15 Jun 2023

Why Has Felix Ellis Merged The Tas Fire Service And The SES?

Didn't win a seat outright * yet has damaged the Tasmanian Fire Service

Ratepayers in Tasmania pay a fire service levy to keep the Tas Fire Service going. Now Emergency Services Minister Felix Ellis has merged the TFS and the SES into an uncomfortable marriage wearing different uniforms but sharing the same buildings. Did they pay Price, Waterhouse Coopers to come-up with that idiotic idea?

Above is from the 'Fire and Emergency Services Act Reform Recommendations' You will now pay a bigger fire levy or even two levies to cover the SES costs. Felix Ellis has imposed his first tax. We predict Felix will impose more taxes as he cleans-up his desk.

'Two former Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) chiefs have described emergency service reforms as creating "dangerous" levels of bureaucracy, and a "dire" situation in the lead-up to a potentially dry fire season'. Felix labelled opposing views 'ridiculous'. As a result, an excellent and experienced fire chief has quit. Felix is on a mission to irrationalize emergency services in Tasmania.

Theft of Tasmanian Assets by the Liberal Government?

Some SES stations were funded with federal grants of taxpayers money. The Libs will sell them and the money will disappear.

Many (most?) vehicle accidents the SES attend are alcohol-related yet the Liberal government is constantly funding alcohol production. They like to walk both sides of the street, creating a problem and then pretending to fix it. The Tasmanian Liberals are the brewer's droop party.

If the government are such brilliant financial managers, why do they have to steal from Tasmanians to fund idiot schemes like Marinus Link and the double uniform TFES? Why are they constantly promoting foreign companies that are only here to exploit Tasmania? Why do we have to pay for Marinus Link just to sell Communist Chinese and Filipino wind energy to Sydney and Melbourne? Why is Guy Barnett inspecting hundreds of bedrooms a year made by tax-exempt religious charities? The Libs caused the housing crisis by letting the real estate industry self-regulate.

Felix Ellis, a qualified plumber from Queensland is minister responsible for emergency services and mining in Tasmania. That makes him a major mineral supplier to Communist China, North Korea and Russia, the totalitarian trading bloc. The fact dictators Vladimir, Xi and Jong Un swear undying support for each other never quite reached the West Coast of Tasmania?

We find it hard to resolve selling nickel and magnetite to war criminals.

Plumbers are more intelligent than politicians so why has Felix Ellis abandoned logical thinking in favor of confusion? 

*Felix was elected on a countback after the forced resignation of Adam Brooks who appeared to unravel. Felix could have been good for Tasmania if only he wasn't so far to the right. We think it's incumbent on all modern humans to look at their early conditioning and work out how much of it actually makes sense. Otherwise we are getting decision making by programmed automatons. 

Most of Rockliff's ministry are also-rans and ring-ins after other ministers had to flee parliament in a hurry.

Victorian Liberals Hold Emergency Meeting In A Stairwell

The Vic Libs are grappling with the challenging question of bottom pinching in an emergency meeting to decide if David Van should stay in the party or be flushed. To achieve the right atmosphere it was decided to hold the meeting in a stairwell.

screengrab from The Shovel

David Van has no recollection of pinching Amanda Stokers bottom and we agree that over time, the bottoms become a blur.

Above. A Jeff Kennett tweet, the guy is an appalling racist troll and it displays the intellectual sludge that compose the Liberal Party. You can see where all the Hawthorn racism came from. Thanks to https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com for publishing this tweet.

Correction. The Vic Libs didn't meet in a stairwell but they should have.


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