10 Oct 2023

Religion Denies Science But Uses Science To Attack Other Religions

dysfunctional god promises holy land to rival religious cartels

Religions on this planet are constantly redefining hypocrisy. No religion can be justified scientifically and none of their claims of eternal life can be verified. That hasn't stopped religions from using science and modern technology to defend their imaginary beliefs and attack other imaginary beliefs.

Most of the World accepts these delusions and hypocrisy and it reveals how primitive human beings are.

For the record. The 1slamic text was allegedly dictated to an illiterate scribe by an angel. Today this is called 'auditory hallucination'. Yet in historical times was accepted as a fact and followers were given the power to kill people who didn't accept it.

Allegedly a god entity gave Moses 10 commandments on a clay tablet. Why didn't god give them to him on a USB drive? Was it because god had evolved to the same level as Moses and was unaware of anything else? If so why was god unaware of progress thousands of years in the future? Is this ordinary god worth worshiping at all?

These are just 2 examples of tens of thousands of contradictions and instances of highly selective and/or enforced ignorance.

The Coalitions Response To War In the Middle East

Soon after demanding Qatar Air be given more access to Australia because nobody in the Coalition realised Qatar hosts the political wing of Hamas, Sussan Ley decried PM Albanese for not going to Israel. Why should he go there? Why doesn't Sussan Ley go to Israel and stay there? These are hapless buffoons in 'zombie mode'.

Above - braying on all fronts.

Above screengrab from The Shovel.

No wonder the far-right Murdochs chose Tony Abbott as a Fox Corp board member? Abbott really is disconnected from reality and that's just what Lachlan was looking for. Who could forget Abbott reading the obituary at convicted pedophile George Pells funeral?

We think people like Abbott use their unsubstantiated 'beliefs' as a lightening rod to identify rational thinkers in the community. Being totally irrational like Murdoch and Abbott is not a valid survival strategy in the 21st century, so they are forced to lock-on to functioning human beings like blood-sucking insects in a swamp.

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