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21 Sep 2019

Man Of Titanium Trumps Man Of Steel Or Does It?

Predictably, Trump has tried to trump George Bush in bestowing a metallurgical value on an Australian Prime Minister.

Old John Howard was just a 'small man' of steel while Morrison was awarded titanium.
In the carefully media-crafted meeting Morrison looked like a 'hostage victim on happy pills' as Trump launched a half hour stream of consciousness press conference covering China, an attack on Iran , Justin Trudeau's brownface and deporting Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

Trump even threatened to trigger an attack on Iran there and then while Mr Titanium just looked awkward.

For metallurgical reasons we investigated the hardest and strongest metals.
'Although titanium has gained a reputation of being an extremely strong material, most steels are stronger. The only advantage titanium has over steel is that it is a much lighter material. When compared to diamond, however, titanium does not come close in strength or hardness.'
Tungsten has a higher tensile strength than titanium but it's extremely brittle.
That could be awarded to our next PM when he (or she?) makes the pilgrimage to the Oval Office.

12 Sep 2019

Liberals Manage To Get A Chinese Agent Elected To Parliament

Is Gladys Liu managing Morrison's response to the brutal crack-down in Hong Kong? Probably.

In our view Lui is a pro-Beijing party operative with a definite job to do in our Parliament.

Did Chine play a role in the May election that saw 'Maoist Morrison's Miraculous' victory? Given they hacked Parliament House and read everybody's emails it sure looks like they did.  

Australians have realised their Prime Minister is a national security risk.

Liberal MP Gladys Liu claimed to not remember belonging to a Communist Chinese propaganda unit but it turns out she belonged to three of them.

The election of Gladys Liu is alleged to have breached the electoral act after her campaign imitated Australian Electoral Commission material. A case has been lodged with the High Court.
This seems insignificant compared to the massive security breach of having a Communist Party operative inside Parliament.

Scott Morrison 'Racist'
"At a visit to the Binna Burra Lodge to survey Queensland fire damage, Morrison was asked why it was “racist” to question Liu’s associations and whether it was racist of him to have labelled Labor’s Sam Dastyari “Shanghai Sam”.
Morrison told reporters: “I didn’t use either of those phrases".
Scott Morrison lied.

1 Sep 2019

Scott Morrison - Leadership In Cognitive Dissonance

"Morrison is descended from William Roberts, a convict who was convicted of stealing yarn and transported to Australia on the First Fleet in 1788".

In Tasmania we observe that descendants of convicts crave authoritarianism while also resenting it. Globally, we see Morrison vacuously oscillating in the force fields of Emperor Xi, Donald Trump and the House of Windsor. He looks like 100 kilos of whale blubber at zero gravity. 

Morrison arrived on the World stage with a shopping trolley full of carefully-manicured populist contradictions and hand-crafted delusions.

On a planet that is disintegrating socially, economically and ecologically, Morrison goes to the G7 and whinges about one nutcase who live-streamed the Christchurch massacre on facebook. This is from the guy who is recording everything Australians do on the net and mobile devices and keeping it for 2 years.

The fact is the Christchurch nutter had a suit of beliefs that are very similar to Scott Morrison.
EG. Why is Morrison and Trump supporting and selling arms to Saudi Arabia but hostile to Iran? Why have the US and Australia joined one side of the centuries old Shia-Sunni conflict?

It's obvious democracy is being gamed and exploited around the world today. You could blame technology for exposing the populist elections of irrational nutjobs to positions of responsibility. We believe it's actually debt that has undermined the entire democratic process.

For example, why would a free market neoliberal like Morrison refuse to condemn totalitarian Maoist dictator Xi Jinping? The only answer is China offers Morrison a thread of hope in one day getting Australia out of debt.

It's not going to happen. Australia went broke supplying the biggest population explosion in the history of planet Earth and now China wants Australia for itself. As usual ultra-slow learner Scott Morrison is the last to know.

27 Aug 2019

Brazil Is Burning The Amazon To Supply China With Beef

Note how the media is failing to question why Brazil is burning? We saw exactly the same thing in 2015 as farmers in Indonesia and Borneo set fire to land.

So why are Brazilian farmers setting fire to the jungle? Take a look at where Brazil is exporting meat, specifically beef?

Again, we see China's obscene population of 1.4 billion destroying more of the natural world. So much of the planet has now been destroyed by the voracious appetites of only 2 countries - China and India.

The rest of us don't have to stand by and watch the natural world destroyed by Asians breeding like rats. Look at how many species they are taking out? Rhinos killed for their horns so stupid Chinese think they will have bigger penises, elephants so Asians can carve ivory, massive over-fishing so stupid Tasmanians are forced to farm fish, catastrophic climate change so stupid Tasmanians have to build bigger wind turbines to kill all of their wedge-tailed eagles even though Tasmania already has 100% hyrdro electricity. The stupidity and refusal to join the dots goes on and on.

Lets stop the bullshit? We don't want any more of this human plague in Australia or the planet. We now rejoice at Trumps trade war with the un-elected Stalinist dictator Xi Jin Ping. We hope it hurts these systematically programmed criminals. Look at how the scum is fighting their own people in Hong Kong just to stop them from voting?

Look at how the totalitarians are being supported by covert agents such as Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman? This almost retarded sock puppet was democratically elected himself yet mindlessly supports a Stalinist dictatorship.

Communist Chinese Are Incredibly Stupid People

The corrupt Xi JinPing regime has charged Australian citizen Yang Hengjun with spying for Australia.
Seriously? They think the Australian government would pay a pro-democracy agitator to spy on China for Australia? Communist Chinese are incredibly stupid, devious idiots who have allowed the poisonous 'year of the snake' dictator Xi JinPing to control their lives, freedoms and thinking.

Yang Hengjun
All Chinese should stand-up against fake 'worker' Xi JinPing who is simply exploiting them and destroying the traditions and credibility of China.

23 Aug 2019

The Institute Of Foresters Australia Are Converting Melbourne's Water Supply Into Toilet Paper

From Environment East Gippsland

We know all state government logging in Australia is controlled by the quasi-academic 'Institute of Foresters Australia'.
Today we learn they are logging Melbourne's most important water catchment.
Most of the timber goes to Chinese pulp mills to supply the out of control Asian toilet paper market. Supplying an unlimited Chinese population is what the Institute of Foresters specialise in. 

Logging is causing Melbourne’s main catchment area to miss out on about 15bn litres of water each year, equivalent to the amount used by 250,000 people, a peer-reviewed study has found.
If logging in Victoria’s Thomson catchment continues as planned, that number would increase to 600,000 Melburnians by 2060, according to the research from the Australian National University.
The researchers said logging in the catchment made little economic sense given the water lost was worth far more than the timber, most of which is used to make paper.

The Thomson catchment, to the city’s north-east, is Melbourne’s most important, feeding a reservoir that makes up nearly 60% of the city’s water storage capacity. It is currently about half full. Melbourne’s total water storages were 56% full on Thursday, down from about 80% five years ago.
The study, published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, looked at how much old-growth mountain ash forest in the catchment remained intact, how much had been lost to bushfire, how much had been logged and how much was scheduled to be logged.
It found 42% of the forest has been felled by the timber industry and there were plans to log another 21%.
Chris Taylor, a landscape scientist and mapping specialist from ANU’s Fenner school of environment and society, said logging reduced flows into reservoirs as regrowing forests required more water than established forests. Melbourne’s water yields in 2017-18 were 16% below the average for the past 30 years and about a third lower than the average for most of last century.

An earlier ANU economic assessment found the value of the water was more than 25 times greater than the value of the timber and pulp from the catchment.

Take away message.
The planet is on an accelerating trajectory to total collapse, not just environmental but also economic and social. We all need to call-out corrupt organisations such as the Institute of Foresters of Australia for the active role they play in the degradation of life on Earth. 

22 Aug 2019

Six Sentences Of Hope From Tasmanian Richard Flanagan

From The Guardian August 22 2019

In 1971, the Liberal Billy McMahon – routinely judged the worst Australian prime minister ever, an achievement not to be underestimated in a nation where the worst routinely rule – created a new portfolio: Environment, Arts and Aboriginal Affairs. Nobody wanted the job: given it, Peter Howson observed that he was responsible for “trees, boongs and poofters.”

What’s changed with our conservative rulers over the last half century? On the evidence of the shame the prime minister, Scott Morrison, visited on all Australians last week at the Pacific Islands Forum, not very much. There he tried to pressure Pacific leaders to remove from the final forum communique and climate change statement all references to coal, to limiting warming to less than 1.5C, and to setting out a plan for net zero emissions by 2050.

Tuvalu’s prime minister, Enele Sopoaga, was too diplomatic when he told Scott Morrison: “You are trying to save your economy, I am trying to save my people.”

Because it isn’t Australia’s economic security that is at stake, but the security of the profits of coalmining corporations and their owners – the likes of Gautam Adani and Gina Rinehart – along with the security of the seats of influential Queensland MPs for whom Clive Palmer’s $60m-plus election campaign was so important.

And for them, and his own electoral security, Scott Morrison was willing to sacrifice any sense of national security.

Not content at a time of growing global tensions to have deeply damaged our standing with our close neighbours, the deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, observed that Pacific islanders would “continue to survive because many of their workers come here and pick our fruit”, thereby managing in a single sentence to dismiss Pacific islanders’ concerns for their future and simultaneously invoke Australia’s horrific blackbirding past that saw 19th century Pacific islanders kidnapped and coerced into semi-slavery working on Australian sugar cane plantations.

And when next it is our homes that vanish in an unprecedented mega-fire, or flood, or cyclone, or under a rising sea, what patronising cant might our Marie Antoinettish leaders offer up for our future? Help in the kitchen of a coal company executive? Work in the garden of a National party grandee?

Like so many Australians, I have felt powerless watching the climate crisis unfold in our country. Last week’s events brought home to me how the most powerful in our country seemed to be those that would ensure the very worst future eventuates in their craven service to the fossil fuel industry and its propagandists, thereby ensuring we exacerbate the climate emergency rather than seek to limit its damage.

The question of the age is how. In the face of a human-induced change that threatens the future of our species how to act? How to live? How to be?

In seeking the answer we find ourselves alone in the universe without illusions. There are no leaders, no parties, no nation, no gods that will save us. We discover at this terrible moment a shocking truth: we only have ourselves. And each of us finds within ourselves only failure, cowardice, timidity, in short, a despair at our general weakness.

This sense of futility haunts us all.
And yet within that failure is hope. Having only ourselves we finally discover bedrock: ourselves.

Everywhere – in every party, organisation, workplace, club, gym, street, cafĂ© and pub – are to be found those who do not agree with where power is taking our country.

And at the moment, we can still keep climate change within the 1.5C change. It is difficult. But it remains possible. And science tells us that at 1.5C we can still exercise control over our future.

But if we choose not to act now within a decade we will be looking at between 2C and 6C of warming by 2100. And at that point science tells us that we can no longer control anything.

It won’t matter whether we fight or not, because the fight will be lost. The changes will not be able to be contained and we will be living on a planet increasingly hostile to human existence.

And so the situation is not yet terminal. It remains in our control if we wish to take control. There is hope if we dare hope. There is a better future if we are willing to express it and demand it.

And it is clear that the concerns that so many of us have dwarf the differences of groups and parties. I thought on the things that we could unite around as Australians, that we could use to go forward, that would make our country, as it has been in the past, a global leader, and a proud country once more.

Words only have the power others grant to them. If we do nothing we are endorsing Michael McCormack’s words and Scott Morrison’s actions in Tuvalu.

Or we can use other words.

And so I sought to distill into as few words as possible what could be done by us as a people. What was feasible, what was achievable. None are new ideas, all are founded in science, and all are being fought for in various ways. But everywhere we see them dismissed and attacked as impossible, ludicrous and unworkable.

Yet when reduced to their essence how reasonable they are. When conceived as a mutual and national endeavour how possible they become. And writing them I felt my despair lift. I realised that there can be a positive vision for our future, a future that brings us together rather than divides us, that makes us a better, stronger country.

And in six sentences I saw hope is possible.

1.    We believe Australia can be an affirming light in a time of despair, a global leader in transitioning to a carbon-free and socially just society, and that is why we wish our government to –

2.    Work with Australian land managers to stop land clearing, protect existing forests and grow new forests to absorb existing carbon pollution.

3.    Work with Australian farmers and graziers to make farming carbon neutral.

4.    Work with Australian miners to ensure a transition into 21st century minerals (nickel, rare earth) and end thermal coalmining and gas fracking in Australia.

5.    Work with Australian regulators to make all Australian ground transport powered by renewable energy by 2030.

6.    Work with Australian industry to make Australia a renewable energy giant and carbon-neutral economy by 2050, funded by progressive pollution tariffs on global heaters.

That neither the government nor Labor party would at present even contemplate such things is beside the point. That we must compel them is.

At the end of the Pacific Islands Forum, Enele Sopoaga asked the world to not forget his people: “We ask, please, understand this: our people are dying.”

I don’t doubt that there are far better words than my six sentences to be had and which will and should appear.

But we need to act now for if we don’t the fate of the Tuvalese may soon be ours also.

It’s time to take our future back. It’s time to stand and fight.

And though these final words seem strange as I write them, I feel them to be true: we will discover the language of hope in the quality of our courage.

16 Aug 2019

Morrison Attends Traditional Island Flooding Ceremony

Tuvalu Thursday August 15 2019
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was guest of honor at a traditional Pacific 'Island Flooding Ceremony today.
After consumig a large quantity of the sedative drink 'Kava' Morrison was presented with a ceremonial lei made entirely from floating plastic and packaging from dumped narcotics destined for Australia.

Most Western journalists felt the Island Flooding Ceremony dragged on for too long but the Pacific leaders then spent 3 days working on a press release.

In the carefully-worded statement the Island Leaders acknowledged they could find safety at Hillsong Churches if they agreed to their children being abused by the pastors.
'They are welcome in Australia as long as they do firefighting, flood rescue training and allow their most attractive daughters to work as au pairs for friends of the Australian Minister for immigration, border security, counter terrorism and state secrecy Peter Dutton' said PM Morrison.

13 Aug 2019

Why It Was Left To A Building To Deny A Prince Is A Pedophile

Back in early 2015 we found it hard to believe that 'Buckingham Palace is emphatically denying sex allegations against Prince Andrew'.
We questioned why it was left up to a building to assert Andrews' innocence?

Today that same building is doing it all over again 'Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue'.

This time it's a 'spokeswoman' who is doing the denying but notice she is un-named? She may as well be a building.

Why nobody is putting their name to claims Andrew is not a pedophile?
The royals don't want to be implicated in alleged pedophilia and obviously nobody else does either. That's because a court could find Andrew guilty of sex with underage girls. If that eventuated, anyone who claimed he was innocent would have their reputation damaged for life. The fake queen has knighted quite a lot of pedophiles and the Andrew allegations are too close for their liking. If 'royalty' actually existed, they would not have to be so careful about public relations. That's not the case, maintaining an illusion takes a lot of energy.

The bigger picture - royalty is an invention

Because 'royalty' is an illusion and a myth, self-declared 'royals' have to prop each other up. Above we see British fake royals with a Sharia Law fake royal the 'sultan' of Brunei.
'Royal' DNA is just like everybody else's and they descended from primates like everybody else. Nobody is anymore royal than anybody else on this planet. Get over it phuktards and move on. Humanity is about intellectual progress rather than accepting delusion and illusion.

Back to 'prince' Andrew
The saddest thing about fake royals is that because they have everything they always want more. For many royals that leads to pedophilia which they regard as something they are entitled to.

In Tasmania we have had untold damage inflicted on us by the fake British monarchy. They transferred 75,000 criminals here, wiped-out our indigenous nation, introduced rabbits, gorse, cats, dogs, wombat mange and set-up a regime of psychopathic destruction and depravity.

Isn't it time the 'royals' were phased out? They could be replaced by a rule of creativity and intelligence. That's why we are such harsh critics of the fake royals throughout history and in every country.

3 Aug 2019

Petition - Royal Commission Into Dishonesty At The ASX


Stop dishonest practices on the Australian Stock Exchange and demand a Royal Commission.

Currently, amongst many other dishonest or dubious practices, ASIC allows
  1. Short selling, including during capital raises
  2. Exclusive after-hours trading for select parties
  3. Algorithmic trading that manipulates prices
  4. Collusive trading and coordinated shorting by Investment Banks
  5. Privately owned servers located preferentially inside the ASX
  6. Liquidators  under-selling company assets, price gouging, and aiding their demise for the benefit of other parties
  7. Coordinated pump and dump operations using well known investor forums
  8. Manipulated private equity buyouts of iconic companies, looting them and then relisting the gutted shells with inflated valuations
  9. Rampant and blatant insider trading that never leads to prosecution or conviction.
Every experienced investor knows about these dishonest and disgraceful practices that have seen the ASX openly described as a ‘Cowboy Bourse’ and the ‘Wild West’, yet ASIC continues to turn a blind eye to it. Whether through under-funding or corruption, ordinary investors are not being represented by the body charged explicitly with that duty. Only a Royal Commission will have the power and gravitas to bring about the root and stem changes required to give ordinary investors a level playing field and stop the ripping off of billions of dollars by white collar criminals.

sign the petition at Change.org

19 Jul 2019

Blind Allegiance To Unsustainable Asian Populations Is Destroying Australia

Ever wondered why the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' is in the North Pacific but not in the South Pacific, North or South Atlantic or the Indian Ocean?

population cartogram 2018

The reason is Asia. The Asian population explosion is slowly but surely destroying the planet. It's happening everywhere, the weather, mass extinctions, ecological destruction, over fishing and over timber harvesting. And nobody is doing anything about it, including Australia's 'costume christian' Scott Morrison.
ScuMo has decided to keep feeding the monster. As a result, Australia is now economically controlled by China. Lifetime dictator Xi Jinping has used trade imbalances and debt to manipulate Australia's economy. He also uses agents like the entire Australian Liberal-National Parties. (China would have Labor as a back-up)

Try to break your dependence on imported Chinese consumer goods, especially electronics. Totalitarian Chinese manufactured product is often rubbish and is the result of human rights violations and the worst forms of 'crony capitalism'.

Morrison wants us to buy more Chinese products because that keeps the iron ore price high. (as if iron miners pay tax) Because Scott Morrison has never known what ethics and integrity are, he actually represents the interests of totalitarian China which he pretends are the same as the interests of Australia. He is wrong.

The Australian Government is $700 billion dollars in debt. Like all bankrupts, the smartest thing you can do is minimise your exposure to them. They have an incomprehensible tax system but will use any broken rules to smash their opponents while they grovel at the public trough.

The Federal Government are a dysfunctional rabble, controlled by ideologues who pretend to be 'representative' while exploiting a perverse and broken system. Many of them are not even Australians and were not elected democratically. They are products of the disproportional Senate scam and the systematic brainwashing of low IQ Australians.

Prime Minister ScuMo declared Tasmania is 'the battery of the nation'.
Why should Australia's poorest state be the battery for a whole continent as well as supplying wood chips to make toilet paper for literally billions of Asians? If Asians can't keep themselves in toilet paper why are they breeding like rabbits? Did ScuMo ask Tasmanians if they wanted to be a battery? He didn't. 

Most Tasmanians can't afford electric heating and have to use firewood. Why are we being ripped-off by Morrison and why do we need so much more renewable energy capacity when we already had a 100% renewable hydro electricity supply? No, people had to get solar panels so they had double renewable electricity because they couldn't afford the 'cheap' hydro electricity created by their forefathers. Now we are told we need more wind farms but who are the real beneficiaries? Certainly not Tasmania or even the Federal Government. Australians now have to run miles just to stay ahead of the creeping climate-changing Asian hordes.

China has been hacking Australian government computers for years. BoM, ANU, Census and Statistics and even Parliament House Canberra. The reason they do this is population expansionism. That's why they have got Australia in a debt spiral using dumb local politicians as their agents.

India is catching-up to China's obscene population and are also expanding into Australia and anywhere else they can. The LNP's India double-agents want Adani to manage groundwater in Queensland when major Indian cities of millions of people have run out of water completely. That's how corrupt and dumb Australian politicians are.

Ever wondered why you always pay for fuel from an Indian in Australia? It's because fuel retail is a closed shop and Indians are employed as a block - a block of unlimited size.
Joyce claimed he didn't know Angus Taylor

Fact. Australian politicians are not on your side if you are an Australian. They support unlimited and open-ended population explosions which puts them on a collision course with the national interest. They constantly use Australians to subsidise obscene population explosions in Asia.

Many so-called 'conservative' Australian politicians are dangerous psychopaths, deeply involved in graft, bribery, cronyism and tax evasion. Mathias Conman, Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor have all been implicated in corruption, yet 'costume christian' Scott Morrison fosters and protects them.
Above right. Photos taken in August 2015. In April 2019 Joyce claimed he  'wouldn’t have known Taylor if he stood up in my Corn Flakes'

2 Jul 2019

Majority Government - A Public Deprogramming Initiative

Remember Willie Hodgman's 'majority government'? So what happened? Was it really the speakers fault or was it caused by Rene Hidding?

Anyway biology rules right?

Primary industries, forests, racing or health. What is Sarah minister of this week?