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12 Sept 2020

How Scott Morrison Let Communist China Grow Opium In Tasmania

A leaked Senate document proves the Communist Chinese take-over of the strategic Van Diemens Land Company is continually breaking Australian law.

After 4 years the Communists have only got 145 full time workers at VDL, 26% of them imported from China. We predicted this 4 years ago and also in 2018.

Incredibly, corrupt Liberals even allowed the Communist Chinese to grow opium poppies at Woolnorth starting in 2019. The Liberals then tried to cover this up. 

The sale of the strategically important North West tip of Tasmania was personally approved by current prime minister Scott Morrison.

Two vocal supporters at the time were far-right apparatchik Eric Abetz and confused local mayor Daryl Quilliam. 

So where is the opium really going? Is it China, Australian crime cartels or to big pharma? Do Scott Morrison or Eric Abetz even care? Nobody can trust a Maoist nation that has flooded Australia with ice and pretends to be a capitalist democracy when it suits them.

This story is a disgrace and emphasizes how Liberal politicians have been working against the national interest for decades. Morrison and Abetz must resign.

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