25 Dec 2022

Pussy Riot Anti Putin Rap

Pussy Riot have been calling-out this butcher for decades and this rap song says it all - the mass murderer's 'special military operation' WTF?
They listed the Russian 'tradition of political poisoning' represented by Russia’s Lab X, a poison factory that helped silence the Soviets’ critics and that is believed to play a similar function today. Of course it does.
It's ironic that while ex-KGB psychopath Putin was systematically poisoning his opponents, the Soviet-sentamentalists had fallen behind in cancer research. Now cancer can often be treated successfully with genetically-altered blood and marrow transfusions. Not in Putin's Russia. His days are numbered.

Propaganda Watch Out For It

Pussy Riot noted the propaganda spewed out by Russian TV, essentially enabling a serial killer on analgesics to invade other countries. Is that any different to the politics sold as 'news' in Australia? 

Remember John Howard's search for WMDs in Iraq and how the gutless media enabled him? Today his deputy Peter Costello controls the propaganda pump at Fairfax Media.
Look at how the same idiots battled to keep Scott Morrison in power, sacrificing the rest of Australia so a handful of media oligarchs could get tax-breaks from the Morrison regime? Why don't Australian media support taxing all churches at the corporate rate? Why do Kerry Stokes, Perter Costello and Lachlan Murdoch believe that marketing thin air and unsubstantiated rubbish is a valid business proposition?


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