9 Dec 2023

In 1947 The UN Parachuted Israel Into Palestine And Created A Catastrophe


Geriatric Joe Biden Has Taken The US Backwards 75 Years

How Joe sees it - The civilians of Ukraine must be saved from Putin but the civilians of Gaza can be slaughtered by Netanyahu. The civilians of Gaza are mostly Arabs, therefore geriatric Joe is a racist.

Encouraging Israel to commit mass-murder is a sign Geriatric Joe is struggling mentally. Obviously the brain surgery failed :(  A few weeks ago we supported the US Dems, specially after a clinically insane Dump supporter tried to kidnap Nancy Pelosi and attacked her husband with a hammer. Today we have given-up on the US. It's a failed state that is too stupid to ever be great again.

Look what the US did after the 911 attack? They invaded the wrong country, Iraq had no WMD's and the US was too arrogant to apologize. They blamed their profound stupidity on Julian Assange.

Kamala Harris should take-over from Geriatric Joe right now. She's better educated and mentally coherent.


The blood-letting has been going on for decades. Rather than being 'the holy land' this is the 'incredibly retarded land'. Who is to blame? Judaism call it the 'promised land', promised by an imaginary real estate agent in the sky. The country of Israel is built entirely on fiction.

Palestinians regard it as their land of birth. They are also crippled by an aggressive and imaginary belief system. Unsubstantiated lies versus unsubstantiated lies using modern weapons to kill each other. In 1947 the UN had no right to 'partition Palestine' and parachute a tribe sharing identical brainwashing* into the middle of it.

The US is a lapdog of Israeli interests rather than humanitarian interests. Do they support Israel for religious or economic reasons? (is there a difference?) The US is not part of a World controlled by science and reason.

* There is no scientific evidence that Judaism is a race. Like most (all) religions it is based on the fear of death being eternal death.

click this map and click again for larger view

Creating new nations for religious sects is retarded. Making theocracies like Israel is not the United Nations job. Rather than preserving unsubstantiated scams the UN should be exposing them to science and rational thought.

The maintainers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam have never been able to provide a shred of evidence that any of their beliefs are fact. These religions fail fact checkers and scam watch because they are scams.

Religions spend all their time reinforcing lies as facts. Observe any religious group and see how much of their energy is spent re-programming their victims?

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