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3 Apr 2020

Princess Cruises - Floating Incubators Of Death

The COVID-19 death rate is 5.7%  of total cases
As of April 4 2020 -  57,000 people have died from a global total of almost 1 million cases.
We used an online percentage calculator to discover what percentage of people are dying globally. Fortunately 225,000 have recovered and they now have the only form of known immunization to the disease.

Ruby Princess Off Sydney April 2020
The story of how Princess Cruises owned by Carnival Corp/Plc spread the deadly COVID-19 virus around the globe is almost unbelievable.

The Diamond Princess Disaster
The first COVID-19 case from the Diamond Princess disembarked on 20 January 2020 in Hong Kong. It was not until the following cruise by the Diamond Princess that the ship was quarantined in Yokohama Japan on February 4. As of March 24 2020 the Diamond Princess had logged 712 COVID-positive tests with 10 deaths. So what did Princess Cruises do? They just kept cruising with their other 17 ships and appear to have started selling discount tickets.
This behavior will go down in history as extreme corporate psychopathy.

Diamond Princess of Death

"Grand Princess, another Grand-class ship owned by Princess Cruises, also experienced an outbreak of the disease; two of its passengers fell ill after a cruise from San Francisco to Mexico in February 2020, and one of them died.[27][28] The ship was then quarantined offshore during its next cruise, and 21 tested positive out of the 46 people who were tested, including 19 crew and 2 passengers. Another passenger tested positive later.[29] On 30 March, the ship was cleared to sail again after cleaning and disinfection were done to the ship.[30]"

The Ruby Princess Disaster
"By the end of March 2020 another Carnival cruise ship was responsible for 10% of all of Australia's COVID-19 cases with over 400 infections.
In a move the NSW health minister later admitted was a mistake, 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark without checks from NSW Health.  At least five of the 19 deaths so far attributed to Covid-19 in Australia have been passengers from the ship".

Princess Cruises and Carnival Corp Must Be Sued For Killing Australians
This is the last thing the alleged 'corporate psychopaths' that run these murderous cruise ships want to see. They must be dragged through the Internationals Criminal Courts and sued to oblivion. We suspect Princess Cruises moved crew between ships ignoring the fact COVID-19 can have a long asymptomatic phase.
Unbelievably, they are still selling discount tickets.

So who will be stopping gullible, alcohol-dependent Australians from booking a 'suicide cruise'? Lets get onto these peddlers of death and shut down their dubious operations?

Battery-Caged Cruise Hens
The cruise ships that are stalking Australia's coastline look more like stacked battery cages for middle-class halfwits. What do you think?

27 Mar 2020

COVID Curves, Cruise Ships And Chinese Exploitation

COVID curves
At right is the most recent snapshot of COVID-19 cases in Australia from the Guardian.
This page is a good resource because we have not seen a decline in cases yet.

Australia could have done better controlling the spread. With a Federal government seemingly in awe of communist China and state governments seemingly working for wealthy cruise ship operators, the graph is as bad as you could expect.

picture by Alexxx1979 / CC

Cruise Ships
We didn't know there were so many of these floating disease incubators operating. For some unknowable reason the NSW Liberal Berejiklian government let 2,700 people disembark injecting 133 corona infections right in the middle of Australia's largest city.

After the Diamond Princess debacle in Japan, why did NSW health go soft on the Ruby Princess? Where was Duttons Border Force? The Liberals were out-maneuvered by giant US-based Princess Cruises and their fleet of 18 ships ferrying mostly wealthy retirees around the oceans. Isn't it obvious the air conditioning systems are spreading diseases like COVID-19? .

Communist Chinese Exploitation

More information is being published that shows Chinese Communist Party propaganda units in Sydney and Melbourne have been organising the freight shipments.

Great Aussie investigative journalist Kate McClymont has blown the whistle on Chinese property developers exporting tonnes of Australian medical supplies to Wuhan China in February.

These actions would have reduced the amount of medical supplies in Australia.
Our position on Communist China is well known. We hate the totalitarian picture-writing hordes. Australians have had to make countless adaptations to make room for this out of control human breeding program. 1.4 billion people in any country is beyond the carrying capacity of the planet. Why can't conservatives politicians understand this simple fact? Wake-up Scott Morrison you somnambulistic clown?


21 Mar 2020

How Communist China Caused The Global COVID-19 Pandemic

The Chinese doctor who first alerted medics to COVID19, Dr Li Wenliang was arrested in Wuhan by order of Communist Party officials. He was charged with 'spreading false rumours' and forced to sign a police document admitting that he had 'seriously disrupted social order.

Dr Li Wenliang now deceased
Dr Li later contracted the virus and died in February 2020. Communist authorities held a fake inquiry into his wrongful arrest and he was cleared posthumously. A few local police were 'reprimanded' for arresting Dr Li.

While the totalitarian Chinese were attempting to keep a lid on COVID-19 it was spreading in Hubei Province and then around the globe.

Quarantine and isolation was not implemented immediately as you can see from the facts concerning Dr Li's arrest. The COVID-19 global pandemic was caused by Communist dictator Xi Jinping and his obedient underlings letting the virus multiply why they played control games with an innocent doctor.

Is Scott Morrison A Chinese Asset?

Morrison transferred hundred of thousands of hectares of Australia to Communist China while on the Foreign Investment Review Board. He is a personal friend of communist agent Gladys Liu and may have been enlisted by Liu.

Inside Tasmania accepts it is totally implausible that an 'Australian' of sound mind could not remember their membership of high-level Communist propaganda units one of which was for more than a decade.
If Lui is experiencing mental blackouts why is she a parliamentarian?
This is why we are convinced she is a communist agent. After all, planting agents, hacking and stealing critical information are all the tools in trade of Xi Jinpings evil empire.

17 Mar 2020

We Spend Trillions On Defence Yet Taken-Down By A Bat Virus?


We don't want to get into a blame-game BUT...there are some HUGE lessons for our whole civilisation in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cynical, bloated, jaded politicians and fake 'representatives' take our environment for granted. They exploit it ruthlessly, they ridicule the people who try to warn us about the countless attacks on nature and countless animal rights issues. The very things that would have prevented the COVID economic blood bath.

We chose to have a 'global economy' with no level playing field, where secrecy and totalitarianism were tolerated as long as the cash kept flowing. Turns out a virus evolved a genetic algorithm that is more powerful than Wall Street, the City of London, the IMF and the World Bank. 👾

dictator talks to COVID patients from a distance

However the propaganda merchants spin it, Communist China spread this pandemic globally and the 'free world' was just a hypotised, compromised victim. Where were their risk assessors and homeland security bureaucracies? Sleeping.

How can businesses that have gone bankrupt because of Corona sue anybody when the Commies absolve themselves of all responsibility and are only there to make a sale and splash their stolen cash? Why have mindless, gutless automatons like Morrison fostered this insane situation? Why is modern capitalism so dysfunctional that it tolerates and shrugs-off every conceivable contradiction? That has got to be resolved.

Take a look at Xi Jinping's performance during the COVID epidemic? The arrogant dictator told Australia not to close it's borders while the gutless hypocrite hid from his own unsustainable masses and cancelled his own Communist Party annual talk-fest.

Why do fake 'leaders' like Morrison ignore human rights and animal rights in China if even their eating habits have a catastrophic effect on Australia?

Chinese farm cockroaches and they actually drink potions made from them. They also eat bats.
This article proves Chinese caught COVID19 from bats and that there are thousands more viruses where COVID came from. How much more misery are the pathetic 'leaders' in the West prepared to inflict on their people?

Like the bushfires of last summer, Australians do not want to return to so-called 'normal'. For Australia to be economically dependent on a hostile foreign power with an alien moral, legal and political system is a massive breach of our national security. Why are people not being punished for working against Australia's national security?

Corrupt Aussie Government Runs-Out Of Test Kits Then Covers It Up

So the Aussie taxpayer has to fund a $715 million assistance package for airlines while the country that started the pandemic cashes-in by selling COVID test kits to the government? Is this what the Morrison wankers call 'capitalism'? Just like the Communists, Morrison is hiding vital information about the pandemic such as the fact most of Australia has run-out of test kits.

10 Mar 2020

Morrison Allows Chinese Students In - 2 Weeks Later High Schools Are Closing

On February 22 the Morrison government eased COVID19 travel restrictions on year 11 and 12 students from Communist China.

According to Education Minister Dan Tehan 'It is incredibly important that we get some normality back into the international student market'. This is code for 'the schools are losing bucket loads of money'.

Note we are talking about the Australian education system here? Somehow our education system has morphed into an extension of the Communist Chinese education system.

By March 9 many schools were closing particularly in Sydney due to COVID19.
We are told 'temporary school closures will become the norm in the next few weeks'.

Sadly, this 'text book' incompetence has become the norm for Australian conservatives. They always put short term gain ahead of the welfare of the nation. We are an island and if we can stop refugee boats we could have stopped COVID19 as well. Ironically, the education system will now lose more money than it would have if travel bans were kept in place.

That's a big statement so what does it mean? It means both systems are exploiting weaknesses in each other for their economic benefit while ignoring human rights violations and in the case of COVID19 animal rights violations.
So the common ground between Crony Capitalism and Crony Communism is abusing people and animals.

Example: Why is the Australian education system dependant on people who farm cockroaches?
Why are we economically dependent on a country that is totally unable to control it's own unsustainable population? What has happened is Communist China has dragged the rest of the planet into a biological and economic crisis. They infected us, we didn't infect them.

21 Feb 2020

Tasmanian Liberals Real Enemy Is Not The Bob Brown Foundation - It's Coronavirus

Conservatives have been in government in Tassie for 6 years. In that time they have been building-up to a confrontation with environmentalists over, you guessed it, native forest logging.

Whats the real story?
Most of the 'war on greenies' is just local election propaganda. The real issue is the Tasmanian government is bankrupt due to being canibalised by it's own pension schemes (that also cover forestry and hydro). Looks like nobody did the maths when these opportunistic pension schemes were being set-up.

The more bankrupt they got the more they relied on a steady cash flow from Communist China. The commies were sending their kids here for an 'education' minus the commie brainwashing that would be applied back home.
The commies marveled at lavender teddy bears and real milk and something that smells like democracy in Tasmania. Isn't it wonderful?

Now coronavirus is knocking the stuffing out of the Liberals dream economy.
(if only everybody had a resource laden island where they had exterminated the original people?)
The fact is, the Liberals are so dysfunctional and shallow they are forced to use communism to prop-up their entire economy. It still hasn't dawned on these 'pseudo-free market capitalists'. The Liberals are as capitalist as Mao Zedong.

Morrison will expose Australians to corona virus because he is a career psychopath
Maybe you thought Australian schools and universities were built to educate Australians? Wrong. In the 'Morrison Psychopath Era' our universities are consumer products for Communist Chinese, even if they pose a serious medical threat to Australians.

Scott Morrison displayed his psychopathy with his edict that Australians burned-out this summer should 'get used to it'.
Morrison puts Liberal fossil fuel donors before the Australian people and he will put commie cash before the health of Australians as well.

Lets look at the distorted mechanics of 'commie cash'? China can harvest money from capitalist democracies because China is a totalitarian dictatorship with no elections or human rights. They hold an advantage over the 'free world'. They can use slave labor with workers on the job for 18 hours a day because they don't have unions. Nobody can buy their currency but they can buy ours. This puts Chinese commies at an advantage over democracies.

Morrison in his simplistic stupidity, recognised this and elevated commies above Australians. Why are Aussie taxpayers funding 14 day quarantine periods for Chinese students? Incredibly, we now discover the COVID 19 incubation period is 27 days.  If any Australians contract COVID 19 because of Scott Morrison, form a class action and sue him personally.

welcome to Beijing

We don't want Communist Chinese in Tasmania
To Tasmanian tourist operators. Is you cash more important than your life? Corona is today spreading thru the commie prison system and is hitting Beijing hard.
The commies have even had to cancel their 'National People's Congress' in March which is proof not only that their system doesn't work but it's actually turned on them.
Pretty hard for apex dictator Xi Jinping to whinge about other nations slamming the door on China when his own regime has done the same? China is moving closer to unraveling completely.

18 Feb 2020

Morrison Is The Most Incompetent Prime Minister In Australia's History

Incompetent and corrupt - The Libs publish a disclosure of a $165k donation from a Morrison mate whose company is in line for a $1billion contract to privatise Australia's entire visa system. Mysteriously, the whole disclosure of the $165k donation disappears completely and Morrisons Liberals are unable to explain why they ever made the disclosure.

This is the sort of total bullsh1t Scott Morrison is dumping on Australia.

11 Feb 2020

Another Koala Massacre FSC Certified By Global-Mark Australia

At the beginning of 2020 whistle-blowers reported a 'koala massacre' of hundreds of koala bears had occurred 12 kms South-West of the Victorian town of Portland. The koalas were killed harvesting the bluegum plantation they were feeding in.

The last koala bear massacre we covered was in 2013.
That massacre was carried-out by Australian Bluegum Plantations and forced the board chairman of FSC Australia to step down.

FSC Has Learned Nothing in 7 Years
This massacre was carried-out by South West Fibre a joint operation of Midway and Mitsui. Both Midway and Mitsui are FSC certified and their logging operation has FSC Controlled Wood and Chain of Custody from fraudulent certification company Global-Mark.

So a company with FSC certification from Global-Mark has killed and injured hundreds of koala bears AT THE SAME TIME as thousands of koalas are burned to death in devastating bush fires in Eastern Australia? How did this happen?

The Re-Appearance of Forester Wayne Tibbits
When we looked at South West Fibre's certification a familiar name came-up - Wayne Tibbits. It was Tibbits who issued the public notification letter for South West Fibre in 2017. 

Tibbits has a long history in the modified eucalytpus plantation industry. In 2018 Tibbits issued FSC certification for a company that legally didn't exist. We asked Tibbits a number of key questions relating to the genetic modification of eucalyptus trees. 
Tibitts was too scared to answer a single question. Inside Tasmania was not surprised by the involvement of Tibbits and Global-Mark founder Herve Michoux in this koala bear massacre. In our view these people are corrupt and are destroying the credibility of the entire timber industry in Australia. Global-Mark should be shut-down by the ACCC.

Why FSC Is A Fraud
In 2015 we asked the question 'can koala bears become addicted to clonal eucalyptus leaves'?
Nobody at FSC or Global-Mark ever answered that question either. They have never answered a single question, yet claim to accept 'stakeholder input'. Global-Mark are actually 'white collar criminals' which means FSC are complicit.

The roots of the problem lie in the fake forestry degrees that enable membership to the Institute of Foresters of Australia. As much as the coal industry, the Foresters are pushing Australia to catastrophic climate change and eco-system collapse. They are essentially an organized crime cartel helping themselves to Aboriginal forests. The IFA oversee the mass shipment of Australian native forests as woodchips to only 3 Asian countries. The IFA call tree crops 'forests'.

The fake foresters at FSC have declared that a plantation, any plantation is a forest that they can certify. This is a total lie because it means they can certify palm oil plantations in Sarawak and West Papua that were converted from jungle by force. A plantation is a 'crop' nothing more or less. It does not have the genetic diversity to be anything like a 'forest' but the industry-driven FSC system want the public to think tree plantations are forests. For FSC it's all about money. FSC member companies are so corrupt they claim they are storing carbon by felling trees.

Why Do Koalas Get Killed In Bluegum Plantations?
Bluegums are one of koalas favorite foods and when you have an entire crop of them, often surrounded by farmland the koalas can't leave. These are not 'natural' bluegums but highly-modified fast-growing pulpwood bluegums. Only genetic engineers like Wayne Tibbits know exactly how the trees were modified.

Maybe they are 'polyploidy', they are most likely clonal and they are also sterile meaning they never flower. FSC Australia has never explained why it certifies plantations that never flower. It has been surmised these engineered 'traits' together act as a drug to koala bears. This really is an FSC-orchestrated tragedy and it definitely will happen again.

Swift Parrots
Another species that prefer flowering bluegums is the critically endangered swift parrot. With hundreds of thousands of hectares of bluegum plantations, the parrots are starving to death because the FSC bluegums are sterile. No wonder these eco-criminals are too scared to even talk about it?
How can FSC wipe-out entire species while claiming to be protecting them?

7 Feb 2020

Can Corona Virus Save Our Forests Like It's Saving Our Fishery?

At the moment Tasmanians can buy local rock lobsters. Usually they are flown straight to China. But we can't afford to pay what the communist swarms pay. So the fishing boats don't go out and the fishery gets a much needed rest.

Image by freakwave

Just having Chinese woodchip ships enter our ports is now a biosecurity risk. Of course the eco-psychopaths running this industry will find a way around that. But what if the market declines permanently? The Chinese commodities market has been operating on a planet-wrecking scale for decades and it's destroyed a lot of Australia's forests, biodiversity and water security.

The Maoist dictators don't care about Australia and neither do the Liberal maggots selling Australia to the highest bidder. 'Commie cash' has kept corrupt Morrison in power but there are fundamental contradictions to his corporate pychopathy. Such as bashing unions while dining-out on Maoist cash.

The Game Of Life 
Anyone who has played Conway's The Game of Life involving cellular automata will be aware that cells live or die depending on both underpopulation and overpopulation. Because the 2 mega-population nations of China and India have urbanised and are essentially hostile to the natural world, they are extremely vulnerable to pandemics. They are also vulnerable to incompetent bio-engineering and gene-editing experiments like the failed 'HIV-resistant twins'.

A Biological Race With The Devil
Corona virus was not the first and it won't be the last viral pandemic to hit China. The questions we are asking are will Tasmania's forests and Australia's biodiversity survive the Asian population catastrophe?
Will any of us survive it? Will we be able to survive human population induced climate change or will we be destroyed like our forests, waterways, flora and fauna?

We Will Survive
Australians are fighting back against climate change and the Asian population catastrophes. Why should we die just to make room for mindless, programmed totalitarians or backward, uneducated Indians who are currently raping a women every 15 minutes?
Both these countries have over 1.3 billion people each which is beyond the carrying capacity of our planet. They need to have their populations reduced somehow. None of our politicians will ever say what you are reading now. It's up to us to realize our biological systems are more powerful than all of Scott Morrisons stolen money, all of Xi Jinpings brainwashed armies and all of India's bureaucratic rat warrens.  

31 Jan 2020

Scott Morrison - The Thinker

 Portrait of an apex white-collar criminal

22 Jan 2020

Target Shooting With Bridget MacKenzie

Scott 'I believe in miracles' Morrison buys an election with our money

'Sports Rorts' is pathetic on many levels. The fact sport grants could even win an election in Australia. What a nation of brain-dead phuktards? Morrison's corrupt Liberal-Neanderthals also entered candidates with fake election posters written in Chinese WTF? Another LNP scam is to export sitting senators to lucrative ambassadorial appointments and replace them with people who had never been elected. Mitch Fifield and Arthur Sonodinis are 2 elected members 'disappeared' by the corrupt Liberal government. Unbelievably, LNP voters are so brainwashed they accept this crap.

All of this is from a guy who pretends to be a 'christian'. Scott Morrison has degraded his religion (if that's possible) by turning 'scams' into 'miracles'.

Target shooting with Bridget

Inside Tasmania accurately predicted the resignation of Bridget McKenzie on January 22. She resigned 13 days later

It's line ball at the moment but it is possible Morrison will destroy any remaining faith in government in Australia. It was less than a month ago when we awarded Morrison 'Psychopath of the Year'.
Psychopaths generally destroy the organisations and institutions they are exploiting. If using public cash to bankroll your own sport club is not a 'conflict of interest' then Morrison will have to tell Australia what is.

None of this will make much sense to readers outside of Australia. We have a permanently corrupt conservative government who are always freeloading at public expense. It's the exact reason Federal government debt in Australia is close to $1trillion. The latest installment is Minister Bridget McKenzie who gave a taxpayer-funded grant to her own clay target shooting club.

This is an almost incomprehensible quote from PM Morrison:

"I was happy to see the Nationals deal with these matters as quickly as possible as they did so we could get the focus very quickly back on to the importance of yesterday, which was to honour certainly and firstly, those who lost their lives in these terrible fires and many of the families of those who’d fallen in Australia’s name were able to be there and get that comfort and support, but also to honour all of those who certainly continue to serve to this day, that Michael McCormack has made it clear this morning that he, you know, he’s apologised, that there was that event yesterday morning, but they dealt with it quickly. And we’ve got back straight on the job as we never departed from as, in the government."
from the Guardian.
In our view Scott Morrison killed these firefighters with systematic climate denialism.