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The paywall media networks use your subscriptions to hide corruption by the LNP government. Sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the breakdown of civilization as if it was somehow inevitable. Paywall media give you sanitized news and charge you to see ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? We have scammer media upholding scammer government.

28 Nov 2021

Australia Pretends To Shut Border To South Africa

Exclusive. Hours after claiming to shut the border to Southern Africa, the Federal Government, who has total control of our borders, let the highly mutated Omicron strain into Australia. 

Above. Greg Hunt and Professor Kelly on Peter Costello's 9News YouTube channel.

On Friday November 26 Greg Hunt said the border with South Africa would remain open even though the UK had shut it's border with South Africa. 

A day later Greg Hunts puts-out a press release saying the travel ban was 'effective immediately'. Another LNP lie. It was effectively some time after the Qatar Airways Omicron delivery entered Australia. This is total incompetence from the  bumbling health minister.


from Peter Costello's SMH

Just like the Ruby Princess and the FedEx Delta delivery, we now have the Omicron express. Why wasn't the aircraft turned around after Greg Hunt and Paul Kelly's press conference on Saturday morning Australian time? We hope Omicron is not as devastating to the Australian economy as Delta was. Scott Morrison and Greg Hunt have to ask themselves 'was one FedEx air cargo delivery worth billions in lost revenue to the debt-laden Australian economy?

Why has the Morrison government crippled the Australian economy through sheer incompetence?

25 Nov 2021

Bridget Archer Makes A Stand Against Corruption


Helen Haines and Bridget Archer by Lukas Coch/AAPImages

Bridget Archer was a ray of sunshine today in the blackness of the Morrison regime. As Morrison fought like a cornered rat to hide the massive and systematic corruption of his evil empire, one of the people he walks over decided to choose honesty in public life.

We are also Tasmanian and want what's best for our state and our nation. It's been too easy for corrupt bullies like Morrison to cling to power using every devious trick in the book. So he wants to keep the 'socialists' in opposition while his crime cartel lie, forge, award contracts with no tender process and waste our taxes on their own political careers? Most of their policy is paid for by big corporate donors and the whole nation knows it. 

In parliament Morrison had the gall to declare Gladys Berejiklian was the victim of a 'shameful' inquiry by the NSW ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). So Morrison thinks funding a secret lover with taxpayers money is ethical? What an insight into his demented mind? Wasn't Morrison's father a high-ranking NSW policeman?

This reminds us of the Arthur Sinodinos saga when obviously corrupt behavior slipped through the ICAC process.

The corrupt Liberal Party of Australia rewarded Sinodinos by making him ambassador to the US. That's normal for the systematic crime cartel that use religion, ignorant farmers and 3 media tycoons to stay in power.

We don't have the ALP on a pedestal either. Anyone in opposition in Australia is 100 times more ethical than anyone in government. That's how it is in the Great South Land. We need to purge out culture of the misery of British imperialism before we can progress as a nation. The British royal family should compensate Australia for genocide and dumping hundreds of thousands of criminals here. What country's constitution is an act of another country's parliament? Australia's.

Why Morrison Has To Stop An Anti-Corruption Commission In Memes 

14 Nov 2021

India Used A Spurious Argument To Water-Down COP26

India insisted on watering-down the final COP26 climate statement, endangering life for millions of people. Indian Minister for Blah,blah Bhupender Yadav said 'developing countries were entitled to use fossil fuels given developed countries had used them for decades.' That's a lie. India has had nuclear weapons for decades with over 1,000 nuclear weapons. Developed countries used fossil fuels to create technology other countries can use ready-made. Technology such as the internet. India chose to divert resources into nuclear weapons and energy and then has the arrogance to promote coal?

India Is Devolving Not Developing

India is a population train wreck currently at 1.398 billion people and rising. It's not a 'developing' nation with 7 nuclear power plants and 23 nuclear reactors. India is actually a 'devolving' nation crippled by corruption and dogma. That has resulted in a mass exodus to any country they can exploit, while failing to solve any of their problems at home.

No country with a population over a billion can ever be a 'developed' nation because the planet does not have the resources to sustain them

The 'sacred' Yamuna River is covered with white toxic foam caused by pollutants from industrial plants that ring New Delhi. If they have enough chemical plants to grossly pollute their rivers they are not developing, they are just corrupt idiots. No amount of 'development' will stop corruption.

Boycott India To Help Them Understand Sustainability

Because India has achieved a plague-like population, it's possible to boycott India without leaving home. In Tasmania Indians operate nearly all service stations. This appears to be a racist policy on the part of United Petroleum. It's time to find one that isn't Indian-controlled? We will boycott all Indian restaurants immediately. We don't use anything made in India but we would refuse to buy anything made in India.

5 Nov 2021

Pentecostal Fascist Takes Coal Seam Gas Company To COP26

Morrison Unconvinced He Doesn't Lie

You know your country is in trouble when it's leader informs the media he doesn't 'believe' he has told lies. Check the comments on this non-news story? What a joke Australia is now?

If you look at what Morrison does believe, it's no wonder he's had to put truth into his belief system.

He should have got Pill Gaetjens to carry out a 3 year investigation into whether he does tell lies. Of course the investigation would never report back but by then the Australian people will have thrown the incompetent fool out of office.




Morrison and energy minister Angus 'Goofy' Taylor thought COP26 was a fossil fuel show so they turned-up with coal seam gas outfit Santos. Notice Scumo didn't take the environment minister or a climate change minister? (they don't have one) Morrison took the the minister for 'Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction' which is LiberalSpeak for contradictory corruption. Morrison's position at COP26 was classic Pentecostal fascism. He's dumped onto our children's children.

Australia's Blah,blah,blah exhibit at Glasgow

"Look at the Australian stand - you've got a gas company highlighted apparently at the insistence of the energy minister, who thinks that our energy policy should be all about burning gas," Turnbull told reporters. 

Fossil fuel giant Santos will be paid by the Australian taxpayer to capture and bury carbon. The Liberals have been banging-on about this bull$hit for decades and it hasn't worked so far.

That's  the wrap-up of COP26. As we predicted Morrison went to Glasgow just to burn carbon and also because he was ordered to go by Prince Charles.

Let's put two climate psychopaths next to each other?







Destroying the Earths ecology and climate is so hilarious.

Yes we are having a great time destroying the planet for future generations.




Barnyard Joyce Running The Asylum Again
Barnyard Joyce is acting PM again! Scumo had barely jetted-out as Barnyard told the nation ‘Go grab a rifle the only way to meet methane reduction targets is to start shooting cattle'. Great to see Barnyard's unhinged commitment to lowering methane.

Today he backed-in 'Clumsy' Morrison with 'We didn’t steal an island; we didn’t deface the Eiffel Tower'. Wrong. Joyce works for a regime that stole the entire island continent of Australia from it's indigenous owners. Australia's Constitution was an act of British parliament. They have given Joyce a soapbox for his PM impersonations and a trough that stretches as far as the eye can see. If anyone knows how to deface anything anywhere it's Aussies. The Eiffel Tower hasn't been exposed to enough Australians.

27 Oct 2021

Morrison Travels To COP26 Just To Burn Carbon


LNP - 20 climate policies in 8 years

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October – 12 November 2021.

Morrison will promise everything and deliver nothing. That's our prediction. Reducing atmospheric carbon will be a PR exercise for Scott Morrison. He appears devoid of moral values.

Morrison Relying On Technology Not Miracles To Save Climate

not prayer technology

After denying climate change for decades, the PM who 'believes in miracles' will now rely on 'technology' created by scientists not pastors to fix climate change? How bloody convenient for a guy with no intellectual values? One minute it's prayer and miracles and the next it's science. If he really believes in science why did Greg Hunt and the Liberals shut-down Tim Flannery's Climate Commission in 2013? 

Scott Morrison is the number one coal exporter, number two LNG exporter, largest coal emitter per capita and largest methane gas producer on Earth.

To counter all that climatic and social destruction Scott Morrison once looked under the bonnet of an electric vehicle.

21 Oct 2021

Corrupt LNP Vote To Hide Porter's Secret Donors

Monday October 18, Labor's Tony Burke asked for Porter's use of a blind trust to fund part of his legal fees for defamation action against the ABC be investigated by the parliament’s privileges committee. Mr Burke argued if the house allowed the precedent to stand it could render the register of interests “worthless”. This arrangement means any member of parliament could accept bribes from any source.


Wednesday October 20, a motion to refer Mr Porter to the privileges committee was voted down by the government 52-49.  That was after Speaker Tony Smith ruled there was a prima facie case for the referral. Tony Burke called the blind trust 'a brown paper bag stitched up by lawyers'.

What this means for the next election

The corrupt LNP have scored an own goal this time. The whole of Australia can prepare for the next federal election knowing with 100% clarity that Morrison's government are criminals. No wonder Scott Morrison told thousands of women outside parliament house they would be shot in nearby countries. Can you believe an Australian Prime Minister actually spoke to Australian women using those words?

20 Oct 2021

Great Hillsong College Track - The Drummer Looks Familiar


This track came-up while researching where the 100% tax deductible donations to Hillsong go. It's an interesting song and we liked the drumming. Notice he starts with brushes and moves to sticks as the tempo builds? He is really good don't you think? If you know his name drop it in the comments. You can find the song here on YouTube.

9 Oct 2021

Morrison says social media a 'cowards palace' just like Christian Porters 'blind trust'

Scott Morrison is in minority government and only clinging to power due to some deranged nutters high on horse worming tablets. Now he's being pressured by Barnaby to 'do something' about social media posts on the sex lives of Nationals MPs. Why was Joyce's daughter Bridgette working for Barilaro? We understand her 'adviser' role was never advertised. 
Baby Barilaros
According to News Ltd writer Annette Sharp, Barilaro's marriage broke down a year ago. He allegedly got his media advisor pregnant and then shifted her into a high paying government job. Berjiklian had to resign rather than leave Barilaro in charge of NSW. All this from the Murdoch press not social media. Why isn't Morrison shutting them down?

The 'cowards palace' line is classic Pentecostal Fascism. If you check the top right column you see we are tracking how long it takes Morrison to reveal why Christian Porter has a secret donors list in breach of parliamentary disclosure laws. Australia has a corrupt circus masquerading as a government.
image from The Shovel

Barnaby Joyce - Killing Australians With Bushfires But Hates Gossip About His Family

Exec summary. Obscenely quick to act when social media realizes National MPs are having sex with their office staff. Obscenely slow to act on climate change even though it's killing many Australians every year.

The Morrison and Joyce climate change scam. They accept party donations from the fossil fuel industry in return for not acting on climate change. The cost of climate change is transferred to the taxpayers who pay with their taxes and their lives. Because Morrison and Joyce are probably clinical psychopaths, they can ignore the human toll their scam creates.

screengrab from here

Just yesterday we learned the Tasmanian Government is creating ever more devastating bushfires while at the same time claiming to be saving the population from bushfires. 

Barnaby Joyce has played in this psychopaths inferno for years. His Nationals collect donations from fossil fuel companies like Adani to cover-up climate change and produce ever more deadly bushfires in Australia. Joyce has no right to whinge about twitter while he is murdering Australians with bushfires.


Here is some of the death toll from January 2020 in fires caused by climate change and Barnaby's Nationals.


LNP Police State With No Spellcheck WTF?


Highly recommended video that shows how intellectually backward the NSW government is. Their police minister acts like he was trained by Stalin...or even Hitler. Right now they are trying to stop friendlyjories putting out videos because of the corruption that just one man has exposed.

Where is Barilaro and Berejiklian now?

5 Oct 2021

Morrison's Close Friend Fronts Court Charged With Concealing Child Sexual Abuse

There are parallels in the cases of alleged parliament house rapist Bruce Lehrmann and Hillsong supremo Brian Houston. Neither man fronted court on day one of their cases, both pleaded not guilty and both were represented in court by lawyers. Remember, both cases were instituted within 2 days of each other as Morrison attempted to clean out the skeletons in his closet before the next Federal election.

NSW Police allege he 'knew information relating to the sexual abuse of a young male in the 1970s and failed to bring that information to the attention of police'.


Houston was released from hotel quarantine last week but did not appear in person at Downing Centre Local Court in central Sydney on Tuesday for the matter’s first mention.

Frank Houston, who died in 2004, has been accused of abusing a total of nine boys while a Pentecostal preacher.


The Morrison parallel universe

There is a string of Morrison government 'coincidences' that appear to be forming a pattern.

The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins occurred on Saturday 23 March 2019 just hours after ABC election analyst Antony Green called the NSW state election for the Berejiklian-Barilaro LNP government. 

On the same day the Australian Federal Court revealed the total cost of Morrison's failed Robodebt scheme (13th June 2021) Scott Morrison gatecrashed the G7 meeting in the UK.

Brian Houston and Bruce Lehrmann were both charged within 2 days of each other (Houston on August 5, Lehrman on August 7 2021).

On the same day (September 16 2021) as Liberal Party spin doctor Bruce Lehrmann appeared before an ACT court charged with rape, Morrison announced a nuclear submarine deal with the US.

Morrison's failed smokescreen

On the day his church was dragged before the court accused of concealing pedophilia, the only 'look over there' Scott Morrison came up with was to attack the female premier of Queensland. What Anastacia Palaszczuk asked for was more funding for hospitals during a pandemic before opening-up their borders. 

The Liberals famously declared 'We will decide who comes to this country' but that only applies to refugees. Big American travel and freight companies bought in the Covid-Delta strain to Australia under the watch of Hillsonger Alex Hawke and all Morrison could do was attack a woman yet again. 

Alex Hawke's fatal mistake was to let a FedEx flight crew infected with the Delta strain slip in and out of Australia. That mistake has cost this country billions of dollars and many lives.

What Happens When You Call Koalas 'Tree Rats'

Giovanni 'John' Barilaro has resigned as deputy premier of NSW and also from the NSW parliament as the member for Monaro.

Barilaro said he was going to resign anyway after 10 years in the NSW parliament. He appeared to partly blame YouTube and friendlyjordies and the defamation proceedings he launched himself. The fact is Barilaro did immeasurable damage to NSW while furthering is own interests.

Whats this got to do with Tasmania?

Quite happy with the way premier Gutwein has managed Tasmania during the pandemic so far. We know Tasmania has chronic financial problems going back to the convict slavery era and the indigenous genocide. It's hard to trade out of bankruptcy when your state is build out of 85,000 British convicts. British white supremacists crippled Tasmania for centuries to come using convict slaves to set-up wealthy landholders. Education minister Sarah Courtney can't tech that in schools because she doesn't know it herself.
Where else could you continuously re-announce a new Bridgewater bridge but never build it?

Now educated mainlanders are moving-in and they know how to vote a bit more intelligently. So where's Nick Duigan and Jo Palmer lately? Haven't heard a peep from either of them, so who do they really represent in the upper house? Are they Liberal sleepers whose strings are pulled by overseas and interstate boardrooms? 
Tasmania is still controlled by a cartel of self-serving public purse free loaders which is why the state failed to implement a functioning ICAC. As a result it's up to the population to root-out corruption. This is after the population has paid public servants to not see corruption. So will anyone really care if Scumo rips-off Tasmania's GST cash for his own election purposes? That's how the Liberals work.

2 Oct 2021

Peter Costello's SMH Is Political Brainwash - Don't Subscribe

Three screengrabs from today's Costello SMH. Notice a pattern?

She resigned because she is corrupt get it?

Peter Costello's Nine entertainment who owns Fairfax Media is painting corrupt LNP politicians as victims. It's amazing how a small group of conservative operatives like Costello can manipulate the so-called 'news' and turn it into blatant propaganda.

 Third time unlucky or third time corrupt?


 Another victim of ICAC?

This is why the Morrison government fought against a Federal ICAC. Morrison has announced a watered-down anti-corruption watchdog based on the Tasmanian model and designed to actually hide corruption.

These politicians have pushed Australia's economy over a cliff with their blatant, self-serving pork barrelling and backroom real estate corruption.

Costello's Fairfax lurches to the right

The SMH drags incompetent war criminal John Howard out for advice on Liberal 'leadership' and other matters. Howard did invade the wrong countries twice, and he must be still a mate of Peter Costello.

So the war criminal who failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after the World Trade Center was destroyed by Sunni Moslem's from Saudi Arabia can now select an incoming Premier? Perrotett appears to be another lobotomized far-right operative. This arrogant person claimed Tasmania should open it's borders while Perrottet was only the treasurer of another state.

25 Sept 2021

Xi Jinping Cracks Down On Cartoons


Unelected communist dictator Xi Jinping is clamping down on violent and vulgar cartoons.

Xi Jinping crushed democracy in Hong Kong, ethnically cleansed Tibet, is trying to brainwash Uyghurs in concentration camps but can't cope with cartoons wtf? 

Usually when a dictator begins micromanaging the population's every thought and action then the dictators days are numbered.