16 Feb 2023

Adani Is Totally Corrupt But Look How Many Australians Were Conned?

This year US-based Hindenburg Research (is that an omen?) released a damning expose on the Adani Group. they found Adani is 100% corrupt - who would have thought? Obviously not Matt Canavan, Anastacia Palachuk, the entire National party, the entire Liberal party and probably most of Labor.

Canavan and the Nationals were being paid to promote corruption

Adani's corruption is so extensive and so pervasive that we don't need to cover it here except to say it's ingrained into Indian business and politics. Look at how many phone and email scams originate in India? Adani is an Indian email scam on an industrial scale. 

Gautam Adani is the planet's third richest person and clawed his way to the top with bribery, intimidation and systematic corruption. The fact a lot of Australian politicians got sucked-in to his coal scam is astonishing. Or is it? Many Australian politicians are also corrupt so they were probably on Adani's payroll all along. The Nationals were/are funded by Adani.

Nationals - on the take from corrupt Adani.

Aboriginal Custodians 540 Day Vigil To Stop Adani's Carmichael Mine

The Aboriginal owners call the mine area 'Waddananggu'. Right now they need to replace a cell phone tower destroyed during the wet season.

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