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23 Sept 2020

China Cannot Crush Tibetan Buddhism AND Host The 2022 Winter Olympics

Chamdo Golden Sunshine Vocational Training School

Today we read China has imprisoned half a million Tibetans.

Maoist dictator Xi Jinping has implemented a large-scale mandatory "vocational training" program in Tibet, imprisoning more than half a million Tibetans into concentration camps in the first seven months of 2020.

If the Maoist dictator thinks he can re-program Tibetan Buddhists AND host the Winter Olympics he is in for a rude awakening. His propaganda event will be globally boycotted. 

Xi's 'Joyful Rendezvous Upon Pure Ice and Snow 2022 Winter Olympics' (纯洁的冰雪 激情的约会) Will not go ahead. What sports person would support this blatant Communist propaganda? None.

Chinese Communists are so backward they think religion makes Tibetans lazy, forgetting the Tibetan Plateau is so high it has very low oxygen levels. Being lazy in Tibet is a rational survival strategy.


Aerial view of a Maoist re-education camp in Chamdo

How China Was Trapped By It's Own Duplicity

Communist Chinese 'scholars' studied the fall of the Soviet Union in order to avoid the same thing happening to them. Because stagnation is inevitable in a communist system, they tried to evolve a hybrid system. The idiots ended-up with a system where Chinese workers are exploited by bourgeoisie capitalists and bourgeoisie communists at the same time. 
There is no doubt communist Chinese spent decades trying to reuse an antique European social system. 'Despite admitting that globalization developed through the capitalist system, the party's leaders and theorists argue that globalization is not intrinsically capitalist'.
They were simply grafting their ideological baggage onto the World economy. Their 'dictatorship of the proletariat' was attempting to exploit capitalism and innovation in other countries to keep their totalitarian dictators in power. They created their own 'dictatorship of the bourgeoisie' because that's exactly what Xi Jinping is - a bourgeoisie.

China has constructed a massive Ponzi Scheme on the blood of it's workers and peasants.
If Communist Chinese thinking is so clear why are their workers being exploited by the bourgeoisie who run Apple, Tesla, Wynn Resorts and Qualcomm?

Las Vegas Communism 

Tibetan Buddhists Must Believe In This?

Wynn Resorts based in Las Vegas Nevada generates 75% of it's profits in China. ($5billionUS). Where in the writings of Marx does it say workers should be robbed by foreign-owned gambling casinos?
After crushing democracy in Hong Kong, 'cartoon communist' Xi Jinping tolerates this level of ideological duplicity? No wonder Communist China is imploding?
They have created a hybrid anarchy of contradiction and stupidity. Now the World is choosing to isolate them and their corrupt, expansionist, virus-infected dictatorship.

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