20 Jan 2024

Ever Noticed Trump Has No Policies?


The US Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization

Trump Advised Americans To Inject Disinfectant As A COVID Cure. Trump Killed One Million Americans.

10 months out from a Presidential election and the Republican candidate has no policies on anything. He probably wants to drown people on the Mexican border and give a lot of Ukraine to Putin but he hasn't verbalized it. So far it's been about him and how people are not being nice to him. He has the mind of a 5 year old.

Trump doesn't have a policy on the Ukraine invasion, the Hamas attack, the Palestine invasion, Chinese expansionism, the breakout of religious wars in the Middle East and North Africa and military assistance to Russia from Iran and North Korea. 

His entire campaign is about himself and his criminal and civil trials. Trump is on record claiming Putin and Kim Jong Un are 'very smart'. Sure enough Americas leading wack-job thinks Xi Jinping 'is brilliant'. Trump failed to change anything in North Korea and supports an entire nation of mindless automatons.

Back in 2016 when Trump was first elected he kept chanting 'lock her up' because Hillary Clinton had 2 email addresses. Yet this Bavarian-descended fascist with serious mental issues tried to overthrow his own government, is a convicted rapist and soon a convicted fraudster, steals classified documents and continuously tries to rort the electoral system. His friends are all convicted criminals and so is he.

Trump should be behind bars. In his last attempt at 'making America great', he killed well over one million Americans because he thought COVID was a mild illness that could be cured by injecting disinfectant. Then he got it and Americas biggest dick-wad called-in the military. This is a complete indictment of the US voters and how they have been mentally lobotomized by fascist republicanism.

Trump was not given ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine

We are far enough away from this retard not to worry about him and we don't. It's very sad that the nation that gave us the internet, the Ford Mustang, the GM Corvette Stingray and a thousand other cool things now brings us a fascist dick wad with the mental range of a pre-schooler.

The American War Of Independence against Britain created a backward looking and corrupt nation randomly killing each other in mass shootings. 

The US Republic is a failure. They are not a functioning democracy.

So what went wrong?

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