7 Jul 2023

The Liberal Party Is An Organised Crime Cartel But Look At Their Enablers?

The Liberal Party is a gathering point for liars, bigots, scammers and con artists. Eventually they coalesce into a criminal operation. In NSW the LNP actually merged with Middle Eastern crime gangs.

Today the Robodebt report was released on a major Liberal crime and the complete lack of remorse by the Liberal Party and their half-wit lapdogs the Nationals.

Duck and Weave himself

Morrison's testimony to the Robodebt inquiry was a desperate 'pass the parcel' charade as he attempted to deflect blame. He's had a lifetime of practice, his history a demolition derby of stuff-ups and weird cruelty. He was supposed to deliver documents to cabinet proving the scheme was illegal but of course, Scott lost them in transit.

Morrison stole multiple cabinet ministries from his own colleagues. The fact the Liberals still tolerate him today proves how corrupt they are. 

In the Robodebt inquiry, Morrison hid behind cabinet confidentiality as if coached by an allegedly corrupt lawyer like Arthur Sinodinos or John Howard. We have covered years of the Liberal garbage, rape allegations, over-strenuous denials, the endless weaponization of defamation law to hide crimes, the alleged defense ministry rape that spawned years of cover-ups including perverting the course of justice. The LNP even used the parliamentary prayer room as a male brothel. 

If nothing happened in the defense department, why did Morrison waste taxpayers money finding out when he didn't know about it? Why did he apologize for it? Pentecostals sure know how to drag an entire nation into the swamp.

Remember the sale of the Port of Darwin to Communist China by Scott Morrison? The invasion of Iraq and then Afghanistan by 'deputy' John Howard and his band of religious nutters? They actually started killing people over whose religious text was less fraudulent than the others. Yes, the Liberal Party are so dumb that they appear mentally retarded. Because they can't do any real work they end-up in politics ripping-off Australians.

Morrison is always out of the country when a Robodebt expose hits the news. Is Morrison a white collar career criminal or just insane? Nobody gets it wrong so consistently. Why doesn't Scotty tell Sevens Spotlight program why so many gays died when his father John Morrison was Chief Inspector of NSW Police in Waverley between 1987 and 1992?


Above. 3 Liberal Party media moghouls who gave us Robodebt, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the undermining of the Australian way of life and the endless promotion of corrupt politicians. 

At least 2 of these oligarchs have links to Communist China yet masquerade as free market capitalists. They are 'super-socialists in our view. We think Stokes, Murdoch and Costello are just as responsible for Robodebt as Scott Morrison. After all, they are the ones who put him in power.

LEFT.  They were backing-in Peter Dutton because he's their meal ticket to paying no corporate taxes. But now the SMH (Costello) has gone off-script and decided to get in front of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.(NACC)

This was a big break-through for Costello's Nine Network because every literate Australian knew there was a lot of corruption in Foreign Affairs and Borderforce while Dutton was Minister.

Where Labor lost the plot was getting advice from Peter Dutton on holding secret NACC hearings. Of course Dutton wanted to do it all in secret.

Above. The mainstream media's brains trust.

This week the Libs lined-up to say Gladys Berijiklian wasn't corrupt even though the NSW ICAC found she was. That's because 'corrupt' is normal behavior for everybody in the LNP.  They don't comprehend 'conflict of interest' because their heads are so far down in the trough.

We still cannot believe that 2 Liberal Prime Ministers of Australia, Howard and Abbott showed-up at a convicted pedophiles funeral to pay homage.

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