16 Dec 2023

Weekly Roundup

 Viktor Orban The Biggest Butt In The EU


This Hungarian slob blocked Ukraine's membership of the EU to protect Hungarian silver beet exports to the vicious Putin totalitarian dictatorship.

What does Orban use for brains? Orban is a walking-talking butt and it leads us to ask 'why did Hungarians vote for a neanderthal slob who is 97% butt and 3% brains'?

Is the whole nation of Hungary butt heads or just the majority of them?

Inside Tasmania advises AGAINST taking that scenic Danube River cruise through fascist Hungary.


Israeli Dictator Netanyahu Starts Killing Israeli Hostages

 UPDATE Israeli military have killed civilians holding a white flag. One survived and was injured. He was hunted down and killed. These are war crimes. The war crimes were committed by Israel against it's own civilians. Imagine the extent of Israeli war crimes committed against Palestinian civilians?

Israeli defense forces shot and killed 3 Israeli hostages accidently believing them to be Palestinians. Which proves that if even Israelis can't identify Israelis, they the same race, which they are.

Netanyahu's forces used sea water to flood Hamas tunnels so they could drown more Israelis hostages that are probably held in the tunnels.

This proves Israelis are mindless idiots and nobody in the sky promised them the holy land.


Peter Costello Photoshops The Treasurer To Make Conman Angus 'Goofy' Taylor Look Credible


This is some of Peter Costello's propaganda work with photoshop on the Nine network.

Incredibly, the brainless Costello who didn't have the balls to take on war criminal John Howard, charges people to read his crap in the Age and Herald. 

Alternate treasurer Angus 'Goofy' Taylor is a conman and forger who poisoned native grass land and tried to change the environment laws when found out.

Why can't Peter Costello get some of his brothers morals grafted-on? Even if opposing poker machines yet believing in a virgin birth makes no sense at all. How could Jesus have taken his own mother's virginity and why are there tens of thousands of pastors living off the Virgin Mary rape by the child abusing creator of the universe? What a power imbalance, what coercive behavior?

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