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18 Oct 2020

How China Tried To Destroy Google And Failed

China Is Engaged In Subversion

A Google Cloud Team report released a few days ago details the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack ever carried-out on the planet.

The Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) said the attack which happened in 2017 came from China, originated in a network of four Chinese internet service providers. The 2.54Tbs attack was the culmination of a six-month campaign that utilized multiple methods to hammer Google's server infrastructure.


We ask 'why did the Maoist totalitarian dictatorship of 1.4 billion people spend 6 months trying to bring-down the Earth's leading search engine'? 

China also attempted to destroy Amazon (the company and the rain forest) with a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack. This is obviously hostile behavior and is an attack on free speech and information.

Again we will point-out some high-profile Communist enablers operating in Australia. 

Scott Morrison, Andrew Forrest of FMG, Gina Rhinehart, Rio Tinto, BHP, Sustainable Timber Tasmania and local Communist agent Guy Barnett, The Institute of Foresters Australia for legitimising the Australia-China woodchip conveyor belt and Daniel Andrews and his 'Belt and Road' lapse of consciousness.

Childishly believing Communist China is a benefactor and cash-provider to Australia is bordering on insane. Communist China and it's depraved dictator Xi Jinping are out to control the internet and the entire World economy. They are 70% on their way to enslaving Australia.

China - Get The Hell Out Of Our Forests And Aboriginal Sacred Sites

It's time to stop sleazy, pandemic-ridden Communist China from buying Australian wood chips and iron ore. You've rejected Australian wine, barley, coal and now its time to reject our wood chips and iron ore. We don't want to build your nightmare dictatorship anymore. We will expose your agents in Australia and limit your mindless expansionism.

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