15 Sep 2020

7 Dictators That Have To Go

The planet has entered a death spiral at the hands of a few dictators. Not only are these corrupt dictators blocking the evolution of the human race but they are routinely murdering innocent people.


Lukashenko and Putin

The KGB-trained operative who never emerged from the cold war. He is still poisoning people who speak the truth or murdering innocent airline passengers just to win some obscure regional power struggle. 
He is using the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok to stay in power. Is clinging to power so necessary? Do these tinpot dictators get addicted to it? Obviously. Putin is just another small-minded, self-serving dictator.


The Belarusian dictator ticks all the boxes. Still lives in the Soviet era like Putin, anti-semitic, homophobic, praises Hitler etc, etc. Claims vodka will prevent Coronavirus, is an adulterer. Is Belarus's only president and is addicted to power.  Recently won a staged election and 'disappears' his opponents. Like Putin, this cadaver from the past has got to go.


Burning the Amazon basin to supply the Communist Chinese population crisis with beef is this small-minded dictator's biggest crime. His complete failure to protect his nation from COVID-19 due to his infantile and self-serving thinking compounds the fact. Bolsonaro has to go.





A small-town nutjob and thug who manipulated his way to presidency of the Philippines. Has killed tens of thousands of civilians in extra-judicial (no trial) murders. His karma alone dictates he will die violently.







Almost a case study in narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy. This spoilt brat conned his way to the White House. His wealth originally came from grand daddy Fred's brothels and saloons in the Klondike gold rush. Incredibly, Fred died of Spanish flu in the pandemic of 1918.

We have a message to Trump supporters: One day he will be gone and and you will have to survive without him. Get used to it.


Xi Jinping

Maneuvered his way to the top of a Maoist dictatorship. Tried to become an emperor for life or so he thinks. Spends his time enforcing an obsolete European political system on an over-populated disaster of a country.

Maoist China exploit weaknesses in other countries to prop-up their outrageous and unsustainable population. The environmental footprint of 1.4 billion Chinese makes Xi Jinping a bigger threat than Adolph Hitler to all human life on this planet.


Mohammad bin Salman

This human garbage has merged fake royalty and fake religion and produced toxic evil.

Killed the rest of his family who were rivals to the Saudi 'throne' he maintains one of the most barbaric and primitive religious cults ever known.

The compulsory pilgrimage to Mecca actually contains a mock stoning. These people are mentally ill.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on analysis of the world's most abhorrent leaders. All of them sociopaths.
Could have also added Boris Johnson and Scummo.
Keep up the good work.