26 Jan 2024

Waleed Aly Fake Academic, Propagandist And Hypocite

 We are going after Australia's corrupt, lying Liberal media

Stop all female genital mutilation in all muslim countries before crawling onto our screens and telling us how to run Australia

On Peter Costello's SMH on Australia Day, we see a 'conservative Sunni Muslim' criticising Australia's Prime Minister.

We can still have opinions in Australia. Unlike Egypt where Waleed's family originates. Waleed's religion is continuously torturing, genital mutilating, stoning and murdering people all over the World. Rather than reforming this religion he crawls onto the pages of Liberal-owned media to stone an honest politician. Where was Waleed when Morrison was implementing Robodebt? Where was he when Morrison crippled the Australian economy with climate change?


💡 IDEA. If Waleed's religion is actually right, then as an academic Waleed would know all other religions must be wrong? Therefore, Waleed would support taxing those religions at the corporate rate because they produce nothing and don't help anybody except the victims they created.


The fact the above never happens and religions act as a bloc, tolerating each others contradictions and lies confirms religions are a scam.

Instead of taxing religious scammers, Waleed whinges about incremental changes to a broken tax system.

Next time he criticises an Australian politician, Waleed should show how he dragged I$lam out of the stone age. As an 'academic' why not run a microscope over the false assertion that a sky fairy dictated a holy book to an illiterate shepherd? It doesn't hold water and Waleed knows it. Why are his faith forced to kill those who disagree with them? People like Salman Rushdie.

We in Australia have a higher standard of rational thought than Waleed will get at Friday pr@yers. If he must have something to believe in try 'Evolution'. It's 100% scientifically verifiable, something Waleed as an 'academic' would instantly recognise as truth. 

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