21 May 2023

Two Of These Guys Are Mass-Murderers Which Ones?


The Russian Neanderthal and Iranian nutcase Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Religious dictatorship Iran is a close ally of Russia, who is close ally of Communist China, who is a close ally of North Korea, and Tasmania's biggest trading partner. How did the confused Libs achieve that idiotic outcome?

Although there is not one Australian mine in Communist China* Tasmania has two large Communist mines on the island. Communist Chinese company MMG is dumping acid waste into an ancient rainforest at Rosebery. MMG stands for 'Maoist Mining Goons.' The other big Chinese mine is Savage River where the Communists are mining high-quality magnetite, possibly for ammunition. They supply ammunition to Russia.

* If you know of any Australian mine in Communist China drop the details in the comments.

Watch Out For Temu - A Communist Chinese Front Company

You probably see TEMU advertising in a lot of online media. They are probably the latest incarnation of Alibaba after the Communist Party tried to destroy Jack Ma. Communist China is a parasitic dictatorship that is totally reliant on Capitalism to survive. Think about that for a moment?

What most Australians don't realise is that China is not the huge superpower Chinese propaganda wants us to believe. Nobody has ever seen their GDP figures because they are invented. All wealth is owned by the Central Committee and the population live hand to mouth. Economically, China is a basket case. 

funds Russian ammunition

Right. Communist China are actually selling a doormat depicting their own economic system    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

China knows the West hates their vehicles and consumer products like whitegoods. To get around this China bought-up reputable companies like Fisher and Paykel from NZ and shifted manufacturing to mainland China. China will always pretend their products are not made in China. That's why items from Temu take forever to arrive and sometimes don't arrive at all.






Tasmania. All Our Media Is Owned Offshore And We Are OK With That

Channel 7 and the top-rating 7 Nightly News with Kim Millar is owned by Kerry Stokes in WA. The Mercury is owned by News Corp (the Murdoch's) and based in New York City. The Launceston Examiner is owned by Antony Catalano's Australian Community Media based in Sydney.

WIN News comes from Woolongong NSW and is owned by WIN Television. They are affiliated with ex-Liberal treasurer Peter Costello's Nine Network. 9 publish The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. All Australian media networks are aligned with the Liberal Party in an obsessive quest to pay little or no tax. They have no interest in the future of Australia.

The ABC is owned by all Australian taxpayers and it has a regional outpost here. Given Tasmanian's pay taxes, the ABC must be making money out of Tasmania. They are the only honest media in Tasmania.

There are still a few local papers like the Circular Head Chronicle with little readership. Apparently 50% of Tasmanian's can't read anyway.

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