1 Feb 2024

Peter Costello's Nine Network Is Propaganda Media

At Nine we have another rusted-on Liberal media oligarch degrading people who don't agree with his self-serving ideology.

we experienced technical issues with a routine screengrab of Peter Costello


Comment. This fossil was number 2 in the Howard government team of bootlickers who invaded Iraq and slaughtered and tortured tens of thousands of civilians. The brainwashed Howard retards thought Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction. Because Peter Costello has no conscience, he downloaded and installed his brother the Reverend Tim Costello's anti-gambling conscience instead. 

The rest of Tim Costello's tax-free 'god had sex with a young virgin' brainwash is nonsense and is not bankable for a media oligarch. Was god trying to show men how to abuse women? Probably. Peter Costello's media supports the LNP dogma of replacing Palestine with Israel. Nine Media are covering-up genocide. They are still fighting the same Crusade they started in 1096 WTF?

Shooting ducks is like shooting chooks

Ducks are farmed and processed consumer food. Why did Costello's photoshop jockeys sexualize a female MP trying to save ducks while the Nine Chairman supports mass-murder of innocent civilians in Iraq?

Theory. Costello must know shooting wildlife for 'pleasure' is often a precursor to psychopathy and murder. Costello has shown a willingness to use young Australians to kill thousands of civilians due to his blind allegiance to imaginary and unsubstantiated pseudo facts. He could have spoken-up about the invasion of Iraq but didn't. We call-out Peter Costello as an idiot.

Peter Costello's Liberal Propaganda Unit Busted Photoshopping

The Nine network chose to change this image but why?

Previously, we noticed Costello's Nine network was photoshopping people it didn't like. Now everybody knows how the slime operates. So when did Photoshop start increasing bust sizes? Never. Why would you pay for proprietary software that doesn't work when you can use reliable open-source software to do the job for free?

This proves The Nine Network is not a news organisation but a propaganda unit. An Adobe Photoshop representative said 'Photoshop would do nothing by itself other than open the photo. Someone has told Photoshop how to edit a part of the image that they have selected.' The fact the Nine Lib bots photoshopped a woman trying to save ducks and then lied about it to cover their own arses is an indication they are the lowest form of life.

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