9 Aug 2023

Canberra Fails To Restore Confidence In The Criminal Justice System

The chief justice of the ACT complained of 'oppressive scrutiny' of lawyers in the 'administration of justice'. What administration of justice? Most rapists go free. The ACT must be the rape capital of Australia. The chief justice is on over half a million dollars a year, yet criminal cases like rape are decided by a unanimous jury decision. To abort a trial only one dissenting juror is needed. Jurors are supposed to be selected at random from the electoral role but who does the selecting?

The chief justice must have something to hide. How many Australian public servants have the arrogance to demand less scrutiny? This is exactly why the justice system in Australia has no credibility. One thing Channel 7 has shown us is how supremely arrogant the Canberra political bubble is. They have weaponized defamation law and one alleged rapist is even threatening to sue his accuser. Keep in mind modern Australia was built out of criminals?


Gets hired by the ACT government but releases his report to the Murdoch press and the ABC who are being sued by alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann. But why the Murdochs? This corrupt propaganda cartel spent decades denying climate change in partnership with the Saudi oil industry. That position is now costing the Australian economy billions and has made much of the country uninsurable. News Corp is a virus that has crippled the Australian economy.

They spent years denying the outcome of a US presidential election and were forced to pay Dominion voting machines $787 million for making false claims. That payment is a lot of subscriptions to the Australian, a publication as reputable as garbage in the gutter. Yet Sofranoff chose them over the ACT government to initially release his report to? No wonder Sofranoff has gone into hiding? The ACT government should ignore all of Sofranoff's findings.

In 2015 the Queensland government paid Sofranoff to discover the Grantham Floods were caused by rain.

What Really Happened To This Case? 

Morrison and Dutton and probably other mp's would have first hand knowledge of how the police old mates network operates.

Have you noticed that Aboriginal deaths in custody never result in a conviction of any kind anywhere in Australia?* Have you noticed that 100% of police car chases in NSW that result in a fatality are always terminated minutes before the inevitable collision?

Here in Tasmania 99% of the Aboriginals were killed by the Tasmanian government and not one single person was ever charged with murder. Today the descendants of these killers can get a fake law degree from the University of Tasmania that sanctions genocide. 

* If you have evidence of a conviction drop it in the comments. We strive for truth in reporting.

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