2 May 2022

How 'Christians' Sold The Pacific To Communist China

Australian 'charity' claims feeding Communist China is 100% tax deductible


Why Is There A 'Sogavare Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church'?

'Sanitarium is wholly owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church'. The Adventists have a church named after the PM doing secret deals with a brutal totalitarian dictatorship. Is Manasseh Sogavare so inward-looking he hasn't noticed Communism is an inhuman system only used by dictators?


Morrison is a life-long Pentecostal and Sogavare is a life-long Seventh-day Adventist. Xi Jinping could exploit them because the separation of church and state has vanished in Australia and the Solomons. Morrison recently helped Sogavare hang on to power against Solomon islanders opposed to Communist Chinese influence. This was against Australia's nation interest from a government now asking us to 'prepare for war'. Morrison has put delusion before national security.

This looks sick - fundamentalists having fun

What follows is history critical to Australia's survival. " On 16 September 2019, Sogavare's government recognised the People's Republic of China, switching recognition from the Republic of China after 36 years. The decision caused significant political and public debate in Solomon Islands. Planning Minister and former Prime Minister Rick Hou claimed Sogavare lied about the process, claiming the decision was pre-determined.

Malaita Province, however, continued to be supported by Taiwan and the United States, the latter sending US$25 million of aid to the island in 2020. The premier of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani, also held an independence referendum in 2020 which the national government has dismissed as illegitimate.

Riots broke out in November 2021 during which anti-government protesters, most of them from Malaita Province, burnt down buildings adjoining the Solomon Islands Parliament Building, while also looting Honiara's Chinatown. Sogavare himself resisted calls to resign, warning that the rioters would "face consequences" while also accusing them of being "politically motivated".

Australia responded to the unrest by deploying Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force personnel following a request from the Sogavare government under the Australia-Solomon Islands Bilateral Security Treaty. Papua New Guinea and Fiji also sent peacekeepers.

Just over 6 months ago Morrison helped save Sagavare's regime. Notice they looted Chinatown? That means Morrison helped Sogavare install Communist China in the Pacific just like he sold the Port of Darwin to Communist China.

'Manasseh' is not a Polynesian name it's Hebrew. Sogavare doesn't represent Polynesian culture but colonial missionary culture. Morrison would know 'Manasseh' is a name from the old testament..

Sogavare and Morrison are being gamed by Xi Jinping. Thanks to the perverse 'christian lobby' we have somebody incapable of rational thought pretending to be PM of Australia.


Rather than calling-out Chinese expansionism, Sanitarium rorts the Australian tax system to feed Communism. That means the sect supports the invasions of Tibet, Taiwan and Ukraine. Communist China refused to sanction Russia for invading Ukraine.


Because Sanitarium is a religion, their activities in the Communist bloc are 100% tax deductible. This is the humanitarian nightmare nutjobs like Morrison and Sogavare have created. 

Tax exemption

"Neither the Australia nor the New Zealand Sanitarium companies pay company tax on their profits, due to their ownership by a religious organisation. On their official website, Sanitarium defend their tax exemption with several points, stating they operate exclusively for charitable purposes," This is a lie.

While the rest of us 'prepare for war' Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison allow Nutri-Brex to be sold in China as a charity operation WTF? That means Australians are sleeping under bridges to subsidise the Communist Chinese military machine.

Irrational Seventh-day Adventist Thinking

A key element of Seventh-day Adventist thought is that 'god' created the universe in 6 days. A 'day' is the result of Earths rotation on it's axis, so Adventists are using a small part of the universe to time the rollout of the entire universe. They are applying 'days' to a period when days didn't exist because Earth had not been created yet. Apparently creating the universe required effort because 'god' needed the 7th day to rest.

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