20 Apr 2023

The News, Politics and Religion Churn


Soulmates Putin And Xi Could Get North Korea To Attack South Korea During A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan

The podcast below covers some incredible new realities following the Pentagon leaks.



Iran Is Hanging 330 People A Year 


This story is from Radio Free Europe an excellent news source. We added it to the links above. Fox/Sky News should look at that story and learn how real journalists work. Most of those executed are from one ethnic minority and Iran also hang children. No wonder Islam is 100% tax deductible in Australia! Australia makes our enemies tax deductible and then used our young men to fight them in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are only one rung up the evolutionary ladder from Iran and the Taliban.

"In Iran, different crimes are judged by different courts. Rape and murder cases are handled by the Criminal Courts, while enmity against God, armed rebellion, and drug-related cases are handled by the Revolutionary Courts, responsible for most of the death sentences issued in the last 12 years".

So 'enmity against god' is punishable by death? How can self-appointed mullahs be mouthpieces for a god that is totally unsubstantiated? The mullahs are career criminals and should be charged by the international criminal courts with crimes against humanity. Instead they are helping insane psychopath Putin commit more crimes against humanity in Ukraine. And they pretend to know what enmity against god is? 

Above. A screengrab from The Shovel who get it right most of the time. The Murdochs may as well keep lying about Trumps 'stolen election' and all the other anti-reality garbage they mindlessly peddle. We wonder how this will affect the Crikey defamation case* ? Can you defame a liar by calling him a liar?

Read-up on the implications for Murdoch's other cases on Shane Dowling's site


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