29 Sept 2023

Why Is Peter Dutton Promoting Sharia Law In Australia?

Opposition leader Dutton has been banging his pro-Islamic drum for a few months now claiming Qatar Airways should be given more access to the Australian traveling public.

This is populist rubbish from Dutton who is actually promoting a brutal and sub-human Sharia Law regime.

Qatar Airways is fully owned by the Qatari government.

According to Qatar's Constitution, Sharia law is the main source of Qatari legislation

These Islamist zealots carried-out full body searches of innocent female Australian air travelers. Peter Dutton must know that yet inexplicably he tolerates the public being abused in this way?

Thank Evolution somebody blocked the Islamist kingdom

Dutton should grow a brain. Just because the Saudi regime increased the oil price to cash-in on Putin's invasion, doesn't mean Australians have to accept Sharia law disguised as an airline. None of it's Arabic-dressed owners fronted the parliamentary inquiry into Qantas. The Qatar dictatorship covered that one up. 

We are calling-out Dutton as un-Australian. Why did he attended the funeral of a convicted pedophile? Is the Liberal Party actually a pedophile cult or does it just look like that? Is Channel 7 part of a Liberal pedophile cult? There is explosive evidence about to be revealed on that front.

Qatar Islamic Hypocrites Serve Alcohol On Flights

The point is 1slam is completely unsubstantiated. Imagine going into a court room where all the evidence is imaginary? There is no basis for Iran's morality police or Qatar torturing homosexuals. The fact these hypocrites break their own laws and serve alcohol on Qatar Airlines proves they are corrupt and using religion to terrorize the population.

So why are they supported by Peter Dutton?

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