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13 Nov 2020

Trump - Neocon Nutcase Too Gutless To Admit He Lost The Election


While idiot clown was celebrating his reverse election win the US closes-in on 12 million COVID cases and 1/4 million COVID deaths. Way more by far than any other country on Earth!

From faraway Tasmania it seems blatantly obvious that if you can't handle the outcome of an election, then don't stand in the election.

But no, neocon nutjob Trump is so self-entitled and pampered, he thinks only he can get elected by losing an election.

We have a word here for people like Trump....'wankers'.

Whats becoming obvious to us and the World is this alleged psychopath is a dictator. Just like Hitler. Dictators don't need to be elected. If the GOP thinks the English-speaking World , let alone the 'Free World' is going to stand-bye and let democracy in the US be replaced by treason and criminality then they are in for a rude shock.

While Trump was pandering to Kim Jong Un he must have been secretly wishing he was also an un-elected dictator.

If Trump fails to hand over to Joe Biden a massive boycott of everything made in the US will take place. It will happen spontaneously. The World does not need another dictator.


Historians will look back at the Trump era as one of over-simplistic solutions to complex problems. During the COVID pandemic Trump and his delusional supporters immersed themselves in conspiracy theories and completely failed to manage the pandemic. This is the main reason he failed to win the 2020 presidential election.

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