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26 Jun 2020

Christian Porter - The Attorney General Covering-Up Crimes Against Timor Leste

Porter left Dutton right
Australia's attorney general Christian Porter is managing the Morrison governments secret trial of a whistle-blower known only as 'Witness K' and his lawyer.

In 2004, the whistle-blower was involved in an undercover operation when one of the World's richest countries tried to steal oil and natural gas from one of the World's poorest countries.
To give Australia an unfair advantage, an Australian spy agency was ordered to plant listening devices in the Timor Leste prime minister's office in Dili. The Australian foreign affairs minister at the time was Alexander Downer.

Sixteen years later the corrupt Morrison government is still trying to hide the truth by holding secret trials in what is supposed to be an 'open democracy' WTF?

This rotten saga is still unraveling with the dumbass Liberals already spending $2m in taxpayer's money prosecuting lawyer Bernard Collaery and former intelligence officer Witness K'

Isn't this the same as Morrison and Porter spending millions of taxpayers' money to cover-up the reported sex crimes of High Court judge Dyson Haydon.

The real tragedy is the immoral Liberal scum can never change. They believe in committing crimes in the name of the nation because in their distorted colonialist fantasy that's how it was always done. Just like murdering Aboriginal people because imperialists can do whatever they like. This is precisely why Downer, Porter and Morrison are retards in our view.

18 Jun 2020

Xi Jinping Dictator For Life

Our Great Leader

We are looking at Australian companies who are enabling Communist Chinese expansionism. Above is Dictator for Life Xi Jinping. President Xi is an intellectual thief. He stole communism from Europe and his 'belt and road' was invented by Marco Polo in the late 1200's.

Let's Clear-up Some Misconceptions?

Anybody who helps Communist China by supplying it's military and factories with raw materials is enabling the largest human population explosion in the history of Planet Earth period.

Iron ore is particularly dangerous because it's used primarily for military purposes and then for manufacturing. Gina Rinehart is on the list of people who have made obscene profits from Communist China.

"Rinehart, via Hancock Prospecting, shares 50 per cent of the profits generated by the Hope Downs mine, which is operated by Rio Tinto and produces 30 million tonnes of iron ore annually. Another joint venture with Mineral Resources Limited at Nicholas Downs, northwest of Newman, is producing 500 million tonnes of ferruginous manganese. The Alpha Coal and Kevin's Corner projects in Central Queensland, both with production due to commence in 2013, are expected to produce 30 million tonnes of coal each. The Roy Hill iron ore project, south of Port Hedland, in the Pilbara is expected to begin production in 2013 with a yield of 55 million tonnes a year."

After making so much money from the trading advantage Communist China has over free-World democracies,  Rinehart had the arrogance to accuse the Australian government of being 'socialist'. That's pure hypocrisy in our view but it's the same hypocrisy that runs right through the present Liberal Party of Scott Morrison. This is a party founded on opposing Communist expansionism and it's now economically enslaved by Xi Jinping and Beijing.

No wonder the hopeless Liberals are considering 'belt and road'?

12 Jun 2020

The Chinese 'Bat And Toad Initiative'

We've renamed the Commie Chinese 'Belt and Road' the 'Bat and Toad Initiative'. We hope the totalitarians like it.
The Bat and Toad has some strange twists and turns.

Like Monash University helping the Communists build an airliner from stolen plans.

So what were the eggheads at Monash thinking when they signed-on to this garbage? The C919 sounds just like a bat virus doesn't it?
Obviously not enough to stop the boffins helping the most out of control population explosion in the history of planet Earth from getting into the aircraft industry. (Did you know that pre-COVID there were 3 flights per week between Wuhan and Sydney?)
Isn't it interesting that 'academics' like the Monash engineers have no concept of global population demographics and the ecological outcomes of plague-like population explosions?

Daniel Andrews has been a good premier of Victoria but 'Bat and Toad' derailed that forever. A long term promoter of Chinese totalitarianism is ex-Liberal trade minister Andrew Robb seen at far right above. Australian taxpayers were duped into paying members of the CCP to set-up Bat and Toad here. The details are a complete disgrace.

Interesting to see how this ends-up? Will treason become an accepted career path in Australia? Ask Andrew Robb, he was already on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party while a member of the Australian Parliament.
Robb is now promoting 'the introduction of psychedelic treatments for mental illnesses'.
Sadly, these are the people elected by the democratic process in Australia. If you take enough psychedelics even Xi Jinping, dictator for life and apparent ruler of Australia seems like a good outcome.

Morrison's Liberals Contradict The History of The Liberal Party 

In 2020 Australia is totally economically dependent on Communist China. But  how did we reach a position that is 180 degrees away from the foundation of the Liberal Party?
How did we get here after 7 years of Liberal government in Australia? 

Menzies hated Communism so much he held a referendum in 1951 to change the Constitution to give him the power to destroy Communism in Australia. He called them 'traitors' and regarded them as a 'security threat' to the nation.

Compare this to Morrison's incessant promotion of Communist China? Morrison even risked the lives of Australians during the COVID pandemic just to get cash-paying Communist Chinese students into Australia. For a 'free market capitalist' and Liberal to have become addicted to Communist cash is a disgrace.

11 Jun 2020

The Rush To Destroy Ancient Sites To Supply The Communist War Machine

Juukan Gorge WA
Under the cover of COVID, we see Rio Tinto, Fortesque Metals and BHP have lined-up to obliterate Aboriginal history just so they can export iron ore to totalitarian Communist China.
At the same time the overpopulated, manipulative Communist Horde have banned Australian barley - as if to make some retarded moral point about opposing a dictator's plan for World Domination?

After infecting the planet with Bat Disease, the Communist Horde have decided it's time to expand their military might, and that needs iron ore for tanks and ammunition. Since the absolute merger of Crony Capital with Crony Communism that's easy. 'Owned' politicians in Australia will agree to anything the Commie Scum demand.

Notice the Communists have not banned imports of Australian native forest woodchips? No, destroying the Earths ecology and climate is just 'collateral damage' for Xi Jinping's population plague.

Protest At Rio Tinto Perth 09-06-2020
Australians had to risk COVID infection to stand-up to the iron ore miners destroying Aboriginal heritage sites. Totalitarian Communist China is an overpopulated, slow motion catastrophe and the World has now united to prevent this human catastrophe from going rogue.

The last people to realize Communist China has taken-over Australia will be the retarded LNP Conservative government of Australia.

14 May 2020

How Much More Pain Is The World Going To Accept From Communist China?

getting ready to crush democracy again             
Chinese is a race, but these communists are animals

COVID-19 was the last straw. The international community is going to have to push Communist China back behind it's own borders and seal them off until they develop sane values. The current regime is sick because Communist China have chosen a path of unlimited population growth, unlimited human rights abuses and unlimited destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology. The rest of us are not going to passively watch more eco-destruction happen.

The Free World will no longer accept infantile totalitarian propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party and their brain-dead agents.
Communist China must get out of Australia and all the other countries the totalitarian thieves are exploiting.

Nobody needs their idiotic 'belt and road' except China. We don't want any of the garbage they have copied and stolen from the rest of the World. Communist Chinese are so backward they couldn't even invent communism themselves.

Communist China MUST clean-up their own putrid country before lecturing other countries on anything.

Communist China is just 'North Korea Lite'. Possibly worse because there are 1.4 billion of the MoFo's.
Note to Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest - we know you are buying Virgin for the Commies because you appear to be a Communist agent. You pay almost no tax in Australia do you?


Communist China has placed high import duties on Australian barley and beef just because we want to discover how COVID-19 started. Notice how the commie sleaze did not block Australian wood chips because they know this product destroys Australia's forests and ecology?

But what are they really trying to hide? They like globalisation in trade but not in medical knowledge WTF? Lets not play the retarded commie pantomime. They must come-up to global standards first.

6 May 2020

It's Time to Overthrow Our Communist Rulers

As we read of class actions launched against Carnival Cruises, owner of the Ruby Princess, Inside Tasmania asks 'will anybody sue the Communist Party of China for exporting COVID-19 globally'?

We don't think anybody will because the Chinese Communists are outside the rule of law. Laws are for us but they do whatever they like and our gutless Liberal government lets them get away with murder.

Here in Australia we see many companies with only one customer - Communist China. Companies like Andrew Forrest's Fortescue Metals Group. It appears that Forrest acts as an agent for his main customer.

There are many Australian companies totally dependent on the Communist perversion of the free market and World trade.

Like wool for example. Those LNP-voting Aussie wool farms have been captured by the Commies with 80% of their clip going to Communist China.

Tragically, most of the Liberal Party of Australia believe Communist Chinese World domination is inevitable.


Liberals like Scott Morrison and Gladys Liu may as well go and live in China if they are so besotted with it's might and power. Inside Tasmania believes Communist China and North Korea must be contained within their own borders and must be forced to play by the same rules as the rest of the World.

Here is a map of the distorted population reality of planet Earth. Our position on Communist China is definitely not 'racism' but a call to restore ecological and social balance to global population demographics. We are experiencing a crisis of irresponsible and mindless human breeding in Communist China and India.

Just 2 countries are stressing the entire planet
This article is being read in Communist China and not just by the corrupt pseudo-Maoist party. A revolution is taking place inside Communist China.

10 Apr 2020

Why Is COVID-19 Mortality High In Some Countries And Low In Others?

We checked COVID mortality rates as a percentage of total cases for the World and 7 other countries.

The data is from Worldometers.info taken on April 19 2020

Right now the global mortality rate is 6.87% of all cases. The UK has currently got the highest mortality rate at 13.53. The numbers and percentages will change and have changed since March when we started looking at them.


There is a big difference in mortality rates of 13.5% of cases in the UK and 1.05% of cases in Australia. 
An obvious reason is that medical facilities were swamped with large numbers of cases at the same time. Was this the only reason?

There maybe other reasons such as seasonal. This is a complex mix of geography, politics and population antibodies that could take years to understand. A factor that may come into play is a population with SARS antibodies already in the population. Australia has an abundance of fruit bats that may have given us an existing immunity to COVID-19.

3 Apr 2020

Princess Cruises - Floating Incubators Of Death

The COVID-19 death rate is 5.7%  of total cases
As of April 4 2020 -  57,000 people have died from a global total of almost 1 million cases.
We used an online percentage calculator to discover what percentage of people are dying globally. Fortunately 225,000 have recovered and they now have the only form of known immunization to the disease.

Ruby Princess Off Sydney April 2020
The story of how Princess Cruises owned by Carnival Corp/Plc spread the deadly COVID-19 virus around the globe is almost unbelievable.

The Diamond Princess Disaster
The first COVID-19 case from the Diamond Princess disembarked on 20 January 2020 in Hong Kong. It was not until the following cruise by the Diamond Princess that the ship was quarantined in Yokohama Japan on February 4. As of March 24 2020 the Diamond Princess had logged 712 COVID-positive tests with 10 deaths. So what did Princess Cruises do? They just kept cruising with their other 17 ships and appear to have started selling discount tickets.
This behavior will go down in history as extreme corporate psychopathy.

Diamond Princess of Death

"Grand Princess, another Grand-class ship owned by Princess Cruises, also experienced an outbreak of the disease; two of its passengers fell ill after a cruise from San Francisco to Mexico in February 2020, and one of them died.[27][28] The ship was then quarantined offshore during its next cruise, and 21 tested positive out of the 46 people who were tested, including 19 crew and 2 passengers. Another passenger tested positive later.[29] On 30 March, the ship was cleared to sail again after cleaning and disinfection were done to the ship.[30]"

The Ruby Princess Disaster
"By the end of March 2020 another Carnival cruise ship was responsible for 10% of all of Australia's COVID-19 cases with over 400 infections.
In a move the NSW health minister later admitted was a mistake, 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark without checks from NSW Health.  At least five of the 19 deaths so far attributed to Covid-19 in Australia have been passengers from the ship".

Princess Cruises and Carnival Corp Must Be Sued For Killing Australians
This is the last thing the alleged 'corporate psychopaths' that run these murderous cruise ships want to see. They must be dragged through the Internationals Criminal Courts and sued to oblivion. We suspect Princess Cruises moved crew between ships ignoring the fact COVID-19 can have a long asymptomatic phase.
Unbelievably, they are still selling discount tickets.

So who will be stopping gullible, alcohol-dependent Australians from booking a 'suicide cruise'? Lets get onto these peddlers of death and shut down their dubious operations?

Battery-Caged Cruise Hens
The cruise ships that are stalking Australia's coastline look more like stacked battery cages for middle-class halfwits. What do you think?

27 Mar 2020

COVID Curves, Cruise Ships And Chinese Exploitation

COVID curves
At right is the most recent snapshot of COVID-19 cases in Australia from the Guardian.
This page is a good resource because we have not seen a decline in cases yet.

Australia could have done better controlling the spread. With a Federal government seemingly in awe of communist China and state governments seemingly working for wealthy cruise ship operators, the graph is as bad as you could expect.

picture by Alexxx1979 / CC

Cruise Ships
We didn't know there were so many of these floating disease incubators operating. For some unknowable reason the NSW Liberal Berejiklian government let 2,700 people disembark injecting 133 corona infections right in the middle of Australia's largest city.

After the Diamond Princess debacle in Japan, why did NSW health go soft on the Ruby Princess? Where was Duttons Border Force? The Liberals were out-maneuvered by giant US-based Princess Cruises and their fleet of 18 ships ferrying mostly wealthy retirees around the oceans. Isn't it obvious the air conditioning systems are spreading diseases like COVID-19? .

Communist Chinese Exploitation

More information is being published that shows Chinese Communist Party propaganda units in Sydney and Melbourne have been organising the freight shipments.

Great Aussie investigative journalist Kate McClymont has blown the whistle on Chinese property developers exporting tonnes of Australian medical supplies to Wuhan China in February.

These actions would have reduced the amount of medical supplies in Australia.
Our position on Communist China is well known. We hate the totalitarian picture-writing hordes. Australians have had to make countless adaptations to make room for this out of control human breeding program. 1.4 billion people in any country is beyond the carrying capacity of the planet. Why can't conservatives politicians understand this simple fact? Wake-up Scott Morrison you somnambulistic clown?


21 Mar 2020

How Communist China Caused The Global COVID-19 Pandemic

The Chinese doctor who first alerted medics to COVID19, Dr Li Wenliang was arrested in Wuhan by order of Communist Party officials. He was charged with 'spreading false rumours' and forced to sign a police document admitting that he had 'seriously disrupted social order.

Dr Li Wenliang now deceased
Dr Li later contracted the virus and died in February 2020. Communist authorities held a fake inquiry into his wrongful arrest and he was cleared posthumously. A few local police were 'reprimanded' for arresting Dr Li.

While the totalitarian Chinese were attempting to keep a lid on COVID-19 it was spreading in Hubei Province and then around the globe.

Quarantine and isolation was not implemented immediately as you can see from the facts concerning Dr Li's arrest. The COVID-19 global pandemic was caused by Communist dictator Xi Jinping and his obedient underlings letting the virus multiply why they played control games with an innocent doctor.

Is Scott Morrison A Chinese Asset?

Morrison transferred hundred of thousands of hectares of Australia to Communist China while on the Foreign Investment Review Board. He is a personal friend of communist agent Gladys Liu and may have been enlisted by Liu.

Inside Tasmania accepts it is totally implausible that an 'Australian' of sound mind could not remember their membership of high-level Communist propaganda units one of which was for more than a decade.
If Lui is experiencing mental blackouts why is she a parliamentarian?
This is why we are convinced she is a communist agent. After all, planting agents, hacking and stealing critical information are all the tools in trade of Xi Jinpings evil empire.