28 Nov 2022

Vladimir Putin And The Recursive Neanderthal Gene

It's easy to write Putin off as a classic psychopath. He has delusions of grandeur and overplays his own importance. Putin is Europe's worst mass murderer since Adolph Hitler. Could there be a biological explanation for Putin's bloodlust that others have missed?

Neanderthals are an extinct sub-species of modern humans from Eurasia that disappeared about 40,000 years ago. Some of their DNA was assimilated into the modern human genome, but this varies in different parts of the World.

Neanderthal's had a prominent brow and receding forehead, like Putin. 'The Neanderthal skull was more elongated and had smaller parietal lobes and cerebellum'. On average, Neanderthal men were 165 cm (5 ft 5 in) tall. Putin is 5' 7".

Researchers claim Neanderthals persisted in the Ural Mountains of Russia 9,000 years longer than anywhere else. The Urals divide Europe and Asia. Neanderthal DNA could explain why Russians are perceived as more brutal and primitive than modern humans. 

 Sergey Surovikin and Russia's Economic Collapse

After failing to invade Ukraine, Putin appointed Sergey Surovikin as his private butcher to punish as many Ukrainian civilians as possible. Putin is exterminating Ukrainian civilians as a primitive face-saving exercise. Because Putin failed to subjugate Ukraine as quickly as he planned, the now drawn-out conflict is having a devastating effect on the global economy but a much worse effect on the Russian economy.

You know the situation is bad when Putin is forced to cover-up all economic data in Russia. In desperation he has resorted to using female Kremlin insiders to act as the mothers of dead soldiers for domestic TV propaganda. 

(above) This grotesque war-pig has been involved in the Soviet–Afghan War, the Tajikistani Civil War, Second Chechen War, the Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War and the invasion of Ukraine. Do you think he has ever asked himself what he has achieved in all those wars? 

Putin's dictatorship has partially merged with the Shia sect in these conflicts, but that dogma is based on a ridiculous premise that a prophet could not pass prophet-hood on to his relatives. This philosophy is so irrational and infantile that it's details are not worth considering.

Putin's Neanderthal brain has never questioned why a little megalomaniac would have total control of Russia. Putin has created an irrational Putin-centric version of reality that doesn't make sense. It's social organization without the organization. Idiots like Surovikin are just along for the bloody ride. 

It's just a matter of time before the non-neanderthal Russians wake-up to the fact that mindlessly killing people is not Russian nationalism. Two Russians who have overstayed their welcome on planet Earth are Putin and Surovikin. The Russians will fix that problem.

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