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We Can Do Better Than Paywall Mainstream Media

Paywall networks Nine Entertainment, News Ltd and Seven West Media use your subscriptions to turn Australia into a corrupt, debt-crippled failed state. Their sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the collapse of civilization as if it were our inevitable fate. Paywall media give you sanitized news and charge you to see ads while YouTube charge you not to see ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? This is scammer media upholding scammer government.

20 Oct 2021

Great Hillsong College Track - The Drummer Looks Vaguely Familiar


This track came-up while researching where the 100% tax deductible donations to Hillsong go. It is a catchy song and we liked the drumming. He is really good don't you think? If you know his name drop it in the comments. You can find the song here on YouTube.

Terminally Corrupt LNP Vote To Hide Porters Secret Gifts

On Monday October 18, Labor's Tony Burke asked for Porter's use of a blind trust to fund part of his legal fees for defamation action against the ABC be investigated by the parliament’s privileges committee. Mr Burke argued if the house allowed the precedent to stand it could render the register of interests “worthless”. This arrangement means any member of parliament could accept bribes from any source.


By Wednesday October 20, the government had voted down the motion 52-49  to refer Mr Porter to the lower house’s privileges committee after Speaker Tony Smith ruled there was a prima facie case for the referral. Burke called the blind trust 'a brown paper bag stitched up by lawyers' in Parliament.

What this means for the next election

The corrupt LNP have really scored an own goal this time. The whole nation can prepare for the next federal election knowing with 100% clarity that Morrison's government are criminals. No wonder Scott Morrison told thousands of women outside parliament house they would be shot in nearby countries. Can you believe an Australian Prime Minister actually spoke to Australian women using those words?

17 Oct 2021

Morrison Travels To COP26 Just To Burn Carbon


Coalition - 20 climate policies in 8 years

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October – 12 November 2021.

Morrison is a compulsive liar who will promise everything and do nothing. That's our prediction. Reducing atmospheric carbon will be a PR exercise for Scott Morrison. He has no ethical and moral values.

9 Oct 2021

Morrison says social media a 'cowards palace' just like Christian Porters 'blind trust'

Scott Morrison is in minority government and only clinging to power due to some deranged nutters high on horse worming tablets. Now he's being pressured by Barnaby to 'do something' about social media posts on the sex lives of Nationals MPs. Why was Joyce's daughter Bridgette working for Barilaro? We understand her 'adviser' role was never advertised. 
Baby Barilaros
According to News Ltd writer Annette Sharp, Barilaro's marriage broke down a year ago. He allegedly got his media advisor pregnant and then shifted her into a high paying government job. Berjiklian had to resign rather than leave Barilaro in charge of NSW. All this from the Murdoch press not social media. Why isn't Morrison shutting them down?

The 'cowards palace' line is classic Pentecostal Fascism. If you check the top right column you see we are tracking how long it takes Morrison to reveal why Christian Porter has a secret donors list in breach of parliamentary disclosure laws. Australia has a corrupt circus masquerading as a government.
image from The Shovel

Barnaby Joyce - Killing Australians With Bushfires But Hates Gossip About His Family

Exec summary. Obscenely quick to act when social media realizes National MPs are having sex with their office staff. Obscenely slow to act on climate change even though it's killing many Australians every year.

The Morrison and Joyce climate change scam. They accept party donations from the fossil fuel industry in return for not acting on climate change. The cost of climate change is transferred to the taxpayers who pay with their taxes and their lives. Because Morrison and Joyce are probably clinical psychopaths, they can ignore the human toll their scam creates.

screengrab from here

Just yesterday we learned the Tasmanian Government is creating ever more devastating bushfires while at the same time claiming to be saving the population from bushfires. 

Barnaby Joyce has played in this psychopaths inferno for years. His Nationals collect donations from fossil fuel companies like Adani to cover-up climate change and produce ever more deadly bushfires in Australia. Joyce has no right to whinge about twitter while he is murdering Australians with bushfires.


Here is some of the death toll from January 2020 in fires caused by climate change and Barnaby's Nationals.


LNP Police State With No Spellcheck WTF?


Highly recommended video that shows how intellectually backward the NSW government is. Their police minister acts like he was trained by Stalin...or even Hitler. Right now they are trying to stop friendlyjories putting out videos because of the corruption that just one man has exposed.

Where is Barilaro and Berejiklian now?

5 Oct 2021

Morrison's Close Friend Fronts Court Charged With Concealing Child Sexual Abuse

There are parallels in the cases of alleged parliament house rapist Bruce Lehrmann and Hillsong supremo Brian Houston. Neither man fronted court on day one of their cases, both pleaded not guilty and both were represented in court by lawyers. Remember, both cases were instituted within 2 days of each other as Morrison attempted to clean out the skeletons in his closet before the next Federal election.

NSW Police allege he 'knew information relating to the sexual abuse of a young male in the 1970s and failed to bring that information to the attention of police'.


Houston was released from hotel quarantine last week but did not appear in person at Downing Centre Local Court in central Sydney on Tuesday for the matter’s first mention.

Frank Houston, who died in 2004, has been accused of abusing a total of nine boys while a Pentecostal preacher.


The Morrison parallel universe

There is a string of Morrison government 'coincidences' that appear to be forming a pattern.

The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins occurred on Saturday 23 March 2019 just hours after ABC election analyst Antony Green called the NSW state election for the Berejiklian-Barilaro LNP government. 

On the same day the Australian Federal Court revealed the total cost of Morrison's failed Robodebt scheme (13th June 2021) Scott Morrison gatecrashed the G7 meeting in the UK.

Brian Houston and Bruce Lehrmann were both charged within 2 days of each other (Houston on August 5, Lehrman on August 7 2021).

On the same day (September 16 2021) as Liberal Party spin doctor Bruce Lehrmann appeared before an ACT court charged with rape, Morrison announced a nuclear submarine deal with the US.

Morrison's failed smokescreen

On the day his church was dragged before the court accused of concealing pedophilia, the only 'look over there' Scott Morrison came up with was to attack the female premier of Queensland. What Anastacia Palaszczuk asked for was more funding for hospitals during a pandemic before opening-up their borders. 

The Liberals famously declared 'We will decide who comes to this country' but that only applies to refugees. Big American travel and freight companies bought in the Covid-Delta strain to Australia under the watch of Hillsonger Alex Hawke and all Morrison could do was attack a woman yet again. 

Alex Hawke's fatal mistake was to let a FedEx flight crew infected with the Delta strain slip in and out of Australia. That mistake has cost this country billions of dollars and many lives.

What Happens When You Call Koalas 'Tree Rats'

Giovanni 'John' Barilaro has resigned as deputy premier of NSW and also from the NSW parliament as the member for Monaro.

Barilaro said he was going to resign anyway after 10 years in the NSW parliament. He appeared to partly blame YouTube and friendlyjordies and the defamation proceedings he launched himself. The fact is Barilaro did immeasurable damage to NSW while furthering is own interests.

Whats this got to do with Tasmania?

Quite happy with the way premier Gutwein has managed Tasmania during the pandemic so far. We know Tasmania has chronic financial problems going back to the convict slavery era and the indigenous genocide. It's hard to trade out of bankruptcy when your state is build out of 85,000 British convicts. British white supremacists crippled Tasmania for centuries to come using convict slaves to set-up wealthy landholders. Education minister Sarah Courtney can't tech that in schools because she doesn't know it herself.
Where else could you continuously re-announce a new Bridgewater bridge but never build it?

Now educated mainlanders are moving-in and they know how to vote a bit more intelligently. So where's Nick Duigan and Jo Palmer lately? Haven't heard a peep from either of them, so who do they really represent in the upper house? Are they Liberal sleepers whose strings are pulled by overseas and interstate boardrooms? 
Tasmania is still controlled by a cartel of self-serving public purse free loaders which is why the state failed to implement a functioning ICAC. As a result it's up to the population to root-out corruption. This is after the population has paid public servants to not see corruption. So will anyone really care if Scumo rips-off Tasmania's GST cash for his own election purposes? That's how the Liberals work.

2 Oct 2021

Peter Costello's SMH Is Political Brainwash - Don't Subscribe

Three screengrabs from today's Costello SMH. Notice a pattern?

She resigned because she is corrupt get it?

Peter Costello's Nine entertainment who owns Fairfax Media is painting corrupt LNP politicians as victims. It's amazing how a small group of conservative operatives like Costello can manipulate the so-called 'news' and turn it into blatant propaganda.

 Third time unlucky or third time corrupt?


 Another victim of ICAC?

This is why the Morrison government fought against a Federal ICAC. Morrison has announced a watered-down anti-corruption watchdog based on the Tasmanian model and designed to actually hide corruption.

These politicians have pushed Australia's economy over a cliff with their blatant, self-serving pork barrelling and backroom real estate corruption.

Costello's Fairfax lurches to the right

The SMH drags incompetent war criminal John Howard out for advice on Liberal 'leadership' and other matters. Howard did invade the wrong countries twice, and he must be still a mate of Peter Costello.

So a war criminal who failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after the World Trade Center was destroyed by Sunni Moslem's from Saudi Arabia can now anoint an incoming Premier? Perrotett appears to be another demented far-right operative. This arrogant person claimed Tasmania should open it's borders while Perrottet was only the treasurer of another state.

25 Sept 2021

Xi Jinping Cracks Down On Cartoons


Unelected communist dictator Xi Jinping is clamping down on violent and vulgar cartoons.

Xi Jinping crushed democracy in Hong Kong, ethnically cleansed Tibet, is trying to brainwash Uyghurs in concentration camps but can't cope with cartoons wtf? 

Usually when a dictator begins micromanaging the population's every thought and action then the dictators days are numbered.

8 Sept 2021

How The Hillsong Church Tax Scam Works

The 'Christian vote' is a financial agreement between self-serving pastors and self-serving politicians.  

Hillsong Church harvests funds from all Australian taxpayers to benefit the church directors and expand their corporate interests. 

Hillsong has combined two revenue-raising tools - tithing and ATO 'Deductible Gift Recipients' (DGRs). By combining the two, Hillsong uses the taxation revenue of atheists and other beliefs to benefit the Hillsong Church. We'll show you how they do it.


Originally a tithe was 10% of a person's food production bought into the 'storehouse' to ensure 'blessings'.  Today there is a phone app, the tithe is cash or property and the storehouse has become Hillsong.

Tax Deductible Charities 

Hillsong has a long list of charities and foundations with tax-deductibility for amounts over $2. 

How The Scam Works

This is just an example not necessarily fact: Say Prime Minister Scott Morrison was donating an annual tithe to Hillsong or one of its entities? Scott is on $549,925 a year and 10% of that is $54,992. Scott may want the blessings and to keep the cash, so his accountant lists the tithe as a gift or donation. Now it's deducted from Scott's taxable income reducing his tax bill. Hillsong got $54k but where did it come from? It came from the entire Australian tax base.

You have to hand it to Hillsong, and their founding Pentecostals, who were able to convince their congregations to incorporate an ancient agrarian village custom into 21st century business practice.
This scam operates at all levels of Australian government and business. Pentecostals and their descendants are often in management roles, although they have mixed allegiances and average to poor management skills. 
With an outlook rooted in dogma, superstition and illogical thinking, they often preside over strategic and economic disasters. 
Think of Scott Morrison's Robodebt and failing to act on the Port of Darwin 99 year lease to Communist China.

Hillsong Foundation

Understanding how the 'keys to the storehouse' system works reveals interesting truths about Australian government. It explains why so many ultra conservative religious people (nearly all men) are in government and why government policy is heavily distorted towards ancient belief systems.

We found it hard to comprehend 'what is the payoff for a religious politician who pays 33 to 40% income tax plus another 10% tithe to their church'? Naturally, most would tax-deduct the donations and in return they are assured of the evangelical vote. It's a business arrangement and nothing more.
That is the 'blessing'. Self-serving pastors convince their congregations to vote for self-serving conservative politicians who then protect and grow the church income stream.

A nation crippled by systematic fraud

This system has worked at all levels of Australian government. The system depends on early childhood indoctrination also called 'brainwashing'. The total amounts are astronomical. No reporting of how tax deductible gifts are used by churches is required. When added to the cost of a failed 20 year religious war, it's no wonder Australia can only survive on fossil fuels and exports to Communist China. As Hillsong got richer Australia went further into debt.

Science versus religion

This is the battle of the times. During the pandemic, clergymen did not shut down hospitals but doctors shut down churches. Science is winning. We are functioning in an ever more complex world. Seeing religious zealots manipulate technology invented by science, to further religious superstition is pathetic. 
The ad-hoc theocracy set-up by the religious tax deductibility scam and incompetent theology-based politicians is bankrupting Australia.
The evangelical vote creates unearned wealth for churches and debt for the nation.

Hillsong is a corporation
According to ASIC  "Mr Houston, 67, stepped down as company director on August 17". If the Australian financial regulator regards Hillsong as a 'company' why are they tax-free?

3 Sept 2021

Shane Dowling Jailed For Contempt of Court Arrest Warrant Issued

Shane Dowling publisher of Kangaroo Court of Australia has been sentenced to 10 months behind bars for contempt of court. Justice Rees found "he committed contempt as charged in Seven Network (Operations) Ltd v Dowling [2021] NSWSC 726." She noted he bears considerable 'animus' towards various people including Kerry Stokes. 

Our understanding is Seven Network failed to prove Dowling owned sites they claim published information they wanted to cover-up.

From the Illawarra Mercury

It appears the court found Dowling published names of people suppressed by the court. Shane Dowling represented himself. We would be very interested in what the court regarded as proof for this 'offense'.

COVID Rife In The NSW Prison System

Given the current Covid-19 outbreak in the NSW prison system, this could be a death sentence for Shane Dowling. At the very least the LNP-Big Media crime cartel will have Dowling out of the way until after Morrison is re-elected next year.
Incredibly, the NSW prison system is prepared to release 1000 prisoners if the COVID outbreak gets worse. You could predict the extremist NSW government will release rapists and armed robbers before they release Dowling.

12 Aug 2021

Why Has The Tiny Pentecostal Sect Taken-Over The Australian Government?

By promoting and funding Pentecostalism, Morrison proves he has no concept of a secular state in Australia.

Pentecostals make-up 1.1% of the Australian population. Why are they over-represented in the Morrison government? Why do they stand for office when they believe a 'god' entity is running everything? If this is true, why do they accept pay if this entity is doing all of their work? This looks like the flea wagging the tail that's wagging the dog.

Morrison preaching at an ACC event April 2021

We respect a persons right to believe anything they want. When those beliefs heavily impact the rest of us then it's our business. Pentecostals claim to accept 'spiritual healing' even during a pandemic. Chief Medical Officers in Australia shut down churches during the COVID-19 pandemic and religious leaders had to comply. Science trumps religion every time.

Scott Morrison runs Australia entirely by press conference but where does the bible mention electronic media? Nil. The book is based on events thousands of years ago with no geographic or technological connection to Australia. That's why it's adherents are failing us. In our view the religiously indoctrinated use science, which is the basis of medicine and electronics, to propagate dogma.

'Tithing' In the Pentecostal Religion 

It's normal for Pentecostals to perform 'tithing' or donating one tenth of their income to the church. Because the tithe is made to a tax-deductible religion, the politician would claim it as a tax deduction. If that is the case the tithe is actually being paid by the Australian taxpayer.
With 3 or more cabinet ministers and other MP's and senators tithing to various branches of Pentecostalism, the Aussie tax payer is being used to transfer tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to a religious 'cult'.
The Australian taxpayer may never know the full cost to them of Morrison's allegiance to a marginal religious 'cult' with a history of abuse.

The LNP Are Hopeless At Managing A Pandemic 

How could you get your corona response more wrong than Morrison and Berijiklian? You back a vaccine that makes people HIV-positive. Fail. Your next vaccine gives a few people blood clots than can kill, somehow this doesn't effect old people although why was never explained. Fail. You tell people 'This is not a race'. Fail. You shutdown and stay open at the same time like silly Gladys. Fail.

The LNP don't understanding that antivaxxers ultimately only take themselves out of the reproductive cycle. Why stop them, the planet is already grossly over-populated? Day after day Berijiklian holds a press conference on how to tread water in a pandemic. 

The blame lies with permanently confused  Scott Morrison. His nebulous and rudderless Department of Home Affairs is 100% responsible for our borders and 100% responsible for letting in the FedEx Covid-Delta delivery. Morrison's government flagged them in with no proof of vaccination and no quarantine at all. The entire East Coast of Australia is now carrying the horrendous cost of another Penetecostal stuff-up.



The LNP Want A 50,000 Year Old Culture To 'Close The Gap' With An Armageddon Cult. Really?

How about Morrison trying to close the gap on 50,000 years of continuous, sustainable human occupation in Australia.  Why should Aboriginals adopt a contradictory and self-destructive ideology from a throw away culture that's almost thrown itself away?

The 20 Year Religious War In Afghanistan Achieved Nothing

Scott Morrison highlights exactly why it achieved nothing. Substituting one set of illogical, unverifiable religious dogma with another set of the same will always achieve nothing.

Ben Roberts-Smith (left) got it right when he started to wear a Crusaders Cross in Afghanistan. It was a religious war. After 900 years Liberals failed to comprehend that Crusades don't work. Even Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. The Liberals invaded the wrong country again? 

This war cost $10 billion AU. At the moment Morrison is printing money and holding interest rates at almost nothing because his government is so far in debt. They even went into debt during the mining boom because of the idiotic, contradictory tax system that Morrison refuses to reform. Imagine how bad the debt is now?

The Holgate Attack

Scott Morrison forced Christine Holgate out of her job over 4 watches worth $20,000. Morrison  knew the Robotdebt Scheme he designed cost the Australian taxpayer $1.872 billion. How does he sleep at night?

The Need To Convert Morrison To A Science-Based Belief System

This would not be too hard for an intelligent person, although people like Morrison have decades of brainwashing behind them, reinforcing their confused mental state.

It would be good for Australia and the World generally. It would have a profound effect on Scott and he could stop drowning in an illogical, contradictory reality.

He could sort through the competing interests and ideas and do whats in the interests of Australia. His record as Prime Minister is absolutely pathetic. Obviously, whatever he is doing doesn't work. Is Scott smart enough to realise this or does he like repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results?


Merging Religion And Politics Creates Anarchy

In August 2021, Pentecostal Senator Eric Abetz applied his forensic auditing skills to costs awarded in yet another LNP defamation case. Andrew Laming MP was suing an ABC reporter. Why is Abetz applying logic to this defamation case yet appearing to accept at face value the Pentecostal assertion of 'eternal life after death'?

Why are they applying logic selectively? In the Laming-Milligan defamation, Abetz is concerned about the ABC paying $79k in damages on behalf of Milligan. 
Somehow, Abetz ignored Scott Morrison losing $1.87billion taxpayers dollars from Morrison's failed Robodebt scheme.

These politicians appear to construct walls of denial around anything they don't want to accept. By using logic selectively, they have created an irrational and an anachistic society in Australia.


7 Aug 2021

Brittany Higgins Alleged Rapist Named As Bruce Lehrmann

26 year old Bruce Lehrmann has been charged by ACT Police. The ACT Police media release issued on a Friday afternoon is here.

The ACT Police did not name Lehrmann but he was named on the ACT Magistrates Court list for September 16. (below)

The police media statement said the man’s legal representative was served a summons to appear before the ACT Magistrates Court. 'The man will face one charge of sexual intercourse without consent'

It's been claimed Brittany Higgins was given the choice of reporting the rape or losing her job by then Defense Minister Linda Reynolds. 

Today's media release admits ACT Policing received a 'report' concerning the alleged rape way back in April 2019, a month after the alleged assault. Why wasn't it investigated immediately? Why wasn't Brittany at least contacted by ACT Policing? Note. ACT Police is actually a department of the Federal Government. They are investigating themselves.

We suspect Scott Morrison has micromanaged this case for years. After coming under intense pressure from the Libs to suppress Lehrmann's name we had to issue a missing persons report. We previously published a theory the rapist had embarrassing inside information on the Morrison government and was possibly blackmailing the PM.

The Peter Costello-controlled Sydney Morning Herald contacted Lehrmann's barrister 'John Korn, of Sydney firm Ada Evans Chambers' but they also did not name him. Mr Korn said the man  'will defend the charge' and added his client was in a 'very fragile state at the moment'. So he's now the victim? This looks a lot like the Porter rape allegation. He will probably come-out suing. Tragically, poor Brittany and the women of Australia will have to prove he did it.

This is going to get a lot messier for Scott Morrison, already tarnished with too many sex scandals.

No Election In 2021

Unless Morrison has been assured of a quick turn around in the Lehrmann case and the Hillsong Church case, there is no way he will take Australia to the polls this year. He will be planning an election as late as possible