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10 Sep 2018

The Moral Disintegration Of The Australian Liberals

We are observing an interesting dynamic in Australian political life. The Liberals were fond of pointing out the revolving door effect in the Labor leadership during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era but now they have replicated it perfectly.

Greenpeace protest at Parliament House Monday September 10
There must be a cyclic weakness in the 'machine' of party politics that moves in one direction but then goes into reverse. We are not fans of the alternate government but do acknowledge that in a broken system the intelligent voter can only punish one lot of idiots by electing the other lot of idiots. Or vote informally.

Liberal Liars Ley and Henderson backflip on live sheep exports
In a way this was predictable, after-all the Libs are some of the lowest forms of life in Australia. Sheep torturing will continue thanks to just 2 votes from the 2 Liberal 'psychopaths' who pretended they cared about animals.

Dutton lies to parliament.
So he does favors for old mates and then tells parliament he doesn't know the old mates, then releases emails proving he does? His payoff is lying to parliament and getting away with it. Pathetic. No wonder Australia is phuked?
Dutton's list of helped mates gets longer - we predict he can never admit to corruption
Apparently Dutton tried to get jobs for 2 Queensland Police force mates with Australia's border security agency. We have seen this kind of denial before. Dutton will never admit to corruption of any kind. That sets-up an interesting situation. The Liberal Party will have to publicly embrace corruption or some other situation will end Dutton's career. 

30 Aug 2018

Inside The Global-Mark Certification Protection Racket

Business certification group Global-Mark (GM) was founded in 2004 by a French mechanical engineer named Herve Michoux. By 2018 Global-Mark was certifying the entire Tasmanian logging industry as well as many other programs including plumbing, fire safety, training etc. GM are now players in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Herve Michoux
Herve Michoux has turned GM into a multinational company. GM are certifying Chinese manufactured products and have an office in Europe. Herve started the National Standards Development Organisation in Australia and has become a success story since arriving here 30 years ago.

The certification merry-go-round
Certification companies like GM are in turn certified by 'accreditation companies' such as Jas-ANZ  Responsible Wood and ASI who are responsible to the standard owners who are not responsible to anybody. For example, FSC claim to promote responsible management of forests, yet when have humans been able to manage anything responsibly, including themselves? The certification systems are just products without any legal basis and without real accountability.

This is a vast corporate protection racket in our view. It has replaced ethical and moral values and what was once called 'goodwill' with a lot of meaningless ticks and logos traded as commodities. Certification provides an official looking smokescreen behind which corruption can flourish.

Nepotism at Global-Mark

We found 5 people at Global-Mark with the surname 'Michoux'.  Benoit Michoux is probably Herve's brother and runs the French connection.

We believe Herve's wife Maria and daughters Laurent and Meilyn all work for GM at the North Ryde office.
It seems nepotism has spread to the staff with Tasmanian auditor Wayne Tibbits doing certification visits with alleged relative 'Jonathan Tibbits'. GM should award themselves a certificate for nepotism.

Certification fraud at Global-Mark

While investigating an alleged forged letter published by GM in relation to Reliance Forest Fibre, we discovered GM had issued multiple forest certificates to a company that legally didn't exist. Reliance Forest Fibre (RFF) was registered in the Cayman Islands in 2017 specifically to buy publicly-owned eucalypt plantations from the Tasmanian government. RFF then bought woodchip exporter Smartfibre and registered the entity with ASIC on March 16 2018. Unbelievably, Global-Mark published a full set of certificates online on March 6 2018 before RFF trading as Smartfibre had legally come into existence.


Global-Mark issued a set of certificates to RFF on March 6 which is the 'Certificate Last Update Date' and also the 'document creation date' in the document properties. That was 10 days before Reliance Forest Fibre trading as Smartfibre had became a legal trading entity in Australia. The set of fraudulent certificates is available here. 
In May Global-Mark issued the same set of certificates to RFF with different dates on them. They are on the GM website. 
GM also issued the same set of certificates to the previous owners of Smartfibre.
It's not possible to certify a company that doesn't exist so we call it 'fraud'. 

Why did this happen?
GM refused our requests for comment, so we can only surmise what they were doing: When large US corporation Global Forest Partners entered the Tasmanian logging industry using front company RFF, the cash registers were ringing so loudly at Global-Mark they failed to cover their tracks. What happened next shows why their certification is a scam, but it tells a deeper story.

In the 'gold standard' FSC system, we observed that resources and geographic sites rather than 'forest managers' and trading entities are being certified. Forestry companies change hands regularly and the Australian FSC system simply 'warehouses' certificates until a new owner appears and begins paying the certification fees. Certification is more about cash flow than standards or ethics. Certification fees are expensive with Global-Mark currently charging $2,000 per auditor day and $250 per hour for reviews.

The fees are a tax deduction for logging companies but in Tasmania they also buy you an auditor like Dr Wayne Tibbits. Tibbits is a logging insider with an alleged history of modifying eucalyptus trees. Tibbits failed to answer a series of questions pertaining to engineered trees and the FSC controlled wood standard in July 2018.
We tried a number of times to obtain a comment from Global-Mark and Dr Tibbits with no response. As a result we no longer engage in the fake FSC system or any of the lesser 'cash for certificates' schemes. FSC regards a palm oil plantation as a 'forest' when it is actually a 'crop'. The GM-certified plantations in Tasmania are crops not forests. For this reason FSC is a fake system.

Convict-based Tasmania is built on corruption. Here, the standard method is to use taxpayer funds to establish tree plantations, harvesting, transportation etc, and then 'privatise' the profits through a company controlled by a 'mate'. The GFP-RFF-Tasmanian government deal follows the blueprint exactly. Was Global-Mark getting kickbacks? We may never know, but GM should award certificates for 'corruption'.

The Global-Mark tragedy unfolding in Tasmania.
The state flower of Tasmania is eucalyptus globulus or 'bluegum'. The flowers are the main food source of critically endangered swift parrots. Tasmania can have up to 100,000 hectares of bluegum plantations at any time, but thanks to people like Wayne Tibbits and Herve Michoux no parrots will ever feed in these plantations because the trees are sterile. Tibbits knows that but refuses to talk about it. We doubt if Michoux has even been to Tasmania or ever been in an Australian native forest.

Global-Mark does not certify real bluegums like these

Tasmanians have learned that to get offside with this corrupt industry can have serious consequences. Environmentalists have been murdered in Tasmania allegedly by the logging-obsessed government. Today, huge swathes of the island have been transfered to foreign-owned forest funds, all registered in tax havens. Australian-owned companies are minor players because the margins on woodchips to Asia are pathetically low making tax avoidance mandatory. GM should issue certificates for tax avoidance.

The only market for Tasmanian woodchips is Asia but the Asian market is also degrading the quality of life of every person and unborn person on the planet due to climate change. 
Michoux is certifying everything except the future of the planet, which is obviously insignificant to him or GM. They should issue certificates for pushing China's population over 2 billion people.

Tree plantations provide almost no employment for decades. So why is Herve Michoux's system locking-up Tasmania and transferring it into foreign ownership? Would Michoux do that to France or is he exploiting the low-IQ of Australian politicians? Global-Mark should issue certificates for destroying the Australian economy.

Michoux and Tibbits have inflicted a loss-loss situation onto Tasmania, Australia and the rest of the planet. The allegedly corrupt, self-serving, nepotic and anti-Australian operatives at Global-Mark financially benefit from degrading the quality of life for all Australians. The GM hypocrites are charging hundreds if not thousands of companies for 'compliance' while they fail to comply with any ethical standards at all. Corporate certification is similar to the derivatives products that caused the last financial meltdown. How about a certificate for immoral corporate behavior?

If you are in business anywhere in the world don't waste your time and money on the fraudulent certification schemes peddled by Global-Mark. Overpopulation, climate change and collapsing global ecosystems will force humans back to a simpler way of life. Companies will return to trading goods and services rather than imaginary products. The Australia Aborigines lived here sustainably for 50 thousand years so it is possible. Our forests evolved over millennia without 'foresters' and with no infantile little certification ticks peddled by corporate parasites like Global-Mark.

24 Aug 2018

Today The Psychopath Party Elected A Leader

As the Great Barrier Reef dies and Australia is smashed by climate change, then treasurer Scott Morrison bought a lump of coal into parliament so members of the the LNP (Liberal National Psychopaths) could admire it and fondle it.
Now the Psychopath Party have elected him and Josh Frydenberg as PM and deputy.

Let's not forget one of the persistent architects of Malcolm Turnbull's downfall was Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz, a man who represents just 0.18% of the Australian electorate. Abetz has spent his whole time in the senate undermining Australia, selling our land to a hostile foreign power and working towards creating a superstition-riddled, medieval theocracy in Australia. These people never act in the national interest because they are probably psychopaths.
According to Morrison's Wikipedia page he is a follower of 'Pentecostalism'
although he has 2 daughters conceived by IVF. Does that put him on the same page as Erich Abetz? We don't know and don't care because we think 'science' is running everything and people acting on 'faith' alone are a danger to the rest of us. Imagine a 'faith based defense force'? Rubbish isn't it?

17 Aug 2018

12 Aug 2018

Abortion Scandal Caused By Hodgman's Top Adviser

UPDATE The Payout and Confidentiality Agreement
Cricket Tasmania has backed-down from a Federal Court case they would have lost and paid Angela Williamson an undisclosed sum.
Given this was caused by Premier Hodgman, why did Cricket Tasmania use it's members money to prop-up the bizarre religious dogma of Hodgmans Party? Or did the money actually come from Hodgman hidden as a 'grant'? This is corrupt Tasmania after all?

The 'Tasmanian Abortion Sacking' Was Caused By Will Hodgman's Top
Adviser 6 Months Ago
Inside Tasmania discovered the sacking of Angela Williamson was caused by
Premier Will Hodgman's principal adviser Martine Haley's fake Twitter and Facebook accounts.
The ABC broke this story in March 2018.
"A chief Liberal adviser used a fake online account in an apparent attempt to have a woman reprimanded by her employer for speaking out about a lack of abortion services in Tasmania".
"Documents showed the email account was even used to send photos of a woman's comments on Twitter about abortion to her employer". 
This must have been the Angela Williamson case or is Hodgman's government so demented they have been destroying other womens lives as well? 
Did Martine Haley do the anti-abortion trolling while in Hodgman's office and was she being paid by the taxpayer to do it? That's easy to find out. 
Will Hodgman is looking more and more incompetent and psychopathic (slit your wrists) every day. Last week we revealed Hodgman's father Michael Hodgman failed to report the Hutchins School pedophile ring to police.

Photo Paul Scrambler The Examiner

Health Minister Ferguson, Lets Talk About Abortion
We have seen media reports about how Tasmania does not have abortion clinics because apparently you don't believe in abortion. In our idiotic political system there is supposed to be a line between church and state but we all know it doesn't exist.

Lets have a 'theological discussion'?
You are on record saying 'make your pollies feel uncomfortable' about abortion. OK, lets do just that? You claim to be 'Christian' yet the 'Bible' doesn't even mention the word 'abortion'. If 'abortion' is important to Christians then why isn't it in the Bible?
Obviously, there has been some real manipulation regarding what Christians are being told to believe. It appears all rational discussion is being suppressed by over-zealous people identifying as 'Christian'.

Just like 'abortion', there are no kangaroos or emus in the Bible, yet they are on the Australian coat of arms.
This appears to be because the people who wrote the Bible didn't know the Australian continent existed. Yet those writers claimed to be either inspired by or recording the 'word of God'. Therefore, 'God' had a good reason for not telling them other continents existed. Which raises two interesting points. God was either protecting the Australian continent from invaders, or didn't think they should know about Australia at all.

Lets expand on those 2 points? If God thought Australia must remain unknown, then why are you a health minister in Australia? Shouldn't you be a health minister somewhere mentioned by God in the Bible?
If God was trying to protect the Australian continent from invaders (like yourself) then why are you defying the 'word of God' by living here?

So according to the Bible you are defying the 'word of God'. As well as that, you have taken it on yourself to condemn a medical procedure even though you are not a doctor and the Bible does not even mention it.

The point I am making is that these are all your contradictions. They don't even exist in the 'real world'. You are projecting your unsubstantiated delusions onto the very people you claim to 'represent'. Do you even know what your job is or do you just invent some feverish apparition and start to enforce it?

We are surrounded by technology and today people demand to have rational explanations of events and ideas. You have provided no rational explanation of your ideas on abortion at all. You may as well be health minister in Disneyland.

11 Aug 2018

Coal Mining Uses Huge Amounts of Electricity - The Liberal Lawyers Are Lying Again

electric dragline removing overburden

The Liberal Lawyers like Abbott, Turnbull and Frydenberg are lying about coal mining. Along with their corrupt Queensland LNP partners they are out to mislead the Australian public.

This sucker uses 27 megawatts of power

Draglines and overburden conveyor bridges used in coal mining are the largest vehicles on Earth and use huge amounts of electricity. In the early days switching-on a dragline would black-out half of Queensland. The Krupp Bagger 288 consumes 16.56 megawatts of electricity continuously.

In Australia this power comes from the network mix of generators including the Snowy Mountains, rooftop solar, Hydro Tasmania and fossil fuel-powered generators.

The proposed Adani Carmichael mine will supply Indian power plants with electricity for up to 100 million people. It has nothing to do with Australian domestic consumption.

Australia has enough electric capacity for our domestic needs but the Liberal Lawyers have to export the coal to repay debt. That's the real situation. All of the 'developed' nations are drowning in debt and have mortgaged themselves centuries into the future.

Have a look at the 3 'debt clocks' on our links above to see how catastrophic this debt has become. It's also why interest rates are held low and people's savings earn zilch.

The government orders government department the Reserve Bank to hold interest rates low so the government doesn't use 100% of your taxes to pay interest on loans. (forget the principle they're busting their guts to just pay interest)

British-born lawyer Tony Abbott probably wants to use the revenue from projects like Carmichael to repay government debt. That is debt signed-off by politicians like Tony Abbott, not the 'mums and dads' of Australia. The horrendous consequence of this insane thinking is that suddenly hundreds of millions of Indians can continue reproducing to increase their current 1.3 billion people. Already billions of Asians have destroyed the Earth's climate producing astronomical amounts of greenhouse gases.

Australia is run by incompetent lawyers who refuse to acknowledge cause and effect. All we need to remember in Australia when their mouths are moving is one word - DEBT. Lawyer Malcolm Turnbull's 'pumped hydro' is just 'pumping shit uphill'. That's his best thinking.

Developed nations are going to have to default on all debt or face annihilation at the hands of an Asian-altered climate.

4 Aug 2018

How The Tasmanian Liberals Killed Somebody For Shoplifting

Contains disturbing content.
This tragic story completed a theory we have about the British legal system that was transported to Tasmania in the 1800's. That system is maintained today by some very sick alleged psychopaths in Will Hodgman's government. We will return to this theory after the following shocking story.

From the ABC
Marjorie's Law audio
The mother of Martin Harwood, who identified as Marjorie, said she always knew her child was "different".
She said Marjorie, who she still referred to as Marty despite acknowledging she was a transgender woman, turned to alcohol and crime after enduring years of bullying.
Ms Harwood said Marjorie was in and out of jail several times and went back to Hobart's Risdon Prison about a year ago.
"And I used to say to the magistrate 'can you please put him somewhere safe'," she said.
She alleged while in prison, Marjorie was gang raped by a group of men and hospitalised, and that the injuries were so significant Marjorie needed a colostomy bag.

"He said 'Mum, they raped me. Five of them," Ms Harwood said.
A spokesman for the Tasmania Prison Service said allegations of serious offences were referred directly to Tasmania Police for investigation.
Police have no record of the alleged rape, which was never reported.
Last month Marjorie, 38, died from kidney failure.
Ms Harwood said Marjorie had kidney disease since she was a child, but after the alleged rape she lost the will to live. "The doctor offered him dialysis numerous times," she said.
"[Marjorie said] 'no I don't want dialysis mum I want to die'. That is hard for a mother to accept."

Inherent in the British legal system is the notion that punishment must exceed the crime by many orders of magnitude. That's how 75,000 Brits were transported to Tasmania for minor 'offenses' like stealing a handkerchief or a loaf of bread. Meanwhile, an entire race was being 'ethnically cleansed' in Tasmania, orchestrated by the depraved British. Nobody was ever charged with murder for killing Aborigines in Tasmania. (add a comment if you disagree, all agree so far)

Also inherent to the British legal system is the assumption that 'sentencing' will include additional punishment like being bashed and raped in jail. The Brits are completely obsessed with judging, punishing and convicting people for breaches of their infantile class system. A system perpetuated in totality by the Tasmanian Liberal Party.

It's often alleged pedophilia is a requirement of Britain's ruling elite. For some perverse reason Tasmania's British colonial heritage is celebrated and glorified by the Tasmanian Liberal Party.
Men in frocks and wigs pass judgment on men in frocks and crucifixes that rape children in churches.
The 'Anglican' cult have been forced to sell 76 churches in Tasmania because they spent decades raping children.
How many cases of religious pedophilia ever saw justice in Tasmania and why were they covered-up?

Will Hodgman's Father Failed To Report Hutchins Pedophile Ring To The Police 
Premier Hodgmen attended a school that hid a pedophile ring for decades. In evidence given to a royal commission, an ex-teacher said half the staff at Hutchins were pedophiles. Will Hodgman's father Michael Hodgman advised the teacher to 'say nothing' about the pedophile ring at Hutchins. Interestingly, this appears similar to what the Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson was charged with.
Alleged architect of Tasmania's toothless 'Integrity Commission' Jim Wilkinson also attended Hutchins School.
Nobody ever faced justice over the Hutchins School pedophile ring.
Liberal Senator Eric Abetz's children attended a religious school where sexual abuse occurred. Notice a pattern here? It appears politicians who are 'monarchists' often attended schools with active pedophile rings or covered-up pedophile rings.

We allege Hodgman is controlled by extreme religious 'fundamentalists' in his own party. We allege this fundamentalist 'cult' are opposed to abortion, voluntary euthanasia, gay marriage, but most of all people having free will. Their entire reality is based on controlling other people. It appears these pathetic, brainwashed, and deluded individuals have imposed a 'theocracy' in Tasmania. They often have cheerful facebook pages but in reality are members of an an alleged 'Armageddon cult'. It appears they want to achieve an 'end of the world' for their own demented reasons.

One way they do this is by growing the population. Woman are forced to have many babies without contraception. They deny abortion while children were sexually abused and the perpetrators rarely faced justice. Just selling churches is not going to stop this 'pedophile cult'. Tasmania is a giant black smear across the fabric of Australian society, if not civilisation itself.

Update. "Queensland police have confirmed detectives are reviewing new evidence that has come to light against former governor-general Peter Hollingworth". Hollingworth was appointed by Liberal PM John Howard. Why are there such persistent and strong links between the Liberal Party and pedophile rings? Are the Liberal Party concealing a pedophile ring?

31 Jul 2018

Watching The Liberal Lawyers Bungle Forestry In Tasmania

The Liberal Party are composed almost entirely of lawyers. You could call it a 'cabal'. The Australian public have finally realised the cabal has no basic concept of reality and responds in an ad-hoc and reactive manner.

The Liberal Lawyers are actually a 'Climate Change positive feedback loop'. As droughts, bushfires and catastrophic weather events smash Australia's bottom line, the cabal react by logging more forests, clearing more land, mining more coal and growing the population to compete with India and China. The Liberals main drivers are greed, paranoia and stupidity. (in that order)

The heart of an Australian lawyers' education is the maintenance of a colonial hereditary monarchy. Added-on are the contradictory ideas of 'equal opportunity', 'anti-discrimination' and freedom of speech and religion. As a result of their illogical training, an Australian lawyer believes in the intellectual equivalent of the Easter Bunny. They cannot tolerate critical analysis because they know they are just intellectual frauds.
A Liberal Lawyers thinking is based-on layers of 'privilege and entitlement' rather than layers of 'cause and effect'. No wonder they are a hilarious but devastating train wreck in slow motion?

1. Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP) sells a woodchip loading facility to a Cayman Islands-registered shelf company (RFF) so NSFP can build another woodchip loading facility, only to be blocked by an industrial fish farming company. The Liberals thought this was an issue for the companies to sort-out. They couldn't.
We predict questionable FSC certification company Global-Mark will transfer the Smartfibre controlled wood certificates to both NSFP and RFF.

2. Hodgman funds Hermal Group to manufacture CLTP (cross laminated timber panels) from Forico's pulp wood plantations.
Premier Hodgman gave wealthy Victorian Ron Goldschlager $13 million and a $30 million loan to kick off the project. Remember, Forico's 'genetically enhanced' nitens were developed over a 20 year period specifically to make paper. Nobody has ever made CLTP from pulpwood trees.
3 months later, the Tasmanian Liberal Cartel got UTAS (University of Tasmania) to issue a research grant to see if it's possible to make CLTP from pulpwood. Will Hodgman handed over $43 million before knowing if pulpwood trees can make CLTP.
The above screengrab is from the semi-literate UTAS research proposal. And UTAS is an institution of higher learning WTF?

Barnett, Goldschlager, Hodgman

3. Realising they can't export woodchips from anywhere in Southern Tasmania, the Liberal Lawyers hire Evan Rolley, alleged Labor head of Paul Lennons office, ex-CEO of Forestry Tasmania and accomplished forestry pyrotechnics expert. Rolley is also alleged to have bought Ta Ann to Tasmania, after studying with Hamed Sepawi at the ANU in 1974.
A month has passed and no Southern woodchip port is announced. Maybe Rolley will never announce it? One thing that ties Barnett and Rolley is their love of secrecy. Rolley has had TV docos suppressed and Barnett would sell the whole of Tasmania to China if he thought nobody was watching.

Guy Barnett (who looks like he is experiencing deep existential pain) was so impressed by Rolley he hires him to the board of 'Private Forests Tasmania' which believe it or not is a government department. (Don't you love living on an island where hardly anyone understands English?) What an excellent appointment, but wouldn't Rolley better serve as 'Special Minister For Denying Forestry Caused Devil Facial Tumor Disease'? This is a theory that won't go away, so who better to manager it than expert in wine, forestry, shipping, dairying and plywood Evan Rolley? Evan Rolley is so talented in so many fields he could be the next Liberal Premier of Tasmania.

16 Jul 2018

Tasmania Is The FSC Toilet Roll Of Asia

We Allege An FSC Conflict of Interest at Global-Mark
Toilet paper is made from woodchips. With 1.4 billion people, China is the Worlds largest market for toilet paper.
The Tasmania-Asia woodchip conveyor belt works 24-7, shipping woodchips to pulp mills, mostly in China and Taiwan. Often the woodchips are shipped in huge bulk carriers once used to transport coal.
The Asians don't care where the woodchips come from and the perpetually cash-strapped Tasmanian government are only too willing to grow the Asian population explosion by supplying them with everything they want.

Why Tasmania is permanently broke is another story, born out of Tasmania's awful European history as a dumping ground for British convicts and the genocide orchestrated by an elitist colonial regime.
The same kind of people that wiped-out the Tasmanian Aborigines and opposed ending convict transportation are still in government today. They are a corrupt, inward-looking gang of ideologues that only exist in regional outposts like Tasmania.

Both native forest and plantation eucalypts are used for woodchips. The plantation woodchips are FSC 'controlled wood' and 'chain of custody' and are all certified from one desk at Global-Mark North Ryde in Sydney.
The main eucalypt plantation players are Forico and Smartfibre. Forico are a front-end for British pension funds based in the Channel Islands. Forico bought Gunns 'genetically improved' e.nitens and e.globulus plantations. Smartfibre are a front-end for 'Reliance Forest Fibre' operating from a taxhaven in the Cayman Islands. Obviously the Tasmanian government are highly impressed by tax avoidance?

Smartfibre/Reliance are part of US Global Forest Partners. They 'leased' 29,000 hectares of Forestry Tasmania's pulpwood plantations on public land for 99 years. What an idiotic deal? Imagine what will be happening on this 'public' land a century from now?

Established at a cost of $3,348 per hectare, the Forestry Tasmania plantations are probably the worlds most expensive tree plantations. They were sold for just $2,093 per hectare and the public was informed on Facebook about the write-down of their asset.
Tasmanians went without medical treatment and adequate schooling to establish these ridiculously over-priced plantations. Where in the civilised world would the health minister put out a media release about the sale of trees?

The Greens Party always supported tree plantations because they think plantations protect native forests. (The Greens have only just realised that ecological destruction is caused by global overpopulation). As a result tree plantations have had no political opposition in Tasmania.

For 2 decades there has been an effective propaganda campaign run by tree plantation companies to essentially cover-up the fact they are not growing normal trees.

The 2 eucalypt species used in Tasmania, nitens and bluegums have been intensively developed over a 30 year period. Tree breeding in Tasmania became a local obsession peaking in the late 80's and early 90's and resembling the 'Tulip Mania Bubble'. An island of half a million people had 3 or 4 university departments devoted to tree modification. They wrote endless papers, had conferences, tours and had a distorted idea of the importance of 'engineered trees'. The genetic tree breeders became an academic 'cult' insulating themselves from outside input.

Inside Tasmania believes it is now very difficult for Global-Mark, Forico and Global Forest Partners to prove the nitens breeding programs do not contain genetically engineered material.

ABC misspelt Rasmussen

The researcher above, Gillian Rasmussen spent at least a decade working with Dr Wayne Tibbits. They worked together at APPM in 1991 and at North Eucalypt Technologies and North Forest Products up until 2000.

The same Dr W.N.Tibbits now does FSC auditing for Global-Mark on the very trees he helped develop. Conflict of interest or something more sinister?

The probable vector of genetically modified material entering North Forest Products nitens breeding program was from 'overseas infusions'. Here genetic material was merged into the 'rolling front' clonal breeding program. The trees are created from cells, not seeds.

The 'genetic material' (above) from Fletcher Challenge may have been transgenic. "Since 1995, Fletcher Challenge Forests worked with Genesis Research and Development Corporation, New Zealand’s biggest biotechnology company, on research into genetic modification of trees".
In 1999 Fletcher Challenge Forests, Genesis, Monsanto, International Paper and Westvaco announced a US$60 million joint venture. The joint venture company, called ArborGen, produces genetically modified tree seedlings. In 2001 Rubicon was spun-off Fletcher Challenge Forests. ArborGen was bought-out by NZ company Rubicon last year.
Rubicon NZ or Rubicon Victoria?

There are Fletcher Challenge Forestry transgenic patents going back to 1997. The patents from Fletcher Challenge, Genesis, Rubicon and Arborgen involve the agrobacterium-mediated genetic modification of trees including eucalypts.

Back in 1986 Dr Tibbits wrote his thesis on 'Frost Resistance in Eucalyptus Nitens'. Unfortunately, selective breeding can only produce trees where frost resistance is the best result of natural selection over millions of years. It cannot produce the huge economic gains demanded by forestry companies. Why is frost resistance no longer an issue in 2018 and how was it solved?

In 1990 Dr Tibbits won a Churchill Scholarship around the world trip visiting many forestry biotech companies.

The above grab from Dr Tibbits Churchill report indicates he saw advantages in engineering sterile eucalyptus trees. Does Dr Tibbits still support genetically engineered trees? Does he support induced sterility in trees? If so why is he implementing the FSC 'no genetically modified trees' policy?

Does Dr Tibbits know why there are no photos of flowering plantation nitens in Tasmania?
Does Dr Tibbits know why the tree plantations he audits do not produce seed and why plantation owners are forced to return to the clonal nursery to get their next rotation?
Did Dr Tibbits notice Gillian Rasmussen was 'engineering supertrees' in the lab they shared at Ridgley Northern Tasmania?
Does Dr Tibbits know why increased cell size for pulp wood is no longer a research priority when it was once so important?
Does Dr Tibbits know why reduced lignin content is no longer a research priority when it was once so important?
Does Dr Tibbits know why the 1997 Shell patent "Genetic transformation of eucalyptus species towards the modification of fibre characteristics" refers specifically to North Forest Products and Ridgley where he worked?

Does Dr Tibbits know why there were 'confidential reports' on the 'Fletcher Challenge Paper Eucalyptus nitens breeding population' provided to Forestry Tasmania?

Inside Tasmania hopes Dr Wayne Tibbits can answer these questions. In our view the secrecy and mistrust surrounding the unnatural e.nitens plantations in Tasmania has put the forestry companies, Global-Mark and FSC Australia into disrepute.

Global-Mark quote "Global-Mark will not: – Offer certification when relationships that threaten impartiality cannot be eliminated or minimised.
– Certify a client when the company relationship with a management systems consultancy poses an unacceptable threat to impartiality."


15 Jul 2018

Meet The Tasmanian Minister For Gassing Horses

Almost 6 months ago 16 prized polo ponies were gassed to death on the Bass Straight ferry Spirit of Tasmania. The ferry is operated by government-owned TT Line. The responsible minister for TT Line is Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff.  (above right)
Now at the end of July, the government investigation into itself has still not revealed what happened.

This is what we read on another Tas website
16 horses were gassed to death at 2.00 am. In the middle of Bass Strait.
A second truckload of horses on the opposite side of the Spirit of Tasmania were not affected. 

Approximately 10 diesel powered refrigerated containers were in use very near to the horses.
Regulations limit the number of refrigerated containers to 2.

So why has it taken 6 months for Jeremy Rockliff to discover nothing? 
The minister investigating what happened is Sarah Courtney Minister for Primary Industry.

Sarah, who appears to live the life of an entitled socialite is the minister responsible for the DPIPWE inquiry that appears to be protecting another incompetent minister.

This is more corruption from people who are so self-absorbed and deluded that they think they will get away with gassing horses.

In light of no other information from the Hodgman government regarding the dead horses we have accepted this version as fact.

5 Jul 2018

Why The Australian Government Bribed Kleptocrat Najib Razak

Now that Malaysia's serial kleptocrat Razak Najib has been arrested, Inside Tasmania has important questions for the Australian Government.

Securency International
Back in 2012 a whistleblower told a Melbourne court explosive allegations concerning systematic bribery of foreign officials. "eight former executives of Reserve Bank subsidiaries Securency and Note Printing Australia (NPA) are charged with foreign bribery offences.
The charges include paying alleged kickbacks in the form of inflated commissions worth millions of dollars to foreign agents and officials, including a Malaysian arms dealer, to secure bank-note contracts overseas."  The Reserve Bank of Australia is Australia's central bank and owned by the Commonwealth.

Wikileaks and the Suppression Order 
In July 2014 the Supreme Court of Victoria issued an extraordinary suppression order covering-up the names of officials bribed by the Reserve Bank. One of them is Najib Razak. Another is Mahathir Mohamed the man who replaced him as well as the current president of Indonesia. The list makes interesting reading.
Soon after Wikileaks published the suppression order in full.
The suppression order is between 'The Queen' which essentially means the Australian Government. Reporters Without Borders said "journalists are even forbidden to mention its very existence".
According to Wikipedia, ' Justice Hollingsworth revoked the suppression order in June 2015'.

The Moral Rights Of Governments Are The Same As Individuals
The Commonwealth of Australia covered-up naming the officials it had bribed on the false grounds of 'national security'. The case was about trade and commerce not about national security so why did the state have to lie about it's motives? The Commonwealth regularly prosecutes individuals for illegal activities yet provides itself with a get out of jail card. Believe it or not Australia has laws protecting whistleblowers but in practice our corrupt, colonial, imperialist legal system protects the criminals.

The Australian Government Is Still Doing It 
In June 2018 "A former spy who exposed an Australian bugging operation against the tiny nation of East Timor has been charged with criminal offences along with his lawyer, independent MP Andrew Wilkie has sensationally revealed in Parliament."
Again the corrupt Liberal neo-colonialists will claim this case is about 'national security' when it's really only about economics. What these politicians don't understand is that a moral code applies equally, without exclusions. This is the very reason the elitist world view is disintegrating.

Take Away Message 
Like Malaysia we have lost trust in our legal system and our government. They are serial liars and compulsive manipulators. In a Liberal government stacked with lawyers we have put those with the least grasp of reality in charge of running all the things they don't understand - foreign affairs, health, the environment, social services, defence etc. Democracy is extremely fragile because it's simply the haphazard will of the average. It's easy to subvert democracy in a country like Australia...while things are going well. Today things are not going well at all. We have overcrowded cities while the Liberal lawyers pander to the Asian population crisis. We have lost nearly all manufacturing while the Liberal lawyers tell us we can make lattes and scones for each other. Our environment is dying while the Liberal lawyers tell us we need more foreigners mining coal and poisoning farmland. The truth is our Liberal government are simply psychopaths and need to be identified as such.