7 May 2023

Ready For A Post-Trump America?

As a candidate for the 2024 US president is sued for sexual assault, he maintains charges against him are politically motivated. Referring to his indictment for using campaign funds to pay-off Stormy Daniels Trump said "They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you." He turned his legal problems into an attack on his brainless followers. He is systematically manipulating them.

It's amazing how many people swallow his spin. There's one born every minute and they're not getting smarter. You could call Trump's followers a 'cult' because that is what they are.

This guy attacks 'elites'

Trump achieved nothing as US president. The US lost over a million people to covid which Trump initially dismissed as a minor illness. Later he backed non-medically approved treatments and continued to attack the chief medical officer. As if covid was his fault?

His idiotic liaison with Kim Jung Un achieved nothing with Kim continuing to use the US as a threat to control his own people while he mindlessly dumps missiles into the sea around Japan. Trump claims he can end the war in Ukraine in one day. Then why not do it now? He actually can't because Trump has always been 100% lies.

Australian Monarchist League Silent On Trump's Defamation of Queen Elizabeth

Donald Trump said 'the Queen kissed my ass'. The Monarchist League is run by Trump supporters which is why they let a former monarch be degraded by Trump. How can these dropkicks be monarchists and republicans at the same time? Shows how mentally conflicted they really are. They still haven't answered why Richard III and King Charles III have completely different DNA.

Remember Trump chanting 'lock her up' at campaign rallies when referring to Hillary Clinton?  Hillary had 2 email addresses, big deal? Trump launched an uprising against the US government. Who should really be locked-up?

Even good people run out of luck but Trump has shredded his credibility thousands of times over. In dumbed-down USA, where people are murdered for using a leaf blower because of some archaic 1700's manuscript, reality is setting-in.

As you can see we are not impressed by somebody posing as a mobster boss getting elected President of the USA. We are concerned about the total collapse of the US because we believe the US is necessary to maintain any sense of civilization on this planet.

CNN - Morons Without A Conscience - Do Women Work For CNN?

Just looked at ‘What was CNN thinking?’ at Australia's best media outlet. Why are CNN promoting a sex-abusing criminal and giving him airtime? Where are the female shareholders of CNN? Where are the female workers at CNN? People need to call-out the morons at CNN so they don't end-up as human slugs like the phone-hacking Murdoch press. It's up to the people to hold the media to account because the media are so clueless they don't know how to hold anyone to account including themselves. We need to evolve the media into something that is useful to all of us.

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