12 Feb 2024

Judaism Is Tax-Exempt In Australia - Killing Children In Palestine Funded By Australia

Israel Is A Terrorist State 

The biggest tax scam in Australia is laundering income tax by religious scammers pretending to be charities

Israel is a functional theocracy. That means it's the same as the tax-free religion of Judaism. They are at war with another religion that is also tax-exempt in Australia. So all donations flowing to charities on both sides are funded by the Australian tax payer. Israelis are killing civilians over unscientific sky fairy nonsense yet all Australian tax payers are forced to fund it. This is the biggest scam of the millennium.

Next time you hear an Australian whinging about our massive debt and our broken tax system remind them it's set-up to drain the nation using religious scams. Religion has economically crippled Australia while our politicians lie in the street and abuse pot plants.

Netanyahu kills another child but this time the World is watching. Israel is carrying-out the systematic genocide of Palestine's children but why? 

Jews claim they believe in Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden so why are they killing children? Maybe their 'beliefs' are a huge scam and they are only interested in real estate? Killing all the Palestinian children to claim their real estate is what Netanyahu is actually doing.

 Israel Hate The Maps Because They Hate The Truth

The Israel disinformation machine hate the maps. They prove Israel has stolen an entire nation while the international community stood bye and fondled their bibles.

Once they have consumed Palestine Israel will look for another victim. Nothing can satisfy greed on this scale. Our position is clear. We are atheists and don't accept unsubstantiated scam religions of any kind. Show us the science? Israel is so corrupt they use science to kill children but not to fact-check their brainwash.  They are not interested in documenting the genocide they have unleashed on Palestine.

Israeli hate the truth so we will keep presenting it.

Of course Palestine in the form of Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 2023 because there is almost nothing left of Palestine.

How often do you hear Netanyahu quote the ten commandments specifically 'though will not kill'? The World has been too weak with this serial killer.

Netanyahu is a child killer, a fascist and also very stupid. He can never win this religious war because it is unwinnable. Unwinnable because it's based entirely on delusion.

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

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