16 Mar 2023

Launceston Examiner Busted Publishing Liberal Propaganda

The Launceston Examiner probably never published the story it's editor was forced to quit over a fake letter about transsexuals at the Launceston Aquatic Centre.

Former editor Mark Westfield was only in the job for 2 months. Mark Westfield was the former campaign managed and media advisor to failed Liberal Candidate Katherine Deves. Deves has claimed transgender children were 'surgically mutilated and sterilised".

Deves was also a Scott Morrison 'captain's pick' at the 2022 federal election. Deves is an active contributor to Sky News Australia. 

The Launceston Examiner is Published By Australian Community Media

Which is totally fake in our view. Why should the Northern Tasmanian community have to pay for fake news by an organisation based in Byron Bay?

The Launceston Examiner Should Be Free Online 

That's the bottom line as far as we are concerned. We doubt Australian Community Media has any international reporters and the community is only interested in real community news. Not the cynical propaganda and fake news they are selling. Australian Community Media charge advertisers and then charge YOU to see ads when you subscribe. This is actually double dipping and the reason the Byron Bay playboys get away with it is because Tasmanians are dumb. 

Imagine YouTube charging you to watch videos as well as advertising? The Launceston Examiner can't understand that they would get more views and hence more advertising revenue if they were free to read online.

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