2 Feb 2023

Is The Liberal Party An Ideological Fatberg?

They are like an insoluble mass of waste lodged in the public life and history of Australia. Fools, buffoons, people who think a convicted pedophile is a 'saint' even though they have no proof saints or even 'god' exists. 

Abbott on Pell's conviction 'He should not have been charged in the absence of corroborating evidence'. Abbott ignores the total lack of evidence to support the entire Catholic dogma. When it comes to pedophilia they want more evidence, when it comes to their church they don't want any at all. 

They accept the lot, virgin birth, impregnated by an imaginary being blah, blah. An entire edifice of lies that all happened in only one region of the Earth. The catholic god was supposed to have created the universe yet was only active in one dusty corner of the Middle East? This is worse than a Nigerian email scam except it's 100% tax-deductible in Australia.

Is this part of a deeper agenda? Does Tony Abbott and John Howard actually support pedophilia and worship pedophiles like George Pell? It looks like it. We have had years of Liberal detritus 'strenuously denying' their crimes. Even the littler crimes when they just pissed $1.8 billion Aussie dollars up against the wall and caused innocent Australians to suicide. We are talking about RoboDebt.

Of course an ex-attorney general wouldn't know if an illegal scheme was legal. How could he be expected to remember who thought it was legal? There were other things happening as there always is. They will sue anybody at the drop of a hat and will proclaim their innocence 'till the cows come home. The Liberal World view is a fake and a sham. It's probably just  a scam as well.

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