100% fake. A programmed World view that looks like it was hammered into him by a brainwashed parent, the total lack of creative thought and the unquestioning adherence to dogma. The Barnett's of the World are convinced they have a handle on reality yet fail to rationally explain their contradictory actions.

Rockliff on the other hand appears to be an affable hay seed struggling to keep the health care system and the state functioning. He's battling insurmountable obstacles such as the mysterious loss of millions of dollars of state revenue every year. 

After setting-up covert 'government business enterprises' with multiple subsidiaries, the government created a tax-free hidden pathway for state revenue to flow into private bank accounts. Did you know Tasmania makes over 1 billion dollars from farmed salmon annually but the whole lot disappears? It's as if the entire state was built by petty thieves and career criminals. Wait a minute, it is. But who is to blame? Surely not the un-elected, colonising and convict-exporting British Monarchy?

1 Sept 2022

Portrait Of A Petulent Psychopath


Above. This is an untouched photo of Vladimir Putin being served a meal by two aids. Look at the mouth. Do you see a spoilt child? 

This psychopath laments the collapse of the USSR which stands for 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics'. Russia was one of those republics and so was Ukraine. Notice how they were both 'republics'? In 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine and they were both republics independent of each other. It proves Vladimir Putin is a dangerous psychopath who has killed and maimed thousands of innocent civilians. Just like Adolph Hitler in WW2. 

Do not believe any Putin apologist, whether Trump, Fox News, Sky News or Russian propaganda. If we let criminals and psychopaths go unchallenged the human race will be no better than animals.

30 Aug 2022

Tasmanian Government Holds An Inquiry Into Itself

This is what they should have called their inquiry -


Below. This is what they called it - 


The state government abuses children in it's care. They face $millions in compensation claims from victims. The extent of the abuse is huge and across multiple agencies. To cut costs they fold 3 investigations into one.

The terms of reference avoids discovering and punishing the criminal public servants working in government institutions. How convenient? 

This pantomime inquiry is only concerned with 'responses' to criminal abuse. The use of the word 'settings' is frankly ridiculous. It's right out of Lord Mountbatten's diaries.

This inquiry appears to be a PR smokescreen designed to protect abusers and limit compensation claims from victims. We predict no criminal charges will arise from of it.

The Ashley Youth Detention Centre abuse happened in the electorate of resources minister Guy Barnett and speaker Mark Shelton.

BACKGROUND. Tasmania's government swears allegiance to a 'royal family' in England. Centuries ago, the royals created their own religion* Now the royals protect pedophiles like Prince Andrew, Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles favorite uncle Lord Mountbatten.

Tasmanian serial pedophile James Griffin was obviously inspired by Savile and spent years committing copycat crimes. 

*The Royals pet religion abused so many children in Australia they lost most of their churches to pay the compensation costs. Without the costumes and props and on the stats alone, the Anglican Church is a 'pedophile cult'. If you disagree drop it in the comments below.

'Royalty' is scientifically unsubstantiated so why pretend it exists?

There is no scientific proof or evidence that 'royalty' even exists. Was there once 'royal' cyanobacteria from which today's royals evolved? 'Royalty' is just a tradition that has outlived any social value. Royalty underlies the genocidal heritage of the Tasmanian government. As 'servants of the crown' neo-colonial automatons perpetuate a white supremacist fantasy of mismanaging Tasmania for eternity. The Tasmanian government are stuck in the convict transportation era of the 1700 and 1800's.

The commission of inquiry found the Tasmanian government has been imprisoning children for minor offenses like stealing a packet of chips. The children are subjected to years of criminal abuse far more excessive than any crime the children originally committed. Somehow, none of the ministers and bureaucrats we pay to look after the children ever noticed.


Why did the inquiry commence after one of the main perpetrators had died? This is identical to the last inquiry into the same thing at Hutchins School, also run by the Anglican Church.

Why did 2 government ministers resign before the inquiry began? The minister for human services Jacquie Petrusma and the minister for education and previously health, Sarah Courtney both resigned before this inquiry started. 

Did ex-Premier Gutwein resign when he realised how heavily involved the Liberal government were?


Now we read Australian of the Year Grace Tame is still being harassed by the same pedophile teacher. Police told her to find the IP address of the abuser. George Brandis and the Abbott government forced every Australian ISP to monitor and hold all IP addresses for 2 years. Brandis claimed this was to catch pedophiles and terrorists. 

If police can't use the resource for that purpose then what is it used for? Tony Abbott visited a convicted pedophile in a Victorian jail. Later came Morrison and his 'mentor' and that is before the courts.

It's as if Tasmanian pedophiles are being empowered by the Crown.


Every 10 years or so the Monarchy-obsessed Tasmanian government holds an inquiry into child abuse. They always discover the main abusers are dead and this should never happen again. Then they go back to swearing allegiance to a pretend monarch and a church of delusion.

 We recommend victims seek advice.

29 Aug 2022

Get Rid Of The Liars - Tax All Churches At The Corporate Rate

Would you rather live in a bankrupt country or tax the scammers that are draining our economy?

Today, religions are controlling governments around the World.

Because religions are based on irrational and unsubstantiated pseudo facts, they create the perfect environment for liars and scammers to exploit whole countries.

Once the population has been conditioned by religion it becomes impossible to have a functioning evidence-based criminal justice system or even a science-based health care system. In Australia, law makers swear allegiance to a 'crown' using a book of fantasy and contradiction.

Right. Beacuse of religious indoctrination, alleged sociopaths and psychopaths like Donald Trump can exploit the entire political system to obtain power.

Look at the consequences? Right now in the US, Murdoch's News Ltd is being sued by 2 vote counting machine companies for defamation. This is the direct result of Trumps lies about a 'stolen election'. What's sad is Trump lied to people who completely accept lies as the truth and are unable to tell the difference. 

Trump claims to represent the bible belt yet appears devoid of moral values. In his term as president he befriended dictators Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un while attacking the World Health Organization and his own pandemic response advisors.

Trump refused to give evidence on the grounds it may incriminate him during questioning of his own financial and tax affairs. In his own words this makes him a 'mobster'. He also said 'if your innocent why take the 5th amendment.'

Left. Catastrophic floods in Pakistan. This was reported in Australia as 'floods of biblical proportions' in a nation based entirely on a Moslem belief system. Who are they kidding?

How much aid will they get from other Moslem nations? Will the Middle Eastern billionaires in Saudi Arabia, The Emirates or Bahrain help Pakistan rebuild or will they pray that Christians give generously?

17 Aug 2022

Multi-Ministry Morrison's Secret Dictatorship


Long-term idiot Scott Morrison tells us as recently as yesterday he couldn't remember becoming ghost treasurer or minister for home affairs. This is implausible, in reality it appears Morrison was ready to become Australia's first dictator under the cover of COVID.

Today's Shovel


There are heaps of ScoMo cartoons out there today.

It's a miracle Morrison was prevented from turning himself into an absolute dictator. He is that much of a megalomaniac.

8 Aug 2022

Vladimir Putin - Classic Small Man Syndrome

 The short guy should be behind bars

By coincidence the girl to the right of basket player Brittney Griner is 5' 7" tall, the same height as Vladimir Putin. Brittney Griner is 6' 9".
It's a big height difference, but to psychologists thats normal for the small men who invade other countries. The Napoleon complex was named after Emperor Napoleon who was also 5' 7" . He devoted his career to invading other countries including Egypt. He also attempted to invade Russia.

Sure enough John Howard who invaded Iraq based on fake intelligence hits the scales 5' 7".
The small man syndrome - invasion paradox is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to psychology. 

9 Years For Less Than A Gram Of Cannabis Oil

Putin on the other hand has murdered tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, shot down a commercial aircraft, caused a humanitarian disaster in Syria and murdered or imprisoned many Russians while struggling to stay in power.

4 Aug 2022

This Is What A Liberal 'Power Couple' Looks Like

Stuart Ayres resigned as NSW deputy premier because it appears he was doing too much for 'Pork' Barilaro's career. Stuart is in a 'power' relationship with ex-minister for foreign affairs Marise Payne. Did Ayres became 'fixated' with helping Barilaro?

24 Jul 2022

Statistical Predictions For The World Economy


Are you an Australian sick of the fake news coming out of Kerry Stokes bulldozer shed, Peter Costello's mirrored drawing room and the Murdoch Monastery of Evil?

The Population Bomb

China and India are neck to neck on the home straight to annihilation with 2,858 million hungry, confused humans straining to survive. Next is the US, an 'advanced' nation that has crippled itself by being unable to tell psychopaths from normal human beings. They trained psychologists just so people could ignore them?

4th, 5th and 8th are the Sunni superstates that have declared Islam the national religion and grafted primitive Sharia law into their legal systems. Most of their people are obliged to visit Mecca at least once in their lifetimes and throw stones at a big rock. Just like stoning people eh Wahid? Don't ever expect any compassion or intelligence from anyone from these countries. As a bonus, Pakistan is the most interbred nation on Earth with arranged marriages to family members being normal. Just to prove how pathetic humans are, the interbred idiots have nuclear weapons. 

Filling-out the top 10 are Brazil, Nigeria, Russia and Mexico. In other words, totally corrupt dictatorships, narco states and places you will never visit even if you could.

At the present all of the top 10 are bankrupt or totally collapsed economically which is the same thing.

Tasmania's 'closest trading partner' Communist China has financially collapsed and has the military in tanks keeping people away from banks that have stolen their life savings. Parasitically, China is raping the Tarkine rainforest and pumping Savage River magnetite directly to the Communist Chinese and North Korean ammunition factories. Generations of brain-dead and inebriated Australian politicians couldn't see an issue with that and the Communist's took them to the cleaners.

We predict it's just a matter of time before Australians feel more pain than COVID ever gave them. 

12 Jul 2022

Aussie Media Cover-Up Chinese Run On The Banks

UPDATE. China sends-in tanks to scare protestors ripped-off by insolvent Chinese banks

Chinese banks like Henan are claiming bank savings deposits were 'investments' and are refusing to cash-out savings accounts. Obviously, 'Fat Snake' Xi Jinping has been inspired by insipid 'Small Man Syndrome' Putin to use military force to prop-up his failed system. 

Can anyone name one communist state that is not a dictatorship? Put it in the comments below.

We have just viewed shocking footage of Chinese Communist Party thugs violently attacking Chinese citizens trying to withdraw their savings from a number of banks in China.

The banking problems stem directly from the collapse of developer 'NEvergrande' and the collapse of the Chinese property market generally. The real source of the problem is the Communist Party trying to walk both sides of the capitalist-communist street and ending-up in a miasma of conflicting and corrupt policies.

Above. Chinese trying to get their savings out of banks with no money before the thugs arrived.

Above. Communist Party thugs (police and plainclothes) arrive and literally start bashing heads. This is confronting video but why didn't Kerry Stokes and the 7 Network show it? We understand Stokes has been selling Cat bulldozers in China for many years. Of course the bulldozers also go to North Korea to make long range missile sites. Can Stokes confirm none of his dozers go to North Korea or Russia?

We don't see or watch any Murdoch media so can't confirm Rupert and co are not also covering up the economic collapse of history's biggest communist state. As for Costello's 9 network, they are in Liberal lifestyle land and appear hypnotized by the Perrottet cartel.

Apparently this will probably get worse for Chinese banks. Could the contagion spread here? We bloody well hope not.

We can confirm the Tasmanian 'woodchip conveyor belt' to China is unaffected so far. Maybe they print money with the Aussie woodchips rather than just blow COVID infected noses on 40,000 years of native forests.

7 Jul 2022

Meet The Guy Responsible For Keeping Varroa Mite Out of NSW


Dugald William Saunders (left) is the National Party Minister for Agriculture in NSW. Dugald's is responsible for biosecurity in NSW. After the many blunders conservative governments inflicted on Australia as a result of COVID, we all need to keep watch on the people we pay to keep us safe. Often their own issues seem much more important than the fate of those they wanted to represent. At the top of the list is contagious diseases and plant and animal biosecurity.

Interesting Duggald is a National Party guy because they get more donations from the coal industry than the other parties (and tobacco industry). Sadly, varroa destructor appears to have entered Australia through the Worlds largest coal terminal of Newcastle NSW. 

Coincidence? We may never know but just how far varroa gets is of critical importance to the nations food security. Maybe Dugald doesn't understand that? We will be watching it very, very closely and naming names whenever we can. The broken conservative system running in this country needs to be reformed.