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15 Jul 2024

Trump Made Sure Any Nut Case Can Get An Assault Rifle

So Trump got shot after flooding the US with more guns than people? He is always pandering to the gun merchants at the NRA, appointing corrupt Supreme Court judges that lifted the ban on bump stocks but most of all, refused to reform the outdated 2nd amendment.  

screengrab from here

Trump made sure the Supreme Court was stacked with conservative slow learners some totally corrupt like Clarence Thomas.

Corrupt Supreme Court lifts bump stop ban


Lets not forget Inside Tasmania's position on the 2nd Amendment?

The idea that some moldy piece of paper written in the 1700's has to define the current era is as sick as saying the Old Testament defines modern values. Wake-up idiots! We know you only hold these positions for self gain. We include Geriatric Joe in that. BTW. We named him 'Geriatric Joe'.

11 Jul 2024

Are Putin And Netanyahu Working Together?

Putin and Netanyahu are both killing children as they carry-out ethnic cleansing operations in Ukraine and Palestine.

Both their invasions of neighboring countries are based on pure fantasy. Netanyahu's fantasy is that Judaism is an actual belief system, rather than an unsubstantiated iron age scam intended to fool illiterate herdsmen. 'Promised Land' eh? Did the sky fairy promise you a tropical island as well?

It's nonsensical God would order a shepherd to circumcise himself and then tell the shepherd God created man in his own image. But somehow God was circumcised and man was not. Or was it the other way round? Thousands of years latter Netanyahu's rabbis still can't explain it. 

Ancient rabbis wrote on mud tablets that God approved of slavery but only if the slaves were circumcised. Sure. But what a demented God they made? Judaism is pure scam. All religions are scams set-up to enslave humanity and enrich the bloated clergy.

4 schools in 4 days - not a coincidence but the systematic destruction of future generations of Palestinians based on primitive Jewish dogma.

An insane and desperate Putin targeted the main children's hospital in Kiev. This was a blatant war crime and the international community will stop Putin committing more war crimes. Look how many people Putin has killed with Polonium and Novichok? Putin is not the only man in Russia who would do this. How long before Russians realize the real enemy is Putin? Putin also uses the Russian Orthodox church to sanction his bloodlust.

So what do Putin and Netanyahu talk about when they meet or phone? All of their grievances are imaginary and exaggerated in line with their indulgent egos. Israel has no right to be in Palestine because it's somebody else's country and Judaism is not a race or a religion. They have failed to produce a shred of evidence they are a race and their 'teaching' is subhuman rubbish invented by primitive tribesmen. Israel is the most anti-Semitic nation on Earth. Look-up 'Semite' and see what we mean?

Putin is blames the rest of the World for being born in a failed communist experiment that only ever produced misery. Russians could not invent communism themselves. It came from a German who was told he was Jewish.

Above. Look at Putin's costumed scammers peddling illusion? His church is as evil as Netanyahu's.

8 Jul 2024

Putin Slapped-Down Hard In The French Election


Le Pen is a Putin ally and wanted to limit the use of French weapons against Russia. That won't happen now but it shows how the 'far right' need dictators and mass-murderers to define themselves. Putin lives-on in the corpse of the communist soviet union and has no policies, but all the far right crave is authoritarianism. Any authoritarian will do apparently.

Putin also lost in the British election because they voted-in a staunch NATO supporter in Keir Starmer. Putin has now forced South Korea into the arms of NATO by wooing Kim Jong Un. Putin is now so desperate he's undermining himself. On day 867 of his invasion the Neanderthal maggot attacked a children's hospital. Another day another war crime for very small man Putin.


Incredibly, Ukrainians are able to blow-up sections of the Trans Siberian railway in central Asia transporting North Korean munitions to Russia. Consider that for a moment? One of the most disgusting, totalitarian prison farm nations on Earth is an ally of Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Xi Jinping and a few fat-ass dictators waiting to be hauled before war crimes tribunals. 

Russia Spends $250 million Blowing-Up A Children's Hospital


Watching Jake again. There are some phuktards on this planet eh? A children's hospital tried to invade Russia? Another war crime committed by Putin.

Melania and Donald's Fake Marriage

Trumps number 1 enabler is Melania Trump. She is an insult to all women everywhere.

The 'attack on our country' was only Trump getting busted cheating on his wife yet again and misappropriating campaign donations to pay-off Stormy.

30 Jun 2024

Exclusive: Trump Running Mate 2024

According to most of the Slavery Party (Republicans) being a convicted rapist, fraudster, scammer and trying to overthrow your own government and hang your last Vice President means you are not 'leftist'.

Yes, it's a strong and coherent argument and hard to disagree with. The great news is another victim will assume the $35 Trillion Federal debt, the largest debt in the entire history of life on Earth. 

America has never been great, mostly just a few steps in front of organized crime. The wealth came from colonization funded by money lenders and debt grew to fund their ever larger egos. This is typical of all English-speaking nations. They never achieve financial independence because they carry so much intellectual baggage. How did they invade entire continents and end-up bankrupt almost instantly? The cornerstones of the American dream are just delusions. 

Trump picks an argument with his hat

Trump claimed multiple times he won the 2020 presidential election and was the 46th president. His baseball cap thinks otherwise.

Putin's Lapdog = Trump

Putin desperately wants to end his invasion of Ukraine. With Russian soldiers getting blown-up by faulty North Korean munitions Putin wants out. Putin spent two and a half years and killed half a million people just to invade 24 kilometers of Ukraine. We recommend this video by Jake Broe. It covers fat slob Viktor Orban's visit to the Kremlin and the Kremlin contact with Donald Trump. Strange the MSM missed that one?

Trump's jet sits next to Russian government plane for two days in 'isolated' area. Details here.


27 Jun 2024

Simon Birmingham's Party Covers-Up War Crimes While Signing Treaties Against War Crimes

On June 26 2024, Julian Assange was released from a UK prison by another country, a country trying to cover-up war crimes. On the same day a pompous, over-entitled South Australian senator did a media whinge about PM Albanese simply phoning Assange.

Birmingham needs a history lesson. Julian Assange spent years in prison because Simon Birmingham's party of half-wit Neanderthals thought Iraq may have weapons of mass-destruction. John Howard's party of war criminals were 100% wrong but continued to murder and torture tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and commit multiple war crimes for no reason. John Howard made Australia a terror target and shredded our global reputation. Today we find the 911 terror attacks in the US were carried-out by Saudi Arabia. Why is Simon Birmingham and the Liberals trying to protect Islamic terrorists?

The US's Iraq invasion broke international law and their Guantanamo Bay concentration camp resulted in just 8 convictions and 9 deaths. Now the US has used time spent in a foreign prison as punishment for Assange charged with spying for Australia, which is a lie.

After Iraq the blood-thirsty Howard government helped invade Afghanistan, a 20 year strategic failure that financially drained Australia for decades and caused more Australian war crimes. John Howard has never been held to account for his disastrous religious wars.

Looks like Simon Birmingham's position is 'because Australia signs global treaties against war crimes we should hide our war crimes and punish people for exposing them'. If so Birmingham is a manipulative, corrupt hypocrite in our view.

Why didn't Birmingham complain how a nation can release a prisoner from a different country and why this prisoner was charged with spying for a non-existent country? Why is time spent in a different countries prison considered a punishment in the US?  

Simon Birmingham must reveal his position on all these questions or shut up. Birmingham served under Tony Abbott, a close friend of a convicted pedophile and who attended the funeral of a convicted pedophile. Birmingham's party leader today attended the funeral of a convicted pedophile. No public outcry from Birmingham on that was there?

Birmingham also served under Scott Morrison, a probable psychopath who turned everything he touched to effluent. The guy who sold the tip of North West Tasmania and Darwin Harbor to Communist China. Then Scott tried to get the US and the UK to arm him with nukes to protect us from his commie friends. No doubt that all made sense to Simple Simon?

Note to Simon Birmingham. Many Australians are a lot smarter than you. Why not run your brainwashed ideas past an actual thinker before making a public fool of yourself? 

22 Jun 2024

Dictator Small Talk 2



no seatbelts no worries we execute whoever we like in N Korea

Recently discovered Jake Broe's YouTube channel. It will be listed in the links above. It's good to see credible people commenting on the Ukraine invasion. 

Putin is a psychopath serial killer living in the carcass of the USSR and pretending it still exists. Soon Putin won't exist either. How long before Russian patriots solve the 'mentally ill president' problem?

20 Jun 2024

Tax-free religion has crippled our economy. Their wars will complete the job

People are in denial about what really caused the Israel-Palestine conflict. It's another 'dogma war'

Did you know religion is 100% tax-deductible in democratic countries but science is not? Peddling an iron age 'faith' and you live tax free. It explains so many small churches pushing the same lies and all living off the exploited taxpayer.

It explains why religious salesman Scott Morrison attacked the unemployed while protecting the revenue stream of multi-millionaire pedophile cults. Cults like the Anglican Church who were forced to sell most of their churches to compensate their victims. Most of their victims were children.

'spiritual beliefs' that are supposed to be helping humanity

The current Middle East crisis is caused 100% by religion, yet in Australia both sides of the conflict are tax-free. No wonder Anthony Albanese looks uncomfortable? Populism means more votes but the votes come from increasingly brainwashed nutters who are undermining our economy.

Lets look at the intellectual basis of the Middle East conflict for a moment? One side is an abusive, threatening teaching where just questioning it's validity could end in your death. The other side is an Neanderthal dogma where an imaginary god creates humans in his image, thus proving god is un-circumcised. This fake god then orders humans to circumcise babies. The fact Judaism is unable to explain this contradiction reveals how primitive they are. Judaism is just as corrupt as I$lam.

Corrupt mullahs decide to hold the Hajj on the Summer Solstice, the longest and hottest day of the year. Christianity had already grabbed the Winter Solstice for their big day of delusion. 'Each person wears a single piece of unstitched white clothing, walks counter-clockwise seven times around the Kaaba (a cube-shaped building and the direction of prayer for Muslims), kisses the black stone mounted on the corner wall of Kaaba, walks briskly back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah seven times, then drinks from the Zamzam Well, goes to the plains of Mount Arafat' etc,etc.

So what caused these deaths? god, climate change, the Saudi oil industry, the timing of the Hajj or just brainwashing? The Saudis don't even need to hold an inquest.

The Rise of Theocracies

Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, the UK, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc, etc.  This is worrying. The theocracies deny science but can't wait to use the inventions of science like nuclear weapons to destroy each other. Nobody questions it and Albo mindlessly keeps funding all of them because a church that is also a state is tax exempt in Australia.

Britain Is a Theocracy

The same guy is head of state and head of the state church in Great Britain. So it's impossible for the UK to present an example to any of the other '3rd World' theocracies is it?

Why this makes sense for Tasmania

The Jewish Bible condones slavery because god accepted slaves as long as they were circumcised. The British monarchy copy and pasted this Jewish lie into the Anglican Church dogma and then used slave traders to ship convict slaves to Tasmania. All OK because it's in the Bible. So was the Tasmanian genocide because god made Jews in his image therefore white or coffee-colored people can kill and abuse everything and everybody else. 

Religion is criminal and evil and you are funding it. Congratulations.

What needs to happen next

Any religion that is also a country cannot have tax-free charity status in Australia. Why must the hard working Australian taxpayer fund foreign countries that mean nothing to Australia and have zero interest in Australia? 

Countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel. Why do we fund them? In our view their religions are a huge invention and an outright scam. Prove your gods even exist and prove it beyond reasonable doubt. Also 99% of religious charities are duplicates of each other and only work to partially fix problems they create. Problems like alcoholism and homelessness that they create by using alcohol as a sacrament. I$lam even condones the use of narcotics and dopey Australians make them a tax-exempt charity?

12 Jun 2024

Republican says Jesus committed the same crimes as Trump

With people as unhinged as Trump, barely a day goes by without a brand-new stuff-up. Now Republicans want to start worshiping him.

Trump actually killed close to a million Americans in his first term by regarding COVID as a minor illness. Today the Republican (slavery) party has based a messianic cult on him.  According to Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jesus had the same criminal record as Trump.

Every Republican (slavery party) voter knows Jesus paid-off porn stars and distorted his assets.

The 'rigged trial'

Being found guilty of falsifying records to hide payments to a porn star he didn't have sex with is clearly 'election interference'. What else could it be? Why can't Trump make secret payments to a porn star without everyone knowing? These payments helped make America great again before Trump lost the next election. 


Stormy and Melania 

Stormy advised Melania to leave Trump due to his criminal record. We don't think that's possible. Think about the theory that Melania is a Kremlin asset who works for Putin? She is not going to leave Donald because Putin will poison her with novichok. In or out of the White House Putin could destroy her if she leaves Trump. Donald is more valuable to Putin than Melania.


4 Jun 2024

Tasmanian Minority Government Faces Colonial Paradigm Shift

How the minority government handle situations like Jim Everett-puralia meenamatta telling the World he doesn't recognise the colonialist regime in Tasmania will be interesting.

screengrab from ABC

Tasmanian Aboriginals have many reasons not to recognise the corrupt, slave-trading British monarchy who dumped 85,000 convicts onto their island. Then the corrupt slave trading monarchists started ethnically cleansing the indigenous people for purely commercial reasons. Britain deserves every bit of misery it's experiencing today. They are a nation of liars with a shocking history of cruelty.

Current Premier Rockliff and his predecessors studiously avoided an apology for the genocide their imperialist government wreaked on Tasmania. Past Premier Lennon apologised for the 'stolen generation' but not the genocide.

The Tasmanian Aboriginals now have many new friends who have never been part of the colonial regime. Some came to Tasmanian knowing there had been a genocide here and seeking permission from the indigenous owners to live here.

What has the colonial regime created by wrecking Tasmania's ecology? Not much. A minority government clutching at the memory of centuries of corruption.

Why Is Jeremy Rockliff Dumbing-Down Tasmania?

Foreign companies get the red carpet treatment while Tasmanians die in our dysfunctional 'health' system. Populist Premier Rockcliff wastes his days promoting football and alcohol and hasn't realised emergency departments are full of injured drunks and footballers. Where was Jeremy when everybody else learned alcohol is carcinogenic and causes brain atrophy?

The Monarchy

Nobody can prove King Charles really is a 'king'. Why is his DNA different to Richard III? Why is Camilla 'queen' when she effectively disposed of Diana Spencer? Why is Charles running a fake religion that sexually abuses children and used slave labour? The hapless Tasmanian government is left pushing state-sponsored brainwashing and using football and alcohol as cover.

We can make Tasmania a good place for the first time in it's modern history. People don't want to be at war with nature and they don't need a government tying to bury them in lies and a distorted reality based on delusions.

27 May 2024

14 May 2024

What's Wrong With The Australian Federal Police?

Non-AFP Executive Summary.

Australian taxes support Ukraine's defense against the invasion by Russian dictator Putin who has a 'no limits' partnership with his closest ally China.

Now we find the AFP has a partnership with the Communist Chinese secret police. That means the AFP have forced the Australian taxpayer to fund both sides of a war that will decide the future of democracy on this planet for decades. Our constitution does not give the AFP contradictory powers. Why are they supporting a criminal regime while pretending to be crime fighters?

Looking back at the cartoonish way the AFP handled the 'Parliament House Rape Case', it's obvious they are clueless. They are helping Xi Jinping's thugs kidnap Australians and drag them back to Communist concentration camps probably to be tortured. How is that in Australia's interest? Why is the Aussie taxpayer funding this global dictatorship scam?

Reality check for the Australian Federal Police: China and North Korea are the same overlapping dictatorship. The AFP have no right to fraudulently steal Australian taxes to prop-up criminals carrying-out massive computer hacking operations in Australia. If the Australian Federal Police is an ally of Communist China why don't they live there?  

Remember how the Australian Tax Office ignores religious scams selling tax-exempt breakfast cereal to China, and you realize we have a trillion dollar debt because we are a nation of imbeciles. Don't ever talk about high interest rates or our trillion dollar national debt because 'public servants' created it.

9 May 2024

As Australian As A Totalitarian EV

While war drags on in Ukraine and Palestine, fat dictator Xi Jinping is parading around far-right Eastern European countries pretending Communism is a functioning system for his 1.4 billion serfs. Xi flies the globe in a capitalist Boeing 747 because any airliner built by China would be a death trap. Even Xi would not be stupid enough to fly on it.

If North Korea made EV's Australia's corrupt media would advertise them. Our media specialize in propping-up a dictators. All the media companies are helping China dump cheap cars in Australia as if they are legitimate products. They are not.

MG's are a Chinese brand

To learn more about Chinese cars check this video. 🠉 🠉 🠉  In an accident the air bags fail, the batteries catch fire and the victims are trapped inside by the central locking. Way to go Aussies! If you need spare parts forget it. Just buy another one.

Look at the hypocrite Australian media that advertises this stuff?








Peter Costello's 9 network constantly takes communist cash to advertise TEMU garbage while warning us of the Chinese threat. Australian media oligarchs get their brains from Temu.

The Great Wall ute screengrab is from news.com part of the Murdoch empire who also push communism. The Murdoch cartel crippled Australia's economy for centuries by denying climate change up to the point it became catastrophic. Their Fox Corp new boy Tony Abbott still denies climate change. The Murdochs should be in prison for crimes against humanity. Sky News is hate speech media. No wonder Abbott is on the board?

China is the World's biggest greenhouse gas emitter so don't believe their EV hype. Dictator Xi Jinping doesn't care about destroying the Earths climate to keep his 1.4 billion serfs living in digital delusion.