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Nine Entertainment, News Ltd and Seven West Media are using your subscriptions to turn Australia into a corrupt, debt-ravaged failed state. Their biased reporters are even covering-up sex crimes inside Australia's Parliament House. Paywall media charge you to see ads while Google charge you not to see ads. Paywall media also give you sanitized news. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? This is scammer media upholding scammer government.

2 Oct 2020

Australian Iron Ore Is Building The Chinese War Machine

According to the Minerals Council 80% of Australia's iron ore exports are to Communist China. (80% of our wool exports are also to China)

Iron ore is Australia's largest export commodity worth over $60 billion annually.

Global iron ore supply is not unlimited and is apparently tight according to the FIN Review. That's why China is still importing shiploads of it from Australia. BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue pay around $3 billion pa each in Federal taxes.

No wonder 'Maoist Morrison' is very quiet about the blowing-up of Aboriginal archaeological sites to supply the Communists?

So why are we primarily an iron supplier to a Communist Dictatorship? How did Australia go so far off track? 

Incompetent Australia

We often wonder why we are forced to theorize foreign policy when there is an army of public servants being over-paid to do it. It seems the buffoons are absolutely useless and unable to act in the national interest and incapable of long range and strategic thinking. In 2020 iron ore exports and Communist Chinese expansionism are identical to Europe in 1939 and the rise of Hitler as well as 'Pig Iron Bob' and the rise of Japanese fascism.

Why Is the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance all English-speaking White Men? This is worse than the Bachelor on TV for lack of racial diversity. It's worth thinking about because it's part of the lazy, incompetent, retarded World view Australia has inherited from it's colonial slave-trading masters.

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