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27 Apr 2018

How Idiotic Australians Gave North West Tasmania To Communist China

This week we saw national coverage on the melt-down of 'Moon Lake Investments' owner of the largest dairy farm in the Southern Hemisphere. Moon Lake are a front company for the Chinese Communist Party. IT suspects this mass resignation from Moon Lake is not what it appears.

The 'resignation'- our view. The key Moon Lake directors were an ex-Forestry Tasmania CEO and an ex-state Labor treasurer with a degree in medicine. But why was a doctor and a forester working for a communist dairy company?

We do not think they resigned but were in fact pushed by the Chinese owners.
IT surmises they were almost useless to the Chinese when they realised a Liberal government had been narrowly re-elected in Tasmania. The Chinese wanted Tasmanian government money to build infrastructure for their dairy operation. They need a bigger airport close to Woolnorth in NW Tasmania to fly product out to China. The Chinese are losing money on this operation. They also want to water-down workplace regulations to allow Chinese workers to operate Woolnorth. The Labor-aligned directors would have almost no influence on the Liberal regime in Hobart. The state election sealed their fate.

2 years ago we blew the whistle on the Liberal conservatives who crippled Australia's national security by transferring North West Tasmania to a hostile superpower. The Liberals could have stopped this land grab, but for ideologues like Eric Abetz, blocking conservationist Jan Cameron from buying Woolnorth was more important than blocking a communist totalitarian dictatorship. IT believes Eric Abetz is a security risk to Australia.

Importantly, how did Australians get duped into thinking the People's Republic of China, with a population of 1.4 billion is a friendly nation or even a capitalist nation where individuals can own assets? All assets are owned by the state in China. If China really is a 'capitalist' country why hasn't Xi Jinping told anybody?
This is a country with no human rights, no elections and they actually farm cockroaches as well.

The fact is China is a population disaster with a huge proportion of males over females. They have been termed 'crony capitalist' and have morphed into a dictatorship with president Xi Jinping able to hold office for life. They are forced to expand by sheer numbers and with Russia and India around them and a nuclear US to the East, their softest target is dumb-assed Australia. Australia is already an economic vassal of Communist China. They have control of the Australian economy.

Both sides of Australian politics still see China as an unlimited market with unlimited money to spend on degrading Australia. Whoever is in power in Australia acts like a Chinese local agent. Current Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman has made many trade visits to China including one with his opposition leader Bryan Green. If China wants our woodchips Liberal and Labor can't deliver them fast enough. We are fast approaching the point where China wants to flex real muscle in Australia rather than working through vacuous local agents.

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