1 Mar 2023

Why Did The Tasmanian Government Put Out An Ad Encouraging Elder Abuse?

How weird. A TV ad from the Tasmanian Government has been on YouTube for 1 month with 10k views. It shows examples of elder abuse but then goes rogue with an abuser planning to financially abuse an elderly person. 'Surely I can use her money, I need it more than she does'. The Tasmanian Government is broadcasting reasons to steal money?

The ad was released by the Department of Premier and Cabinet and there are 3 different versions on their YouTube channel. One of them does not contain the 'surely I can use her money' segment. It's possible the elderly abuse ads are only run on Channel 7 when the Tasmanian government wants to return a favor to the network using taxpayers money. The Tasmanian Government acting as the Pubic Trustee is an expert in elderly abuse, were they advisors for this video?

The Public Trustee prevented a woman from using her own money to buy her family Christmas presents. Surely the Public Trustee could have used her money to buy their relatives presents?

Those who watch 'Seven Nightly News' in Tasmania know it's politically biased. Most nightly news bulletins have clips of Guy Barnett sipping designer plonk at his daily photo opp, usually at a building site or distillery. All obediently aired by Channel 7 to make it look like the Libs are normal people and didn't invade Iraq looking for WMD like Barnett.

Actually, the Libs are clueless. Why did they let Airbnb into Tasmania when it would disrupt both the hospitality and property rental market at the same time? Why are Liberal MP's allowed to have their own publicly-funded sports club stacked with members of their own family? Why did the speaker vote on whether he should be referred to the sin bin for a perceived conflict of interest?


stats for 3 March 2023

Why does Public Health insist on hiding COVID stats from the general public? If the Liberals really did care about 'abuse' they would be upfront and honest with the public. This is exactly why we suspect that the elderly abuse ads are simply a cover for taxpayer-funded payments to reach Seven West Media in return for ongoing bias.

If people are consistently devious and corrupt they are easier to predict. The Morrison government was the most corrupt in Australia's history and yet it was made entirely out of Liberals. The Tasmanian Liberals need to recognise this very quickly.

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