25 Apr 2023

The Mainstream Media ANZAC Myth


Anzac Day totally ignores the frontier or 'black' wars fought here in Australia. The media are definitely part of the whitewashing of Australian history. Why are modern Australians subjected to 1930's white supremacist, christian brainwashing of people like Rupert Murdoch? Why has Rupert failed to liberate himself from his twisted imperialist conditioning?  

Why is Australia's national day celebrated on the birth of a prison colony? Our military remembrance day is celebrated on the day Winston Churchill tried to invade Turkey using soldiers from the colonies and completely failed. This was a war between rival colonial powers that had nothing to do with Australia.


Anonymous said...

Anzac day is to remember and commemorate the commitment, dedication and sacrifice of the men and women of Aus and NZ during all wars and conflicts, no matter where they served. The date is the day the British forced thousands of ANZAC troops to their deaths in an unwinnable and useless situation.

It has nothing to do with Churchill, any form of racism or ideology and claiming otherwise is the lowest form of insult, given to those who keep this country free. It's a day of reflection on the insanity of war.

Australia day is a day when all Aussies can celebrate our country, as for the date, it doesn't represent the day the country became one politically but the date of the first fleets arrival. The 1st of January is the day Australia was born, whether that's to be celebrated or not, is not in question. If Aus hadn't been born on that date, or the British arrived, none of us would exist and that includes 99.9 percent of first nations people. Very very few can claim to be pure blood, we are all a product of evolution and should accept that and move on to a better approach to the future and not a conflict.

It should be noted the majority of Aussies come from immigrant families and convicts who arrived on that date, those convicts didn't come here by choice, but by force. History proves the majority of the vile genocidal approaches to indigenous people, was carried out by christian elites and the churches, which continues today.

The real history of the genocidal occupation and who was behind it, should be taught in all schools, the only way to do that is to take away the controls of religion and political ideological adherents and teach real history.

Trying to blame and make out the average Aussie is to blame for this situation and making out they are guilty of racism and suppression of truth, will only tear this country apart. The majority are simply not that way.

For remote and rural first nations to get out of poverty and debilitating lifestyles, requires the support of the average Aussie. Abusing and accusing them of depravities and thoughts they clearly have not indulged in, or have any responsibility for, or suppressing truth, will only turn them against us. The responsibility is solely held by religion and political ideology, not the people.

A proud rural Wiradjuri man

Anonymous said...

I agree with you mostly. You mention the churches but look at who did the actual crowning of the new king and queen? The same mob who had to sell most of their churches to compensate all of their victims. Look at who upholds this corrupt, evil, child abusing regime? The same conservative nutjobs at Sky and the Australian who think brainwashing is 'news'.

Anonymous said...

The history of ideological beliefs and in particular the supposed abrahamic religions, judaism, chrisianity, islam, all believe in yahweh, a self professed mythical god of war and one of many gods. But they are constantly at war wuith each other. Which shows the real truth about ideological beliefs, which is never ending wars, genocidal invasions, suppression, abuse, enslavement, elitism, poverty and environmental destruction.

It's ideology which is to blame for the ills of the planet and it's life forms, in particular religions. It's shown in the invasive history of this country, but it wasn't as one sided as many thought and religion still controls our governments.

All wars are over ideological differences and all believe they can win, but it's life and the environment which always suffers and there's never a real winner, just loses on all sides.

Anyone who has served on active service can tell you the true reality verses the illusions given to support the conflict, those who do that whether voluntarily or conscripted, should be recognised and remembered. They should also receive the highest pension and way above what politicians and senior bureaucrats bleed the system for their benefit get.

In case you haven't noticed, world societies are tearing themselves apart for a number of reasons and approaching scenarios. Veterans don't care what date our country was formed, they care for their lost comrades and a way to relieve and remove the effects it has had on them that can destroy their lives and the majority of veterans face those realities. No matter what their race, belief or situation is. We should be coming together, not tearing down society and then replacing it with, nothing but dissent and control by more violent and suppressive ideological minorities.