21 May 2023

Two Of These Guys Are Mass-Murderers Which Ones?


The Russian Neanderthal and Iranian nutcase Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Religious dictatorship Iran is a close ally of Russia, who is close ally of Communist China, who is a close ally of North Korea, and Tasmania's biggest trading partner. How did the confused Libs achieve that idiotic outcome?

Although there is not one Australian mine in Communist China* Tasmania has two large Communist mines on the island. Communist Chinese company MMG is dumping acid waste into an ancient rainforest at Rosebery. MMG stands for 'Maoist Mining Goons.' The other big Chinese mine is Savage River where the Communists are mining high-quality magnetite, possibly for ammunition. They supply ammunition to Russia.

* If you know of any Australian mine in Communist China drop the details in the comments.

Watch Out For Temu - A Communist Chinese Front Company

You probably see TEMU advertising in a lot of online media. They are probably the latest incarnation of Alibaba after the Communist Party tried to destroy Jack Ma. Communist China is a parasitic dictatorship that is totally reliant on Capitalism to survive. Think about that for a moment?

What most Australians don't realise is that China is not the huge superpower Chinese propaganda wants us to believe. Nobody has ever seen their GDP figures because they are invented. All wealth is owned by the Central Committee and the population live hand to mouth. Economically, China is a basket case. 

funds Russian ammunition

Right. Communist China are actually selling a doormat depicting their own economic system    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

China knows the West hates their vehicles and consumer products like whitegoods. To get around this China bought-up reputable companies like Fisher and Paykel from NZ and shifted manufacturing to mainland China. China will always pretend their products are not made in China. That's why items from Temu take forever to arrive and sometimes don't arrive at all.






Tasmania. All Our Media Is Owned Offshore And We Are OK With That

Channel 7 and the top-rating 7 Nightly News with Kim Millar is owned by Kerry Stokes in WA. The Mercury is owned by News Corp (the Murdoch's) and based in New York City. The Launceston Examiner is owned by Antony Catalano's Australian Community Media based in Sydney.

WIN News comes from Woolongong NSW and is owned by WIN Television. They are affiliated with ex-Liberal treasurer Peter Costello's Nine Network. 9 publish The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. All Australian media networks are aligned with the Liberal Party in an obsessive quest to pay little or no tax. They have no interest in the future of Australia.

The ABC is owned by all Australian taxpayers and it has a regional outpost here. Given Tasmanian's pay taxes, the ABC must be making money out of Tasmania. They are the only honest media in Tasmania.

There are still a few local papers like the Circular Head Chronicle with little readership. Apparently 50% of Tasmanian's can't read anyway.

7 May 2023

Ready For A Post-Trump America?

As a candidate for the 2024 US president is sued for sexual assault, he maintains charges against him are politically motivated. Referring to his indictment for using campaign funds to pay-off Stormy Daniels Trump said "They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you." He turned his legal problems into an attack on his brainless followers. He is systematically manipulating them.

It's amazing how many people swallow his spin. There's one born every minute and they're not getting smarter. You could call Trump's followers a 'cult' because that is what they are.

This guy attacks 'elites'

Trump achieved nothing as US president. The US lost over a million people to covid which Trump initially dismissed as a minor illness. Later he backed non-medically approved treatments and continued to attack the chief medical officer. As if covid was his fault?

His idiotic liaison with Kim Jung Un achieved nothing with Kim continuing to use the US as a threat to control his own people while he mindlessly dumps missiles into the sea around Japan. Trump claims he can end the war in Ukraine in one day. Then why not do it now? He actually can't because Trump has always been 100% lies.

Australian Monarchist League Silent On Trump's Defamation of Queen Elizabeth

Donald Trump said 'the Queen kissed my ass'. The Monarchist League is run by Trump supporters which is why they let a former monarch be degraded by Trump. How can these dropkicks be monarchists and republicans at the same time? Shows how mentally conflicted they really are. They still haven't answered why Richard III and King Charles III have completely different DNA.

Remember Trump chanting 'lock her up' at campaign rallies when referring to Hillary Clinton?  Hillary had 2 email addresses, big deal? Trump launched an uprising against the US government. Who should really be locked-up?

Even good people run out of luck but Trump has shredded his credibility thousands of times over. In dumbed-down USA, where people are murdered for using a leaf blower because of some archaic 1700's manuscript, reality is setting-in.

As you can see we are not impressed by somebody posing as a mobster boss getting elected President of the USA. We are concerned about the total collapse of the US because we believe the US is necessary to maintain any sense of civilization on this planet.

CNN - Morons Without A Conscience - Do Women Work For CNN?

Just looked at ‘What was CNN thinking?’ at Australia's best media outlet. Why are CNN promoting a sex-abusing criminal and giving him airtime? Where are the female shareholders of CNN? Where are the female workers at CNN? People need to call-out the morons at CNN so they don't end-up as human slugs like the phone-hacking Murdoch press. It's up to the people to hold the media to account because the media are so clueless they don't know how to hold anyone to account including themselves. We need to evolve the media into something that is useful to all of us.

25 Apr 2023

The Mainstream Media ANZAC Myth


Anzac Day totally ignores the frontier or 'black' wars fought here in Australia. The media are definitely part of the whitewashing of Australian history. Why are modern Australians subjected to 1930's white supremacist, christian brainwashing of people like Rupert Murdoch? Why has Rupert failed to liberate himself from his twisted imperialist conditioning?  

Why is Australia's national day celebrated on the birth of a prison colony? Our military remembrance day is celebrated on the day Winston Churchill tried to invade Turkey using soldiers from the colonies and completely failed. This was a war between rival colonial powers that had nothing to do with Australia.

20 Apr 2023

The News, Politics and Religion Churn


Soulmates Putin And Xi Could Get North Korea To Attack South Korea During A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan

The podcast below covers some incredible new realities following the Pentagon leaks.



Iran Is Hanging 330 People A Year 


This story is from Radio Free Europe an excellent news source. We added it to the links above. Fox/Sky News should look at that story and learn how real journalists work. Most of those executed are from one ethnic minority and Iran also hang children. No wonder Islam is 100% tax deductible in Australia! Australia makes our enemies tax deductible and then used our young men to fight them in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are only one rung up the evolutionary ladder from Iran and the Taliban.

"In Iran, different crimes are judged by different courts. Rape and murder cases are handled by the Criminal Courts, while enmity against God, armed rebellion, and drug-related cases are handled by the Revolutionary Courts, responsible for most of the death sentences issued in the last 12 years".

So 'enmity against god' is punishable by death? How can self-appointed mullahs be mouthpieces for a god that is totally unsubstantiated? The mullahs are career criminals and should be charged by the international criminal courts with crimes against humanity. Instead they are helping insane psychopath Putin commit more crimes against humanity in Ukraine. And they pretend to know what enmity against god is? 

Above. A screengrab from The Shovel who get it right most of the time. The Murdochs may as well keep lying about Trumps 'stolen election' and all the other anti-reality garbage they mindlessly peddle. We wonder how this will affect the Crikey defamation case* ? Can you defame a liar by calling him a liar?

Read-up on the implications for Murdoch's other cases on Shane Dowling's site


15 Apr 2023

Australia You've Been Hacked

2023 will go down as the year of the data breach in Australia. The media are presenting systematic network intrusions and massive data thefts as individual events because the Australian media is part of the problem. 

The media are so advertiser-sensitive they refuse to hurt the advertising big spenders feelings but we can. Instead of displaying some meaningless grab of lines of code or the inside of a server farm we will just show the 2 main culprits.

The fat dictators above claim to have a relationship 'without limits'. But look how many local commie sycophants we have in Australia? The mining oligarchs spending communist blood money and pretending it's legitimate income? Andrew Forrest even uses it to help victims of Putin's Ukraine invasion. Look at the Labor pro-Communist Chinese cheer squad like Paul Keating, who thinks China will never invade another country even though it already has.

The Pentagon data theft and upload proves that China is secretly sending arms to Russia disguised as 'civilian items'. We can thank a Murdoch-indoctrinated kiddy gamer for revealing that one. Will he do more jail time than Julian Assange? Trump will probably pardon him after totally crashing the US economy. Now Ukraine's military are finding more Chinese-made components in Russian weapons.

"Three of the breaches are well-known: Optus (more than 2 million individuals), Woolworths MyDeal (2.2 million), and Medibank (9.7 million)." But that was last year. The carnage continues today even in Windows-based Tasmania.

This is an impressive and frightening list of how bad things had become in March 2023 for Australians.

It contains the massive Latitude cluster of lost privacy for millions of ordinary Australians. Whats happened in Tasmania with the education department breach is insignificant by comparison but look at the idiots hoarding and losing so much data in government and commercial organisations?

We all need to play hardball with these criminals and their enablers. Guard your privacy and data and don't use big name computer systems. Linux-based systems have always been safer with security built-in. The Murdoch's, Stokes and Costello's of the media never tell people that because they are making too much advertising revenue from dodgy but popular operating systems.

Watch out for the pro-Communist operatives, often in government in Australia. By 'Communist' we are referring to crime cartels operating as totalitarian fear states such as North Korea, Russia and China. It's incredible how many Australian politicians ignore mass murderers and war criminals. These Aussie politicians think they are just one more poisoned river and dead forest away from balancing their budgets but they never quite get there.

Russians Are Hacking Australia's Computer Systems Because Their Leader Has Become Irrational

Putin is regarded as being divorced from realty. This maybe caused by cancer treatments, Parkinson's disease or dementia. Putin is still poisoning opposition leader Alexei Navalny even though Putin has thrown him into prison indefinitely. In Putin's diseased mind Navalny must pose a problem?

Australians need to evolve beyond being hurt by demented psychopaths on the other side of the Earth.

4 Apr 2023

Russia's One Month Presidency Of The UN Security Council

One month is not long, but too long for a terrorist state to hold any kind of international obligations. It also highlights how morally bankrupt and impotent international organisations like the UN are.

"The last time Russia held the rotating presidency of the body responsible for maintaining peace and combating acts of international aggression was in February 2022 when Moscow troops launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine".

So the presidency is procedural blah, blah, but how has the security council maintained peace and stability anywhere on Earth? We do not just write-off the UN like Trump but it needs to be completely reformed. Playing mindgames with mass murderers, serial killers and war criminals is not in the interests of humanity.

Do We Still Need The Olympic Games?


The IOC (olympic committee) look like goons and spend their time imposing an onerous, unmanageable event onto World sport. There are now so many issues around doping, transsexual sportspeople, political allegiances and cheating that they may as well split individual sports into international competitions. 

The IOC often 'award' an Olympic games to some brutal dictatorship as a 'try harder' incentive to improve that country's human rights record. Except it never works. It is just used as propaganda by dictators. KGB-trained serial killer Vladimir Putin actually planned the Ukraine invasion while at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Did the Beijing Olympics improve Communist China's pathetic place in international affairs or save anybody in Tibet or Hong Kong? If anything Xi Jinping became a bigger dictator than previously. The IOC are flogging a dead horse.

31 Mar 2023

Minister For Chaos Madeleine Ogilvie Covers-Up Government Data Breach

Turns out the data breach is worse than anyone expected. 16,000 documents have been leaked onto the dark web. Read about it here without paying the corrupt Tasmanian media.

Madeleine Ogilvie sneaked-out a media release late on a Friday afternoon. The press is primed to look for the cover-up and here it looks like the state has lost data but they failed to say how much.

So no detail on this at all. Why not? Has this been added to the huge pile swept under the rug by the last Liberal Government left in Australia? Do Tasmania's Liberals ever ask themselves what happened to the other Liberal governments? The sooner Ogilvie or her handlers come clean and flesh-out the details on this the better.

20 Mar 2023

Iraq Invasion 20 Years On - A Tasmanian Hero, A Tasmanian Villain

This week is the 20th anniversary of the 'Desert Storm' invasion of Iraq by George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard. It's now apparent the invasion achieved absolutely nothing except misery and death for Iraqi civilians that lasts to this day. It also made Australia a target for terrorists.

Left. Federal MP Andrew Wilkie member for the Tasmanian seat of Denison. Wilkie has represented Denison for 13 years. 

Before John Howard joined the invasion in 2003 Wilkie told the ABC "I think that invading Iraq at this time would be wrong. For a start, Iraq does not pose a security threat to any other country at this point in time. Its military is very weak."

He also said "there is no hard intelligence linking the Iraqi regime to al-Qaeda in any substantial or worrisome way." This was the complete opposite of the cooked-up rubbish 'Deputy' John Howard was using to justify Australia's role in the invasion.

In 2016, after appearing at the Chilcot enquiry, Wilkie said the notion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and co-operated with terrorists had been "a lie ... No wonder John Howard and Tony Blair and George W Bush do stand accused of war crimes". Compare that to another sitting Tasmanian politician Guy Barnett?

Right. Guy Barnett entered the senate in 2002 representing Tasmania and has been living off the public purse for 21 years. 20 years ago he was advocating the invasion of Iraq.

"This is not simply a war against Iraq. I call it a war against Iraqism. It is a war against terror, and that is why I am pleased, humbled and honoured to be able to stand here and say that if we withdraw now at this time it would certainly cause an increase in insecurity and terror around the world tomorrow".

Barnett was wrong, Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction and the invasion made terrorism worse. It set-up the 20 year long religious war in Afghanistan (that failed) and opened the door for Islamic State in the Middle East. 

It's been said the Iraq invasion caused the end of US global dominance. For conservatives to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine after they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan looks idiotic. If Guy Barnett tried to play on the international stage he failed miserably.

In Hansard Barnett said "I raise the issue of North Korea. What hope would we have of dealing with North Korea? Our ability in that regard would be deficient. Both Iraq and North Korea present grave security concerns for this nation. Both have pursued weapons of mass destruction in breach of their international obligations".

Barnett spent the next 9 years in the Tasmanian parliament where he enabled North Korea via Communist China. Where does Barnett think North Korea get their high-grade magnetite and pulp wood fibre from? Does he just ignore the fact everything North Korea wants comes from China? Does Kim Jong Un eat Tasmanian rock lobsters? Barnett's main job is photo ops. He is the minister for people living in tents and the minister for stealing Tasmanian electricity.

It's almost impossible to compare an ethical, caring humanitarian like Andrew Wilkie with a permanently confused Guy Barnett. Now Barnett's is focused on getting the poorest state in Australia to subsidise his stupid Marinus Link so he can sell Communist Chinese and Filipino wind energy to the mainland. Barnett would struggle to explain the logic of this scheme. His GBE's (government front companies) are a scam designed to steal money from Tasmanians and his law degree is from the Faculty of Applied Genocide at UTAS Hobart. They killed all the Aborigines here under the 'rule of law'.

On a lighter note. The hapless Tasmanian government wants to ban n@zi-era salutes similar to this:

We hope they vote to ban this provocative salute and all n@zi symbols. The n@zi-era genocide was insane and terrible just like the Tasmanian genocide. Incredibly, the Tasmanian government uses the same symbols and swears allegiance to the same regime today. 

Above. Tasmanian genocide memorabilia.

So the Tasmanian Liberals want to ban images of the German genocide but not their own genocide? Finally. Why has Guy Barnett never publicly acknowledged the 'Black War' in Tasmania?

16 Mar 2023

Launceston Examiner Busted Publishing Liberal Propaganda

The Launceston Examiner probably never published the story it's editor was forced to quit over a fake letter about transsexuals at the Launceston Aquatic Centre.

Former editor Mark Westfield was only in the job for 2 months. Mark Westfield was the former campaign managed and media advisor to failed Liberal Candidate Katherine Deves. Deves has claimed transgender children were 'surgically mutilated and sterilised".

Deves was also a Scott Morrison 'captain's pick' at the 2022 federal election. Deves is an active contributor to Sky News Australia. 

The Launceston Examiner is Published By Australian Community Media

Which is totally fake in our view. Why should the Northern Tasmanian community have to pay for fake news by an organisation based in Byron Bay?

The Launceston Examiner Should Be Free Online 

That's the bottom line as far as we are concerned. We doubt Australian Community Media has any international reporters and the community is only interested in real community news. Not the cynical propaganda and fake news they are selling. Australian Community Media charge advertisers and then charge YOU to see ads when you subscribe. This is actually double dipping and the reason the Byron Bay playboys get away with it is because Tasmanians are dumb. 

Imagine YouTube charging you to watch videos as well as advertising? The Launceston Examiner can't understand that they would get more views and hence more advertising revenue if they were free to read online.

1 Mar 2023

Why Did The Tasmanian Government Put Out An Ad Encouraging Elder Abuse?

How weird. A TV ad from the Tasmanian Government has been on YouTube for 1 month with 10k views. It shows examples of elder abuse but then goes rogue with an abuser planning to financially abuse an elderly person. 'Surely I can use her money, I need it more than she does'. The Tasmanian Government is broadcasting reasons to steal money?

The ad was released by the Department of Premier and Cabinet and there are 3 different versions on their YouTube channel. One of them does not contain the 'surely I can use her money' segment. It's possible the elderly abuse ads are only run on Channel 7 when the Tasmanian government wants to return a favor to the network using taxpayers money. The Tasmanian Government acting as the Pubic Trustee is an expert in elderly abuse, were they advisors for this video?

The Public Trustee prevented a woman from using her own money to buy her family Christmas presents. Surely the Public Trustee could have used her money to buy their relatives presents?

Those who watch 'Seven Nightly News' in Tasmania know it's politically biased. Most nightly news bulletins have clips of Guy Barnett sipping designer plonk at his daily photo opp, usually at a building site or distillery. All obediently aired by Channel 7 to make it look like the Libs are normal people and didn't invade Iraq looking for WMD like Barnett.

Actually, the Libs are clueless. Why did they let Airbnb into Tasmania when it would disrupt both the hospitality and property rental market at the same time? Why are Liberal MP's allowed to have their own publicly-funded sports club stacked with members of their own family? Why did the speaker vote on whether he should be referred to the sin bin for a perceived conflict of interest?


stats for 3 March 2023

Why does Public Health insist on hiding COVID stats from the general public? If the Liberals really did care about 'abuse' they would be upfront and honest with the public. This is exactly why we suspect that the elderly abuse ads are simply a cover for taxpayer-funded payments to reach Seven West Media in return for ongoing bias.

If people are consistently devious and corrupt they are easier to predict. The Morrison government was the most corrupt in Australia's history and yet it was made entirely out of Liberals. The Tasmanian Liberals need to recognise this very quickly.

28 Feb 2023

How The Tasmanian Government Makes Drug-Resistant Superbugs

How many Tasmanian Liberal voters realize their government is helping create a global antibiotic-resistant health crisis? The public has known about this for decades so why is Tasmania's EPA letting foreign-owned salmon farmers use tonnes of antibiotics in salmon pens and keep it secret?

Tassal is owned by Cooke Seafood of Canada and we suspect Brazilian-owned Huon Aquaculture is also doping salmon. In January 2022, Tassal and Huon Aquaculture reported outbreaks of vibrio, a bacterium with a high mortality rate.

To treat the outbreak, Tassal used 675kg of a broad-spectrum antibiotic, oxytetracycline. So they didn't inject fish with antibiotics, they dumped antibiotics into the fish feed so all salmon are treated. Then humans eat the fish and the residual antibiotics.

The Tasmanian government are on record planning to grow the farmed salmon industry right round Tasmania. We urge all Australians to stop eating Huon and Tassal farmed salmon.

The farmed fish are sold as 'Atlantic salmon' but that is a big lie. Atlantic salmon return to where they were born every year to spawn. This can mean swimming up waterfalls. Tasmania's fat-laden, genetically modified salmon have no hope of swimming-up waterfalls. They are mass produced in a lab and designed to be much bigger than real salmon. They are artificially colored with carotene. Tasmanian salmon are probably sterile and clonal. The EPA would definitely keep it quiet if they knew what sterile and clonal meant.

Liberals Are Not Conservative But Extreme Risk Takers 

If you look at the track record of Australia's fake conservative party you see these are not conservative thinkers but the complete opposite. If they can push something to total annihilation and dump the results onto future generations they will do it every time. They continually use economic arguments to justify extremist ideology. The Liberals are daredevils and desperadoes.

Look even more closely and you see their economic rationale never stacks-up. They are terminally bankrupt. Liberal's in Australia exist in a feedback loop of empty vessels reinforcing each other's stupid ideas. 

EG. Who thought we needed diseased, genetically modified and drug dependent blubber fish produced in every pristine Tasmanian bay and coastline? Looks like the foreign operatives who secretly fund the Liberal Party.

Wouldn't telling the truth be a conservative value?

16 Feb 2023

Adani Is Totally Corrupt But Look How Many Australians Were Conned?

This year US-based Hindenburg Research (is that an omen?) released a damning expose on the Adani Group. they found Adani is 100% corrupt - who would have thought? Obviously not Matt Canavan, Anastacia Palachuk, the entire National party, the entire Liberal party and probably most of Labor.

Canavan and the Nationals were being paid to promote corruption

Adani's corruption is so extensive and so pervasive that we don't need to cover it here except to say it's ingrained into Indian business and politics. Look at how many phone and email scams originate in India? Adani is an Indian email scam on an industrial scale. 

Gautam Adani is the planet's third richest person and clawed his way to the top with bribery, intimidation and systematic corruption. The fact a lot of Australian politicians got sucked-in to his coal scam is astonishing. Or is it? Many Australian politicians are also corrupt so they were probably on Adani's payroll all along. The Nationals were/are funded by Adani.

Nationals - on the take from corrupt Adani.

Aboriginal Custodians 540 Day Vigil To Stop Adani's Carmichael Mine

The Aboriginal owners call the mine area 'Waddananggu'. Right now they need to replace a cell phone tower destroyed during the wet season.