9 Dec 2023

In 1947 The UN Parachuted Israel Into Palestine And Created A Catastrophe


Geriatric Joe Biden Has Taken The US Backwards 75 Years

How Joe sees it - The civilians of Ukraine must be saved from Putin but the civilians of Gaza can be slaughtered by Netanyahu. The civilians of Gaza are mostly Arabs, therefore geriatric Joe is a racist.

Encouraging Israel to commit mass-murder is a sign Geriatric Joe is struggling mentally. Obviously the brain surgery failed :(  A few weeks ago we supported the US Dems, specially after a clinically insane Dump supporter tried to kidnap Nancy Pelosi and attacked her husband with a hammer. Today we have given-up on the US. It's a failed state that is too stupid to ever be great again.

Look what the US did after the 911 attack? They invaded the wrong country, Iraq had no WMD's and the US was too arrogant to apologize. They blamed their profound stupidity on Julian Assange.

Kamala Harris should take-over from Geriatric Joe right now. She's better educated and mentally coherent.


The blood-letting has been going on for decades. Rather than being 'the holy land' this is the 'incredibly retarded land'. Who is to blame? Judaism call it the 'promised land', promised by an imaginary real estate agent in the sky. The country of Israel is built entirely on fiction.

Palestinians regard it as their land of birth. They are also crippled by an aggressive and imaginary belief system. Unsubstantiated lies versus unsubstantiated lies using modern weapons to kill each other. In 1947 the UN had no right to 'partition Palestine' and parachute a tribe sharing identical brainwashing* into the middle of it.

The US is a lapdog of Israeli interests rather than humanitarian interests. Do they support Israel for religious or economic reasons? (is there a difference?) The US is not part of a World controlled by science and reason.

* There is no scientific evidence that Judaism is a race. Like most (all) religions it is based on the fear of death being eternal death.

click this map and click again for larger view

Creating new nations for religious sects is retarded. Making theocracies like Israel is not the United Nations job. Rather than preserving unsubstantiated scams the UN should be exposing them to science and rational thought.

The maintainers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam have never been able to provide a shred of evidence that any of their beliefs are fact. These religions fail fact checkers and scam watch because they are scams.

Religions spend all their time reinforcing lies as facts. Observe any religious group and see how much of their energy is spent re-programming their victims?

7 Nov 2023

Member for Cronulla Tells Israel To Keep Killing Palestinians


Israel Really Is In Palestine 

Check the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine to see how one country ended-up inside another country. The UN crippled the Palestinian state as apparent compensation for Hitlers Holocaust of the Jews. That's what it looks like. Now Netanyahu is the one implementing a 'Final Solution' and idiots like Morrison from Cronulla appoint themselves advisors.


who looks ridiculous in a bullet-proof vest?

Scott Morrison represents the seat of Cook, based around Cronulla Beach Sydney. For Morrison, representing Cronulla involves going to Israel and arguing against a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine War. But why is Morrison giving advice on a hostage situation and a religious war when he has zero experience in either? How does this help the people of Cronulla?

Both Israel and Morrison dishonestly claim to obey 'thou shall not kill' in the Ten Commandments. Where in the Old Testament does it say the 10 commandments are optional? Why is killing people so important to them? Why are Morrison and Netanyahu lying about their religious faith? 

In our view Morrison is human trash who bungled everything he ever touched. The idiot who snatched most cabinet positions for himself without ever being able to explain why. The idiot who tortured Australians with RoboDebt because Morrison has never filled out a tax return by himself and has no idea how the tax system works.

We hope the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog does a background check on Morrison and discovers he is a scammer.

If Israel follows Morrison's advice and fails to negotiate a cease fire they will lose all of the hostages, kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians and turn the World anti-Semitic. That appears to be what has already happened. Israel has lost the PR war because people have heard the same lies for decades. Israel spent half a century forcing Palestinians into ever smaller areas while Israelis stole their land. We all know that to be true.

10 Oct 2023

Religion Denies Science But Uses Science To Attack Other Religions

dysfunctional god promises holy land to rival religious cartels

Religions on this planet are constantly redefining hypocrisy. No religion can be justified scientifically and none of their claims of eternal life can be verified. That hasn't stopped religions from using science and modern technology to defend their imaginary beliefs and attack other imaginary beliefs.

Most of the World accepts these delusions and hypocrisy and it reveals how primitive human beings are.

For the record. The 1slamic text was allegedly dictated to an illiterate scribe by an angel. Today this is called 'auditory hallucination'. Yet in historical times was accepted as a fact and followers were given the power to kill people who didn't accept it.

Allegedly a god entity gave Moses 10 commandments on a clay tablet. Why didn't god give them to him on a USB drive? Was it because god had evolved to the same level as Moses and was unaware of anything else? If so why was god unaware of progress thousands of years in the future? Is this ordinary god worth worshiping at all?

These are just 2 examples of tens of thousands of contradictions and instances of highly selective and/or enforced ignorance.

The Coalitions Response To War In the Middle East

Soon after demanding Qatar Air be given more access to Australia because nobody in the Coalition realised Qatar hosts the political wing of Hamas, Sussan Ley decried PM Albanese for not going to Israel. Why should he go there? Why doesn't Sussan Ley go to Israel and stay there? These are hapless buffoons in 'zombie mode'.

Above - braying on all fronts.

Above screengrab from The Shovel.

No wonder the far-right Murdochs chose Tony Abbott as a Fox Corp board member? Abbott really is disconnected from reality and that's just what Lachlan was looking for. Who could forget Abbott reading the obituary at convicted pedophile George Pells funeral?

We think people like Abbott use their unsubstantiated 'beliefs' as a lightening rod to identify rational thinkers in the community. Being totally irrational like Murdoch and Abbott is not a valid survival strategy in the 21st century, so they are forced to lock-on to functioning human beings like blood-sucking insects in a swamp.

29 Sept 2023

Why Is Peter Dutton Promoting Sharia Law In Australia?

Opposition leader Dutton has been banging his pro-Islamic drum for a few months now claiming Qatar Airways should be given more access to the Australian traveling public.

This is populist rubbish from Dutton who is actually promoting a brutal and sub-human Sharia Law regime.

Qatar Airways is fully owned by the Qatari government.

According to Qatar's Constitution, Sharia law is the main source of Qatari legislation

These Islamist zealots carried-out full body searches of innocent female Australian air travelers. Peter Dutton must know that yet inexplicably he tolerates the public being abused in this way?

Thank Evolution somebody blocked the Islamist kingdom

Dutton should grow a brain. Just because the Saudi regime increased the oil price to cash-in on Putin's invasion, doesn't mean Australians have to accept Sharia law disguised as an airline. None of it's Arabic-dressed owners fronted the parliamentary inquiry into Qantas. The Qatar dictatorship covered that one up. 

We are calling-out Dutton as un-Australian. Why did he attended the funeral of a convicted pedophile? Is the Liberal Party actually a pedophile cult or does it just look like that? Is Channel 7 part of a Liberal pedophile cult? There is explosive evidence about to be revealed on that front.

Qatar Islamic Hypocrites Serve Alcohol On Flights

The point is 1slam is completely unsubstantiated. Imagine going into a court room where all the evidence is imaginary? There is no basis for Iran's morality police or Qatar torturing homosexuals. The fact these hypocrites break their own laws and serve alcohol on Qatar Airlines proves they are corrupt and using religion to terrorize the population.

So why are they supported by Peter Dutton?

15 Sept 2023

Colonialism Was A Positive Impact On Indigenous Australia. The Massacres Were Character Building WTF?

Colonialists killed over 10,000 Aborigines in order to supply them with 'running water and readily available food' claims senator Jacinta Price

We refuse to get drawn-in to the Yes/No debate because billionaires have turned it into a conservative* dog whistle. 'Yes' we change our imperialist constitution or 'no' we don't? The same constitution that made Australia a failed state living on debt? A country so stupid that Iran's religion is 100% tax deductible.

Meanwhile Australian cities are bursting with immigrants while we are letting-in 2,000 more a day because brain-dead Aussies think there is 'skills shortage'. Australia needs to get rid of the monarchy and become an actual nation. We have been a British penal colony for 2 centuries. 

Australia's Constitution Was An Act Of British Parliament Therefore It's Garbage

We have more respect for Aboriginal people than colonialists. How can Aboriginals get off the booze and drugs when Australians spend more on drugs than any nation on Earth? There was no Aboriginal or even female input into Australia's constitution and like other constitutions it has become irrelevant. No Australian has any rights at all and our senate vote is not even democratic. The Australian Constitution is rubbish and our corrupt legal system know that.

Conservative politician Jacinta Nampijinpa Price claimed colonisation had no ongoing impact on Indigenous Australians. That's totally wrong because in any war the victors write the history and the dead rest in eternity. She is just another clueless Australian and we are full of the idiots. Why does Jacinta think we fought Japanese colonialism in World War II? 

Why is Putin slaughtering woman and children in the Ukraine? Colonialism. 


We think conservatives like colonialism specially when it's also racism as in Australia's case. We don't believe 'conservatism' is really a philosophy because it simply relies on events that have already happened. A more accurate term would be 'psychopathy' because psychopaths put themselves and their wants above the rest of the human race. Remember Dutton and Morrison laughing about drowning Pacific islanders?

We think Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has allowed herself to be a sock puppet by promoting the ideals of Rupert Murdoch and Scott Morrison. Why hasn't Jacinta developed a more advanced political philosophy than her parents?  

31 Aug 2023

Communism Messes With People's Brains

The Communist Party deliberately flooded millions of homes to protect Beijing. They tried to cover it up and failed. Watch this video from a well-regarded whistleblower.

 Other videos confirm the deliberate flooding of the Zhuozhou area.

  Openly gay dictatorship


Above. An official-looking North Korean image of dictator Kim attending 'Navy Day'. But why is the fat goose holding some fawning generals hand? How weird? Picture from here.

Above. Mindless uniformity in Beijing China. The fear of non-conformist thought has obviously crippled Chinese architecture.

16 Aug 2023

The Religious Breakfast Cereal Tax Scam

While Australian taxpayers spend billion$ on submarines to protect us from China, The ATO calls sales of  Weet-Bix to China 'charity'.

The Solomon Islands dictator Sogavare first alerted us to the Seventh Day Adventist Church's empire building in the Pacific. Sogavare is pro-Communist China and has a Seventh Day Adventist Church named after him. Bizarrely he also masquerades as a preacher.

Communism will be a disaster for the Pacific because Communist Chinese have no human or ecological conscience. They will be worse than the missionaries who brainwashed Pacific Islanders like Sogavare. The Adventist leaders know they are peddling unsubstantiated lies about creation and life after death.

Feed The Belief or Feed The Delusion?

Image above is a Weet-Bix Yotube ad. Weet-Bix is made by Sanitarium, 100% owned by the Adventist Church. They are promoting '#FeedTheBelief' which is supposed to be about restoring declining mental health among 'Aussie kids'. We are calling this out as propaganda. 

If they really cared about Aussie kids they would not be pushing a moldy creationist theory that the universe was made in 6 days. The Seventh Day Adventists are actually causing mental illness by promoting the avoidance of reality and introducing needless contradictions into the minds of children. 

Do Adventist's show children images of crucifixions? Do they tell children God had sex with a teenage girl and fathered Jesus? The Adventists are only a sect and their dogma is optional. Therefore, they must pay tax at the corporate rate. 


Unlike Kellogg's and Uncle Toby's, Sanitarium pay no tax in Australia so they have more money to push religious propaganda on YouTube and Facebook. If they are a charity why do they even need to advertise? Competition from reputable breakfast cereal makers? They should be called the Seventh Day Advertisers.

Above. Communist China is a big market but do the Adventists pay any tax there at all? We would really like to know.

The Seventh Day Adventists Are Pushing An Illusion

There is no proof god created the entire universe in 6 days and Adventists have no right to promote this myth and then claim tax-deductibility as a charity. Why does the ATO accept non-fact checked delusion as a deduction? Why does Australia make blatant scams a deduction?

While the Morrison government was torturing Australians with RoboDebt the Seventh Day Adventists were raking-in cash by the truckload. They should be investigated for tax fraud.

9 Aug 2023

Canberra Fails To Restore Confidence In The Criminal Justice System

The chief justice of the ACT complained of 'oppressive scrutiny' of lawyers in the 'administration of justice'. What administration of justice? Most rapists go free. The ACT must be the rape capital of Australia. The chief justice is on over half a million dollars a year, yet criminal cases like rape are decided by a unanimous jury decision. To abort a trial only one dissenting juror is needed. Jurors are supposed to be selected at random from the electoral role but who does the selecting?

The chief justice must have something to hide. How many Australian public servants have the arrogance to demand less scrutiny? This is exactly why the justice system in Australia has no credibility. One thing Channel 7 has shown us is how supremely arrogant the Canberra political bubble is. They have weaponized defamation law and one alleged rapist is even threatening to sue his accuser. Keep in mind modern Australia was built out of criminals?


Gets hired by the ACT government but releases his report to the Murdoch press and the ABC who are being sued by alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann. But why the Murdochs? This corrupt propaganda cartel spent decades denying climate change in partnership with the Saudi oil industry. That position is now costing the Australian economy billions and has made much of the country uninsurable. News Corp is a virus that has crippled the Australian economy.

They spent years denying the outcome of a US presidential election and were forced to pay Dominion voting machines $787 million for making false claims. That payment is a lot of subscriptions to the Australian, a publication as reputable as garbage in the gutter. Yet Sofranoff chose them over the ACT government to initially release his report to? No wonder Sofranoff has gone into hiding? The ACT government should ignore all of Sofranoff's findings.

In 2015 the Queensland government paid Sofranoff to discover the Grantham Floods were caused by rain.

What Really Happened To This Case? 

Morrison and Dutton and probably other mp's would have first hand knowledge of how the police old mates network operates.

Have you noticed that Aboriginal deaths in custody never result in a conviction of any kind anywhere in Australia?* Have you noticed that 100% of police car chases in NSW that result in a fatality are always terminated minutes before the inevitable collision?

Here in Tasmania 99% of the Aboriginals were killed by the Tasmanian government and not one single person was ever charged with murder. Today the descendants of these killers can get a fake law degree from the University of Tasmania that sanctions genocide. 

* If you have evidence of a conviction drop it in the comments. We strive for truth in reporting.

3 Aug 2023

The ACT And It's 'South Park' Legal System


In the early hours of 23 March 2019, two staffers in Morrison's defense ministry had important work to do inside Parliament House. Work so important it could only be done at night and the male had to lie to security to gain entry. The male worker went to a distant office and wrote meaningless notes that have never been seen while the female worker stage-managed her own rape in the Ministers office. It was then implied she did this to save her job when the minister found-out that she had no reason to be in Parliament House that night. After finishing his imaginary notes, the male worker exited by the tradesman's entrance and disappeared into the night.

Criminologists at the Australian Federal Police concluded this was a credible narrative because the male defense worker was diligently recording pub talk for the minister who was so happy with the work she sacked him. What follows is a history that keeps unraveling like an out of control garbage truck on an endless highway to nowhere.


The 'alleged' parliament house rape is the gift that keeps giving luxury cars and penthouses for the lawyers who profit from misery and crime.

As usual, the Sofranoff inquiry into what the ph@% happened was released to the media before anyone else. That's been the pattern right thru this colonial era costume drama.

Australia has a fake legal system because at it's apex is a monarch that houses pedophiles in castles. King Charles' brother and grandfather were both pedophiles, so the Australian legal system, and in particular the ACT legal system believe their job is to protect white collar sex offenders. At the same time, they have no duty of care to the victims. Australia's Liberals will only be happy when they kill another Australian female. The fact so many Australian women die every year at the hands of male abusers means nothing to these psychopaths. In fact psychopathy is rewarded in the LNP.

Is Kerry Stokes Protecting Criminals?

Lately we see a politically-active but aging media tycoon sponsoring an alleged war criminal and now his network appears to be supporting an alleged rapist. Was Lehrmann paid for the 7 Spotlight interview? 

Lehrmann's 'interview' on the 7 Spotlight program was pathetic. Why did it leave out Lehrmann's drug use? Only drug users send out text messages begging for drugs. Wakey-wakey Australian Federal Police. Who else in Morrison's defense department was using narcotics? All of them or just some of them?

In our opinion, the Spotlight interview was a train wreck. Did Lehrmann really have to rush back to parliament house in the early hours of the morning just to record conversations with drunk defense personnel he met in a pub? He could have done that anywhere. And what happened to those really important notes? Why was the pub-talk so important he had to take a female hostage to parliament house and then claim she also had work to do?

It was only Lehrmann who said Higgins also had to go to parliament house in the early hours of the morning. In our view she thought she was getting a lift home but Lehrmann diverted to parliament to pick-up his keys, a bottle of scotch, or some meaningless paper work and whatever other excuses he gave. Lehrmann publicly admitted most of his reasons for going there were lies. Was Lehrmann doing drugs in parliament house that night? Why did he sneak out the back door as if he had something to hide?

In our view, the worst thing Lehrmann did in the Spotlight interview was to infer and imply Higgins staged her own rape in order to save her job when she was sacked at some point in the future. That defies logic. The ACT legal profession and the Liberal crime cartel know they are concealing a sex crime.

This week Lehrmann said he is using the justice system as a ponzi scheme to pay-off previous legal debt. The Liberal crime cartel would never use a justice system as a system of justice would they? Defamation law is mostly used to cover-up crimes in the ACT.

7 Jul 2023

The Liberal Party Is An Organised Crime Cartel But Look At Their Enablers?

The Liberal Party is a gathering point for liars, bigots, scammers and con artists. Eventually they coalesce into a criminal operation. In NSW the LNP actually merged with Middle Eastern crime gangs.

Today the Robodebt report was released on a major Liberal crime and the complete lack of remorse by the Liberal Party and their half-wit lapdogs the Nationals.

Duck and Weave himself

Morrison's testimony to the Robodebt inquiry was a desperate 'pass the parcel' charade as he attempted to deflect blame. He's had a lifetime of practice, his history a demolition derby of stuff-ups and weird cruelty. He was supposed to deliver documents to cabinet proving the scheme was illegal but of course, Scott lost them in transit.

Morrison stole multiple cabinet ministries from his own colleagues. The fact the Liberals still tolerate him today proves how corrupt they are. 

In the Robodebt inquiry, Morrison hid behind cabinet confidentiality as if coached by an allegedly corrupt lawyer like Arthur Sinodinos or John Howard. We have covered years of the Liberal garbage, rape allegations, over-strenuous denials, the endless weaponization of defamation law to hide crimes, the alleged defense ministry rape that spawned years of cover-ups including perverting the course of justice. The LNP even used the parliamentary prayer room as a male brothel. 

If nothing happened in the defense department, why did Morrison waste taxpayers money finding out when he didn't know about it? Why did he apologize for it? Pentecostals sure know how to drag an entire nation into the swamp.

Remember the sale of the Port of Darwin to Communist China by Scott Morrison? The invasion of Iraq and then Afghanistan by 'deputy' John Howard and his band of religious nutters? They actually started killing people over whose religious text was less fraudulent than the others. Yes, the Liberal Party are so dumb that they appear mentally retarded. Because they can't do any real work they end-up in politics ripping-off Australians.

Morrison is always out of the country when a Robodebt expose hits the news. Is Morrison a white collar career criminal or just insane? Nobody gets it wrong so consistently. Why doesn't Scotty tell Sevens Spotlight program why so many gays died when his father John Morrison was Chief Inspector of NSW Police in Waverley between 1987 and 1992?


Above. 3 Liberal Party media moghouls who gave us Robodebt, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the undermining of the Australian way of life and the endless promotion of corrupt politicians. 

At least 2 of these oligarchs have links to Communist China yet masquerade as free market capitalists. They are 'super-socialists in our view. We think Stokes, Murdoch and Costello are just as responsible for Robodebt as Scott Morrison. After all, they are the ones who put him in power.

LEFT.  They were backing-in Peter Dutton because he's their meal ticket to paying no corporate taxes. But now the SMH (Costello) has gone off-script and decided to get in front of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.(NACC)

This was a big break-through for Costello's Nine Network because every literate Australian knew there was a lot of corruption in Foreign Affairs and Borderforce while Dutton was Minister.

Where Labor lost the plot was getting advice from Peter Dutton on holding secret NACC hearings. Of course Dutton wanted to do it all in secret.

Above. The mainstream media's brains trust.

This week the Libs lined-up to say Gladys Berijiklian wasn't corrupt even though the NSW ICAC found she was. That's because 'corrupt' is normal behavior for everybody in the LNP.  They don't comprehend 'conflict of interest' because their heads are so far down in the trough.

We still cannot believe that 2 Liberal Prime Ministers of Australia, Howard and Abbott showed-up at a convicted pedophiles funeral to pay homage.

4 Jul 2023

Tasmania's Woodchip Exports To China Have Stopped

At the end of May 2023 Communist Chinese ambassador Xiao Qia told Australia China were re-starting timber imports. What he didn't say was China, the Worlds biggest paper maker had a massive paper glut because of the global economic meltdown they unleased with COVID. China caused the money-printing, run-away inflation and massive debt in the capitalist democracies they parasitize.

Since the ambassador's edict TasPorts has loaded only one woodchip carrier bound for Communist China. The future is not looking good for Midway and Artec, the two woodchippers supplied by Tasmanian government front company STT. 

Midway must be feeling it after incompetent Tasmanian politicians invited them to establish in Tasmania after the winding-down of Victoria's native logging. Midway should demand compensation from Guy Barnett who obviously promised them the Communists would buy woodchips forever.

The real issue is the Tasmanian Liberal government do no due diligence on anything. We have been warning Tasmanians that the Chinese economic boom is an illusion. Their GDP figures are made of tea leaves and no Westerner has ever seen them. No Chinese has ever seen them either because only Dictator Xi and a few cronies know how broken the Chinese economy really is.

At the moment Forico is unaffected because they sell only to Japan. Smartfibre who only chip plantation timber could also be hit because all of their exports go to Communist China. We have little sympathy for Smartfibre because they are owned by US oligarchs exploiting lazy Tasmanian politicians and profiting from the brutal Communist regime.

If you want to see what Tasmanian politicians were too lazy to discover, check Serpentza's YouTube Channel