17 Jan 2022

Jacinda Ardern Should Be Prime Minister Of Australia And New Zealand


After the massive volcanic eruption on Saturday January 15 Australia scrambled an RAAF Poseidon aircraft to carry out sightseeing. NZ sent an Orion reconnaissance aircraft and a Lockheed C-130 carrying fresh water and supplies. Water supplies on Tonga would be impacted by ash. Marise Payne and Scott Morrison are so deeply involved in buying an election they are waiting for Tonga to ask for help. Why would Tonga want COVID-infected Australians in their COVID-free islands?

                     An RAAF Poseidon takes-off from Amberley Qld.

The Australian government are the psychopaths who thought drowning Pacific islands using climate change was funny. Australia is so alcohol-dependent and disconnected from reality that psychopaths and crime figures are re-elected.

Here is a reminder of Morrison's climate change track record.  

Scott Morrison is the number one coal exporter, number two LNG exporter, largest carbon emitter per capita and largest methane gas producer on Earth.

The Morrison team think their 6 month long election campaign is about tax cuts? Its hard to come-up with something Morrison hasn't totally stuffed. He sold Darwin Port to the Maoists, he invented Robodebt, he though coal seam gas would stop the pandemic, he armed the Chinese army with iron ore, the list is almost endless. Fair-dinkum, the guy is a total liability for Australia. How did we get so corrupt?

Ulterior Motive

We watch the Pentecostal Liberals closely and we may know where video footage of destruction in Tonga will end-up. We recon the RAAF will give it to Kerry Stokes Seven West Media for the 6 o'clock news and also to Peter Costello's Nine Entertainment. Natural disasters are big money makers for media and most of them are Liberal-aligned media barons. Morrison is 100% crony capitalism and has bankrupted his own country. See if we are right?

Next Day. (Jan 18)

Sadly we were right. Watched a Channel 7 news bulletin and they had air footage from Tonga sourced from 'the Australian and New Zealand airforce'. We wonder if this disaster footage is provided for free to the media networks that keep Morrison in government?

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