2 Feb 2023

Is The Liberal Party An Ideological Fatberg?

They are like an insoluble mass of waste lodged in the public life and history of Australia. Fools, buffoons, people who think a convicted pedophile is a 'saint' even though they have no proof saints or even 'god' exists. 

Abbott on Pell's conviction 'He should not have been charged in the absence of corroborating evidence'. Abbott ignores the total lack of evidence to support the entire Catholic dogma. When it comes to pedophilia they want more evidence, when it comes to their church they don't want any at all. 

They accept the lot, virgin birth, impregnated by an imaginary being blah, blah. An entire edifice of lies that all happened in only one region of the Earth. The catholic god was supposed to have created the universe yet was only active in one dusty corner of the Middle East? This is worse than a Nigerian email scam except it's 100% tax-deductible in Australia.

Is this part of a deeper agenda? Does Tony Abbott and John Howard actually support pedophilia and worship pedophiles like George Pell? It looks like it. We have had years of Liberal detritus 'strenuously denying' their crimes. Even the littler crimes when they just pissed $1.8 billion Aussie dollars up against the wall and caused innocent Australians to suicide. We are talking about RoboDebt.

Of course an ex-attorney general wouldn't know if an illegal scheme was legal. How could he be expected to remember who thought it was legal? There were other things happening as there always is. They will sue anybody at the drop of a hat and will proclaim their innocence 'till the cows come home. The Liberal World view is a fake and a sham. It's probably just  a scam as well.

25 Jan 2023

We Kick-Off 2023 With Our Own Flag


Just in time for Penal Colony Day we launch our own national flag. The 'Union Droste'. This bit of stupidity has other flags in the top left corner highlighting the colonialist dictatorship of the 'commonwealth'. When King Charles divorced Princess Diana she didn't get a bunch of castles and half of Wales. Compare his fake hereditary power to the endless taxes, rules,and parasitic bureaucracy applied to the rest of us? 

Why is there no genetic relationship between  King Richard III and King Charles III?

That's because royalty is a giant scam and people who believe in it are very stupid. But that's OK, very stupid is very normal at this point on the bell curve. 

25 Dec 2022

Pussy Riot Anti Putin Rap

Pussy Riot have been calling-out this butcher for decades and this rap song says it all - the mass murderer's 'special military operation' WTF?
They listed the Russian 'tradition of political poisoning' represented by Russia’s Lab X, a poison factory that helped silence the Soviets’ critics and that is believed to play a similar function today. Of course it does.
It's ironic that while ex-KGB psychopath Putin was systematically poisoning his opponents, the Soviet-sentamentalists had fallen behind in cancer research. Now cancer can often be treated successfully with genetically-altered blood and marrow transfusions. Not in Putin's Russia. His days are numbered.

Propaganda Watch Out For It

Pussy Riot noted the propaganda spewed out by Russian TV, essentially enabling a serial killer on analgesics to invade other countries. Is that any different to the politics sold as 'news' in Australia? 

Remember John Howard's search for WMDs in Iraq and how the gutless media enabled him? Today his deputy Peter Costello controls the propaganda pump at Fairfax Media.
Look at how the same idiots battled to keep Scott Morrison in power, sacrificing the rest of Australia so a handful of media oligarchs could get tax-breaks from the Morrison regime? Why don't Australian media support taxing all churches at the corporate rate? Why do Kerry Stokes, Perter Costello and Lachlan Murdoch believe that marketing thin air and unsubstantiated rubbish is a valid business proposition?


16 Dec 2022

Tasmanian Government Resorts To Covering-Up COVID Statistics

 Tasmania's Christmas Covid Cover-Up

We took a routine screen grab of Tasmanian COVID cases on Friday December 16 while the stats were still for the week ending December 9. We wanted to compare them with the new set of stats that is usually released late Friday afternoon. 

The new stats turned out to be the old stats. Tasmania Health Service had simply used the previous weeks stats in FULL , only changing the date at the bottom. What are Jeremy Rockliff's minions doing? The disease is killing a lot of people (see below) and it's not time to roll-over to the bricks and mortar retail industry. Tonight we learn the RHH and the LGH COVID threat level has been increased yet again.

Same stats different week. This administration appears to have abandoned it's duty of care to Tasmanians and now only represents the gaming, hospitality and foreign cruise ship companies.

Compare Tasmania's seemingly static case numbers to the 3 East Coast of Australia states. 

That's 191 deaths IN ONE WEEK in the other three East Coast states. It's time the Tasmanian Government came clean about what's happening in Tasmania? Do they want a mass death event over the Xmas-New year break? 


Tasmanian Government Ignores Covid Wave Hopes It Goes Away

Yesterday Cunard Cruises Queen Elizabeth visited Burnie Tasmania for one day. This ship was blocked from visiting Bali last month because of the high number of Covid cases onboard.

Above - TasPorts records the QE visit and marinetraffic.com shows it is heading back to Sydney after a 'circumnavigation' of Australia. Inside Tasmania does not know if it was only refueling or if passengers went ashore to visit hospitality venues and infect as many Tasmanians as possible.

The Tasmanian Government opened Tasmania's ports to cruise ships in October 2022 regardless of how many active cases were onboard. Current Tasmanian case numbers are 576 per day. Real case number would be much higher as people no longer bother to inform the Tasmanian Health Service they tested positive. Covid is an uncomfortable truth for the hospitality, sport and gaming focused Tasmanian Government.

Guy Barnett Submarine Cable Fanatic Unable to Connect King Island And Flinders Island To Tasmania

Barnett is on Liberal-owned Channel 7 every few weeks opening yet another renewable energy project somewhere in Tasmania. As if we didn't already have 100% renewable energy. No, Barnett wants to stack renewables on top of more renewables on top of base-load renewables so he can mindlessly prop-up the Asian population explosion. He looks like he is permanently on autopilot.

The rip-off Launceston Examiner can't spell King Island

King Island needs solar for local use. The Tasmanian Government's front company Hydro Tasmania has never connected King Island or Flinders Island to the Tasmanian grid by submarine cable. So Hydro Tasmania still burns diesel on the islands for electricity. The islands are only home to about 3,000 people but the Tasmanian government sucks a lot of resources and revenue out of them. The fact the Tasmanian government has never connected them to Tasmania proves they don't care about their economies.

The Tas government are submarine electricity cable fanatics with the Basslink Cable that they overloaded and blew-up and now Marinus Link. They promote Marinus incessantly with no coherent business case for the Tasmanian population. In our view, Barnett works entirely for offshore corporations and only pretends to represent Tasmanians.

Marinus Link bypasses King Island just like Basslink bypassed Flinders because Barnett only dreams in long submarine cables. He never thought of connecting King and Flinders Islands to Tasmania. Or even linking the Furneaux Group together to make a cheap and reliable cable that actually points to the Latrobe Valley. BTW why is Barnett supplying the Latrobe Valley?


Barnett's cables are designed to exploit Tasmanians to benefit multinational wind turbine corporations owned by China and the Philippines. Barnett's plan is to sell our renewable power to millions of unsustainable suburbanites in Sydney and Melbourne. This is Guy Barnett's real electorate.

7 Dec 2022

2 Dec 2022

The Prosecution Silenced The Media But Failed To Ask Alleged Rapist A Single Question


This botched trial may have triggered a rape tsunami, thanks to corruption in the ACT legal system. We predict a competent investigation will find Scott Morrison was protecting the alleged rapist and pressured ACT police chief Neil Gaughan to sabotage the trial.

The ACT justice system is a dysfunctional waste of taxpayers money. For over a year the media was ordered to suppress reporting on the 'Parliament House rape case' including 'commentary about commentary'. In the end the DPP only tried the alleged victim while the accused remained silent. (due to self-incrimination?)

The 'alleged' crime was covered-up for years by the corrupt Morrison Government. Morrison ran an inquiry into 'when we knew' that never actually discovered when they knew. Morrison also admitted something terrible had taken place and even apologised for it.

Why wasn't Scott Morrison called to give evidence and asked what he apologised for in Parliament? This trial was a scam. The fact Morrison used Parliamentary Privilege to pervert a criminal case lends weight to the theory he was somehow connected to the accused.

We believe you Brittany

Because the 'alleged' crime happened in a building owned and operated by the Australian taxpayer, we had every right to know what the corrupt Liberal government were doing in it. There were a lot of sex crimes in Parliament House during Morrison's tenure. How did representatives of the people get so over-entitled and divorced from reality?

Why Did The AFP Give Higgins Evidence To The Alleged Rapist's Lawyers?

Incredible this even happened. Nobody from the AFP ever took responsibility for crippling a criminal case but it must have been intentional. Thanks to the AFP, and alleged rape in Australia's Parliament House was made legal. Shame!

Later Senator Linda Reynolds was accused of attempting to 'coach' defence lawyers during the cross-examination of her former staffer Brittany Higgins and inappropriately seeking to obtain transcripts of her evidence prior to coming to court. That's fine because the ACT Supreme Court is run by chimpanzees.


What The Jury Got

Was at least a week long cross examination of the victim. What she was wearing and when she wore it again. What a bunch of brainless goons? The Prosecution then failed to ask the alleged rapist one single question, let alone cross examine him. Why did he have a right to silence but not the victim? Today the Prosecution dropped the rape charge not because the alleged rapist was innocent but because the court had over-traumatised their victim. The alleged rapist has been enabled by the corrupt ACT justice system. The ACT Supreme Court have a duty of care to the community and they abandoned it. Shame!

All the jury heard was a recording of the alleged rapist's police interview which was contradictory. The alleged rapist failed to explain why he was in Parliament house in the early hours of the morning after the Saturday night Gladys Berejikilian was elected Premier of NSW. The Libs were in party mode that night and some may have carried date rape drugs. the alleged rapist provided three different reasons why he and Ms Higgins had gone to Parliament House in the middle of the night.  'The alleged rapist told parliamentary security via an intercom that the pair were there to pick up 'documents'. CCTV footage showed neither the alleged rapist nor Ms Higgins carrying documents when they left the building.

Shane Drumgold

The ACT director of public prosecutions could end-up being the hero of this disgusting story. While he was trying to protect the community from an alleged rapist, ACT Policing was trying to protect an alleged rapist from the community. Scott Morrison's fingerprints are all over this.

Drumgold knew a retrial would mean the victim would be re-traumatised by the alleged rapist's lawyer all over again while the alleged rapist plays coy. This is how the nation's capital deals with a sex crime in the highest office in the land. What hope have females got anywhere else in Australia? What hope have any of us got?

Who Paid The Alleged Rapist's Legal Costs? 

Even Australia's ex-attorney general needed a secret slush fund for his costs. It has been claimed (on twitter) the alleged rapist attended Hillsong Church. Did they cover his costs with their huge tax-exempt resources? Did Scott and Jenny Morrison cover his costs because after-all, Morrison bought his own children into this case for some inexplicable reason? Why would Scott Morrison claim (in Hansard) 'terrible things happened' to Brittany Higgins if nothing happened?  Why was Morrison not charged with perverting a criminal trial? The alleged rapist should sue Scott Morrison for defamation because Morrison told everybody something terrible had happened to Brittany and she called it rape. 

Instead, the Canberra legal system embarked on media bashing as if Australia was a totalitarian state and reporting on an alleged sex crime in Parliament House was not in the public interest? These people are all just public servants remember? This trial was botched, stage managed, corrupted and aborted because the Canberra authorities were too compromised to deal with a sex crime in Parliament House and too gutless to admit it.

The Alleged Rapist Now The Victim Trying To Intimidate The Media

A spokesman for the alleged rapist said the former staffer would be “seeking legal remedies concerning untrue content that has been published about him in the future". Pity that doesn't make sense 'Has been published in the future'

Note. Remained silent throughout his entire trial, but lectures the media immediately after his trial is aborted.

This case was a disaster for ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold. He appears to be up against a corrupt legal system designed to protect sex criminals. Sadly for the alleged rapist, he was not cleared. He will regret this for the rest of his life. Who has he really got to blame? It sure as hell isn't the media.

The alleged rapist should man-up and tell a court what really happened to clear his own alleged conscience. Threatening to sue the Australian taxpayer because he showed-up to Parliament House in the middle of the night with an intoxicated female for reasons he was unable to articulate, even though he is an alleged spin-doctor? Isn't it incredible these were the same people running the nations defense force?


Left. We had clocks running to automatically time Morrison's lies. We knew he was hiding something. 868 days - that's how long Morrison covered-up the name of the alleged rapist.      


Left. Morrison never did find out publicly when his office knew about the rape in a Morrison government department. He knew about it immediately.

Right. We ran this for months because we were unable to even comment on this corrupt farce. Now we see it was just a Morrison smokescreen. According to the corrupt convict legal system, an accused has a right to silence. So why did that also apply to every journalist in Australia?

28 Nov 2022

Vladimir Putin And The Recursive Neanderthal Gene

It's easy to write Putin off as a classic psychopath. He has delusions of grandeur and overplays his own importance. Putin is Europe's worst mass murderer since Adolph Hitler. Could there be a biological explanation for Putin's bloodlust that others have missed?

Neanderthals are an extinct sub-species of modern humans from Eurasia that disappeared about 40,000 years ago. Some of their DNA was assimilated into the modern human genome, but this varies in different parts of the World.

Neanderthal's had a prominent brow and receding forehead, like Putin. 'The Neanderthal skull was more elongated and had smaller parietal lobes and cerebellum'. On average, Neanderthal men were 165 cm (5 ft 5 in) tall. Putin is 5' 7".

Researchers claim Neanderthals persisted in the Ural Mountains of Russia 9,000 years longer than anywhere else. The Urals divide Europe and Asia. Neanderthal DNA could explain why Russians are perceived as more brutal and primitive than modern humans. 

 Sergey Surovikin and Russia's Economic Collapse

After failing to invade Ukraine, Putin appointed Sergey Surovikin as his private butcher to punish as many Ukrainian civilians as possible. Putin is exterminating Ukrainian civilians as a primitive face-saving exercise. Because Putin failed to subjugate Ukraine as quickly as he planned, the now drawn-out conflict is having a devastating effect on the global economy but a much worse effect on the Russian economy.

You know the situation is bad when Putin is forced to cover-up all economic data in Russia. In desperation he has resorted to using female Kremlin insiders to act as the mothers of dead soldiers for domestic TV propaganda. 

(above) This grotesque war-pig has been involved in the Soviet–Afghan War, the Tajikistani Civil War, Second Chechen War, the Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War and the invasion of Ukraine. Do you think he has ever asked himself what he has achieved in all those wars? 

Putin's dictatorship has partially merged with the Shia sect in these conflicts, but that dogma is based on a ridiculous premise that a prophet could not pass prophet-hood on to his relatives. This philosophy is so irrational and infantile that it's details are not worth considering.

Putin's Neanderthal brain has never questioned why a little megalomaniac would have total control of Russia. Putin has created an irrational Putin-centric version of reality that doesn't make sense. It's social organization without the organization. Idiots like Surovikin are just along for the bloody ride. 

It's just a matter of time before the non-neanderthal Russians wake-up to the fact that mindlessly killing people is not Russian nationalism. Two Russians who have overstayed their welcome on planet Earth are Putin and Surovikin. The Russians will fix that problem.

26 Nov 2022

All Covid-Infected Cruise Ships Welcome In Tasmania

What's wrong with Tasmanians? They have a barely functioning health system with people dying in emergency (this week in Hobart) yet they happily accept any Covid-infected cruise ship into their ports? Do they really need the tiny bit of revenue from seedy cruise ship passengers in Burnie and Hobart?


Indonesia just blocked the Covid-infected Queen Elizabeth. Will Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania let it dock? Probably. We are tracking the QE.


This is the Queen Elizabeth 'coronal circumnavigation' itinerary:

What is it about circumnavigating a colonial penal colony while getting pissed and catching Covid? Seems incredible but some Australians actually pay to do it. Wouldn't the white shoe brigade be better off just playing golf?  

17 Nov 2022

The Hypocrisy Pandemic

If Trump tried to overthrow democracy why did Musk democratically reinstates him on twitter?

Musk ran a twitter poll to reinstate Trump saying “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” which means “voice of the people, voice of god”. Why did Trump oppose the voice of the people when his thugs stormed the Capitol trying to kill Pence and Pelosi?

Musk is an idiot. He paid $44 billion* for twitter a company that generates very little cash. He makes electric vehicles in the Worlds worst carbon-emitting country. Musk is the definition of hypocrisy. *That's 44 thousand million dollars. 

Trump on Putin

This is what Trump has said about Vladimir Putin.

Sept. 28, 2015  Trump tells reporters at Trump Tower that “Putin is a nicer person than I am.”

Sept. 29, 2015  Trump tells Bill O’Reilly that Putin gets an ‘A’ for leadership.

Dec. 18, 2015 Trump said on Morning Joe that Putin was a better leader than Obama

Dec. 20, 2015  But, in all fairness to Putin, you're saying he killed people. I haven't' seen that. I don't know that he has



A selfie of Ken and Barbie at Trumps 2024 presidential campaign launch strategically contained Australia's richest person, Gina Rinehart. Gina's wealth mostly comes from iron ore leases discovered by her father Lang Hancock. 

Storming The Capitol In Stilettos

Rinehart's Pilbara iron ore gets shipped to Communist China by Rio Tinto. After making billion$ from Communism, Rinehart has the hypocrisy to attack socialism. Would you say that at Rinehart's end of the bell curve, a self-obsessed narcissist like Trump looks intelligent? The fact Trump tried to overthrow an elected government sent-off alarm bells in everybody's brain except Gina Rinehart's. You already have too much Gina, you don't have to worship at the feet of a right-wing nutjob at Mar-a-Lego.

Ms Rinehard is a proud member of the female fan club the 'Trumpettes.' We understand that in the Mar-a-Lego locker rooms the words 'senior' and 'Trumpette' were blended to form 'Strumpette'. This is known as a 'portmanteau'.

According to head clown Donald, classified US defense documents are safer in a golf club full of inebriated socialites than in a secure government archive.  


Above is from Free West Papua Campaign. The Indonesian colonization of West Papua is tragic for the indigenous people. As usual European colonization, specifically Dutch, caused this human rights and environmental catastrophe. Australia is always silent on this disaster on our doorstep so could be regarded as

G20 leaders have a lot to worry about right now so forgetting how one province of Indonesia is suffering because of colonial arrogance and greed is easy for them. The G20 leaders are dealing with arrogance and greed 24/7. Just look at the psychopathic dwarf who thinks he has a license to kill civilians because he doesn't like some lines on the map of post-USSR Eurasia? Look at his good friend Donald Trump? Do you know why nobody is called 'Donald' today? Hint it goes 'quack, quack'.

7 Nov 2022

Corona Cruises Covid Princess Visits Burnie With 200 Active Cases

Another increase in Tasmania's COVID cases on Friday November 18

This week Carnival Cruises covered-up of the number of COVID cases on the Coral Princess as it docked in Burnie. So why were they in Burnie Tasmania with 200 active COVID cases?

Carnival Cruises claimed 10% of the 2,000 passengers had COVID in Burnie. "Tasmania's public health director Mark Veitch said the state government has been working closely with the vessel operators ahead of its arrival". 

While Tasmanians struggle to to get medical treatment, the health department has to waste resources on an overseas corporation harvesting money from alcohol-dependent risk-takers locked-down in toxic cruise ships. No wonder the health system is under pressure? We believe Mark Vietch was smart enough to force the Coral Princess to stay clear of Hobart and dock in regional Burnie instead. If there is a COVID cluster in Burnie we know who caused it. 

The Coral Princess was actually doing a 'circumnavigation of Australia' yet left most of Tasmania off the map as Carnival claimed bad weather forced them to drop the Hobart visit. What bad weather?

November 4-2022 Tasmania averaging 187 cases per day 

November 11-2022 Tasmania's cases increase

Since moving to the weekly averaging of COVID cases in September, Tasmania's case numbers have gone up. Health department figures show half of Tasmania's population caught COVID in the last year. Is it any wonder there is a critical worker shortage? 

If mostly the same people are doing the same jobs post-COVID why are there so few of them? What happened? Did they all have lock-down revelations that there are better things to do with your life than be trapped-in an illusion?


It's easy to have hindsight we know. The fact is the Morrison government completely bungled COVID. As soon as a new strain evolved, the non-evoloutionist Hillsong nutters imported it into Australia as soon as possible. Recently, pandemic health policy has been written by the hospitality and gaming industries. The worst thing Morrison did was print money to pay for job keeper that apparently didn't actually keep jobs. Now we have a recession caused by inflation, which is caused by printing money.

Before 2020 Australia knew China was farming cockroaches to eat yet we DID NOTHING. Local oligarchs like Andrew Forrest, Gina Rinehart, Kerry Stokes and Paul Keating kept promoting a primitive Maoist dictatorship to Australians while often masquerading as free market capitalists. How can you be a mining magnate with only one customer yet pretend to be a Liberal WTF?


The 'Worlds largest cruise ship' has also been dubbed 'Human Lasagne'. Currently under construction in Finland this boat will be owned by Royal Caribbean and based in Miami Florida. Able to carry well over 7,000 passengers and with 19 decks, this US$1.3billion monstrosity will provide a floating Disneyland for alcohol-dependent Americans.

The boat will possibly be powered by methanol while the passengers sip ethanol.

31 Oct 2022

Trump And The Exploitation Of Fake Patriots With Mental Health Issues



We are observers of the extreme but manufactured political polarization here and overseas. We see a trend of increasingly corrupt and deranged politicians with no moral, ethical or legal values clawing their way to positions of perceived power.

Can you believe this is an actual photo of Trump supporters who went on to murder public servants on January 6 2021?
For the US and most of the free world the systematic polarization of the political process continues with horrendous consequences. Now a pro-Trump nutjob has tried to kill speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband with a hammer. Not logic or policy but a f_cking hammer.


Fact is Paul Pelosi and possibly Nancy are lucky to be alive and not victims of a deranged nutjob radicalized by Donald Trump and Fox News.

Today Elon Musk embroiled himself in this act of depravity claiming “there is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” and shared a link to a post that presented an unfounded conspiracy theory on the hammer attack.

Previously we exposed Musk as a pro-Maoist oligarch. Why is he building Teslas in the World's biggest carbon-emitting country? The Totalitarian Teslas come with a huge carbon footprint and no moral compass. To save a few Yuan Musk is forced to be a mouthpiece for fat snake dictator Xi Jinping. 

Musk could build Teslas somewhere that has no carbon emissions but he chooses a brutal Maoist dictatorship because he enjoys cruelty? Then he pretends to be a GOP Republican who excuses hammer-wielding terrorists WTF?

Don't forge the Australian Liberal half-wits who invented Robodebt were totally rusted-on to Donald Trump. They are on record denying the 2021 US election outcome.

So is today's politics really so polarized? No, there are good and bad people everywhere but when you systematically herd people with very low IQ's and serious mental health issues into a pig pen of blatant conspiracy theories, then you are a gutless anarchist and self-serving criminal.