7 Nov 2023

Member for Cronulla Tells Israel To Keep Killing Palestinians


Israel Really Is In Palestine 

Check the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine to see how one country ended-up inside another country. The UN crippled the Palestinian state as apparent compensation for Hitlers Holocaust of the Jews. That's what it looks like. Now Netanyahu is the one implementing a 'Final Solution' and idiots like Morrison from Cronulla appoint themselves advisors.


who looks ridiculous in a bullet-proof vest?

Scott Morrison represents the seat of Cook, based around Cronulla Beach Sydney. For Morrison, representing Cronulla involves going to Israel and arguing against a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine War. But why is Morrison giving advice on a hostage situation and a religious war when he has zero experience in either? How does this help the people of Cronulla?

Both Israel and Morrison dishonestly claim to obey 'thou shall not kill' in the Ten Commandments. Where in the Old Testament does it say the 10 commandments are optional? Why is killing people so important to them? Why are Morrison and Netanyahu lying about their religious faith? 

In our view Morrison is human trash who bungled everything he ever touched. The idiot who snatched most cabinet positions for himself without ever being able to explain why. The idiot who tortured Australians with RoboDebt because Morrison has never filled out a tax return by himself and has no idea how the tax system works.

We hope the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog does a background check on Morrison and discovers he is a scammer.

If Israel follows Morrison's advice and fails to negotiate a cease fire they will lose all of the hostages, kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians and turn the World anti-Semitic. That appears to be what has already happened. Israel has lost the PR war because people have heard the same lies for decades. Israel spent half a century forcing Palestinians into ever smaller areas while Israelis stole their land. We all know that to be true.

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