12 Jan 2024

No Wonder Palestine Attacked Israel - A Reality Check For Geriatric Joe

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

Look at the maps between 1947 and the present? Israel has squeezed Palestine into a fraction of it's territory. Hamas should not have attacked Israel but Israel stole too much of their land. Fighting-back against a land grab disguised as war is exactly what 'Geriatric Joe' Biden supports in Ukraine but rejects in Palestine.

hard to believe the US supports Jewish terrorism?

But why does Geriatric Joe hold the opposite policy in Palestine than in Ukraine? Joe identifies as 'catholic' a scam religion that sexually abuses children all over the World. In our view it is a religious costume pedophile cult. Somehow the alarm bells failed to go off in Geriatric Joe's brain. 

It's obvious Joe runs on religious and racist conditioning. That makes him mentally unfit to lead the Free World. How does Geriatric Joe sleep at night or do the tablets take care of that?

Geriatric Joe V Delusional Donald 

This is the pathetic presidential contest the ex-most powerful nation on Earth is running. Basically a criminal versus a half wit. We predict the corrupt US Supreme Court will clear the way for Delusional Donald to stand as president of the same government he tried to overthrow. You have to ask 'why did the US have a war of independence against Britain when the system they replaced it with is just as irrational and dysfunctional'? 

One person Trump will use to get on the ticket is totally corrupt Justice Clarence Thomas. If you click that link scroll down to 'Nondisclosure of finances' and see what a parasite Thomas is.

Religion Has Crippled The Human Race


Look at the screengrab above. No women, identical beards and hats, total conformity, complete allegiance to unsubstantiated pseudo-facts and dogma. We snapped it from here.

It's a story about an insane schism in an insane cult that has people like Bidden and Trump wrapped around it's corrupt fingers. Some of them claim to teach the occult  (Kabbalah) but in our view they have no wisdom or knowledge, just a tax-free meal ticket and a license to mentally and physically abuse other humans.

The Earth is full of these blatant scammers. The Vatican, the Taliban, the Iranian mullahs, the Saudi royals, most of North Africa, all of the Middle East is full of warring, brainwashed idiots who all think their belief is the right one. Add the pedophile protecting head of the Anglicans King Charles to that long list. A simple fact - all of the beliefs are just regional brainwashing. Wake-up you idiots. There is no god there is only evolution and that's what made everything including you. 

Religions wiping each other out is not evolution, it's devolution.

Israel Is A Terrorist State

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