15 Sept 2023

Colonialism Was A Positive Impact On Indigenous Australia. The Massacres Were Character Building WTF?

Colonialists killed over 10,000 Aborigines in order to supply them with 'running water and readily available food' claims senator Jacinta Price

We refuse to get drawn-in to the Yes/No debate because billionaires have turned it into a conservative* dog whistle. 'Yes' we change our imperialist constitution or 'no' we don't? The same constitution that made Australia a failed state living on debt? A country so stupid that Iran's religion is 100% tax deductible.

Meanwhile Australian cities are bursting with immigrants while we are letting-in 2,000 more a day because brain-dead Aussies think there is 'skills shortage'. Australia needs to get rid of the monarchy and become an actual nation. We have been a British penal colony for 2 centuries. 

Australia's Constitution Was An Act Of British Parliament Therefore It's Garbage

We have more respect for Aboriginal people than colonialists. How can Aboriginals get off the booze and drugs when Australians spend more on drugs than any nation on Earth? There was no Aboriginal or even female input into Australia's constitution and like other constitutions it has become irrelevant. No Australian has any rights at all and our senate vote is not even democratic. The Australian Constitution is rubbish and our corrupt legal system know that.

Conservative politician Jacinta Nampijinpa Price claimed colonisation had no ongoing impact on Indigenous Australians. That's totally wrong because in any war the victors write the history and the dead rest in eternity. She is just another clueless Australian and we are full of the idiots. Why does Jacinta think we fought Japanese colonialism in World War II? 

Why is Putin slaughtering woman and children in the Ukraine? Colonialism. 


We think conservatives like colonialism specially when it's also racism as in Australia's case. We don't believe 'conservatism' is really a philosophy because it simply relies on events that have already happened. A more accurate term would be 'psychopathy' because psychopaths put themselves and their wants above the rest of the human race. Remember Dutton and Morrison laughing about drowning Pacific islanders?

We think Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has allowed herself to be a sock puppet by promoting the ideals of Rupert Murdoch and Scott Morrison. Why hasn't Jacinta developed a more advanced political philosophy than her parents?  

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