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Paywall networks Nine Entertainment, News Ltd and Seven West Media use your subscriptions to turn Australia into a corrupt, debt-crippled failed state. Their sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the collapse of civilization as if it were our inevitable fate. Paywall media give you sanitized news and charge you to see ads while YouTube charge you not to see ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? This is scammer media upholding scammer government.

25 Sept 2021

Xi Jinping Cracks Down On Cartoons


Unelected communist dictator Xi Jinping is clamping down on violent and vulgar cartoons.

Xi Jinping has crushed democracy in Hong Kong, ethnically cleaned Tibet, thrown ethnic minorities into concentration camps but can't deal with cartoons wtf? 

Usually when a dictator begins micromanaging the population's every thought and action then the dictators days are numbered.

17 Sept 2021

Another Big Morrison Announcement Due On October 5

The mainstream media only reports 'news' retrospectively, but behind the scenes the big 3 networks are controlling and manipulating government policy.

Look at the decades long war News Ltd waged on those saving the Earth's climate? Now the self-serving conservative scum have realized they are on the wrong side of history, evolution and global public opinion. Just like they were by backing the psychologically damaged Trump, right up to his terrorist attack on the seat of democracy in the US.

Scott Morrison's friend and mentor Brian Houston is supposed to appear in a NSW court on October 5 on a charge of failing to report child sexual abuse. 

Introducing The Morrison Parallel Universe

There is a string of Morrison government 'coincidences' that appear to be forming a pattern.

The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins occurred on Saturday 23 March 2019 just hours after ABC election analyst Antony Green called the NSW state election for the Berejiklian-Barilaro LNP government. 

On the same day the Australian Federal Court revealed the total cost of Morrison's failed Robodebt scheme (13th June 2021) Scott Morrison gatecrashed the G7 meeting in the UK.

On the same day (September 16 2021) Liberal Party spin doctor Bruce Lehrman appeared before an ACT court charged with rape, Morrison announced a nuclear submarine deal with the US

So Houston should be back in Australia by Monday September 20 in order to quarantine for 2 weeks before appearing in court on October 5? We don't think that will happen and Houston will appear via video link from outside Australia.

Thanks to Hillsong Survivors for images in this story.

8 Sept 2021

How The Hillsong Church Tax Scam Works

The Hillsong Church harvests funds from all Australian taxpayers to benefit the church directors and expand their corporate interests.

Hillsong has combined two revenue-raising tools - tithing and ATO 'Deductible Gift Recipients' (DGRs). By combining the two, Hillsong uses the taxation revenue of atheists and other beliefs to benefit the Hillsong Church. We'll show you how they do it.


Originally a tithe was 10% of a person's food production bought into the 'storehouse' to ensure 'blessings'.  Today there is a phone app, the tithe is cash or property and the storehouse has become Hillsong.

Tax Deductible Charities 

Hillsong has a long list of charities and foundations with tax-deductibility for amounts over $2. 

How The Scam Works

This is just an example not necessarily fact: Say Prime Minister Scott Morrison was donating an annual tithe to Hillsong or one of its entities? Scott is on $549,925 a year and 10% of that is $54,992. Scott may want the blessings and to keep the cash, so his accountant lists the tithe as a gift or donation. Now it's deducted from Scott's taxable income reducing his tax bill. Hillsong got $54k but where did it come from? It came from the entire Australian tax base.

You have to hand it to Hillsong, and their founding Pentecostals, who were able to convince their congregations to incorporate an ancient agrarian village custom into 21st century business practice.
This scam operates at all levels of Australian government and business. Pentecostals and their descendants are often in management roles, although they appear to have mixed allegiances and average management skills. 
With an outlook rooted in dogma, superstition and illogical thinking, they often preside over strategic and economic disasters. 
Think of Scott Morrison failing to act on the Port of Darwin sale to Communist China, although Scott claims to be pro-free market capitalism?

Hillsong Foundation

Understanding how the 'keys to the storehouse' system works reveals interesting truths about Australian government. It explains why so many ultra conservative religious people (nearly all men) are in government and why government policy is heavily distorted towards ancient belief systems.

We found it hard to comprehend 'what is the payoff for a religious politician who pays 33 to 40% income tax plus another 10% tithe to their church'? Naturally, most would tax-deduct the donations and in return they are assured of the evangelical vote. It's a business arrangement and nothing more.
That is the 'blessing'. Self-serving pastors convince their congregations to vote for ultra conservative politicians who then protect and increase the church income stream.
This system has worked at all levels of Australian government. Its hard to know if this system is a product of early childhood indoctrination or is fraud. The total amounts are astronomical. No reporting of how tax deductible gifts are used by churches is required. When added to the cost of a failed 20 year religious war, it's no wonder Australia can only survive on fossil fuels and exports to Communist China. As Hillsong got richer Australia went deeper into debt.

Science Versus Religion

This is the battle of the times. During the pandemic, clergymen did not shut down hospitals but doctors shut down churches. Science is winning. We are functioning in an ever more complex world. Seeing religious zealots manipulate technology invented by science, to further religious superstition is pathetic. 
The ad-hoc theocracy set-up by the religious tax deductibility scam and incompetent theology-based politicians is bankrupting Australia.
The evangelical vote creates unearned wealth for churches and debt forthe nation.

Hillsong Is A Corporation
According to ASIC  "Mr Houston, 67, stepped down as company director on August 17". If the Australian financial regulator regards Hillsong as a 'company' why are they tax-free?

3 Sept 2021

Shane Dowling Jailed For Contempt of Court Arrest Warrant Issued

Shane Dowling publisher of Kangaroo Court of Australia has been sentenced to 10 months behind bars for contempt of court. Justice Rees found "he committed contempt as charged in Seven Network (Operations) Ltd v Dowling [2021] NSWSC 726." She noted he bears considerable 'animus' towards various people including Kerry Stokes.

From the Illawarra Mercury

It appears the court found Dowling published names of people suppressed by the court. Shane Dowling represented himself. 

COVID Rife In The NSW Prison System

Given the current Covid-19 outbreak in the NSW prison system, this could be a death sentence for Shane Dowling. At the very least the LNP-Big Media crime cartel will have Dowling out of the way until after Morrison is re-elected next year.
Incredibly, the NSW prison system is prepared to release 1000 prisoners if the COVID outbreak gets worse. You could predict the extremist NSW government will release rapists and armed robbers before they release Dowling.

12 Aug 2021

Why Has The Tiny Pentecostal Sect Taken-Over The Australian Government?

By promoting and funding Pentecostalism, Morrison proves he has no concept of a secular state in Australia.

Pentecostals make-up 1.1% of the Australian population. Why are they over-represented in the Morrison government? Why do they stand for office when they believe a 'god' entity is running everything? If this is true, why do they accept pay if this entity is doing all of their work? This looks like the flea wagging the tail that's wagging the dog.

Morrison preaching at an ACC event April 2021

We respect a persons right to believe anything they want. When those beliefs heavily impact the rest of us then it's our business. Pentecostals claim to accept 'spiritual healing' even during a pandemic. Chief Medical Officers in Australia shut down churches during the COVID-19 pandemic and religious leaders had to comply. Science trumps religion every time.

Scott Morrison runs Australia entirely by press conference but where does the bible mention electronic media? Nil. The book is based on events thousands of years ago with no geographic or technological connection to Australia. That's why it's adherents are failing us. In our view the religiously indoctrinated use science, which is the basis of medicine and electronics, to propagate dogma.

'Tithing' In the Pentecostal Religion 

It's normal for Pentecostals to perform 'tithing' or donating one tenth of their income to the church. Because the tithe is made to a tax-deductible religion, the politician would claim it as a tax deduction. If that is the case the tithe is actually being paid by the Australian taxpayer.
With 3 or more cabinet ministers and other MP's and senators tithing to various branches of Pentecostalism, the Aussie tax payer is being used to transfer tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to a religious 'cult'.
The Australian taxpayer may never know the full cost to them of Morrison's allegiance to a marginal religious 'cult' with a history of abuse.

The LNP Are Hopeless At Managing A Pandemic 

How could you get your corona response more wrong than Morrison and Berijiklian? You back a vaccine that makes people HIV-positive. Fail. Your next vaccine gives a few people blood clots than can kill, somehow this doesn't effect old people although why was never explained. Fail. You tell people 'This is not a race'. Fail. You shutdown and stay open at the same time like silly Gladys. Fail.

The LNP don't understanding that antivaxxers ultimately only take themselves out of the reproductive cycle. Why stop them, the planet is already grossly over-populated? Day after day Berijiklian holds a press conference on how to tread water in a pandemic. 

The blame lies with permanently confused  Scott Morrison. His nebulous and rudderless Department of Home Affairs is 100% responsible for our borders and 100% responsible for letting in the FedEx Covid-Delta delivery. Morrison's government flagged them in with no proof of vaccination and no quarantine at all. The entire East Coast of Australia is now carrying the horrendous cost of another Penetecostal stuff-up.



The LNP Want A 50,000 Year Old Culture To 'Close The Gap' With An Armageddon Cult. Really?

How about Morrison trying to close the gap on 50,000 years of continuous, sustainable human occupation in Australia.  Why should Aboriginals adopt a contradictory and self-destructive ideology from a throw away culture that's almost thrown itself away?

The 20 Year Religious War In Afghanistan Achieved Nothing

Scott Morrison highlights exactly why it achieved nothing. Substituting one set of illogical, unverifiable religious dogma with another set of the same will always achieve nothing.

Ben Roberts-Smith (left) got it right when he started to wear a Crusaders Cross in Afghanistan. It was a religious war. After 900 years Liberals failed to comprehend that Crusades don't work. Even Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. The Liberals invaded the wrong country again? 

This war cost $10 billion AU. At the moment Morrison is printing money and holding interest rates at almost nothing because his government is so far in debt. They even went into debt during the mining boom because of the idiotic, contradictory tax system that Morrison refuses to reform. Imagine how bad the debt is now?

The Holgate Attack

Scott Morrison forced Christine Holgate out of her job over 4 watches worth $20,000. Morrison  knew the Robotdebt Scheme he designed cost the Australian taxpayer $1.872 billion. How does he sleep at night?

The Need To Convert Morrison To A Science-Based Belief System

This would not be too hard for an intelligent person, although people like Morrison have decades of brainwashing behind them, reinforcing their confused mental state.

It would be good for Australia and the World generally. It would have a profound effect on Scott and he could stop drowning in an illogical, contradictory reality.

He could sort through the competing interests and ideas and do whats in the interests of Australia. His record as Prime Minister is absolutely pathetic. Obviously, whatever he is doing doesn't work. Is Scott smart enough to realise this or does he like repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results?


Merging Religion And Politics Creates Anarchy

In August 2021, Pentecostal Senator Eric Abetz applied his forensic auditing skills to costs awarded in yet another LNP defamation case. Andrew Laming MP was suing an ABC reporter. Why is Abetz applying logic to this defamation case yet appearing to accept at face value the Pentecostal assertion of 'eternal life after death'?

Why are they applying logic selectively? In the Laming-Milligan defamation, Abetz is concerned about the ABC paying $79k in damages on behalf of Milligan. 
Somehow, Abetz ignored Scott Morrison losing $1.87billion taxpayers dollars from Morrison's failed Robodebt scheme.

These politicians appear to construct walls of denial around anything they don't want to accept. By using logic selectively, they have created an irrational and an anachistic society in Australia.


7 Aug 2021

Brittany Higgins Alleged Rapist Named As Bruce Lehrmann

26 year old Bruce Lehrmann has been charged by ACT Police. The ACT Police media release issued on a Friday afternoon is here.

The ACT Police did not name Lehrmann but he was named on the ACT Magistrates Court list for September 16. (below)

The police media statement said the man’s legal representative was served a summons to appear before the ACT Magistrates Court. 'The man will face one charge of sexual intercourse without consent'

It's been claimed Brittany Higgins was given the choice of reporting the rape or losing her job by then Defense Minister Linda Reynolds. 

Today's media release admits ACT Policing received a 'report' concerning the alleged rape way back in April 2019, a month after the alleged assault. Why wasn't it investigated immediately? Why wasn't Brittany at least contacted by ACT Policing? Note. ACT Police is actually a department of the Federal Government. They are investigating themselves.

We suspect Scott Morrison has micromanaged this case for years. After coming under intense pressure from the Libs to suppress Lehrmann's name we had to issue a missing persons report. We previously published a theory the rapist had embarrassing inside information on the Morrison government and was possibly blackmailing the PM.

The Peter Costello-controlled Sydney Morning Herald contacted Lehrmann's barrister 'John Korn, of Sydney firm Ada Evans Chambers' but they also did not name him. Mr Korn said the man  'will defend the charge' and added his client was in a 'very fragile state at the moment'. So he's now the victim? This looks a lot like the Porter rape allegation. He will probably come-out suing. Tragically, poor Brittany and the women of Australia will have to prove he did it.

This is going to get a lot messier for Scott Morrison, already tarnished with too many sex scandals.

No Election In 2021

Unless Morrison has been assured of a quick turn around in the Lehrmann case and the Hillsong Church case, there is no way he will take Australia to the polls this year. He will be planning an election as late as possible


2 Aug 2021

The IOC - Corrupt Old Men Rewarding Dictatorships


We count 4 females in this recent grab of the International Olympic Committee. To us, some of the 10 guys look like neanderthals. Is that why they support dictatorships around the globe by 'awarding' them the Olympic Games? Probably, but we suspect a lot of cash changes hands as well.

Lets be real about this, the Tokyo games were a disgrace. Suspended for a year due to the pandemic, only to have the more severe Delta strain running rampant in parallel with the Olympics. The knuckle-dragging boofheads had Putins doping cheats competing as the 'Russian Olympic Committee' (ROC). Who got bribed for that?

But how credible was the competition in Tokyo with so many countries pushed to bankruptcy by the bat virus? How many competitors were unable to train or attend due to lockdowns and disruption? 

Now the IOC boofheads have rewarded insane dictator Xi Jinping with the 2022 Winter Olympics for services to totalitarianism, gross human rights abuses and destroying the global economy with their bat virus.

They have got a real fight on their hands this time.

16 Jul 2021

Italian Cooking Is Wrecking The Planet



Barnyard Joyce Thinks Climate Change Is A Menu Choice

too long at the trough?

Barnyard Joyce - deputy PM of Australia expects other people to make his decisions but accepts taxpayer money to make decisions.

He doesn't mention the cost to Australia (or the World) of not lowering emissions. In other words he wants somebody else to predict the future for him. 

Fact. The Nationals have been paid to ignore climate change by their coal-fired donors for decades. 

Looks like Joyce has been at the trough for so long he thinks every decision is a menu choice.

12 Jul 2021

Contact Tracers Lead Back To The Federal Government Border Force


image from The Shovel

For decades Australians were told the Federal Government can stop anybody they want from entering Australia. We heard it from Howard and Morrison with his idiotic 'on-water matters'. FACT. The Federal Government is 100% responsible for our borders.

Now we have teams of contact tracers and check-in apps uncovering just how porous our borders are and who the Morrison Government is letting into the country. A lot of people with COVID. A cruise liner carrying the COVID alpha strain allowed in while Dutton was Border Force Minister. Currently, responsibility for Australia's borders is with the  Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs under minister Alex Hawk. 

We understand the current COVID 'Delta strain' crisis was caused by a FedEx air crew who were allowed to fly in and out with no quarantine whatsoever.

The FedEx Cover-Up

Think about it? The Delta strain doesn't exist in Sydney. In the space of nine days, Sydney had gone from a single case of a limousine driver transferring FedEx aircrew to a wide-scale lockdown. If the limo driver had not been out of Sydney, then he caught the Delta variant from the FedEx crew. We heard these freight crews don't need to quarantine in Australia. They were flown out the next day and FedEx went quiet about he condition of this particular flight crew. NSW Health were not informed what strain they were carrying. The corrupt Liberals tried to blame the limo driver as 'patient zero' but he was cleared by NSW Police. So who is to blame?

The Ruby Princess all over again

A lock-down costing the nation Sbillions is caused by a foreign business entity who takes no responsibility, covers-up the facts and carries on as normal.  Notice how the public is expected to limit and record their movements while the LNP clowns running Border Force take no responsibility at all?

Even today, LNP big mouth Matt Canavan is calling for NSW to be opened-up.  Maybe he's still fired-up over Italy winning the UEFA World Cup? 

Canberra Rejected 40 Million Pfizer Doses In July 2020 

They really wanted to keep this one in the bag but it's out now. Health Minister Hunt claimed they were relying on 'medical advice' in July 2020 to back the Astra Zeneca vaccine but that advice didn't exist. 'The medical advice – the USFDA’s approval of Pfizer – didn’t occur until the end of 2020'.

Berejiklian Unable To Define 'Essential Worker'

So Gladys Berejiklian cannot define what an 'essential worker' is? That means Gladys would not know what a 'non-essential worker' is ether. Why are these clowns in the NSW cabinet? They are putting the rest of the nation at risk and draining all of our economies with their half-assed grasp of reality.

2 Jul 2021

Destructive Propaganda From The Beijing Advocate - Check In Tas App Fixed

Driving Trucks For Beijing

It's time to expose the propaganda printed by the Advocate. Who reads this backwoods newspaper anyway you ask? It's readers are the people of Braddon Tasmania, probably the dumbest electorate in Australia.

Braddon has incredible rainfall, excellent soil and abundant mineral resources, so why are they now working for Communists? The Chinese employment is made to appear Australian but the bottom line is Tasmania is economically dependent on China.   ⬇⬇⬇

The Advocate Is Un-Australian

The graph shows Tasmania works for Beijing but why?                              

Generations of people in electorates like Braddon vote for opportunistic, big-mouth politicians who use the voters taxes to build their political careers. They dish-out your money in vote buying schemes like sports rorts or idiot ideas like Robodebt. This is how idiots like Morrison have incurred a trillion dollar federal Government debt, and it's growing.

These politicians have contradictory policies* and love 'stay-in-office' rorts because they are only just smarter than the voters, and they get addicted to the trough. The result is inter generational government debt. Dumb politicians have chosen communist investment to cover-up their failures but this comes at the cost of being controlled by a totalitarian dictatorship. How long before Beijing complains about content in the Advocate?

The Advocate thinks it has some deep state role in perpetuating failure, so it's trying to smooth-over COVID-19 anti-Chinese sentiment. All Australians have been negatively impacted by COVID, but glossing-over Chinese exploitation of Tasmania's economy by the Advocate is not progress. Remember the Australian exporters dumped by China, the barley, wine and seafood exporters? Not much in the Beijing Advocate about them is there?

Savage River mine photo ABC

The Advocate has to come clean with it's readers. We are in a debt-crippled economy with a collapsing climate and our votes caused it. No amount of Chinese 'investment' in Western Tasmania is going to fix it. 

FACT. China is a communist country where every business is owned by the state even though they have different names. That makes the Burnie Advocate an un-Australian Communist mouthpiece. Fix it! 

* Nearly all government policy is contradictory. eg. Being anti-union or anti-Labor while embracing the Maoist Peoples Republic of China as a business partner, is standard conservative values. In other words, they have no values.

The Check In Tas App Fixed (July 6)

The Department of Health Check In Tas app for Android was broken for many people.
It is working for us now.
Have a look at the reviews on the Android app store and sort by 'newest'.
Looks like the June 29 update broke the app for many people.

22 Jun 2021

Why Did Scott Morrison Bring His Children Into a Rape Case?

 A very strange chapter in the Brittany Higgins rape scandal

After the first rape in Parliament House in history, Morrison told the nation he sought advice from wife Jenny. She asked him to consider as a father, 'what would you want to happen if it were our girls'?

The Morrison girls are just 12 and 14 years old. This was a very strange request from Jenny Morrison, yet it went unnoticed.

Why would the Prime Minister of Australia need to consider his own children were raped in Parliament House, in an office of his own government by a Liberal Party apparatchik, possibly using drink spiking? What planet are the Morrisons on?

Why were the Morrison children put forward as some weird benchmark on how to respond to a rape? The internet could remember this connection for the rest of their lives,


'What would you want to happen'

Why is Scott Morrison micromanaging a sex crime in Parliament House anyway? How can the outcome be what he wants to happen? Is he the judge, jury and executioner in this case? Sex crimes that happened in the detention centers he was running didn't get the 'our girls' treatment but the complete opposite.

None of this has made sense to us. It has drawn Jenny Morrison into a media freakshow. Why is she a player? As a result, some of the twitterati have made outrageous claims about her. But can you blame them? It's as if Jenny Morrison is somehow involved.

What was Scott's response to Jenny's suggestion? 

After considering that his own daughters were raped in an office of his own government, Morrison leaves it up to the victim to report a crime, allows his government to run a long cover-up due to an imminent election, allows the victim to be called 'lying cow' by the defense minister, holds a fake inquiry into how long it took his office to be told about the rape, and then made sure the criminal investigation dragged-on long enough to become an historical rape.

Crucially, he covered-up the rapist's name, forcing the rape victim to hide the rapists identity. The very thing Morrison awarded Grace Tame Australian of the Year for. That's how Morrison acted on his wife's advice. In short, Morrison protected the rapist and abused the victim.

The real victim has since been hospitalized due to Scott Morrison's psychopathic behavior. BELOW. Look at Morrison's leering, distorted face as he turns another sex crime into a photo op.

Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong

Unmute Yourself Scott Morrison

Right now, the Morrison government is running an $18 million ad campaign asking Australians to 'unmute themselves' about violence toward women. So why has Scott Morrison 'muted himself' for 2 years over the identity of the Parliament House Rapist? We think the 'Unmute Yourself' campaign was actually inspired by the Parliament House Rape and cover-up.

What Can I Do?

There are people in Australia who are good amateur sleuths and like uncovering corruption. We have investigated a blatant cover-up and the possible reasons for it but know there is a lot more being hidden by Scott Morrison.
For reasons unknown to the public, Scott Morrison is doing everything in his power to suppress the facts. Morrison has not wanted the rapist named in public. Compare that to Jarryd Hayne now behind bars for his alleged crime?

If you are a parliament insider, tech wiz or an angry Australian, have a go at uncovering some of this outrageous criminality? Morrison often makes mistakes and is leaving a trail of clues. If you can't publish yourself get in contact with the many independent media and bloggers who can. Some of them are in the links bar at the top. Together we can solve this one for sure.

The Identity Of The Parliament House Rapist Will Be Revealed

A measure of the Morrison government's corruption is we had to define which Liberal rape or alleged rape we were referring to in this article. How did Australia get to this point? 

We believe Scott Morrison's highly publicized membership of the church founded by a pedophile may have been messaging the Liberal Party and his government that all corruption will be acceptable, normalized and covered-up by his administration.

Fact. Brittany Higgins was raped in Parliament House on the day of the NSW State election won by Gladys Berejiklian 23 March 2019 after Antony Green called the election for the LNP.

Not a coincidence.