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15 Sep 2020

7 Dictators That Have To Go

The planet has entered a death spiral at the hands of a few dictators. Not only are these corrupt dictators blocking the evolution of the human race but they are routinely murdering innocent people.


Lukashenko and Putin

The KGB-trained operative who never emerged from the cold war. He is still poisoning people who speak the truth or murdering innocent airline passengers just to win some obscure regional power struggle. 
He is using the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok to stay in power. Is clinging to power so necessary? Do these tinpot dictators get addicted to it? Obviously. Putin is just another small-minded, self-serving dictator.


The Belarusian dictator ticks all the boxes. Still lives in the Soviet era like Putin, anti-semitic, homophobic, praises Hitler etc, etc. Claims vodka will prevent Coronavirus, is an adulterer. Is Belarus's only president and is addicted to power.  Recently won a staged election and 'disappears' his opponents. Like Putin, this cadaver from the past has got to go.


Burning the Amazon basin to supply the Communist Chinese population crisis with beef is this small-minded dictator's biggest crime. His complete failure to protect his nation from COVID-19 due to his infantile and self-serving thinking compounds the fact. Bolsonaro has to go.





A small-town nutjob and thug who manipulated his way to presidency of the Philippines. Has killed tens of thousands of civilians in extra-judicial (no trial) murders. His karma alone dictates he will die violently.







Almost a case study in narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy. This spoilt brat conned his way to the White House. His wealth originally came from grand daddy Fred's brothels and saloons in the Klondike gold rush. Incredibly, Fred died of Spanish flu in the pandemic of 1918.

We have a message to Trump supporters: One day he will be gone and and you will have to survive without him. Get used to it.


Xi Jinping

Maneuvered his way to the top of a Maoist dictatorship. Tried to become an emperor for life or so he thinks. Spends his time enforcing an obsolete European political system on an over-populated disaster of a country.

Maoist China exploit weaknesses in other countries to prop-up their outrageous and unsustainable population. The environmental footprint of 1.4 billion Chinese makes Xi Jinping a bigger threat than Adolph Hitler to all human life on this planet.


Mohammad bin Salman

This human garbage has merged fake royalty and fake religion and produced toxic evil.

Killed the rest of his family who were rivals to the Saudi 'throne' he maintains one of the most barbaric and primitive religious cults ever known.

The compulsory pilgrimage to Mecca actually contains a mock stoning. These people are mentally ill.

12 Sep 2020

How Scott Morrison Let Communist China Grow Opium In Tasmania

A leaked Senate document proves the Communist Chinese take-over of the strategic Van Diemens Land Company is continually breaking Australian law.

After 4 years the Communists have only got 145 full time workers at VDL, 26% of them imported from China. We predicted this 4 years ago and also in 2018.

Incredibly, corrupt Liberals even allowed the Communist Chinese to grow opium poppies at Woolnorth starting in 2019. The Liberals then tried to cover this up. 

The sale of the strategically important North West tip of Tasmania was personally approved by current prime minister Scott Morrison.

Two vocal supporters at the time were far-right apparatchik Eric Abetz and confused local mayor Daryl Quilliam. 

So where is the opium really going? Is it China, Australian crime cartels or to big pharma? Do Scott Morrison or Eric Abetz even care? Nobody can trust a Maoist nation that has flooded Australia with ice and pretends to be a capitalist democracy when it suits them.

This story is a disgrace and emphasizes how Liberal politicians have been working against the national interest for decades. Morrison and Abetz must resign.

19 Aug 2020

Morrison's Ham-fisted Attack On A Search Engine

Fresh from bungling the COVIDSafe app, Morrison's 'team meathead' have turned their attention to forcing a search engine to pay his wealthy Liberal donors for showing media stories in Google searches. 

This retarded Liberal scheme doesn't make sense. Why? Because a lot of news stories (like all of News Corp) are behind a paywall. Google takes you to a subscribe page. Hasn't Morrison ever used a Google news alert? Probably not.  

Making a story public or subscriber only is a decision of the media company, not Google.

Journalists use Google search more than anyone, but remember, these Liberal buffoons tried to apply the Australian GST in other countries via online transactions. How much money did they make from that policy? It would cost twice as much to police as any revenue made. Why not just force the Murdoch clan to pay tax in Australia?

Is Theft Hard-Wired Into Scott Morrison's Brain?

Two of Scott Morrison's forebears were transported to Australia for theft and for once we agree with the British colonialists. It's time Scott Morrison was deported back to England. Morrison leads a party of criminals.

After 230 years, Scott Morison lives 40kms from where his ancestors were unloaded as convicts at Sydney Cove. Exploration and nation building could not be in the Morrison DNA.

Morrison needs to tell Australians how his family justify theft. Was it 'discretionary' theft or necessary to survive? If it was necessary then why did Morrison swear an oath of allegiance to the British crown - the same regime that deported his ancestors? Do the Morrison's actually believe 'crime pays'?

'Scotty From Propaganda' regularly uses religious props as a marketing tool even though the church he promotes was founded by a pedophile (google it). This is the sort of hypocrisy a post-COVID World does not need, but in the big picture Scott Morrison deserved the pandemic because he helped create it.

Maoist Morrison

He was a major enabler of China and dished-up as much of Australia as he could to the Maoists while making no animal rights and few human rights protests to the Chinese dictator. When has Scott ever complained about global overpopulation or even climate change for that matter? More than anyone else in Australia Morrison enabled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Murdoch and Stokes

Above are 2 conservative-aligned media moguls who Morrison hopes will freeload on the Google search engine. Stokes routinely breaches COVID quarantine laws. These people are total rogues in our view. Read more about these two here.

10 Aug 2020

Islamic Holy Site Run By A Brutal Criminal

 from The Guardian   Saudi ex-spy suing crown prince faces fresh death threat in Canada

A former senior Saudi intelligence official who has accused Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of trying to have him assassinated in 2018 has been placed under heightened security after a new threat on his life, a Canadian newspaper has reported.

The Globe and Mail said Canadian security services had been informed of a new attempted attack on Saad Aljabri, who lives at an undisclosed location in the Toronto region.

Aljabri served as a counterespionage chief under a rival prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, who was ousted in 2017 by Prince Mohammed.
The newspaper said its source – someone “with knowledge of the situation” – would provide no further details on the more recent threat by Saudi agents.

Aljabri is now under protection by “heavily armed” officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as well as private guards, the news report said.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday with a court in Washington, Aljabri accused Prince Mohammed of having sent a hit squad to Canada to kill and dismember him in 2018, the same fate that two weeks earlier befell dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

Aljabri’s suit said he was wanted dead because he had intimate knowledge of Prince Mohammed’s activities that could sour the close relationship being fostered with the Trump administration in Washington.

Asked to comment on the Globe report, Mary-Liz Power, spokeswoman for minister of public safety Bill Blair, directed a reporter to an earlier comment by Blair about the 2018 attempt.

“While we cannot comment on specific allegations currently before the courts,” he said then, “we are aware of incidents in which foreign actors have attempted to monitor, intimidate or threaten Canadians and those living in Canada.

“It is completely unacceptable and we will never tolerate foreign actors threatening Canada’s national security or the safety of our citizens and residents.”

Aljabri was already abroad in June 2017 when Prince Mohammed seized power, removing Prince Nayef as crown prince and placing him under house arrest.

After his children in Riyadh were hit with travel restrictions, Aljabri refused entreaties to return, fearing for his life, and moved to Canada, where a son lives.

In March his children in Saudi Arabia were taken away. They haven’t been heard from since.

The suit against Prince Mohammed and several others was filed as a claim of attempted extrajudicial killing under the Torture Victim Protection Act. Aljabri asked the court for unspecified damages.

29 Jul 2020

Grand Theft Malaysia. The Razak Najib Verdict

credits go to Sarawak Report

Never has a more pampered fellow expressed so much self-pity.

After a lowly fence hopper had been by contrast unceremoniously grabbed, cuffed and dragged off to police custody outside his trial, Najib himself emerged grandiose and walking free as ever despite his guilt, clad in his smart suit, with no handcuffs, no restraints, stopping to speak to the cameras on his way to his usual police escorted chauffeur-driven limo cavalcade.

He lectured the assembled journalists, who for years have lived in terror of his oppressive threats against critics of 1MDB or UMNO’s rampant corruption, that they should all feel sorry for him after he had done so much for Malaysia promoting liberalism.

Razak left Shaffee right
Next, his lawyer Shaffee Abdullah (who himself also faces charges for money laundering 1MDB cash) chipped in to say that Najib’s only failing had been to be ‘too trusting’ of his juniors – no crime at all!

Smugly, Najib suggested that he had no doubts at all that the larger number of senior judges at appeal would all see his innocence and dismiss the judgement of the High Court judge who has listened to this case for two full years and just delivered the most uncompromising verdict of guilt on every charge.

This chap was wrong, chimed Shaffee, who himself reversed a NOT guilty verdict against Najib’s opponent Anwar in yesteryear by driving an outrageous and unprecedented appeal against an acquittal through the higher courts that was later dismissed as a miscarriage of justice by the Agong the moment Najib was turfed from office.

Shafee had been brought in as a freelancer by Najib to do the dirty job, presumably because no self-respecting prosecutor would defy convention (against double-jeopardy) in such a way. He pretended he was doing it for free (‘for the nation’) but Sarawak Report later showed that Najib secretly paid Shaffee RM9.5 million of stolen cash from 1MDB for his services – money the lawyer apparently failed to declare and will have to eventually answer to in court.

It was this noble agent of the law who then set about pompously and deceitfully denigrating his senior judge on the steps of the court. He would not call the judge dishonest, said Shaffee disingenuously, because that would ‘get me into trouble’ – in other words he called the judge dishonest.

Shaffee then listed his reasons why the ‘not dishonest because I would get into trouble if I said he was’ judge was instead simply not up to the task he had been given and plainly lacking in understanding of the law.

Patronisingly, Shaffee explained the judge plainly didn’t understand the difference between a civil and a criminal trial when it came to the burden of guilt. He also claimed the judge was simply plain wrong to suggest that Najib as sole shareholder and signatory of 1MDB and as Minister of Finance employing everyone involved, could be calling the shots over and above the board he had appointed to the company. Of course the board was responsible and in charge, said Shaffee, the all powerful prime minister was utterly subservient to the plans of others to steal billions and shove them into his own personal accounts.

In contrast to such nonsense, Judge Mohamad Nazlan Ghazali had stated perfectly clearly in his precise and factual judgement that on each count on which he’d been charged there could be no reasonable doubt but that Najib was as guilty as night follows day and that Shaffee’s months of incredulity busting bluster had simply failed to make a case for the defence.

After all, delaying tactics, stunts, changing stories and ludicrous excuses do not add up to evidence or a believable argument, as anyone who has followed the case knows full well. As the judge detailed it had emerged over the course of the trial that Najib had driven the entire theft, opened the accounts into which the money went, notified each time that he needed topping up before spending the cash, admitted to his signature on all the documents before retracting his admission but then ducked out of testing the handwriting after all and dropping his denial.

Najib’s defence had first claimed the money was a ‘donation’ and then claimed that he had only thought the money was a donation, yet expected everyone including Judge Ghazali to believe that the prime minister cum finance minister hadn’t checked that a billion dollars landing in his account had indeed come from the Saudi King nor bothered to thank the King for the staggeringly generous gift!

Hence, the judge was left in no doubt that Najib was guilty. Yet there outside the court, Shaffee brazenly claimed that he had got it all wrong and implied the judge had identified reasonable doubt of Najib’s guilt, meaning that only in a civil case could he rule against his client. “It must be beyond reasonable doubt in a criminal case” Shaffee gravely explained, as if the judge were a first week student of the law.

In fact, in his summing up Judge Ghazali made clear he was in not doubt at all. And nor should the Appeal Court be either when Shaffee finally concocts his grounds for contesting the ruling in this case. The higher judges in fact could do no better than reject the appeal outright and end this expensive charade once and for all.

Alternatively, why not prosecute the guilty party and his flagrant lawyer for such and open act of contempt on the very steps of the court, as they stood belittling and accusing a hardworking and effective judge?

Najib himself (and now the new coalition of which he forms a part) has never hesitated to go after anyone who criticises judgements or suggests corruption of any kind when a court has judged in his favour. So he and Shaffee should be done by as they did and face the same penalty.

Journalists and bloggers are at this very moment facing charges of contempt having allegedly criticised the system of justice or allegedly allowed it to be by others. A critic of Shaffee’s now discredited prosecution of Anwar was also prosecuted for contempt.  And yet this pair appear to think they should be allowed themselves to rile up trusting political followers with talk of corruption in the courts with impunity.

Given this honourable and brave judge has now predictably this very evening started to become the target of a growing deluge of vitriol and attacks, thanks to Shaffee’s ungracious undermining of his honesty and his verdict, action should be taken right away to issue proceedings for contempt and to super-fast track this appeal so the country can move on from this poisonous episode and the pampered individual at the heart of all of it.

20 Jul 2020

Is Peter Rathjen A Sexual Predator And Pedophile Protector?

Peter Rathgen was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania from 2011 to 2017.
We always thought it was sick that a UTAS Vice Chancellor would move an entire university campus a few kilometers South just to 'reinvigorate' the 'quiet' regional town of Launceston Tasmania.
What has reinvigorating a town got to do with higher education? Why are people who appear incapable of rational thought even running a university?

We knew of corruption at UTAS during Rathgen's tenure and we heard he was being investigated by South Australia's ICAC after moving to Adelaide University.
Today he resigned declaring 'ill health'. How convenient?

But it turns out a NY blogger knows all about Peter Rathgen .
We ask you to click this link to find out more. A lot more about Rathgens 'academic career'.

11 Jul 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell

photo from here: https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2020/07/04/rupert-murdoch-and-david-mcbride-etc-what-australian-media-fail-to-report/

Jeffrey Epstein Federal Court Judge Family Shot By Gunman
Somehow the pathetic Australian media missed an horrendous attack on the home of a US Federal Court judge Ester Salas. Her son was killed and her husband is in a critical condition.
'The suspect was named by the FBI as New York lawyer Roy Den Hollander, was later found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound near the Catskills.'
Interesting that conservative-aligned media in Australia failed to report that one isn't it?

The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage
Ghislaine Maxwell is hardly the only Maxwell sibling to continue their father’s controversial work for intelligence, with other siblings carrying the torch specifically for Robert Maxwell’s sizable role in the PROMIS software scandal and subsequent yet related hi-tech espionage operations.
by Whitney Webb July 15, 2020 Continue reading here.

26 Jun 2020

Christian Porter - The Attorney General Covering-Up Crimes Against Timor Leste

UPDATE. Attorney General Porter asked 'How is it possible that an energy company such as Woodside could be in possession of documents that could contain matters related to national security? Or is this simply the attorney further abusing the NSI Act?'

Australia's attorney general Christian Porter is managing the Morrison governments secret trial of a whistle-blower known only as 'Witness K' and his lawyer.

In 2004, the whistle-blower was involved in an undercover operation when

Porter left Dutton right
one of the World's richest countries tried to steal oil and natural gas from one of the World's poorest countries.
To give Australia an unfair advantage, an Australian spy agency was ordered to plant listening devices in the Timor Leste prime minister's office in Dili. The Australian foreign affairs minister at the time was Alexander Downer.

Sixteen years later the corrupt Morrison government is still trying to hide the truth by holding secret trials in what is supposed to be an 'open democracy' WTF?

This rotten saga is still unraveling with the dumbass Liberals already spending $2m in taxpayer's money prosecuting lawyer Bernard Collaery and former intelligence officer Witness K'

Isn't this the same as Morrison and Porter spending millions of taxpayers' money to cover-up the reported sex crimes of High Court judge Dyson Haydon.

The real tragedy is the amoral Liberals can never change. Locked into a white supremacist, imperialist World view they believe in committing crimes in the name of the nation because that's how it was always done. Just like murdering Aboriginal people because white supremacists can do whatever they like. This is precisely why Downer, Porter and Morrison have already lost this battle.

18 Jun 2020

Xi Jinping Dictator For Life

Our Great Leader

We are looking at Australian companies who are enabling Communist Chinese expansionism. Above is Dictator for Life Xi Jinping. President Xi is an intellectual thief. He stole communism from Europe and his 'belt and road' was invented by Marco Polo in the late 1200's.

Let's Clear-up Some Misconceptions?

Anybody who helps Communist China by supplying it's military and factories with raw materials is enabling the largest human population explosion in the history of Planet Earth period.

Iron ore is particularly dangerous because it's used primarily for military purposes and then for manufacturing. Gina Rinehart is on the list of people who have made obscene profits from Communist China.

"Rinehart, via Hancock Prospecting, shares 50 per cent of the profits generated by the Hope Downs mine, which is operated by Rio Tinto and produces 30 million tonnes of iron ore annually. Another joint venture with Mineral Resources Limited at Nicholas Downs, northwest of Newman, is producing 500 million tonnes of ferruginous manganese. The Alpha Coal and Kevin's Corner projects in Central Queensland, both with production due to commence in 2013, are expected to produce 30 million tonnes of coal each. The Roy Hill iron ore project, south of Port Hedland, in the Pilbara is expected to begin production in 2013 with a yield of 55 million tonnes a year."

After making so much money from the trading advantage Communist China has over free-World democracies,  Rinehart had the arrogance to accuse the Australian government of being 'socialist'. That's pure hypocrisy in our view but it's the same hypocrisy that runs right through the present Liberal Party of Scott Morrison. This is a party founded on opposing Communist expansionism and it's now economically enslaved by Xi Jinping and Beijing.

No wonder the hopeless Liberals are considering 'belt and road'?

12 Jun 2020

The Chinese 'Bat And Toad Initiative'

We've renamed the Commie Chinese 'Belt and Road' the 'Bat and Toad Initiative'. We hope the totalitarians like it.
The Bat and Toad has some strange twists and turns.

Like Monash University helping the Communists build an airliner from stolen plans.

So what were the eggheads at Monash thinking when they signed-on to this garbage? The C919 sounds just like a bat virus doesn't it?
Obviously not enough to stop the boffins helping the most out of control population explosion in the history of planet Earth from getting into the aircraft industry. (Did you know that pre-COVID there were 3 flights per week between Wuhan and Sydney?)
Isn't it interesting that 'academics' like the Monash engineers have no concept of global population demographics and the ecological outcomes of plague-like population explosions?

Daniel Andrews has been a good premier of Victoria but 'Bat and Toad' derailed that forever. A long term promoter of Chinese totalitarianism is ex-Liberal trade minister Andrew Robb seen at far right above. Australian taxpayers were duped into paying members of the CCP to set-up Bat and Toad here. The details are a complete disgrace.

Interesting to see how this ends-up? Will treason become an accepted career path in Australia? Ask Andrew Robb, he was already on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party while a member of the Australian Parliament.
Robb is now promoting 'the introduction of psychedelic treatments for mental illnesses'.
Sadly, these are the people elected by the democratic process in Australia. If you take enough psychedelics even Xi Jinping, dictator for life and apparent ruler of Australia seems like a good outcome.

Morrison's Liberals Contradict The History of The Liberal Party 

In 2020 Australia is totally economically dependent on Communist China. But  how did we reach a position that is 180 degrees away from the foundation of the Liberal Party?
How did we get here after 7 years of Liberal government in Australia? 

Menzies hated Communism so much he held a referendum in 1951 to change the Constitution to give him the power to destroy Communism in Australia. He called them 'traitors' and regarded them as a 'security threat' to the nation.

Compare this to Morrison's incessant promotion of Communist China? Morrison even risked the lives of Australians during the COVID pandemic just to get cash-paying Communist Chinese students into Australia. For a 'free market capitalist' and Liberal to have become addicted to Communist cash is a disgrace.