7 Nov 2022

Corona Cruises Covid Princess Visits Burnie With 200 Active Cases

Another increase in Tasmania's COVID cases on Friday November 18

This week Carnival Cruises covered-up of the number of COVID cases on the Coral Princess as it docked in Burnie. So why were they in Burnie Tasmania with 200 active COVID cases?

Carnival Cruises claimed 10% of the 2,000 passengers had COVID in Burnie. "Tasmania's public health director Mark Veitch said the state government has been working closely with the vessel operators ahead of its arrival". 

While Tasmanians struggle to to get medical treatment, the health department has to waste resources on an overseas corporation harvesting money from alcohol-dependent risk-takers locked-down in toxic cruise ships. No wonder the health system is under pressure? We believe Mark Vietch was smart enough to force the Coral Princess to stay clear of Hobart and dock in regional Burnie instead. If there is a COVID cluster in Burnie we know who caused it. 

The Coral Princess was actually doing a 'circumnavigation of Australia' yet left most of Tasmania off the map as Carnival claimed bad weather forced them to drop the Hobart visit. What bad weather?

November 4-2022 Tasmania averaging 187 cases per day 

November 11-2022 Tasmania's cases increase

Since moving to the weekly averaging of COVID cases in September, Tasmania's case numbers have gone up. Health department figures show half of Tasmania's population caught COVID in the last year. Is it any wonder there is a critical worker shortage? 

If mostly the same people are doing the same jobs post-COVID why are there so few of them? What happened? Did they all have lock-down revelations that there are better things to do with your life than be trapped-in an illusion?


It's easy to have hindsight we know. The fact is the Morrison government completely bungled COVID. As soon as a new strain evolved, the non-evoloutionist Hillsong nutters imported it into Australia as soon as possible. Recently, pandemic health policy has been written by the hospitality and gaming industries. The worst thing Morrison did was print money to pay for job keeper that apparently didn't actually keep jobs. Now we have a recession caused by inflation, which is caused by printing money.

Before 2020 Australia knew China was farming cockroaches to eat yet we DID NOTHING. Local oligarchs like Andrew Forrest, Gina Rinehart, Kerry Stokes and Paul Keating kept promoting a primitive Maoist dictatorship to Australians while often masquerading as free market capitalists. How can you be a mining magnate with only one customer yet pretend to be a Liberal WTF?


The 'Worlds largest cruise ship' has also been dubbed 'Human Lasagne'. Currently under construction in Finland this boat will be owned by Royal Caribbean and based in Miami Florida. Able to carry well over 7,000 passengers and with 19 decks, this US$1.3billion monstrosity will provide a floating Disneyland for alcohol-dependent Americans.

The boat will possibly be powered by methanol while the passengers sip ethanol.

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