9 Oct 2022

Why Can't Musk Build Teslas In A Democracy?


Even here in Tasmania there are guys who have built electric cars in their garage. So why does South African-born Elon Musk have to build them in a Marxist dictatorship? He is simply using Communist China as a concentration camp sweatshop to build his over-priced EVs. We hope he never gets control of Twitter because everything he touches is stained by totalitarianism and human exploitation.

Screengrab from HERE

Have a look at Musk's sneering face as he puts his own bank balance before the welfare of millions of human beings. His collar is often turned-up to protect him from the icy winds of his own conscience. Musk is the richest man on the planet but is he devoid of a social conscience or even another psychopath?

A quote from the Guardian. 'Musk also said China had sought assurances that he would not offer the Starlink internet service of his SpaceX rocket company there. He said Beijing had made clear its disapproval of his recent rollout of Starlink in Ukraine to help the military circumvent Russia’s cut-off of the internet'.

It shows Musk is being controlled by dictator Xi Jinping and the CCP. Musk's business interests are just photocopies of global geopolitics. Why buy a Tesla built in a Maoist dictatorship WTF? Maybe a red Tesla stained with the blood of Hong Kong democracy fighters and Ukrainians killed in the invasion Musk's Beijing handlers failed to condemn.

Musk claimed climate change is the greatest threat to humanity after AI. Artificial intelligence is not negatively impacting anyone right now but climate change is killing millions of people every year. If Musk actually cared about climate change he would be supplying conversion kits to replace internal combustion engines with electric motors.

The more Musk is manipulated by Putin and Xi Jinping the more comfortable we are driving an old gas guzzler. Musk's peace plan for Ukraine is infantile and he appears to support property theft as legitimate.

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