15 Apr 2023

Australia You've Been Hacked

2023 will go down as the year of the data breach in Australia. The media are presenting systematic network intrusions and massive data thefts as individual events because the Australian media is part of the problem. 

The media are so advertiser-sensitive they refuse to hurt the advertising big spenders feelings but we can. Instead of displaying some meaningless grab of lines of code or the inside of a server farm we will just show the 2 main culprits.

The fat dictators above claim to have a relationship 'without limits'. But look how many local commie sycophants we have in Australia? The mining oligarchs spending communist blood money and pretending it's legitimate income? Andrew Forrest even uses it to help victims of Putin's Ukraine invasion. Look at the Labor pro-Communist Chinese cheer squad like Paul Keating, who thinks China will never invade another country even though it already has.

The Pentagon data theft and upload proves that China is secretly sending arms to Russia disguised as 'civilian items'. We can thank a Murdoch-indoctrinated kiddy gamer for revealing that one. Will he do more jail time than Julian Assange? Trump will probably pardon him after totally crashing the US economy. Now Ukraine's military are finding more Chinese-made components in Russian weapons.

"Three of the breaches are well-known: Optus (more than 2 million individuals), Woolworths MyDeal (2.2 million), and Medibank (9.7 million)." But that was last year. The carnage continues today even in Windows-based Tasmania.

This is an impressive and frightening list of how bad things had become in March 2023 for Australians.

It contains the massive Latitude cluster of lost privacy for millions of ordinary Australians. Whats happened in Tasmania with the education department breach is insignificant by comparison but look at the idiots hoarding and losing so much data in government and commercial organisations?

We all need to play hardball with these criminals and their enablers. Guard your privacy and data and don't use big name computer systems. Linux-based systems have always been safer with security built-in. The Murdoch's, Stokes and Costello's of the media never tell people that because they are making too much advertising revenue from dodgy but popular operating systems.

Watch out for the pro-Communist operatives, often in government in Australia. By 'Communist' we are referring to crime cartels operating as totalitarian fear states such as North Korea, Russia and China. It's incredible how many Australian politicians ignore mass murderers and war criminals. These Aussie politicians think they are just one more poisoned river and dead forest away from balancing their budgets but they never quite get there.

Russians Are Hacking Australia's Computer Systems Because Their Leader Has Become Irrational

Putin is regarded as being divorced from realty. This maybe caused by cancer treatments, Parkinson's disease or dementia. Putin is still poisoning opposition leader Alexei Navalny even though Putin has thrown him into prison indefinitely. In Putin's diseased mind Navalny must pose a problem?

Australians need to evolve beyond being hurt by demented psychopaths on the other side of the Earth.

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Anonymous said...

Simple solution, switch to a linux distro, which gives you the ultimate privacy safety and stability. After all, linux does run about 99% of all computing on and off the planet Evey smart appliance you own is run on a linux/unix system, even apple is linux.

Australians are only being hacked, because they cling to the past using last century operating systems, easily hacked and compromised. If they stepped into this century and switched to linux, they would using the most up to date, safe and stable systems on the planet and it's all free providing users the most advanced programs and apps there are.