17 Feb 2024

15 Feb 2024

Candidate To Hold A $34 Trillion Debt Wants A Mass Murderer To Attack Countries That Live Within Their Means

The US Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization

So 35% of NATO members fail to meet optional targets? If the US has a $34 trillion debt who is really paying their NATO dues because it's obviously not the US taxpayer?

Trump booked-up the 3rd highest debt increase of any president yet now wants a psychopathic mass-murderer to attack NATO countries who 'pay too little'. The 'terrorist' Republican Party are OK with that because they see Putin's friends North Korea and Iran as their allies.

While threatening NATO countries with a KGB-trained psychopath, Trump wants to be president of a $34 trillion dollar debt that's rising by the minute. Trump failed to lower US National debt, is a convicted fraudster, insurrectionist, rapist and election interferer yet the 'terrorist' Republican Party are OK with all that?

The US Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization

14 Feb 2024

12 Feb 2024

Judaism Is Tax-Exempt In Australia - Killing Children In Palestine Funded By Australia

Israel Is A Terrorist State 

The biggest tax scam in Australia is laundering income tax by religious scammers pretending to be charities

Israel is a functional theocracy. That means it's the same as the tax-free religion of Judaism. They are at war with another religion that is also tax-exempt in Australia. So all donations flowing to charities on both sides are funded by the Australian tax payer. Israelis are killing civilians over unscientific sky fairy nonsense yet all Australian tax payers are forced to fund it. This is the biggest scam of the millennium.

Next time you hear an Australian whinging about our massive debt and our broken tax system remind them it's set-up to drain the nation using religious scams. Religion has economically crippled Australia while our politicians lie in the street and abuse pot plants.

Netanyahu kills another child but this time the World is watching. Israel is carrying-out the systematic genocide of Palestine's children but why? 

Jews claim they believe in Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden so why are they killing children? Maybe their 'beliefs' are a huge scam and they are only interested in real estate? Killing all the Palestinian children to claim their real estate is what Netanyahu is actually doing.

 Israel Hate The Maps Because They Hate The Truth

The Israel disinformation machine hate the maps. They prove Israel has stolen an entire nation while the international community stood bye and fondled their bibles.

Once they have consumed Palestine Israel will look for another victim. Nothing can satisfy greed on this scale. Our position is clear. We are atheists and don't accept unsubstantiated scam religions of any kind. Show us the science? Israel is so corrupt they use science to kill children but not to fact-check their brainwash.  They are not interested in documenting the genocide they have unleashed on Palestine.

Israeli hate the truth so we will keep presenting it.

Of course Palestine in the form of Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 2023 because there is almost nothing left of Palestine.

How often do you hear Netanyahu quote the ten commandments specifically 'though will not kill'? The World has been too weak with this serial killer.

Netanyahu is a child killer, a fascist and also very stupid. He can never win this religious war because it is unwinnable. Unwinnable because it's based entirely on delusion.

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

The US Republican Party Are Allies of North Korea and Iran


The US Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization

Trump and his half-wit supporters have put it on record they support Russia over NATO. Think about that for a moment? Russia's arms suppliers are Iran and North Korea, the same 'axis of evil' that previous Republican administrations opposed. Trump is a psychopath, there is no doubt about that. He attacks dead war veterans, US prisoners of war like John McCain who was tortured in Vietnam and now he has tried to undermine NATO. And all for his shitty little political aspirations.

The fact the US political system allowed a clinical psychopath to destroy America's social fabric is more than an indictment of a failed state. This could be the beginning of the end of human's brief reign on this planet.

The US Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization


1 Feb 2024

Peter Costello's Nine Network Is Propaganda Media

At Nine we have another rusted-on Liberal media oligarch degrading people who don't agree with his self-serving ideology.

we experienced technical issues with a routine screengrab of Peter Costello


Comment. This fossil was number 2 in the Howard government team of bootlickers who invaded Iraq and slaughtered and tortured tens of thousands of civilians. The brainwashed Howard retards thought Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction. Because Peter Costello has no conscience, he downloaded and installed his brother the Reverend Tim Costello's anti-gambling conscience instead. 

The rest of Tim Costello's tax-free 'god had sex with a young virgin' brainwash is nonsense and is not bankable for a media oligarch. Was god trying to show men how to abuse women? Probably. Peter Costello's media supports the LNP dogma of replacing Palestine with Israel. Nine Media are covering-up genocide. They are still fighting the same Crusade they started in 1096 WTF?

Shooting ducks is like shooting chooks

Ducks are farmed and processed consumer food. Why did Costello's photoshop jockeys sexualize a female MP trying to save ducks while the Nine Chairman supports mass-murder of innocent civilians in Iraq?

Theory. Costello must know shooting wildlife for 'pleasure' is often a precursor to psychopathy and murder. Costello has shown a willingness to use young Australians to kill thousands of civilians due to his blind allegiance to imaginary and unsubstantiated pseudo facts. He could have spoken-up about the invasion of Iraq but didn't. We call-out Peter Costello as an idiot.

Peter Costello's Liberal Propaganda Unit Busted Photoshopping

The Nine network chose to change this image but why?

Previously, we noticed Costello's Nine network was photoshopping people it didn't like. Now everybody knows how the slime operates. So when did Photoshop start increasing bust sizes? Never. Why would you pay for proprietary software that doesn't work when you can use reliable open-source software to do the job for free?

This proves The Nine Network is not a news organisation but a propaganda unit. An Adobe Photoshop representative said 'Photoshop would do nothing by itself other than open the photo. Someone has told Photoshop how to edit a part of the image that they have selected.' The fact the Nine Lib bots photoshopped a woman trying to save ducks and then lied about it to cover their own arses is an indication they are the lowest form of life.

26 Jan 2024

Waleed Aly Fake Academic, Propagandist And Hypocite

 We are going after Australia's corrupt, lying Liberal media

Stop all female genital mutilation in all muslim countries before crawling onto our screens and telling us how to run Australia

On Peter Costello's SMH on Australia Day, we see a 'conservative Sunni Muslim' criticising Australia's Prime Minister.

We can still have opinions in Australia. Unlike Egypt where Waleed's family originates. Waleed's religion is continuously torturing, genital mutilating, stoning and murdering people all over the World. Rather than reforming this religion he crawls onto the pages of Liberal-owned media to stone an honest politician. Where was Waleed when Morrison was implementing Robodebt? Where was he when Morrison crippled the Australian economy with climate change?


💡 IDEA. If Waleed's religion is actually right, then as an academic Waleed would know all other religions must be wrong? Therefore, Waleed would support taxing those religions at the corporate rate because they produce nothing and don't help anybody except the victims they created.


The fact the above never happens and religions act as a bloc, tolerating each others contradictions and lies confirms religions are a scam.

Instead of taxing religious scammers, Waleed whinges about incremental changes to a broken tax system.

Next time he criticises an Australian politician, Waleed should show how he dragged I$lam out of the stone age. As an 'academic' why not run a microscope over the false assertion that a sky fairy dictated a holy book to an illiterate shepherd? It doesn't hold water and Waleed knows it. Why are his faith forced to kill those who disagree with them? People like Salman Rushdie.

We in Australia have a higher standard of rational thought than Waleed will get at Friday pr@yers. If he must have something to believe in try 'Evolution'. It's 100% scientifically verifiable, something Waleed as an 'academic' would instantly recognise as truth. 

20 Jan 2024

Ever Noticed Trump Has No Policies?


The US Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization

Trump Advised Americans To Inject Disinfectant As A COVID Cure. Trump Killed One Million Americans.

10 months out from a Presidential election and the Republican candidate has no policies on anything. He probably wants to drown people on the Mexican border and give a lot of Ukraine to Putin but he hasn't verbalized it. So far it's been about him and how people are not being nice to him. He has the mind of a 5 year old.

Trump doesn't have a policy on the Ukraine invasion, the Hamas attack, the Palestine invasion, Chinese expansionism, the breakout of religious wars in the Middle East and North Africa and military assistance to Russia from Iran and North Korea. 

His entire campaign is about himself and his criminal and civil trials. Trump is on record claiming Putin and Kim Jong Un are 'very smart'. Sure enough Americas leading wack-job thinks Xi Jinping 'is brilliant'. Trump failed to change anything in North Korea and supports an entire nation of mindless automatons.

Back in 2016 when Trump was first elected he kept chanting 'lock her up' because Hillary Clinton had 2 email addresses. Yet this Bavarian-descended fascist with serious mental issues tried to overthrow his own government, is a convicted rapist and soon a convicted fraudster, steals classified documents and continuously tries to rort the electoral system. His friends are all convicted criminals and so is he.

Trump should be behind bars. In his last attempt at 'making America great', he killed well over one million Americans because he thought COVID was a mild illness that could be cured by injecting disinfectant. Then he got it and Americas biggest dick-wad called-in the military. This is a complete indictment of the US voters and how they have been mentally lobotomized by fascist republicanism.

Trump was not given ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine

We are far enough away from this retard not to worry about him and we don't. It's very sad that the nation that gave us the internet, the Ford Mustang, the GM Corvette Stingray and a thousand other cool things now brings us a fascist dick wad with the mental range of a pre-schooler.

The American War Of Independence against Britain created a backward looking and corrupt nation randomly killing each other in mass shootings. 

The US Republic is a failure. They are not a functioning democracy.

So what went wrong?

12 Jan 2024

No Wonder Palestine Attacked Israel - A Reality Check For Geriatric Joe

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

Look at the maps between 1947 and the present? Israel has squeezed Palestine into a fraction of it's territory. Hamas should not have attacked Israel but Israel stole too much of their land. Fighting-back against a land grab disguised as war is exactly what 'Geriatric Joe' Biden supports in Ukraine but rejects in Palestine.

hard to believe the US supports Jewish terrorism?

But why does Geriatric Joe hold the opposite policy in Palestine than in Ukraine? Joe identifies as 'catholic' a scam religion that sexually abuses children all over the World. In our view it is a religious costume pedophile cult. Somehow the alarm bells failed to go off in Geriatric Joe's brain. 

It's obvious Joe runs on religious and racist conditioning. That makes him mentally unfit to lead the Free World. How does Geriatric Joe sleep at night or do the tablets take care of that?

Geriatric Joe V Delusional Donald 

This is the pathetic presidential contest the ex-most powerful nation on Earth is running. Basically a criminal versus a half wit. We predict the corrupt US Supreme Court will clear the way for Delusional Donald to stand as president of the same government he tried to overthrow. You have to ask 'why did the US have a war of independence against Britain when the system they replaced it with is just as irrational and dysfunctional'? 

One person Trump will use to get on the ticket is totally corrupt Justice Clarence Thomas. If you click that link scroll down to 'Nondisclosure of finances' and see what a parasite Thomas is.

Religion Has Crippled The Human Race


Look at the screengrab above. No women, identical beards and hats, total conformity, complete allegiance to unsubstantiated pseudo-facts and dogma. We snapped it from here.

It's a story about an insane schism in an insane cult that has people like Bidden and Trump wrapped around it's corrupt fingers. Some of them claim to teach the occult  (Kabbalah) but in our view they have no wisdom or knowledge, just a tax-free meal ticket and a license to mentally and physically abuse other humans.

The Earth is full of these blatant scammers. The Vatican, the Taliban, the Iranian mullahs, the Saudi royals, most of North Africa, all of the Middle East is full of warring, brainwashed idiots who all think their belief is the right one. Add the pedophile protecting head of the Anglicans King Charles to that long list. A simple fact - all of the beliefs are just regional brainwashing. Wake-up you idiots. There is no god there is only evolution and that's what made everything including you. 

Religions wiping each other out is not evolution, it's devolution.

Israel Is A Terrorist State

11 Jan 2024

Why Are Australian Liberals So Retarded?

 We couldn't go past this one from the Shovel.


We like The Shovel because they tell the truth about Australia and Australians.  Why not support them? We are in no way associated with them but when we do a screengrab of their work the least we can do is promote them.

3 Jan 2024

Israel Is Anti-Semitic

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

Look-up 'Semite' and you see it includes Arabs. Israel is murdering thousands of Arabs in Palestine, therefore Israel is Anti-Semitic. They have used that term since World war 2 to scare people who criticized them. Now Netanyahu has created centuries of anti-Jewish sentiment while the rest of them stood by and let him. So did 'Geriatric Joe'. 

6 months ago we thought Israel was just a dubious theocracy, now we think they are primitive barbarians who have no beliefs at all except killing.


Watching Fireworks Or Some Phuktards Missiles On New Years Eve?

Hard to tell the difference between fireworks and missile/drone attacks on civilians isn't it? How long before your town or city gets obliterated by some unhinged dictator?

Today we see the Isrealis are bombing a refugee camp. How very spiritual of the old testament garden of Eden descendants? This is a war crime except Isreal was given a complete exemption by a cloud-dwelling sky fairy.

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

25 Dec 2023

Putin's Head Gets Bigger While His Brain Gets Smaller

After Putin disappeared Alexei Navalny we knew it was time to fire-up the head exploder. We like exploding heads because they explode forever.  Just like the clock is ticking for Putin. Russia is a nation of psychologically crushed conformists, like North Korea but eventually one of them will rebel. Maybe thousands of them will?


Like all short, fat dictators, nobody else can run in their play school elections. So why have an election at all? It's because dictators have very low IQs, actually no IQ at all because they are just insects pretending to be human.