16 Aug 2023

The Religious Breakfast Cereal Tax Scam

While Australian taxpayers spend billion$ on submarines to protect us from China, The ATO calls sales of  Weet-Bix to China 'charity'.

The Solomon Islands dictator Sogavare first alerted us to the Seventh Day Adventist Church's empire building in the Pacific. Sogavare is pro-Communist China and has a Seventh Day Adventist Church named after him. Bizarrely he also masquerades as a preacher.

Communism will be a disaster for the Pacific because Communist Chinese have no human or ecological conscience. They will be worse than the missionaries who brainwashed Pacific Islanders like Sogavare. The Adventist leaders know they are peddling unsubstantiated lies about creation and life after death.

Feed The Belief or Feed The Delusion?

Image above is a Weet-Bix Yotube ad. Weet-Bix is made by Sanitarium, 100% owned by the Adventist Church. They are promoting '#FeedTheBelief' which is supposed to be about restoring declining mental health among 'Aussie kids'. We are calling this out as propaganda. 

If they really cared about Aussie kids they would not be pushing a moldy creationist theory that the universe was made in 6 days. The Seventh Day Adventists are actually causing mental illness by promoting the avoidance of reality and introducing needless contradictions into the minds of children. 

Do Adventist's show children images of crucifixions? Do they tell children God had sex with a teenage girl and fathered Jesus? The Adventists are only a sect and their dogma is optional. Therefore, they must pay tax at the corporate rate. 


Unlike Kellogg's and Uncle Toby's, Sanitarium pay no tax in Australia so they have more money to push religious propaganda on YouTube and Facebook. If they are a charity why do they even need to advertise? Competition from reputable breakfast cereal makers? They should be called the Seventh Day Advertisers.

Above. Communist China is a big market but do the Adventists pay any tax there at all? We would really like to know.

The Seventh Day Adventists Are Pushing An Illusion

There is no proof god created the entire universe in 6 days and Adventists have no right to promote this myth and then claim tax-deductibility as a charity. Why does the ATO accept non-fact checked delusion as a deduction? Why does Australia make blatant scams a deduction?

While the Morrison government was torturing Australians with RoboDebt the Seventh Day Adventists were raking-in cash by the truckload. They should be investigated for tax fraud.

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