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30 Oct 2020

National Party Claim To Be Australia's 'Moral Compass'

original image by Alex Ellinghausen

Time to call out these idiots again. Yesterday agriculture minister David Littleproud (Little-To-Be-Proud-Of) gave a press conference about a bank's climate policy 'issues of policy and morality should be left to representative government'.

'Banks are not, and should not try to become society's moral compass and arbiter. The Australian people decide that by who they elect'. Mr LittleToBeProudOf said. So he thinks he is Australia's moral compass WTF?

These are the same corruptoids that produced the Barnaby Joyce water fraud scheme and Bridget McKenzie's sports rorts theft of public money for election purposes.

LittleToBeProudOf is so drunk on his own arrogance he thinks he is the morality and policy director of Australian banks. The backblocks Queensland hayseed is a joke.

Actually, with interest rates at almost zero because of his government's unbelievable and unlimited dept appetite, it's good to see a bank doing something for the future of the human race for a change.

For too long thief's like McCormack and LittleToBeProudOf have stolen taxpayer funds and re-directed it into their election campaigns. The LNP are definitely Australia's biggest dole bludgers by far. Australians don't pay taxes to further the  political careers of LNP half-wits. Remember that next time you give us a little parable about morality.

LittleToBeProudOf Responds To The Bushfire Royal Commission

What a pathetic joke to have this half-wit pro-coal apparatchik respond to the Royal Commission into the worst bushfires in Australia's history, as minister for Drought and Emergency Management?

Inside Tasmania implores all Australians to dump all relationships you have with the LNP and their supporters.

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