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16 Jan 2019

2019 - A Year Of Chaos

2019 started amid global chaos caused by the bankrupt, hapless and inept elected governments of the World. It looks more and more like democracy doesn't work but hasn't that already been predicted?

1)  The real reason a Saudi teen fleeing a brutal theocratic dictatorship was accepted by Canada and not Australia - Liberal arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

There is no way the allegedly 'psychopathic' LNP Australian government was going to jeopardise billion$ in arms sales to the brutal hereditary dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

Alleged sociopath and overzealous arms dealer Christoper Pyne knows the Saudis can only comprehend tit for tat relationships. Look at how 'prince' Bin Salman ordered a journalist be hacked to death just for criticizing their sick regime? And yet Aussie PM Scott Morrison (who self-identifies as 'Christian') and Christopher Pyne were forced to uphold this extreme Sunni death cult.   

IT covered the arms sales previously and asked why Christopher Pyne, a man who voted to disarm his own country after the Port Arthur Massacre was now selling arms to a bunch of medieval terrorists who still believe in stoning people to death? Remember, 15 of the 19 September 11 terrorists were citizens of Saudi Arabia? So 78% of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudis.
We regard Liberals like Christopher Pyne and Scott Morrison as morally and ethically bankrupt. So please don't vote for them.
Which reminds us. We never did find out who allegedly hacked Pyne's Twitter account and 'liked' a gay porn site. What sort of somnambulistic, basket weaving nation sees a defense minister's computer hacked and is too lazy to hold an investigation.

2) US Debt Ceiling leads to government shutdown and BigMacs at the White House
The US shutdown is being presented as a conflict over funding for Trump's Mexican border wall but it's actually about crippling debt.

In decades past, economists developed the 'debt is good' idea as well as the 'good debt, bad debt' concept. They didn't imagine that by 2019 US politicians would be using the debt ceiling as a blunt instrument to batter each other over the head with. This one has a way to go before it plays out until the next big shutdown. US government debt is currently close to $22 trillion, a figure nobody in Australia can even comprehend.
Soon: Brits Brexit Blundering.

30 Dec 2018

Psychopath Of The Year Award For 2018

This year we decided to have a 'Psychopath of the Year Award'. Choosing a worthy winner was harder than we thought. With totalitarian dictatorships in China and probably India, the 2 Asian population monsters are well on the way to destroying life on Earth. But who is even noticing? Certainly not the hopelessly corrupt and compromised 'Western' leaders.

The profoundly arrogant Saudi prince Bin Salman was considered after the dismembering of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but we see Bin Salman as just a festering sore on the putrid fundamentalist ulcer that is Saudi Arabia. The world can live without religious nutjobs but it will not happen in our lifetimes.

But right behind Bin Salman and refusing to condemn him was fellow sword dancer Donald Trump. Apparently Trump ticks all the boxes on most psychopath personality tests. With his self-centered and dysfunctional performance as 'leader of the free world' we can see why. Here we have a criminal president, bribed by the National Rifle Association to wage war on the children of his own country. The very people he stood to represent. Even worse, Trump is actively destroying the climate of this planet so the children of the US will live their lives in a climatic nightmare. In solidarity with the school children of the United States we are proud to announce President Donald Trump is the Inside Tasmania Psychopath Of The Year for 2018.

18 Dec 2018

Scott Morrison And The 'Battle Of Armageddon' Delusion

The above graphic doing the rounds of social media lifts the veil of illusion from Australia's PM Scott Morrison.
We all know people like Morrison are alleged to believe in an 'end of days' culminating in a 'battle of armageddon' in an illusory 'holy land'.
This is supposed to proceed 'the second coming of jesus christ, when he returns to set up his kingdom on earth'.

We will say categorically that it ain't going to happen. Even after all 'nine specific prophesies' have been met there will be no second coming. Morrison will still be waiting. How do we know this?

Consider this? An alleged 'god' entity creates a planet where almost every creature has to kill and eat other creatures to survive. Then this cosmic butcher somehow loses control of his horrendous little planet to a 'satan' entity that could only have been originally created by the god entity. What an idiotic belief system? No wonder the phuktards are always abusing children?

So it's a myth, and because people who believe in myths have been slaughtering each other for thousands of years humanity needs to call then out in the 21st Century. We don't accept Trump and baby-Trump Scott Morrison's fake Armageddon philosophy. Grow-up idiots and look at the real problems for a change?

22 Nov 2018

Identifying Islamic Indoctrination In The 21st Century

Incredibly, in the 21st century we see stories of mobile phone carrying religious zombies calling for the murder of a Pakistani woman whose only crime was sipping from a cup of water on a hot day.

Asia Bibi and the Blasphemy Ruling.
"Christian farm labourer Bibi, a 47-year-old mother of five, was sentenced to hang for blasphemy in 2010. She had angered fellow Muslim farm workers by taking a sip of water from a cup she had fetched for them on a hot day. When they demanded she convert to Islam, she refused, prompting a mob to later allege that she had insulted the prophet Mohammed."

This month Pakistan's supreme court overturned the 2010 death penalty. The court issued a 56-page ruling that had to be delayed for three weeks after blasphemy campaigners promised to “paralyse” the country and kill the judges if they did not uphold Bibi’s death sentence.
Now the brainwashed Islamist's are hunting 'house to house' for the Bibi family.

Comment. We hold no religious beliefs. Notice the farm workers 'demanded' the woman convert to Islam? Historically this is how most of the Middle East became Moslem - by force. Islam is based entirely on 'voices' heard in the head of a single person 1400 years ago, yet today millions of people still believe it's possible to 'insult' this long-dead individual.

This is a totally flawed belief system because it does not hold up to rational scrutiny whatsoever. What's interesting about Islam compared to the other delusional Abrahamic religions, is that Islam has essentially locked all the psychological doors and captured it's victims using violence, threats of violence and death. This is an important clue that assures us Islam is a fake religion engineered for power and control. Hence we see mass-indoctrination and absolute peer-pressure to conform to ideas that hold no foundation. This is mass brainwashing of a relentless form.

In Australia we see Islam allegedly being 'sanitised' by media personality Waleed Aly. We know Aly criticised Islamic State calling them 'bastards' but we would like to know Aly's position on blasphemy. We would also appreciate Aly's views on 'apostasy' which is supposedly the crime of leaving a religion  

Inside Tasmania is aware Waleed Aly does not engage in debate about his alleged 'religion'.
Condemning terrorism on The Project seems a safe way for Waleed Aly to stay onside with his Islamic peers, but we are sure Waleed never actually chose Islam independently. We are sure he was indoctrinated as a child and cannot leave. How could he when leaving is supposedly a crime?

We are saddened by the multiple problems of the world, but we also acknowledge Australia remained mostly terrorism-free after the colonial invasion and before Moslems began to arrive here in greater numbers. We think people like Waleed Aly need to acknowledge that. Do we really want a world run by corrupt, delusional, medieval religions or do we want an enlightened world guided by science and natural laws?

16 Nov 2018

Corrupt Trump Covers-Up Causes Of California Wildfires

At present 63 people are dead and 631 are unaccounted for in the California 'Camp Fire' that destroyed the towns of Paradise, Magalia and Concow.

"More than 9,700 homes have been destroyed, along with a total of 118 multi-family residences and 290 businesses. The fire has destroyed 11,862 structures."
"More than 52,000 forced to evacuate because of the fire, which is the deadliest and most destructive in California’s history".

Will Trump win 'Psychopath of the Year' in 2018? 
Trump tweeted:
There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor.

How does a spoiled brat who lives in a New York apartment know anything about forest management on the other side of continental US? How many times has Trump tried to change forest management in California? (leave a comment if you know of one example) This is more bullshit from Trump, and we along with the world's competent media are calling the slime-ball out.
Notice Trump provides no explanation on how forest management in California should change? Thats not good enough for the world's adults. But what is Trump really trying to bury here?

Climate Change is pushed along by the combined forces of too many people burning too much fossil fuels and Trump is right there causing it with his psychopathic Saudi friends and his deafening silence on world overpopulation.
Trump finds time to imitate a disabled reporter and call a porn star 'horse face' yet has never mentioned overpopulation and the over-consumption of fossil fuels.

Trump is the front-runner for the Inside Tasmania 'Psychopath of the Year' award in December 2018. The other contender is psychopath Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The CIA decided bin Salman killed reporter Jamal Khashoggi yet bin Salman is about to murder some of his own followers for obeying his orders. What sort of sick, distorted message will that send to the brainwashed idiots who keep this nut-job in power? The truth is bin Salman is as 'royal' as a heap of camel dung because 'royalty' is a carefully crafted delusion maintained by self-declared 'royals'. The fact bin Salman presides over the massive illusion that is Mecca could put him in front of Trump.

Our challenge to Trump. Explain what you think is wrong with forestry management in California.

3 Nov 2018

Deport Scullion The Scoundrel Back To Convict England

So Australia's Minister for Indigenous Affairs redirected funds for Aborigines into his white mates fishing groups so they could oppose Aboriginal land claims?

picture from The Guardian
We are not surprised by this. To have an English-born minister for Indigenous Affairs is insulting, degrading and blatantly psychopathic behavior towards Aborigines. No wonder Australia is a fucked-up basket case of a nation? No wonder the Liberal-National slime is morally, spiritually and economically bankrupt?

Inside Tasmania believes we have accepted human detritus like Scullion from Britain for too long. Real Australians don't want these smart-assed, pseudo-administrators here anymore. Deport the bastard back to overcrowded, class-obsessed Pommyland!

17 Oct 2018

The Hodgman-Courtney-Whittington Trade Mission To China

In September 2018, Premier Will Hodgman and Primary Industries Minister Sarah Courtney led a delegation to China. Will Hodgman had to take 3 days off parliament because he thought representing China was more important than representing Tasmania. Also on the trip was Dr John Whittington, head of DPIPWE  who was allegedly in a relationship with his boss Sarah Courtney.
Today we see Hodgman fending-off questions about the relationship in parliament.

Yet again, Hodgman will be holding a navel-gazing inquiry into his own government.
Problem. Hodgman  and Courtney are unable to conclude an inquiry anyway so why have one? Hodgman is still investigating his ex-mining minister Adam Brook's company emails. 2 years ago in June 2016, Hodgman announced a two-week audit by the Crown Solicitor of the emails to consider if there was a conflict of interest.
Nothing happened.

Falling in love while covering-up the deaths of 16 prize polo ponies
Courtney and alleged partner Dr Whittington were supposed to be investigating the deaths of 16 prized polo ponies gassed to death on the Spirit of Tasmania
That happened over 8 months ago. The owner of the ponies has lodges a $639,000 dames claim against TT Line and Qube Holdings. We can guess how this will end. A fat cheque will be handed-over on the steps of the court house.
Just like the hefty payout over the 'Cricket Tasmania Abortion Sacking' caused by some loose cannon in Will Hodgman's office.

So whose money did Cricket Tasmania use to payout Angela Williamson?
It was Tasmanian taxpayers money of course. "Cricket Tasmania receives a $560,000 grant each year from the state government that has been unchanged for a number of years".
Will Hodgman has been riding the gravy train for too long. It's time for a change of government in Tasmania.

12 Oct 2018

Liberals Plan To Flood Tasmania With Asians

Previously we covered the criminal activities of China in Australia. Now we find most of Australia's immigrants are from India and China. How did the two overpopulated behemoths manipulate the hapless Liberals into letting them flood Australia in such huge numbers?

October 2018 and acting PM Scott Morrison and immigration minister Alan Tudge are both talking of forcing new arrivals to settle in rural areas for 5 years. This is because 86% of migrants are squashing themselves into cities, mostly Sydney and Melbourne.

This plan specifically refers to Tasmania.

Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman is 100% locked-on to this policy. Hodgman has been groomed by ruthless Chinese dictator Xi Jinping to implement Chinese policy in Tasmania. Do you think we are joking?

Life-long Chinese dictator grooming Will Hodgman
Will Hodgman has made many trips to China and has just taken a week off parliament to spend more time in his adopted country.
Hodgman wanted to be in China while the Tasmanian health system imploded. Hodgman cannot comprehend China is an unsustainable, hostile, rogue state. Put simply, India and China are reproducing themselves into oblivion and they will take millions of innocent people down with them.

China has just arrested the head of the global law enforcment agency Interpol yet lawyer Will Hodgman failed to notice? Obviously Hodgman is so compromised by China he can't understand that Interpol is fighting global drug cartels, weapons trafficking and organised crime. And that's just a slice of the action. The main game is infiltrating and then controlling all of the West's defense and technology capabilities using covert methods such as this:
"a specialist unit of the People's Liberation Army secretly slipped computer microchips into the servers being manufactured by an American company, SuperMicro Computer Inc Servers are the heart of the internet."

The China-Tasmania relationship is total exploitation. They have 1,400 MILLION people, yet tiny Tasmania is forced to destroy our unique ecology just to keep the hordes in toilet paper.
Hodgman is also selling China huge chunks of Tasmania, but what will they do when they get here?
They will take over. But first they will start fighting the Indians that Morrison will also flood-in to Tasmania.

Hodgman and Morrison represent the same imperialist regime that committed an almost complete genocide of Tasmania's original people. Nether has ever apologized for the genocide yet they want to flood Tasmania with Asians from the 2 most over-populated countries on Earth. Why? We all know conservatives have very limited IQ's so we are sure they can't answer that question.

Maybe they think that a lot of Indians and Chinese will defend us from a lot of Indians and Chinese? That's how smart Liberals are.
We don't want tens of thousands of Asians in Tasmania. We also no longer want half-wit Liberals destroying Australia around us.

7 Oct 2018

Neanderthal State Conference Votes To Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement

As usual the media are not reporting the Neanderthal Tasmanian Liberals voted to  'call on the government to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement'.

Sure, ignoring climate change is a crap idea but these are crap people. We are sure that was Tasmania's alleged 'environment minister' Elise Archer in Southern Cross Television's clip obediently vote to leave the Paris accord. From what we saw, the Liberals are total conformists when it comes to voting in front of their peers.

The comforting thing about the Neanderthal State Conference is the knuckle-draggers are still tearing themselves apart. They are divided on the GST, with Hungarian treasurer Josh Frydenberg believing the Tasmanian lie they are a booming economy and don't need more GST revenue than other states. We still maintain Frydenberg is a dual-national and knows it. Tasmania deserves to be whipped with the GST because they have shamelessly rorted the Australian taxpayer for decades. Look at how they collect $800 per shipping container with the Bass Strait freight subsidy with logs and woodchips stuffed in shipping containers?

On an overpopulated planet, the half-wit Liberals want to grow the Tasmanian population, but they don't know why. They believe 'more is more' but we guarantee most of their sober supporters don't want car jackings, home invasions and imported gang warfare. Incidentally, the Melbourne 'Sudanese gang problem' was caused by Liberal Philip Ruddock. Now the Victorian Liberals are out to blame anybody but their own party.

And of course the Liberals are divided on climate change. Isn't this why they had to get rid of Turnbull? All we can say to the lowest IQ politicians in Australia is 'keep at it phuktards'.

25 Sep 2018

Dutton Wants To Install Spyware On Mobile Phones

Today we read 'homeland security' minister Dutton is introducing a law that would install spyware on all mobile devices, potentially crashing the internet.
This is from somebody who is sitting in parliament illegally. Somebody who lied to parliament and breached the constitution by holding a pecuniary interest with the Commonwealth concerning his child care centres.
Dutton is possibly also a psychopath because he thinks flooding Pacific islands with rising sea levels is funny. 

 "Criminal syndicates and terrorists are increasingly misusing and, indeed, exploiting these technologies," Mr Dutton said in a speech last week introducing The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 to Parliament.

But isn't Duttons family trust a 'criminal syndicate' and didn't the LNP all obediently vote to enable Dutton to lie to parliament?

What about the big threat from a tax-exempt religion?
So what church or mosque does Islamic State go to anyway? They go to regular Sunni mosques because Peter Dutton's government insists they should be tax-exempt charities. This is a big lie because it's based on something that doesn't exist - 'beliefs' are not 'facts' yet Dutton's government is in the business of peddling belief over fact and then protecting us from the insane consequences.

10 Sep 2018

The Moral Disintegration Of The Australian Liberals

We are observing an interesting dynamic in Australian political life. The Liberals were fond of pointing out the revolving door effect in the Labor leadership during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era but now they have replicated it perfectly.

Greenpeace protest at Parliament House Monday September 10
There must be a cyclic weakness in the 'machine' of party politics that moves in one direction but then goes into reverse. We are not fans of the alternate government but do acknowledge that in a broken system the intelligent voter can only punish one lot of idiots by electing the other lot of idiots. Or vote informally.

Liberal Liars Ley and Henderson backflip on live sheep exports
In a way this was predictable, after-all the Libs are some of the lowest forms of life in Australia. Sheep torturing will continue thanks to just 2 votes from the 2 Liberal 'psychopaths' who pretended they cared about animals.

Dutton lies to parliament.
So he does favors for old mates and then tells parliament he doesn't know the old mates, then releases emails proving he does? His payoff is lying to parliament and getting away with it. Pathetic. No wonder Australia is phuked?
Dutton's list of helped mates gets longer - we predict he can never admit to corruption
Apparently Dutton tried to get jobs for 2 Queensland Police force mates with Australia's border security agency. We have seen this kind of denial before. Dutton will never admit to corruption of any kind. That sets-up an interesting situation. The Liberal Party will have to publicly embrace corruption or some other situation will end Dutton's career.