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5 Feb 2021

Small Man Syndrome And The Russia-China Block


Putin is a small man addicted to power to compensate for his short stature. Unfortunately he has no leadership qualities and has tried to drag Soviet-era KGB human rights atrocities into the 21st Century.

Putin has blood on his hands. He will never criticize Xi Jinping and his Maoist thugs. Putin does not criticize Kim Jong-un and they will never have a bad word to say about him. 

This is all just too convenient for the cold war remnants but what about the rest of us?

Today Australia is being intimidated and squeezed as the Maoists move South on the their quest for 'Lebensraum'. Somehow the China has to accommodate the biggest population explosion in the history of the entire planet yet Xi Jinping never looks at the massive unoccupied land mass around him that is Soviet Asia.

Have a look at this graphic of the Earth's surface and realise how distorted the Maoist World view really is? They already own 1.88% of the habitable Eart's surface but are ignoring the massive 3.34% that is Russia. Instead they look hungrily at Australia with 1.51% of the habitable Earth and most of that is not too habitable unless your are a lizard. Communist China is well on the way to economically colonising Australia with a perverse trading regime weighted heavily in their favor.

Australians own none of China, cannot buy their currency and have nobody in the Central Committee. The Maoists have turned Australians upon each other, ruthlessly exploiting the corrupt LNP government and it's idiotic leader Scott Morrison. China is exploiting the LNP's astronomical debt.

Only Australians could go broke living in one of the richest countries on Earth.

So why can't Xi Jinping annex Siberia? Most of it is empty. What could Putin do? He would not launch a nuclear strike on his old Communist allies because it goes against his KGB brainwashing. Putin only pretends to be a strong man. He doesn't know if he's capitalist or communist or if it's 2021 or 1959. 

China could just walk into Russian Siberia and annex it like they did with Tibet. Putin would just sit in his palace.

1 Feb 2021

How Much Will Microsoft Bing Pay Scott Morrison's Media Mates?

Scott Morrison (Scumo) and Josh Frydenberg want to force Google but not Bing to pay Australian conservative media tycoons for generating traffic to their newspapers.

Bing search links directly to a newspaper

We just opened Bing, typed in 'Craig Kelly' and the first link is to the Guardian. Why isn't Bing paying the Guardian for generating traffic to it's newspaper? Why isn't the Guardian paying Craig Kelly for news content? This proves how unworkable Morrison's plan is and shows how sick his thinking is.

Linking to webpages is actually what a search engine does and if Google carries out it's threat and leaves Australia then people will have to use alternative search engines like Bing.

But why isn't Bing being forced to pay for news links? This smells like corruption from Scumo because that's what it is. Morrison in his arrogance thinks he can tell search engines how to search when he has no technical knowledge. This is the same buffoon who told a farmer he doesn't know one end of a sheep from the other. 

Its probable Scumo is only in office because low-IQ Australians were manipulated into voting conservative by his criminal 'sports rorts' scheme. Of course, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp did their bit to keep the corruptoid in power.

One so called 'news organisation' that will get income from Google is News Corp. This is a company that pays almost no tax in Australia because it supports corruptoids like Scott Morrison. 

We haven't mentioned Facebook because we don't support facebook and it's user-tracking agenda.

Inside Tasmania realises people like Morrison (and his mate Trump) do incalculable damage to a functioning society. These are small picture thinkers projecting their delusions onto the planet and hoping people miss how incompetent and delusional they really are.

That's why we are enjoying Morrison's little problem. However this pans-out Australia will be poorer for it and Morrison will be exposed to more guilt and culpability. Imagine crippling the Earths best search engine just because you are a psychopath?

23 Jan 2021

Morrison Was A Trump Disciple

Of course Scott Morrison did not publicly condemn Trump's attack on the Capitol building because Morrison is 'baby Trump'.

Instead were got 'incredibly disappointing' from Scumo.

screenshot from the Guardian

You can bet Scumo thought the outcome of the US election was also 'incredibly disappointing'.

The truth about these events is the election of corrupt, infantile and self-serving imbeciles. They are regularly elected in the US and Australia (and Uganda, Belarus and the Philippines) by ignorant and manipulated voters. 

The voters ignorance is that there is some sort of payoff by putting corrupt dictators into office. There is none.

For example. Before leaving office Trump pardoned Republican donor Elliot Broidy. "Last October, Broidy had pleaded guilty to a charge that he illegally lobbied Trump to drop an investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)". This means Trump enabled the theft of Malaysian taxpayers funds. We say this is something Scott Morrison would have done because he is also corrupt. He uses Australian taxpayers funds to get himself re-elected, to build his own career in effect.

The fact people like Morrison and Trump are elected in the first place shows the profound stupidity of the electorate most of the time.

Democracy only works with an intelligent, informed electorate and we do not have that.

16 Dec 2020

Tasmanian Government Caught Peddling Communist Propaganda

There is something suspicious about graphs in the Launceston Examiner on December 3 - 2020. 

The Tasmanian Department of State Growth listed China and Hong Kong as different countries. Now that the Maoist dictatorship has crushed democracy in Hong Kong, it is devious of the Tasmanian government to pretend Hong Kong and mainland China are different countries. 

Maybe they wanted to shield Australians from the awful truth - Tasmania is totally addicted to communism.

exports from Maoist Tasmania

Below right is the communist propaganda created by the Tasmanian Government and printed by the Examiner. We fixed this misinformation and added another $120 million in exports to Communist China, bringing the total to nearly $1.3 billion.

But what about the graph below? Why was there $280 million in 'Confidential trade' between tiny Tasmania and the planets biggest dictatorship? What is the Tasmanian government trying to cover-up and why?

The Tasmanian government did not collate this data. It came from the Federal agency DFAT. The original data is here.


What is the 'confidential trade' to China? It's woodchips. The corrupt Liberals who run DFAT (Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade) are so guilty about trashing the Australian Continent they are forced to conceal their crimes. Both the Federal and State governments are covering-up the 'woodchip conveyor belt'. You will not find any woodchips in the DFAT document but many woodchip carriers depart from Tasmania for China every year.
Woodchips exported from Tasmania are more valuable than the next commodity, iron ore from Savage River exported by Chinese-owned Grange Resources.

Having foreign-owned companies export Tasmanian products to the Peoples Republic of China is the preferred business model of the Tasmanian Liberal Party.


'Every Tasmanian has a lawful right to be employed in forestry and mining provided they are committed to a Global Communist Chinese superstate'.

15 Dec 2020

How Morrison Steals Electricity From Stupid Tasmanians

photo by Simon Sturzaker

'Battery Of The Nation' Heated By Stolen Firewood

Scumo will be using $93million of taxpayers money to part-fund a second Bass Strait electricity cable called 'Marinus Link'.
The Liberal-National cartel try to spin this as an advantage to Tasmania when it is just the blatant theft of the islands hydro electricity.
Once the electricity enters the 'National Electricity Market (NEM) it is priced at the mainland power rate. This includes electricity from expensive coal-fired power plants. It means Tasmanians pay NEM prices for their electricity rather than the much cheaper hydro-only power that was built in the 1950s. Many Tasmanian hydro stations have no people and are remote controlled from Hobart.

Winters get cold in Tasmania, so the locals must choose between firewood and electricity to stay warm. Many, if not most Tasmanians cannot afford to use electricity for heating homes. That has spawned a huge firewood market much of it in firewood stolen from state forests. This firewood theft happens on an industrial scale. It's a tragedy when combined with the systematic forest removal to Communist China by the 'wood chip conveyor belt'. And all implemented by schizos who are anti-union but pro-Maoist WTF?

Scumo is oblivious to how Tasmanians stay warm in Winter or where their firewood comes from. He is only interested in stealing resources and covering his butt. 
Please Tasmanians, if you have friends who are rusted-on conservative voters it's time to cut them loose for your own future. LNP voters have put systematic criminals into office. They have dragged this once proud nation into the sewer with continuous rorting, pork barrelling and self-serving scams of every type. LNP voters are unable to think rationally and end up paying twice as much for everything by always going for short-term advantage. It is a well established fact that conservative voters have lower than average IQs.

2 Dec 2020

Fat Snake Xi Jinping Reels-In Fat Tuna Scott Morrison


In the dying weeks of the Trump presidency, we see systematic Chinese promotion of anti-Australian propaganda.

Only Australian Liberal voters supported the US-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Most sane Australians knew this was idiotic NeoCon garbage implemented by conservative scum like John Howard.

Scott Morrison is always reminding China of Australia's 'sovereignty' a word that defines the rule by force of sovereigns (self-declared elites). Scott Morrison's sovereigns ignored Aboriginal ownership of Australia and now the Maoists are ignoring Morrison's sovereignty. 

They are exploiting a huge gap in Scott Morrison's version of reality.

Where is Gladys Liu? Promoting Beijing

The fundamentals of the China-Australia conflict are laughable. Morrison has given more of Australia to China than any other PM. Morrison will never appease the voracious, overpopulated swarm of Maoist zombies.

With 1.439 billion subservient Maoists, China needs what Adolph Hitler called 'living room'. They are too gutless to expand North into comrade Putin or Kim Jong-un's fiefdoms. 

They have already invaded Tibet, Hong Kong and built military bases in the South China Sea. New Guinea is being bought for cash and now Australia is waiting for the Chinese take-over. It will not be a conventional invasion because Xi would harm too many communist Chinese already here. They must think one Maoist is worth thousands of Australians?

The Maoists study and exploit weaknesses in democracy and Morrison is an easy target. Morrison has just duped the Australian taxpayer out of $1.2 billion with the Robodebt payout - a scheme Morrison invented and fostered. Why aren't the Maoists tweeting about that? Did Gladys Liu tell them to ignore it?


Reading Gladys Liu's promotion of the Beijing-controlled Oceania Foundation (controlled by the Maoist United Front Work Department) as well as Liu's past work for Communist China, you come to the conclusion Morrison did enable a Maoist agent to be elected to Australia's Parliament.

The Maoists are still importing native forest woodchips in bulk because they know they can take what they want from Australia. With Communist agents like Berejiklian, Barilaro and the Tasmanian Liberal Party, Australians have to appeal directly to Beijing to save our forests.

Thanks to the Chinese bat virus, Australians are eating more crayfish and drinking expensive wines - products Xi has decreed are too bourgeoisie for his zombie 'workers'. 

Inside Tasmania knows there are serious economic and political divisions in Maoist China that will lead to the overthrow of dictator Xi. Some members of the CCP want to see his lifetime dictatorship terminated. In the short term, Xi will keep tormenting dumb-ass Scott Morrison and exploiting the disconnected Australian voters that put kleptomaniac Morrison into office.


graph merges Hong Kong exports into China

With just over half a million people, Tasmania has become economically dependent on totalitarian China. Disconnected but conformist Tasmanian voters and businesses have built an idiotic Communist-centric enclave below Australia.

Tasmania has supplied the bat-virus dictatorship with everything they want, so Tasmania must take a shared responsibility for Maoist crimes against humanity.

Crimes like COVID19, clearing the Amazon for Chinese beef, destroying sacred sites in the Kimberley for Chinese iron ore, the invasions of Tibet and Hong Kong, the intimidation of Taiwan, driving tanks over it's own citizens in Tiananmin Square, the systematic abuse of human rights and the imposition of a brutal and obsolete dictatorship as a social system. 

How many Tasmanians do you know living in luxury from the proceeds of Communist Chinese atrocities?

Up till now, these criminals were able to convince people trade and tourism was somehow detached from totalitarian tyranny. COVID19 proved they were lying.


Today Wentworth MP Dave Sharma warned Australians of 'a descent into McCarthyism'. That's garbage because 1950's American was not completely economically dependent on communism like Australia in 2020 is. 

To see how compromised we are look at the graph above. Also Australia's iron, wool and dairy exports. So how many Australians own land in Maoist China Dave? How many Australians in the Maoist People's Congress?

Dave Sharma should stick to what he knows about and it's not China.


13 Nov 2020

Trump - Neocon Nutcase Too Gutless To Admit He Lost The Election


While idiot clown was celebrating his reverse election win the US closes-in on 12 million COVID cases and 1/4 million COVID deaths. Way more by far than any other country on Earth!

From faraway Tasmania it seems blatantly obvious that if you can't handle the outcome of an election, then don't stand in the election.

But no, neocon nutjob Trump is so self-entitled and pampered, he thinks only he can get elected by losing an election.

We have a word here for people like Trump....'wankers'.

Whats becoming obvious to us and the World is this alleged psychopath is a dictator. Just like Hitler. Dictators don't need to be elected. If the GOP thinks the English-speaking World , let alone the 'Free World' is going to stand-bye and let democracy in the US be replaced by treason and criminality then they are in for a rude shock.

While Trump was pandering to Kim Jong Un he must have been secretly wishing he was also an un-elected dictator.

If Trump fails to hand over to Joe Biden a massive boycott of everything made in the US will take place. It will happen spontaneously. The World does not need another dictator.


Historians will look back at the Trump era as one of over-simplistic solutions to complex problems. During the COVID pandemic Trump and his delusional supporters immersed themselves in conspiracy theories and completely failed to manage the pandemic. This is the main reason he failed to win the 2020 presidential election.

4 Nov 2020

Kleptomaniac Sets-Up Anti-Corruption Commission

The Australian Liberal-Nationals have decided to have an anti-corruption commission that holds secret hearings.

30 Oct 2020

National Party Claim To Be Australia's 'Moral Compass'

original image by Alex Ellinghausen

Time to call out these idiots again. Yesterday agriculture minister David Littleproud (Little-To-Be-Proud-Of) gave a press conference about a bank's climate policy 'issues of policy and morality should be left to representative government'.

'Banks are not, and should not try to become society's moral compass and arbiter. The Australian people decide that by who they elect'. Mr LittleToBeProudOf said. So he thinks he is Australia's moral compass WTF?

These are the same corruptoids that produced the Barnaby Joyce water fraud scheme and Bridget McKenzie's sports rorts theft of public money for election purposes.

LittleToBeProudOf is so drunk on his own arrogance he thinks he is the morality and policy director of Australian banks. The backblocks Queensland hayseed is a joke.

Actually, with interest rates at almost zero because of his government's unbelievable and unlimited dept appetite, it's good to see a bank doing something for the future of the human race for a change.

For too long thief's like McCormack and LittleToBeProudOf have stolen taxpayer funds and re-directed it into their election campaigns. The LNP are definitely Australia's biggest dole bludgers by far. Australians don't pay taxes to further the  political careers of LNP half-wits. Remember that next time you give us a little parable about morality.

LittleToBeProudOf Responds To The Bushfire Royal Commission

What a pathetic joke to have this half-wit pro-coal apparatchik respond to the Royal Commission into the worst bushfires in Australia's history, as minister for Drought and Emergency Management?

Inside Tasmania implores all Australians to dump all relationships you have with the LNP and their supporters.

18 Oct 2020

How China Tried To Destroy Google And Failed

China Is Engaged In Subversion

A Google Cloud Team report released a few days ago details the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack ever carried-out on the planet.

The Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) said the attack which happened in 2017 came from China, originated in a network of four Chinese internet service providers. The 2.54Tbs attack was the culmination of a six-month campaign that utilized multiple methods to hammer Google's server infrastructure.


We ask 'why did the Maoist totalitarian dictatorship of 1.4 billion people spend 6 months trying to bring-down the Earth's leading search engine'? 

China also attempted to destroy Amazon (the company and the rain forest) with a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack. This is obviously hostile behavior and is an attack on free speech and information.

Again we will point-out some high-profile Communist enablers operating in Australia. 

Scott Morrison, Andrew Forrest of FMG, Gina Rhinehart, Rio Tinto, BHP, Sustainable Timber Tasmania and local Communist agent Guy Barnett, The Institute of Foresters Australia for legitimising the Australia-China woodchip conveyor belt and Daniel Andrews and his 'Belt and Road' lapse of consciousness.

Childishly believing Communist China is a benefactor and cash-provider to Australia is bordering on insane. Communist China and it's depraved dictator Xi Jinping are out to control the internet and the entire World economy. They are 70% on their way to enslaving Australia.

China - Get The Hell Out Of Our Forests And Aboriginal Sacred Sites

It's time to stop sleazy, pandemic-ridden Communist China from buying Australian wood chips and iron ore. You've rejected Australian wine, barley, coal and now its time to reject our wood chips and iron ore. We don't want to build your nightmare dictatorship anymore. We will expose your agents in Australia and limit your mindless expansionism.