4 Apr 2023

Russia's One Month Presidency Of The UN Security Council

One month is not long, but too long for a terrorist state to hold any kind of international obligations. It also highlights how morally bankrupt and impotent international organisations like the UN are.

"The last time Russia held the rotating presidency of the body responsible for maintaining peace and combating acts of international aggression was in February 2022 when Moscow troops launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine".

So the presidency is procedural blah, blah, but how has the security council maintained peace and stability anywhere on Earth? We do not just write-off the UN like Trump but it needs to be completely reformed. Playing mindgames with mass murderers, serial killers and war criminals is not in the interests of humanity.

Do We Still Need The Olympic Games?


The IOC (olympic committee) look like goons and spend their time imposing an onerous, unmanageable event onto World sport. There are now so many issues around doping, transsexual sportspeople, political allegiances and cheating that they may as well split individual sports into international competitions. 

The IOC often 'award' an Olympic games to some brutal dictatorship as a 'try harder' incentive to improve that country's human rights record. Except it never works. It is just used as propaganda by dictators. KGB-trained serial killer Vladimir Putin actually planned the Ukraine invasion while at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Did the Beijing Olympics improve Communist China's pathetic place in international affairs or save anybody in Tibet or Hong Kong? If anything Xi Jinping became a bigger dictator than previously. The IOC are flogging a dead horse.

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