28 Feb 2023

How The Tasmanian Government Makes Drug-Resistant Superbugs

How many Tasmanian Liberal voters realize their government is helping create a global antibiotic-resistant health crisis? The public has known about this for decades so why is Tasmania's EPA letting foreign-owned salmon farmers use tonnes of antibiotics in salmon pens and keep it secret?

Tassal is owned by Cooke Seafood of Canada and we suspect Brazilian-owned Huon Aquaculture is also doping salmon. In January 2022, Tassal and Huon Aquaculture reported outbreaks of vibrio, a bacterium with a high mortality rate.

To treat the outbreak, Tassal used 675kg of a broad-spectrum antibiotic, oxytetracycline. So they didn't inject fish with antibiotics, they dumped antibiotics into the fish feed so all salmon are treated. Then humans eat the fish and the residual antibiotics.

The Tasmanian government are on record planning to grow the farmed salmon industry right round Tasmania. We urge all Australians to stop eating Huon and Tassal farmed salmon.

The farmed fish are sold as 'Atlantic salmon' but that is a big lie. Atlantic salmon return to where they were born every year to spawn. This can mean swimming up waterfalls. Tasmania's fat-laden, genetically modified salmon have no hope of swimming-up waterfalls. They are mass produced in a lab and designed to be much bigger than real salmon. They are artificially colored with carotene. Tasmanian salmon are probably sterile and clonal. The EPA would definitely keep it quiet if they knew what sterile and clonal meant.

Liberals Are Not Conservative But Extreme Risk Takers 

If you look at the track record of Australia's fake conservative party you see these are not conservative thinkers but the complete opposite. If they can push something to total annihilation and dump the results onto future generations they will do it every time. They continually use economic arguments to justify extremist ideology. The Liberals are daredevils and desperadoes.

Look even more closely and you see their economic rationale never stacks-up. They are terminally bankrupt. Liberal's in Australia exist in a feedback loop of empty vessels reinforcing each other's stupid ideas. 

EG. Who thought we needed diseased, genetically modified and drug dependent blubber fish produced in every pristine Tasmanian bay and coastline? Looks like the foreign operatives who secretly fund the Liberal Party.

Wouldn't telling the truth be a conservative value?

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