3 Aug 2023

The ACT And It's 'South Park' Legal System


In the early hours of 23 March 2019, two staffers in Morrison's defense ministry had important work to do inside Parliament House. Work so important it could only be done at night and the male had to lie to security to gain entry. The male worker went to a distant office and wrote meaningless notes that have never been seen while the female worker stage-managed her own rape in the Ministers office. It was then implied she did this to save her job when the minister found-out that she had no reason to be in Parliament House that night. After finishing his imaginary notes, the male worker exited by the tradesman's entrance and disappeared into the night.

Criminologists at the Australian Federal Police concluded this was a credible narrative because the male defense worker was diligently recording pub talk for the minister who was so happy with the work she sacked him. What follows is a history that keeps unraveling like an out of control garbage truck on an endless highway to nowhere.


The 'alleged' parliament house rape is the gift that keeps giving luxury cars and penthouses for the lawyers who profit from misery and crime.

As usual, the Sofranoff inquiry into what the ph@% happened was released to the media before anyone else. That's been the pattern right thru this colonial era costume drama.

Australia has a fake legal system because at it's apex is a monarch that houses pedophiles in castles. King Charles' brother and grandfather were both pedophiles, so the Australian legal system, and in particular the ACT legal system believe their job is to protect white collar sex offenders. At the same time, they have no duty of care to the victims. Australia's Liberals will only be happy when they kill another Australian female. The fact so many Australian women die every year at the hands of male abusers means nothing to these psychopaths. In fact psychopathy is rewarded in the LNP.

Is Kerry Stokes Protecting Criminals?

Lately we see a politically-active but aging media tycoon sponsoring an alleged war criminal and now his network appears to be supporting an alleged rapist. Was Lehrmann paid for the 7 Spotlight interview? 

Lehrmann's 'interview' on the 7 Spotlight program was pathetic. Why did it leave out Lehrmann's drug use? Only drug users send out text messages begging for drugs. Wakey-wakey Australian Federal Police. Who else in Morrison's defense department was using narcotics? All of them or just some of them?

In our opinion, the Spotlight interview was a train wreck. Did Lehrmann really have to rush back to parliament house in the early hours of the morning just to record conversations with drunk defense personnel he met in a pub? He could have done that anywhere. And what happened to those really important notes? Why was the pub-talk so important he had to take a female hostage to parliament house and then claim she also had work to do?

It was only Lehrmann who said Higgins also had to go to parliament house in the early hours of the morning. In our view she thought she was getting a lift home but Lehrmann diverted to parliament to pick-up his keys, a bottle of scotch, or some meaningless paper work and whatever other excuses he gave. Lehrmann publicly admitted most of his reasons for going there were lies. Was Lehrmann doing drugs in parliament house that night? Why did he sneak out the back door as if he had something to hide?

In our view, the worst thing Lehrmann did in the Spotlight interview was to infer and imply Higgins staged her own rape in order to save her job when she was sacked at some point in the future. That defies logic. The ACT legal profession and the Liberal crime cartel know they are concealing a sex crime.

This week Lehrmann said he is using the justice system as a ponzi scheme to pay-off previous legal debt. The Liberal crime cartel would never use a justice system as a system of justice would they? Defamation law is mostly used to cover-up crimes in the ACT.

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