3 Jan 2024

Israel Is Anti-Semitic

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

Look-up 'Semite' and you see it includes Arabs. Israel is murdering thousands of Arabs in Palestine, therefore Israel is Anti-Semitic. They have used that term since World war 2 to scare people who criticized them. Now Netanyahu has created centuries of anti-Jewish sentiment while the rest of them stood by and let him. So did 'Geriatric Joe'. 

6 months ago we thought Israel was just a dubious theocracy, now we think they are primitive barbarians who have no beliefs at all except killing.


Watching Fireworks Or Some Phuktards Missiles On New Years Eve?

Hard to tell the difference between fireworks and missile/drone attacks on civilians isn't it? How long before your town or city gets obliterated by some unhinged dictator?

Today we see the Isrealis are bombing a refugee camp. How very spiritual of the old testament garden of Eden descendants? This is a war crime except Isreal was given a complete exemption by a cloud-dwelling sky fairy.

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

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