2 Dec 2020

Fat Snake Xi Jinping Reels-In Fat Tuna Scott Morrison


In the dying weeks of the Trump presidency, we see systematic Chinese promotion of anti-Australian propaganda.

Only Australian Liberal voters supported the US-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Most sane Australians knew this was idiotic NeoCon garbage implemented by conservative scum like John Howard.

Scott Morrison is always reminding China of Australia's 'sovereignty' a word that defines the rule by force of sovereigns (self-declared elites). Scott Morrison's sovereigns ignored Aboriginal ownership of Australia and now the Maoists are ignoring Morrison's sovereignty. 

They are exploiting a huge gap in Scott Morrison's version of reality.

Where is Gladys Liu? Promoting Beijing

The fundamentals of the China-Australia conflict are laughable. Morrison has given more of Australia to China than any other PM. Morrison will never appease the voracious, overpopulated swarm of Maoist zombies.

With 1.439 billion subservient Maoists, China needs what Adolph Hitler called 'living room'. They are too gutless to expand North into comrade Putin or Kim Jong-un's fiefdoms. 

They have already invaded Tibet, Hong Kong and built military bases in the South China Sea. New Guinea is being bought for cash and now Australia is waiting for the Chinese take-over. It will not be a conventional invasion because Xi would harm too many communist Chinese already here. They must think one Maoist is worth thousands of Australians?

The Maoists study and exploit weaknesses in democracy and Morrison is an easy target. Morrison has just duped the Australian taxpayer out of $1.2 billion with the Robodebt payout - a scheme Morrison invented and fostered. Why aren't the Maoists tweeting about that? Did Gladys Liu tell them to ignore it?


Reading Gladys Liu's promotion of the Beijing-controlled Oceania Foundation (controlled by the Maoist United Front Work Department) as well as Liu's past work for Communist China, you come to the conclusion Morrison did enable a Maoist agent to be elected to Australia's Parliament.

The Maoists are still importing native forest woodchips in bulk because they know they can take what they want from Australia. With Communist agents like Berejiklian, Barilaro and the Tasmanian Liberal Party, Australians have to appeal directly to Beijing to save our forests.

Thanks to the Chinese bat virus, Australians are eating more crayfish and drinking expensive wines - products Xi has decreed are too bourgeoisie for his zombie 'workers'. 

Inside Tasmania knows there are serious economic and political divisions in Maoist China that will lead to the overthrow of dictator Xi. Some members of the CCP want to see his lifetime dictatorship terminated. In the short term, Xi will keep tormenting dumb-ass Scott Morrison and exploiting the disconnected Australian voters that put kleptomaniac Morrison into office.


graph merges Hong Kong exports into China

With just over half a million people, Tasmania has become economically dependent on totalitarian China. Disconnected but conformist Tasmanian voters and businesses have built an idiotic Communist-centric enclave below Australia.

Tasmania has supplied the bat-virus dictatorship with everything they want, so Tasmania must take a shared responsibility for Maoist crimes against humanity.

Crimes like COVID19, clearing the Amazon for Chinese beef, destroying sacred sites in the Kimberley for Chinese iron ore, the invasions of Tibet and Hong Kong, the intimidation of Taiwan, driving tanks over it's own citizens in Tiananmin Square, the systematic abuse of human rights and the imposition of a brutal and obsolete dictatorship as a social system. 

How many Tasmanians do you know living in luxury from the proceeds of Communist Chinese atrocities?

Up till now, these criminals were able to convince people trade and tourism was somehow detached from totalitarian tyranny. COVID19 proved they were lying.


Today Wentworth MP Dave Sharma warned Australians of 'a descent into McCarthyism'. That's garbage because 1950's American was not completely economically dependent on communism like Australia in 2020 is. 

To see how compromised we are look at the graph above. Also Australia's iron, wool and dairy exports. So how many Australians own land in Maoist China Dave? How many Australians in the Maoist People's Congress?

Dave Sharma should stick to what he knows about and it's not China.


13 Nov 2020

Trump - Neocon Nutcase Too Gutless To Admit He Lost The Election


While idiot clown was celebrating his reverse election win the US closes-in on 12 million COVID cases and 1/4 million COVID deaths. Way more by far than any other country on Earth!

From faraway Tasmania it seems blatantly obvious that if you can't handle the outcome of an election, then don't stand in the election.

But no, neocon nutjob Trump is so self-entitled and pampered, he thinks only he can get elected by losing an election.

We have a word here for people like Trump....'wankers'.

Whats becoming obvious to us and the World is this alleged psychopath is a dictator. Just like Hitler. Dictators don't need to be elected. If the GOP thinks the English-speaking World , let alone the 'Free World' is going to stand-bye and let democracy in the US be replaced by treason and criminality then they are in for a rude shock.

While Trump was pandering to Kim Jong Un he must have been secretly wishing he was also an un-elected dictator.

If Trump fails to hand over to Joe Biden a massive boycott of everything made in the US will take place. It will happen spontaneously. The World does not need another dictator.


Historians will look back at the Trump era as one of over-simplistic solutions to complex problems. During the COVID pandemic Trump and his delusional supporters immersed themselves in conspiracy theories and completely failed to manage the pandemic. This is the main reason he failed to win the 2020 presidential election.

4 Nov 2020

Kleptomaniac Sets-Up Anti-Corruption Commission

The Australian Liberal-Nationals have decided to have an anti-corruption commission that holds secret hearings.

30 Oct 2020

National Party Claim To Be Australia's 'Moral Compass'

original image by Alex Ellinghausen

Time to call out these idiots again. Yesterday agriculture minister David Littleproud (Little-To-Be-Proud-Of) gave a press conference about a bank's climate policy 'issues of policy and morality should be left to representative government'.

'Banks are not, and should not try to become society's moral compass and arbiter. The Australian people decide that by who they elect'. Mr LittleToBeProudOf said. So he thinks he is Australia's moral compass WTF?

These are the same corruptoids that produced the Barnaby Joyce water fraud scheme and Bridget McKenzie's sports rorts theft of public money for election purposes.

LittleToBeProudOf is so drunk on his own arrogance he thinks he is the morality and policy director of Australian banks. The backblocks Queensland hayseed is a joke.

Actually, with interest rates at almost zero because of his government's unbelievable and unlimited dept appetite, it's good to see a bank doing something for the future of the human race for a change.

For too long thief's like McCormack and LittleToBeProudOf have stolen taxpayer funds and re-directed it into their election campaigns. The LNP are definitely Australia's biggest dole bludgers by far. Australians don't pay taxes to further the  political careers of LNP half-wits. Remember that next time you give us a little parable about morality.

LittleToBeProudOf Responds To The Bushfire Royal Commission

What a pathetic joke to have this half-wit pro-coal apparatchik respond to the Royal Commission into the worst bushfires in Australia's history, as minister for Drought and Emergency Management?

Inside Tasmania implores all Australians to dump all relationships you have with the LNP and their supporters.

18 Oct 2020

How China Tried To Destroy Google And Failed

China Is Engaged In Subversion

A Google Cloud Team report released a few days ago details the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack ever carried-out on the planet.

The Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) said the attack which happened in 2017 came from China, originated in a network of four Chinese internet service providers. The 2.54Tbs attack was the culmination of a six-month campaign that utilized multiple methods to hammer Google's server infrastructure.


We ask 'why did the Maoist totalitarian dictatorship of 1.4 billion people spend 6 months trying to bring-down the Earth's leading search engine'? 

China also attempted to destroy Amazon (the company and the rain forest) with a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack. This is obviously hostile behavior and is an attack on free speech and information.

Again we will point-out some high-profile Communist enablers operating in Australia. 

Scott Morrison, Andrew Forrest of FMG, Gina Rhinehart, Rio Tinto, BHP, Sustainable Timber Tasmania and local Communist agent Guy Barnett, The Institute of Foresters Australia for legitimising the Australia-China woodchip conveyor belt and Daniel Andrews and his 'Belt and Road' lapse of consciousness.

Childishly believing Communist China is a benefactor and cash-provider to Australia is bordering on insane. Communist China and it's depraved dictator Xi Jinping are out to control the internet and the entire World economy. They are 70% on their way to enslaving Australia.

China - Get The Hell Out Of Our Forests And Aboriginal Sacred Sites

It's time to stop sleazy, pandemic-ridden Communist China from buying Australian wood chips and iron ore. You've rejected Australian wine, barley, coal and now its time to reject our wood chips and iron ore. We don't want to build your nightmare dictatorship anymore. We will expose your agents in Australia and limit your mindless expansionism.

2 Oct 2020

Australian Iron Ore Is Building The Chinese War Machine

According to the Minerals Council 80% of Australia's iron ore exports are to Communist China. (80% of our wool exports are also to China)

Iron ore is Australia's largest export commodity worth over $60 billion annually.

Global iron ore supply is not unlimited and is apparently tight according to the FIN Review. That's why China is still importing shiploads of it from Australia. BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue pay around $3 billion pa each in Federal taxes.

No wonder 'Maoist Morrison' is very quiet about the blowing-up of Aboriginal archaeological sites to supply the Communists?

So why are we primarily an iron supplier to a Communist Dictatorship? How did Australia go so far off track? 

Incompetent Australia

We often wonder why we are forced to theorize foreign policy when there is an army of public servants being over-paid to do it. It seems the buffoons are absolutely useless and unable to act in the national interest and incapable of long range and strategic thinking. In 2020 iron ore exports and Communist Chinese expansionism are identical to Europe in 1939 and the rise of Hitler as well as 'Pig Iron Bob' and the rise of Japanese fascism.

Why Is the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance all English-speaking White Men? This is worse than the Bachelor on TV for lack of racial diversity. It's worth thinking about because it's part of the lazy, incompetent, retarded World view Australia has inherited from it's colonial slave-trading masters.

23 Sept 2020

China Cannot Crush Tibetan Buddhism AND Host The 2022 Winter Olympics

Chamdo Golden Sunshine Vocational Training School

Today we read China has imprisoned half a million Tibetans.

Maoist dictator Xi Jinping has implemented a large-scale mandatory "vocational training" program in Tibet, imprisoning more than half a million Tibetans into concentration camps in the first seven months of 2020.

If the Maoist dictator thinks he can re-program Tibetan Buddhists AND host the Winter Olympics he is in for a rude awakening. His propaganda event will be globally boycotted. 

Xi's 'Joyful Rendezvous Upon Pure Ice and Snow 2022 Winter Olympics' (纯洁的冰雪 激情的约会) Will not go ahead. What sports person would support this blatant Communist propaganda? None.

Chinese Communists are so backward they think religion makes Tibetans lazy, forgetting the Tibetan Plateau is so high it has very low oxygen levels. Being lazy in Tibet is a rational survival strategy.


Aerial view of a Maoist re-education camp in Chamdo

How China Was Trapped By It's Own Duplicity

Communist Chinese 'scholars' studied the fall of the Soviet Union in order to avoid the same thing happening to them. Because stagnation is inevitable in a communist system, they tried to evolve a hybrid system. The idiots ended-up with a system where Chinese workers are exploited by bourgeoisie capitalists and bourgeoisie communists at the same time. 
There is no doubt communist Chinese spent decades trying to reuse an antique European social system. 'Despite admitting that globalization developed through the capitalist system, the party's leaders and theorists argue that globalization is not intrinsically capitalist'.
They were simply grafting their ideological baggage onto the World economy. Their 'dictatorship of the proletariat' was attempting to exploit capitalism and innovation in other countries to keep their totalitarian dictators in power. They created their own 'dictatorship of the bourgeoisie' because that's exactly what Xi Jinping is - a bourgeoisie.

China has constructed a massive Ponzi Scheme on the blood of it's workers and peasants.
If Communist Chinese thinking is so clear why are their workers being exploited by the bourgeoisie who run Apple, Tesla, Wynn Resorts and Qualcomm?

Las Vegas Communism 

Tibetan Buddhists Must Believe In This?

Wynn Resorts based in Las Vegas Nevada generates 75% of it's profits in China. ($5billionUS). Where in the writings of Marx does it say workers should be robbed by foreign-owned gambling casinos?
After crushing democracy in Hong Kong, 'cartoon communist' Xi Jinping tolerates this level of ideological duplicity? No wonder Communist China is imploding?
They have created a hybrid anarchy of contradiction and stupidity. Now the World is choosing to isolate them and their corrupt, expansionist, virus-infected dictatorship.

15 Sept 2020

7 Dictators That Have To Go

The planet has entered a death spiral at the hands of a few dictators. Not only are these corrupt dictators blocking the evolution of the human race but they are routinely murdering innocent people.


Lukashenko and Putin

The KGB-trained operative who never emerged from the cold war. He is still poisoning people who speak the truth or murdering innocent airline passengers just to win some obscure regional power struggle. 
He is using the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok to stay in power. Is clinging to power so necessary? Do these tinpot dictators get addicted to it? Obviously. Putin is just another small-minded, self-serving dictator.


The Belarusian dictator ticks all the boxes. Still lives in the Soviet era like Putin, anti-semitic, homophobic, praises Hitler etc, etc. Claims vodka will prevent Coronavirus, is an adulterer. Is Belarus's only president and is addicted to power.  Recently won a staged election and 'disappears' his opponents. Like Putin, this cadaver from the past has got to go.


Burning the Amazon basin to supply the Communist Chinese population crisis with beef is this small-minded dictator's biggest crime. His complete failure to protect his nation from COVID-19 due to his infantile and self-serving thinking compounds the fact. Bolsonaro has to go.





A small-town nutjob and thug who manipulated his way to presidency of the Philippines. Has killed tens of thousands of civilians in extra-judicial (no trial) murders. His karma alone dictates he will die violently.







Almost a case study in narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy. This spoilt brat conned his way to the White House. His wealth originally came from grand daddy Fred's brothels and saloons in the Klondike gold rush. Incredibly, Fred died of Spanish flu in the pandemic of 1918.

We have a message to Trump supporters: One day he will be gone and and you will have to survive without him. Get used to it.


Xi Jinping

Maneuvered his way to the top of a Maoist dictatorship. Tried to become an emperor for life or so he thinks. Spends his time enforcing an obsolete European political system on an over-populated disaster of a country.

Maoist China exploit weaknesses in other countries to prop-up their outrageous and unsustainable population. The environmental footprint of 1.4 billion Chinese makes Xi Jinping a bigger threat than Adolph Hitler to all human life on this planet.


Mohammad bin Salman

This human garbage has merged fake royalty and fake religion and produced toxic evil.

Killed the rest of his family who were rivals to the Saudi 'throne' he maintains one of the most barbaric and primitive religious cults ever known.

The compulsory pilgrimage to Mecca actually contains a mock stoning. These people are mentally ill.


Dictators Suggested In Comments

Thanks guys.
Boris Johnson - Looks like he never quite recovered from COVID. Labour leader Keir Starmer is tying Boris in knots apparently. Why are there different laws for Dominic Cummings than everybody else in the UK? (except maybe Prince Andrew)
Scumo - He really belongs on this list. He uses News Corp as the propaganda arm of the Liberal Party and lets them pay no tax in return. Just like Trump. Lives 40kms away from where his ancestors were unloaded as convicts. What a boofhead?
Benjanin Netanyhu - He really is a racist fossil. You think he would understand racism but he doesn't. Just keeps stealing land as if it was god-given.

12 Sept 2020

How Scott Morrison Let Communist China Grow Opium In Tasmania

A leaked Senate document proves the Communist Chinese take-over of the strategic Van Diemens Land Company is continually breaking Australian law.

After 4 years the Communists have only got 145 full time workers at VDL, 26% of them imported from China. We predicted this 4 years ago and also in 2018.

Incredibly, corrupt Liberals even allowed the Communist Chinese to grow opium poppies at Woolnorth starting in 2019. The Liberals then tried to cover this up. 

The sale of the strategically important North West tip of Tasmania was personally approved by current prime minister Scott Morrison.

Two vocal supporters at the time were far-right apparatchik Eric Abetz and confused local mayor Daryl Quilliam. 

So where is the opium really going? Is it China, Australian crime cartels or to big pharma? Do Scott Morrison or Eric Abetz even care? Nobody can trust a Maoist nation that has flooded Australia with ice and pretends to be a capitalist democracy when it suits them.

This story is a disgrace and emphasizes how Liberal politicians have been working against the national interest for decades. Morrison and Abetz must resign.